Announcing My New Book Series

Announcing My New Book Series |

Having Aden has allowed me to do so many things that I love, but from the perspective of being a mom. One thing that tops the list is reading to my son. As both a child and adult I have always loved reading and know it will forever be a part of my life. Now that I am a parent, I am so happy I can pass that onto him, helping him learn and seeing him smile during those moments. It’s an incredible bonding experience that I know will contribute to how he feels about reading later on.

So, considering all this, I have some BIG news! Tia and I both feel that reading and learning has played a huge role in our lives, and even more so as moms, and we wanted to pass that onto those who have grown up with us, and their kids too! That’s why I’m so excited to announce our new tween book series coming out with HarperCollins Children’s Books, called Twintuition.

We both love fiction that’s full of adventure—especially in the form of the supernatural! The Twilight series and The Hunger Games are two of my faves, and I can’t wait to add Twintuition into the mix. We hope that this will inspire young readers everywhere. The first in this series, Double Vision, will be coming to you April 21, 2015. Ah, so close, yet so far away!

I’m thrilled to finally unveil this new chapter (okay, I just had to!) in my career, and hope you will share in this experience with me. Check out these fun E! interviews with Tia and I here to learn more.

What kind of books did you read growing up? What do you read to your kids now? I’d love to know!


  • Tiffany

    Hey Tamera wow this is EXCITING NEWS!!! I could not be more happy for you & Tia. I’m a twin myself so even more so I could not be more happy & excited for you two. I’m in my early 20’s & I too love to read, and I mean the simple classic book that many seem to have forgotten. I think it’s Amazing how Aden has inspired you & your sister’s son as well. Growing up I loved supernatural stories & mysteries alike. I loved Goosebumps, Nancy Drew, books by Lois Duncan & much more. I truly love all books & I love that you are sharing your love for reading in this exciting way. I don’t have kids & don’t plan to be a momma but I admire you & this new journey! I have nothing but love & wish you all the best ;) Mucho Amor xoxo <3

  • Kim McDan

    I fell in love with reading mystery novels as a kid. I was introduced to Nancy Drew one summer by my mother. She bought several of them from an attic sale. We were headed to our annual family summer beach trip. It was a three hour drive. By the time we got to Myrtle Beach, I was done with the book and was hooked on Nancy Drew! I was always the kind of kid that liked to read, my mother read to us since being in the womb. I read to my girls now. They cannot go to sleep without a bed time story. They love “chapter books”. They like how I read one chapter a night. They talk about the last chapter before I go into the next one. They are only 7 and 8 years old, I love the excitement they have to get to the next chapter.

  • Georgina Brown

    I read the Nightworld series as a ‘tween’ – full of the supernatural. You’d love them!

  • TT Talk (Fan Crew)

    Can’t wait to support you Amazing women by buying your books and letting everyone know about them! :-) This is truly exciting! Both you and Tia are truly amazing. Congrats Tamera and Tia! & Super cute pic of Aden!

  • Ina Turner

    As a grandma, love children books and reading to our babies are the best.and Tamera if at all possible please put this picture of Aden on one of your book cover or somewhere,this picture of him looking/reading his book is soooo special. Such a sweet boy. May you be blessed in this new project.

  • You two are doing it BIG! I’m so happy for you both!!

  • Ashley Marie

    Wow Tamera that’s amazing!!! I am so excited for you guys and I can’t wait to read it!!! God Bless!

  • abby

    Awwww that pic of Aden is fantastic, my daughter is a Liberian and is busy to further her studies in library and science and she works in the kiddies section at the library, her room is always full of books and she loves reading , Tamera I am really EXITED for u and Tia and GOOD LUCK with your Book Series.

  • Ariauna Motley

    I love reading!!!! Can you please make a post about your top books to read or good book list for the summer or just in general??

  • Mita Ruth-Marie Gonzalez

    you should write adult versions as well for the fans that grew up watching you guys on sister sister. I’m 33 yrs old, loved sister sister & would love to read a supernatural adult book written by you guys

  • Lesa Taylor DeVond

    i read to my 3 sons every night. they looked forward to the stories. we read an assortment of stories from fables to fairy tales to the children’s bible. most of all, all three of them gathered around me on their bed and the closeness was my favorite part. they are now 23, 21 and 19 and graduating or in college.

  • I am so excited for your new book series! I had some Sister Sister series book from back in the day lol. I am a teacher so I am definitely going to have to buy it once it is published and add it to my classroom library! I am so happy you are blogging again! I really loved your page and when it went away I was bummed. I look forward to your posts! God Bless Tamera!

