Tracy McMillan Talks Self Love

I’m SO excited to introduce you to you all guest blogger, Tracy McMillan! Tracy and I became friendly over Instagram (she has amazing and inspiring posts!), and she was kind enough to do a special video for you guys! She has got great stuff to say about love, relationships, and happiness.

Today Tracy is talking about one of my favorite subjects: how to love yourself. We’ve all heard how important that is — But how do you actually go about doing it? Watch Tracy’s video for more and share your own experiences in the comments! And be sure to follow Tracy on Instagram: @tracymcmillan!



Tracy McMillan is a relationship expert, television writer, and author of “Why You’re Not Married Yet“. Her viral TedX talk, “The Person You Really Need to Marry” has more than 8 million views. She lives in Los Angeles and is the mother of a 20-year-old guy. Follow Tracy on Facebook


  • Jelissa Correa

    I love you, Jelissa! #selflove
    I have to practice this more often!

  • Ina Turner

    While it is good and necessary to have a healthy view of oneself…we must be
    very careful that we do not become narcissistic in our view/thoughts of always
    thinking, it’s all about “ME”…I see this new “self love” as becoming over used! And if we are not careful in this society…self love! even if our behavior is right or wrong as long as you feel good about it, is destructive to family. If we are honest we can see the devastation, if not practice in the right context.
    My perspective in feeling good about oneself is when your thought life is pure, you are honest with self and others, living a respectful life! Sometime self examination/correction is necessary and healthy.
    We need to make sure we are not deceiving our selves into thinking “self Love” is taking care of unhealthy behavior and problems in our lives that need to be changed.
    Good character= A healthy love of oneself.
    Luke 16:15…..