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If you’ve seen my Healthy Living section, you know that I share health, food, and fitness tips here on my site. Healthy eating is very important to me; I always opt for fresh and try to understand my ingredients. However, like any habit to build, it isn’t always easy—you have to train your mind to know what to look for. There are many people who would like to make a healthy change, but don’t know where to start. Luckily, we always have the ability to change our lives for the better. :) 

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Homemade kale chips!

The problem isn’t your body, it’s your mind.
Once you see that you can change your thoughts about the food you consume, you start to realize just how much power you have. Of course, it can be tough at first. Everyone has a story—you have to consider why you haven’t adopted healthier ways before. The reasons are endless: you don’t know where to start; where to shop; you’re not the best at cooking; you weren’t raised in a household that had healthy meals on the table; fresh food is too expensive; or maybe, you’re just USED to a certain diet. Maybe what you thought was healthy growing up, actually wasn’t so good for you. With all those fad diets, it’s hard to tell! If you’ve always eaten processed meals and didn’t even know that certain veggies existed until a certain point—that’s a hurdle. But once you know that it’s your mind you have to convince—nothing more—you can start off eating right.

Consider these when you embark on a journey to healthier eating. If you take time to prepare mentally for a new lifestyle, it will come easier:

Consider your own past relationship with food.
This helps you discover if you could become healthier or kick a bad habit. Doing this with other areas of your life, like fitness, is helpful too.

Research every product & consider its history.
Over time, familiarize yourself with ingredients and what they mean; you’ll be able to make a decision on whether it’s the best option for you and your family. Find out where your food came from and how it was made—it will open your eyes.

Know your body.
Some people are used to consuming a certain diet simply out of habit. But once you make a change, your body knows it and is happy. If you find yourself falling back to old ways, your body will likely remind you with a stomachache, exhaustion, or just an “off” days—listen to it!

Remind yourself: it’s an evolving process.
Whether you’re worried about the cost of healthy food, how to prepare it, or how to educate yourself, just remember that it’s a process! There will be trial and error in finding how to get local produce or trying a new healthy recipe. But it’s also an opportunity to connect with your family and friends over it, too. It takes passion and research to change something as second nature as eating, but it’s worth it.

I’ll be talking more about my tips for balancing all the things above and more, along with health tips and recipes soon—be on the look out!

Do you have health and food topics you’d like to see covered on the site? Be sure to leave a comment letting me know!


  • Lilliany Estel Holguin

    Thank you Tamera! i needed this read to remind my self to stay healthy. it is definitely a challenge as i grew up in a family that all we did was to consume bad carbs. How can i know how you made kale chips?

  • momo

    Thank u tamera, I’m in the process of losing weight and also changing my eating habits as well . I look forward to your posts as well.

  • Hayley

    Hey Tamera.

    Two years ago we started practicing healthy eating as a family. I was very ready for it and embraced it fully but our 9 year old son still has a massive problem with it and is constantly complaining and skipping meals. We cannot get him to adapt and see the benefits as we have. Meal times are horrible I literally dread them.

    As soon as I collect him from school he asks “what’s for dinner mum” the second I tell him he’s upset and I feel terrible.

    How can I get him interested in the good stuff?

    I’ve tried getting him to cook with me or have him pick the weeks meals providing they are healthy but he’s not interested.

    Any advice for fussy eaters?

    Hayley x

    • audre

      Tamera do you have any advice for a picky eater like myself mentally I psych myself out on foods like veegies salad fruits you know the healthy stuff as a kid I ate pretty bad its very hard to kick those habits iv tried blending fruit smoothies and its working!!! But I just can’t seem to do the veggie thing.

  • Alicia Smith

    Hi Tamera,
    I can honestly say I have an issue with food because I feel like I don’t have the will power to change. I do want to change the way I eat because I am diabetic and the healthy I am the better it is for my body.

    Do you have any suggestions in ways I can change my mind set? Because something has to change.

  • Jessie

    Glad you stated “know your body” so many people overlook this important factor

  • SheComplex

    My biggest issue is how to plan out meals for the week or at least next couple days.

    • TT Talk (Fan Crew)

      You should use an diet/fitness app!

  • Tammy Moore

    Why join in the conversation if she clearly doesnt reply back. What good does this do if were just as puzzled as before reading this. Not trying to be negative. Just speaking out on this issue.

    • TT Talk (Fan Crew)

      She’s not actually suppose to reply back she’s giving us ideas and advices. :-) This is what mainly all celeb bloggers do. However she might surprise you with a reply back ….her site is still very new have patience ☝️

  • Corey Noel Annis

    It definatley is my mind. I am addicted to processed enhanced foods. That are made to make u orgasim in your mouth. So my challenge is quitting my food addiction.

  • Alice Taylor

    A great topic, that I’m currently struggling with, is preparing meals that the whole family likes. More so, healthy meals my 4 year old daughter will like.

  • TT Talk (Fan Crew)

    This site is TRULY Amazing! Excellent advices and tips! Tamera you are the PERFECT person to listen to regarding fitness tips! You have lost ALL of your pregnancy weight and look BEYOND amazing!

  • Esther Vandergaag Burchert

    I have been overweight since I gave birth to my first child 15 years ago! I have just gotten into this rut of bad habits. I want to be a good role model for my gorgeous daughters. I just don’t know how to step out and move forward. Any advice?

  • Bëę Brown


  • abby

    Thanks for the post Tamera I was looking forward for this post and much more, Tamera I am one of those who weren’t raise with healthy food on the table, I am now on this health trip and is doing very well for myself , I was diagnose a couple of years back with a thyroid condition and was told by my doctor that I would have to stay on medication for the rest of my life, after changing my diet to more healthy eating and prayer I’ve been to the doctor for my six month blood test my doctor told me that everything is normal and that I don’t need medication for my thyroid, Tamera I am looking forward to more health topics. God Bless.

  • Nikki Cauley

    I actually enjoy eating healthy BUT I have a problem with keeping the items in my house. Once their gone and I don’t have back up plan, I’m stuck out. I LOVE preparing my meals for my work days etc but I don’t know why I can’t just keep everything stocked. Maybe lack of time with 4 children and 12 hour workdays. I think it would be easier if I had meals mailed lol jk…not really. I’d love to hear more on preparing weekly meals ahead of time, recipes, portion control, easy ways to get the suggested amount if daily protein, carbs etc. I’m the type of person that does better with guided ideas or examples. LOVE AND HUGS

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  • Katherine Gilbert

    These are great tips. My problem is convincing myself to make the change and stick to it.

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  • Sonja Creasey

    I’m a college student and living off of a budget. I don’t want to be one of those students that live off of ramen noodles and Mac and Cheese til they graduate. I also have 2 dogs to take care of so that makes my budget even tighter. Have any ideas how college students can eat healthier while on a budget?