  • Sueanne

    I live in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. My name is sueanne and i love watching you guys. My Favorite series is sister sister. And i hope to get you and your sis book

  • Toiia L. Rukuni

    Congrats Tamera! I am a huge lover of books and reading to my children! Currently, I have my son in a summer reading program to help to prepare him for kindergarten and it has made such a huge difference this summer. I cannot wait to add your book series to my son and daughter’s book collection. You and Tia inspire me everyday that you guys are both Mothers, wives, and continue to work to help your families and shine a bright light to all for all to see daily!

  • Venus Joann Lowe

    although i am not a twin, i think its awesome at how you continuously think of children and finding new ways to improve their minds. i could have used some insight when my child was younger. Congrats to you and your sister. wish you much success in your futures love venus

  • Wetsho

    I am looking forward to the new chapter, You guys are so funny and am obsessed with you. Best wishes from Botswana, Africa

  • Althea Wilson

    Absolutely wonderful! It’s amazing that you & your sister are involved in so many different things. We need more positive Celebs like you both. I have a 7y/o & a 3 y/o – can’t wait until they are ready to add your books to their library collection! Appreciate all that you ladies do! I loved reading the Sweet Valley Twins books when I was a tween.

  • Ingrid Dimas

    Congrat! Growing up my fave were the babysitter’ s club series books.

  • Heather Mellard

    Thank you for creating a book and not an app about yourself!

  • LaVonda Gravley

    (As a side note, Aden is one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen, and I see a lot of children. I’m a child’s photographer.) I never been much of a reader but as a kid, I loved the Dr. Seuss books. The rhymes are fun and easy to remember, so I was more likely to remember the meaning of the book if it contained a lot of rhymes. Now, anytime I pick up a book, it’s the bible. I want to be educated on such a widely known book and strengthen my faith and knowledge of God. This book also has a lot of meaning and life stories; so, therefore it is more appealing to me. I hope this helps and good luck to you and Tia. I’m sure you will be a success, as always.

  • Zimkhitha Makhwalo Martin

    Oh i love you guys soooo much

    • Charlie Moskowitz

      ME TOO

  • poper Byrd

    Even your son is reading and that is so awesome. Reading can be so fundamental and hopefully I can start back reading so, This is very inspiring and to see that determination in your son is priceless. Love that you keep building success and it’s affect is causing an out pour in people lives. I’m sure many people will be blessed by your testimonies.

  • Charlie Moskowitz

    My mom got me into reading. I dont ever remember a time I didn’t know how to read. When I was in High School My mom and I most of the time went to the library. I always lost track of time and she would find me paging through an encyclopedia. Sometimes she would whisper to me that if I didn’t get ready for the bus she would pull me by he hair and drag me out. NO she would never do that but was glad I was a reader. She also got me to be a good speller too. To this day I can not stand seeing a word spelled wrong. Also I hear that people in high school dont know how to read very well. I have no idea how they even get through school without reading. Well OK I wont bend your ear any more. I do agree with Tiffany. When I was older also got into Goosebumps. I dont remember how I got into those stories.I always liked the surprise or twist endings or sometimes the end of the story it leaves the story line open like if it was meant to go on or a part two. OK Bee well. I loved watching you and Tia on Sister Sister. also liked it in the beginning when the both of you started he show talking to the home viewers about what happened to the characters and the show would be about what happened. OK thats it for now. BYE BYE and enjoy.

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  • dB

    There aren’t many good books for tween girls, so as the mom of one, I’m looking forward to your series and will give it a try. She loves supernatural stories like Hunger Games and has even written her own novel that we are going to self-publish soon (she’s 11). Take care!

  • Tasha Washington Stewart

    I love the Golden Rule books, especially the Pokie little puppy. I also had a huge book of Mother Goose nursery rhymes that my mother read to me every day. Unfortunately my boys have never appreciated this.

  • Gorgeous Life Swimwear

    I love that you are writing books!! When I was a tween, I read every single Mary-Kate and Ashley book I could get my hands on. I can’t wait to buy your books for my daughters to read. Xoxo
    Gorgeous Life Swimwear

  • sister sister fan

    Hey Tamera great idea for starting a book series for kids. Can you please consider writing stories that does not have to do with supernatural things. For fans who do not believe in magic thank you.

  • Hey Tamera! Just wanted to share a book that my husband and I are featured in – 101 Secrets to a Happy Marriage by Thomas Nelson (a trademark of HarperCollins). We’re excited about it:

  • Azaria

    Hey Tamera To tell you the truth I didn’t read when I was younger because at the age 11 my mom died with Cancer. My grandmother took care of me until I was 17 years old and she passed away and that broke my heart. I wasn’t a good reader because some words are hard for me to say but now I love reading