Family Photo Album: Hawaii

Earlier this month my family and I took the most amazing vacation to Hawaii to attend a friend’s wedding. We spent a glorious and relaxing week on the island of Maui (I seriously did not want to come home). We stayed at the Marriott Wailea Beach Resort, which was absolutely lovely, and they took great care of us! The trip was just what I needed … A little rest, a little fun and lots of quality time spent together as a family!

Now that my children are a little older, it was especially fun for me to watch them run around and play, and just be together. Aden loves swimming, and he and my husband had an absolute blast together in the pool. The Marriott Wailea had one of the best family pools at a hotel that I have ever seen (now that I am a mom, hotel features like this are my new normal!). The hotel also had these awesome kids’ teepees you could rent that Aden and Ariah absolutely loved.

We made some really special memories on this trip. Their laughter playing in the pool was completely infectious, and I couldn’t wait until the next day when we would get to do it all over again. Life can get so busy, and this vacation reminded me of the importance of taking time off to be with my family without outside interruptions.

Every time I go to Hawaii I am reminded of what a special place it really is. I can’t wait until the next time we go back. I’m so excited to share with you guys the photos from my trip, I hope you enjoy them!

Let me know where your favorite places are to take a family vacation!















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  • Tonya


  • Leslie MM

    Beautiful pictures and loving memories. Kids are beautiful god bless you all

  • Kinco

    Gorgeous family❤❤❤. Our family is Disney obsessed. We’ll be going on our first Disney cruise in September, but our annual family vacay is Walt Disney World.

  • Gillian Guevara Morrison

    I loved your pics. At the end I was wishing there were more!!..Love your dress and that teepee. If I was there I would def be in that teepee with the kids.
    God bless u and your family.

  • Thami Mamqadi Swartbooi

    Tamera you are truly blessed , you have a lovely beautiful family . I love you

  • C Robbins

    More great Optics! Thank you for sharing them! 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤Beautiful family! Such a blessing!

  • Linda Leigh Goodson

    Beautiful family and pics, thanks for sharing.

  • Lynn Jones

    Beautiful pics Tamera

  • Ella Monet

    Tamera your pictures are great. Looks like the kids had loads of fun. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  • Claritza

    It’s beautiful this has been my dream vacation since I was about 10 years old,I hope I can make it true some day,it’s been years..💜💋💜💋 the pics fam looks awesome

  • Oly Olivia Cuadrado-Gonzalez

    Tamera, first of all, you have a beautiful family. Second, I have been to Maui and it’s simply breathtaking. I went with my husband 17 years ago. He went on business and we stayed an extra week. I agree with you: we all need time just to unwind and what better way than being with the family in such a gorgeous place. Glad you guys had fun.

  • Love the photos! I’ve visited and this makes me want to go back!

  • Hazel Thomas

    Beautiful pictures, blessing to you and your family. I love seeing you on the “Real” A place to vacation is Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Dionne Andrewin

    Beautiful pictures and family❤️
    Thanks for sharing Tamera 😊

  • Sherrell Phillips Lopez

    These pictures are simply beautiful!! Hawaii has always been on my “to do” list. Hopefully I’ll get there (from NYC) soon enough. Maui, especially looks like one level away from heaven. Looking forward to the new continuing segments of “The Real” and…………..girl talk(chat)! :-)

  • lady j

    It certainly is always a pleasure to travel to a sunny,tropical island. Happy you did and enjoyed!= I’m just hoping and praying by God’s grace I’m able to travel someplace before the summer is over.😃

  • Lourdes Gonzalez

    Gorgeous Family Photos

  • Myong Woo

    Beautiful! Family time in Maui is always nice. Thanks for sharing. Cute kids!

  • Yolanda Ramirez

    Beautiful Tamera! We’re going to Maui next week and I can’t wait to take lots of pictures of all the memories. I always love seeing your photos. You have such a good taste.

  • Carol Mccree-Green

    Hi Tamera,
    I was in Maui recently also for my Anniversary. I often looked over my shoulder hoping to see you there. Wow to think we may have been that close. We pass that resort but was staying somewhere else. Wish I could have run into you. We are planning to go back a few months earlier maybe in March to see all of the whales that come there to mate. Maybe next time. Fan forever 💞 Carol McCree-Green, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

  • Dawn

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and memories…. My husband and I talked about going for ages. I was always apprehensive, wasn’t thrilled about the idea of such a long plane ride. Tomorrow would have marked our 30th., my first anniversary without him. Looking back now, I should have just had a few drinks and got on the plane. Not that you need my advice, but always take the time to honor your marriage and family… it’s the little things you look back on that mean so much… you and your beautiful family looks like they had a great time! 👍🏼

  • cliff goba


  • Help! The Russians Are Coming!

    What a lovely family you have, Tamara!! Seems like just yesterday you were a pre-teen…where has the time gone?

  • Ieasha Woods-Akins

    Beautiful pictures!!! Looks like everyone had fun!!! This year we’ve travelled in the US and have enjoyed it!!!!

  • Mayra Rosa-Bailon Omg beautiful pictures did you use a professional camera or your phone? I love them our family favorite place is Cannon beach Oregon