The Meaning Behind Ariah’s Name

Our baby girl is finally here! We’re enjoying every second of having a new addition in the family and thrilled we’ve been able to share pictures of Ariah already. It’s been even more amazing to say her name while looking at her face and feel my heart almost explode with emotions. Uttering her name will likely mean many things to me over the years, but it’s the story of how we chose Ariah and what it stands for that will always remain consistent. 

The Meaning Behind Ariah | Tamera Mowry

Naming Ariah was a bit different than when we named Aden. I had always known that I wanted Aden to be my son’s name, and since Adam began with an A as well I wanted to keep our family tradition alive of starting my childrens’ names with the same letter. So it worked out that before Adam and I were even married we stumbled across a shop named Araya. I stopped and immediately told him I loved the name and wanted that to be my future daughter’s name. It was and is such a beautiful name. The only catch was that I wanted to spell her name phonetically, so people wouldn’t mess it up and call her a-RAY-ya. 

We entertained other names like Arriana and Aliana after I became pregnant, but I always came back to loving Ariah and ultimately committed to the perfect name for our baby girl. Her middle name, Talea, is a name I’ve adored for some time that ironically was going to be used in a friend’s future book as a character inspired by me. It wasn’t until after we had decided on Ariah Talea Housley that Adam and I learned the origin and meaning of both names–they couldn’t be more appropriate for a family like ours whose faith is so very strong. Both Hebrew names, Ariah means Lion of God and Talea means one who resembles the morning dew of Heaven. We couldn’t have found names with a better meaning if we had tried. 

Holding her in my arms every day I know we chose right. We are so elated (though exhausted) to have a beauty and healthy baby girl. We are truly appreciative of all of our family, friends and fans for their blessings. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can’t wait to share more about her as she continues to grow and warm our hearts.  


  • liz

    So beautiful .. congratulations

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    Congratulations and happy birthday baby girl lots of love… All the way from bdos

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    Beautiful names for a beautiful little girl!!!!!! God Bless!!!!!!!!

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    I love her name! God bless and congratulations! Happy birthday :)

  • Tasha ✌️

    Simply Beautiful

  • Reneilwe Pilane

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Wishing you the best throughout this great journey. I am Rene all the way from South Africa and I’m 15 turning 16 on the 12th of July. You are such a huge inspiration to myself as I want to see myself as successful as you are one day. Thank you and much love. Oh and Happy born day!!

  • Sunny Florida

    Aww Congrats! … such a sweet story! Many blessings to u & your perfect family!

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    I am super excited for you Tamera. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family with love , peace and happiness. Hug!

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    Congrats what a beautiful name & Happy Born Day!

  • Dallas__Diva

    Congrats Tamera.We also went with an A name for our baby girl AVA Nicole

  • Marbella Brito

    It’s really pretty just like I image her to be congrats. Best wishes l!!!

  • Sharon Sheffield

    So precious and what a beautiful early birthday gift! There is nothing more wonderful than being blessed by God with your two little angels! Congratulations! XOXO to Miss Ariah and Big Brother Aden!

  • Esther

    Beautiful!!! Congrats to you and the family, Tamera! I love Ariah’s name and the meaning. Can’t wait to see her pics! But meanwhile, enjoy every minute with her!

  • Darlene Smith

    Beautiful name to match your beautiful heart…I have NO doubt she will live up to her name bc she has unconditonal love and the blessing of family surrounding her…Aden will soon realize he was just given a priceless gift from his parents–his sister..his best friend, closest ally. You are all blessed with your beautiful family and I pray the blessings of health and happiness for many many years to come.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY also!!!! :)

  • PaulaE

    Congratulations to you and Adam on the safe arrival of you beautiful baby girl. Rest up & enjoy. See ya on the Real soon – ish xXx

  • Raquel Weber

    Congratulations Tamera! I love the meaning behind your daughter’s name and I know she will grow up to be an amazing woman just like her mom :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! God bless you and your entire family :)

  • Nickisha Thompson

    wow that’s awesome! the meaning of the names is profound

  • Lara

    So how is Ariah Talea pronounced? x

    • Ashley

      It is pronounced like Mariah, but without the ‘M’ of course.

  • Kay

    Congrats Tamera on your new bundle of joy! Love the meaning of both names, so beautiful! Also, Happy Birthday!!! God bless you and your family!

  • Danielle Grant

    Congratulations to you and Adam on the birth of your baby girl; you guys really picked such a beautiful name. And her little feet are so cute lol, looking forward to seeing more pics. Also Happy Birthday to u and Tia! You both continue to be a huge source of inspiration for me. May God bless you richly, much love from Jamaica ^_^

  • Kaitlin K.

    Congratulations!! Beautiful name and meaning! Praying deep rest and peace as you learn and love being a family of 4!

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    One word Tamera, Beautiful!!
    Can’t wait to see the beautiful morning dew

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    Beautiful!!! Congratulations and Blessings to you guys.

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    Congratulations Tamara and Adam you 2are a beautiful couple i cannot wait to see pictures how are your daughter Ariah that is such a beautiful name and I want to say Tamara happy birthday to you and Tia I have watched you guys on Sister Sister and up until now I love you guys dearly and I wish I could run into you guys one day just so I can tell you in person how much you too mean to me thank you I love you both

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    Congratulations on the arrival of your precious little angel. May God continue to shower down his abundant blessings on you and your family!!

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    Congratulations to you and your family I absolutely love the name you picked for your princess …. Happy birthday to you and Tia

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    She is beautiful!!! Congrats and God bless!

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    Congratulations, beautiful name for a beautiful baby in a beautiful family. May our Lord God continue to Bless you all.

  • Aurelia Bermudez

    Ariah is my daughters name as well; the name also of greek origin meaning “pure”

  • Atiya B.

    Happy birthday Tamera! My name is Atiya, which means A gift from God, and I really wanted to name my daughter Ariya bc i thought it went perfectly with my name. We had a boy so we went with Ryan, after his daddy lol but I love your daughters name and maybe one day she will have a name twin! Good bless your family!

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    Congratulations may God continue to bless your beautiful family I love the names can wait to see your baby girl your son is handsome too blessing

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    Love you Tamera… Congrats

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    Congratulations Punkins wishing you lifetime of memories for your beautiful family Tamera, Adam,Aden and little Ariah. God Bless!!!!

  • Artika Churcher

    My 10 year old daughter’s name is Araya, with the same pronunciation as your daughter!!!!

    • Nancy Drew

      Ask her how often she has to explain the spelling and pronunciation.

      • Denise Cora-Bryant

        Nancy Drew, why are you so angry?

        • Nancy Drew

          I am not angry. Parents do not realize how their children hate weird names. That poor girl will spend a lot of her life spelling and pronouncing her name. Dumb decision on the part of the parents.

  • Shawanna Clark

    Congrats on your beautiful blessings.

  • Sharon Davis

    Does anyone know how to pronounce Ariah? Is it Ah-Rye-Ah or Are-Ree-Ah

    • Gina Henry

      Its pronounced like MARIAH

    • TT

      I think is Ah Rye Ah like Mariah without the m

  • Shon Conner

    Congrats on the beautiful newborn cuddle as much as possible. They grow so fast wishing u a lifetime.of happiness for you and your beautiful family!!

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    God bless your adorable family,and happy birthday to you Tamera

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    Congratulations Tamera. Happy Birthday and I wish you many more to come.

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    Congratulations and can’t wait to see the pictures on the Real

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    Congratulations to you and your husband and big brother Aden on the birth of your baby girl. I love the name, its beautiful just as I know she is.

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    Congrats on your adorable baby girl. The wait is over

  • Christina

    I loveeeee this! I even read this with your voice and face expressions in my head lol Congrats Adam,Tamera and Aden for the new beautiful baby girl! Yay!

  • Tiffany Henderson

    My daughter name is Taleya which her father wanted to name her Cattaleya from the movie Columbinana. I didn’t want to mess up my T theme

  • Sheri J Roland

    Beautiful name/ beautiful meaning…God bless you all…you both have some precious gifts(son & daughter) from God.

  • Caras__World

    Happy Birthday Tamera! And congratulations once again on your little bundle of joy! Soo cute how you spoke her presence into existence before she was even thought about and got a great name from it!

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    I love the meaning of both names! Very fitting. Thank you so much for sharing your precious new gift with us!

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    Bless you and your family sweetie…Lord Bless!

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    Beautiful names!!! Powerful meanings!!! Glory to God!!!!

    • Nancy Drew

      Awful name .Worse than River Rose.

      • Angie

        Say something good are don’t say anything at all!!!! Haters….

  • Saskia Jones

    Great and powerful meanings

  • Jocelyn Gray

    Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your baby girl. Just like you I knew that if I had a son I wanted his name to be Jordan so when I had my daughter I stayed with the letter J and so I named her Jayla and my fiancée’s name is James. So as you can see all of our names start with the letter J

  • Pastor Michele Riley

    May the blessings of the Lord over take your family!

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    Love it. Congratulations ! May her life be full of love and joy.

  • Diana Anicet

    Btw Happy Birthday !!!

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    Absolutely beautiful the meaning of your daughters name is especially wonderful

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    Congradulations to you and your family.. it’s a beautiful name for her.. Thanks for sharing your new bundle of joy to all of us on facebook..

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    Hi Tamera, I love your precious little Ariah’s name. I can’t wait to see her pics.

  • Savage Ahh Jay

    could u take a full pic of ariah please because i want to see how beautiful and adorable she is

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    Awww congratulations and the names are just beautiful and the meanings

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    Very Nice! Congrats!

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    How she look like? :-) mwa mwa like a girl right hahaha ♡♡♡♡♡ Congrats HAppy Birthday…

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    Lovely names. God bless baby Talea! :)

  • LaNeesha Richardson

    My daughter’s name is Ariah as well spelled exactly the same way and… honestly I love the name… I pronounce it Ah-ry-yah…. Great minds think alike!

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    Its a beautiful name.

  • Tina Bothwell

    pretty name

  • Taliah Shiree

    I’m just so excited for you Tamera! And even more excited when i discovered that her middle name is my name, although I spell it Taliah! Such a beautiful meaning to both names! I wish you the best with your new bundle of joy! Congratulations!

  • Jennifer Michele Johnson

    That’s beautiful, Tamera. I’m so happy for your family, and wish many blessings for Ariah Talea! God bless always, your friend and fan, Jennifer :)

  • fhatu

    Wow love the meaning 2

  • Jazzmyn Byrd

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you for taking the time out to explain the meaning of Ariah. When I saw that name for the first time when it was announced that you had her, I was like awww that’s a nice name, it’s different. Now that I know the meaning it’s so much more than being a nice name. I love it!! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy Tamera! May God continue to bless you to be a great mom to not only Aden but also now little Ariah

  • Pumkin Bantshang

    God bless you guys those are wonderful names.

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    That is just awesome! God is so good. He always confirms that which is meant to be! Thanking God for your beautiful blessings. Thank you for sharing – your family and your faith.

  • Lisa

    Congratulations to you, Adam & Aden on the birth of your little Angel, may God Bless all of you with long and healthy lives!!!!!!

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    Congratulations!!!! I love the names. God Bless your Family Abundantly.

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    Beautiful names, beautiful family…God bless you guys

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    Aww! Tamera that’s so sweet! And I love the meaning of your baby girls name. Congrats to you both!

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    So beautiful! Such a gift from God! Love it. Congratulations to you both.

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    Really beautiful names! Congratulations!

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    Congratulations Tamera, Adam and Aden! Can’t wait to meet your new baby girl. So happy for your family.

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    Congrats to you both!! I am sure she’s as beautiful as that gorgeous son of yours! Soak up every minute! They grow up too fast!

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    I love that name and I am so happy for both you and Adam. I know she is all too adorable. .. luv you guys xoxox

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    Beautiful names may God Bless you and your family

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    I just love the name beautiful congratulations

  • Jessica Ayala

    So so beautiful, it gave me chills while reading those meanings! My faith is an immovable one (been a Christian for 26 years thank God). Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Big hug & blessings to all of you! Congratulations!

  • Val Peters

    May God bless her to grow healthy, wise and strong.

  • Cynthia Jackson Hodges Seamen

    I believe parents always know their children’s names they just don’t always realize they already know them. Have you ever noticed that most people fit their name… not a coincidence…. that is their name
    She has a beautiful name and as she grows you will see more and more that it could not have been any other name . Because that is who she is. I am so happy for you Tamera, you and your family have a blessed day.

  • lady j

    Blessings and enjoy the time off with family. Treasure life!

  • Tonya Bethune

    My daughters name is Araiya; pronounced A-RAY-ya. Congrats to you and your beautiful family!

  • Latonya Marshall-Bond

    Congratulations…. I know she’s beautiful

  • La’Quisha Wilson

    Loving your baby girl name it’s so beautiful & different, enjoy your lil bundle of joy & God bless you & your family

  • Cassandra Hunt

    First, congratulations and Mazel Tov! You have named your daughter a beautiful name. My first born daughter’s name is Aria. She’s twenty six and has lived up to her name in many ways. I expect your daughter will too. Blessings, and Shalom!

  • Sunshine Sunny

    Tamera, your story is so beautiful and I thank Christ Jesus for Ariah’s safe and healthy arrival. There is so much to be said for selecting a name but we’ll leave that for others to explore on their own. I wish you, Adam, Aden and Ariah the greatest blessing today and in the days ahead. You are beautiful- stay strong and remember time waits for no one. Enjoy them while they are young!!! Hugs,

  • jasmine

    that is so sweet god continue to bless your family and also keep them

  • Jackie Thompson

    Awesome to know her name is a representation of the one mighty God who gives life and sustains it. Blessings upon you and yours!

  • Ariah is such a beautiful name! So is Araya, but I definitely see where you’re coming from about the fear of people pronouncing it wrong. My name is Aleigha and it’s pronounced (a-lee-ya)….I get called all types of things! Haha but I love my name. And the tradition of naming all of your children with the letter A is pretty cool too. Congratulations to your new baby girl! :-)

  • Lysa Nicolle

    I like the names they are nice one.

  • kathy carr

    God is so good. She is truly a blessing. Tamara just like me boy and girl 2.5 years apart and close always they are best friends now at the age of 40 and 43. love my two they always think of me. we go on cruises together. love it.
    again congratulations to you and Adam.

  • Nastasja Jackson

    Aw such a beautiful story! I just love you dearly! I have been a fan since day one and at the age of 27 I still find myself watching Sister, Sister, Twitches, you name it!! Love you girl such a beautiful soul! Hope to continue to be inspired by you for the rest of my life!!



  • Gaudy Galvez Southard

    Congratulations Tamera on your sweet girl, Ariah!

  • Gaudy Galvez Southard

    Congratulations Tamera on your sweet girl, Ariah!

  • Paulette

    Congrats Tamera! We just added a beautiful baby girl Layla to our family aa well! She is 3 months old now and i am still overjoyed. Enjoy your new addition!

  • Iris T

    Beautiful. God always confirms every soul he brings in. Truly a blessing. Welcome baby girl.

    • Nicole

      “God always confirms every soul he brings in.” —that’s beautiful!

  • Evelina Lawrence

    I love Tamara, such a humble and beautiful person! Love the name you picked and of course the meaning is beautiful! I love how strong your faith is, you are truly blessed!

  • Beautiful!

  • Aya Gabbi

    Hi Tamera!

    Your baby girl’s name is beautiful, but just a heads up.

    I studied Hebrew in college and the name Ariah or Aryah simply means lion. While the name Ariel means lion of god as the “el” as in Elohim is added. So, though Ariah is beautiful it simply means “Lion”.

    Congrats on your baby.

    • Nancy Drew


      • Angie

        Nancy your ass needs to get a life. Are you just f***ing stupid.

        • Nancy Drew

          No, but the parent who named their kid this is .

    • Laila Bean

      Ari – lion
      El – God
      Yah – “Yahweh”, shortened name of God
      Still means “Lion of God/Yah”, I believe
      P.S. lots of names in the bible like that:
      Isaiah/IshiYAHu – Yah saves
      Jeremiah – Yah exalts
      Hezekiah – Yah strengthens
      Zechariah – Yah remembers
      All those ‘iah’s in Hebrew are ‘Yah’s
      My two cents

      • Aya Gabbi

        For that to be the case, her name would have to be Ariayah because lion itself ends in Yah.

        There is a mention if the name Ariel in the Bible.

  • Maria Jones

    Oh my oh my! Everything is made in 100% organic cotton. So important for my little one since her skin is sensitive. I don’t even no where to begin on what items are the cutest. Every clothing piece and accessory is adorable. Although my favs are the harem pants, shorts, sleeveless hoodie. The hoodie will keep the baby comfy and cool. But wait, those little skirts and headbands are just amazing too! And how about the bandanas and drawstring pants? My baby girl is teething so I need to get her one or two of the wooden teethers. Every print is nice. I really like the jubilee coral and black waves. We are sure to go “Solange” style and mix and match everything. Tamera thanks for sharing this fantastic baby clothing company find!

  • Maria Jones

    Whoops! Posted this on the wrong blog entry! Aria his a beautiful name! God bless you and your family!

  • Nathalie Melo

    beautiful name & even more beautiful meaning love it!

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    I love her name. Can’t wait to see the new addition!

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    You all are a beautiful family!!! So happy for you!

    • Pauletta

      Blessings to you and Aryia! So happy for you guys.

  • Cherisse

    Congrats Tamera!! God bless. I can’t wait to see pictures of your baby girl. Does she look like Aden? Does she have blue eyes as well?! I’m so happy for you; you deserve it all!!!

  • Tamara Williams

    Beautiful name both you and baby girl! I am also Tamara pronounced the same as yours except I am a lot older. I am mom of 9 and 7 are girls. My 19m olds middle name is Aryah! Uncanny we share those names! Lol
    BTW…Austin, Tx. I have loved you both since “Voices”!!!

  • Shani Maddox-Semper

    Blessings to your beautiful family! My 10 yr old daughter is Aryah Makeda. All 3 of our children are “A” names like my hubby (Alex). I always knew that I wanted “A” names ever since I was a girl and when God blessed me with my hubby, I knew it was meant to be. The meaning that we found for our Aryah (we added the h) is Hindi and it means “honored and noble”. Alex and I were very intentional about picking names with powerful meanings. Aryah Makeda means honored noble beautiful one. I love the similarities in our stories. Wishing you every joy as your family grows!!!

  • Sharon A Oakes

    beautiful name beautiful family x

  • Ariel Jones

    My family is the “A” – my mom is Angelika, my dad Azell, my siblings Azell & Ashlei, my nieces Aaliyah & Azalea, my Nephew Arrington Azareal and Myself Ariel (R.E.L.) … too bad that is stopping when I have kids lol

  • Ariel Jones

    Ps Ariel also is Hebrew and mean Ethereal; Lioness of God

  • Karen Denise

    Congratulations to UR Family …..

  • I remember those moments when you were feeling down because you didn’t have a boyfriend and you were confiding in your sister ” … when is it going to happen for me.” – Congrats on getting everything you’ve always wanted an more.

  • Awesome names Tamera and I love that they are unique yet have powerful meanings. I am writing a name book and will definitely include these 2. How do you phonetically say Talea?

  • Lisa Garvin


  • Dianne Nicome

    I’m so excited for yourself and your family,Surely God has blessed you both with the wisdom to select those names.Thank him for a safe and healthy delivery. Be blessed!

  • Natalia Garcia

    Congratulations Tamera! I really look up to you. I am only 24 years old but when I become a mommy and a wife one day I will follow your tips. God bless! xo :)

  • Her name is beautiful, congrats again.

  • Vickie Lattimore

    I love the name and the mean!! Congrats!

  • Talea Boone-thomas

    Talea is a beautiful name, I have always gotten complements on my name and so will she. Congratulations:).

  • Michelle Stephanie Dowell

    The names are so lovely! This is such a Blessed time in your lives and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for your sweet family! Thanks for sharing! God Bless you! :)

  • Debbie Eden

    Congratulations. My grand daughters name is Ariah Grace and I love her to the moon and back and then some!!!!!

    • Taneen O’Connor

      Love Ariah Grace my 4 yr old has the same name

  • Alana Jones

    Congrats on the baby! Very unique and pretty combination for her name!

  • CMP0TT

    Love it

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    This is lovely and may God continue to bless you and your family. So excited for you and your family.

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    Beautiful…loving the names choices and meanings for your beautiful princess…..congrats

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    Love the name almost like mine but a bit different. Such a beauty

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    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. God bless your new blessing and your family!
    Love ya!

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    So excited for you Tamera…welcome Baby Ariah

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    I am soo happy for Tamera.. Blessings for your family.. <3 <3

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    Im just so super excited for you Tamera! congratz on your new love and bundle of joy god bless you and your growing family!!!!!! love love love love your baby girl name.

  • Ariel

    Hi Tamera,
    Congratulations on your new baby.
    Just so you know when you’re telling people the meaning of your child’s name.
    The origin for Ariel is “Lion of God” Ariah simply means “Lion”

  • Ashley

    Hey Tamera it a beautiful baby girl she is so much like you I can’t wait to see you on The Real Show

  • The name is ABSOLUTELY Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!


  • Julie007

    Congrats, Tamera…I love the meanings of the names. May God bless your little ones always. Name meanings are so important. By the way, I think you and your sis should do a kid’s clothing line since you are two stylish mommies. :-)

  • Nancy Drew

    This poor child will spend a great deal of her life spelling and pronouncing her name. Big mistake. she’ll resent her parents. Seen it 100s of times.

    • Nadia

      Go take a nap! Your negative comments are not needed here! With your fake name! Nancy Drew lol

      • Nancy Drew

        This poor kid will spend half her life spelling and pronouncing her name. Big mistake. See it all the time. Not negative just true.

  • Nancy Drew

    This poor child will spend a great deal of time pronouncing and spelling her name for others. Big mistake. she’ll resent her parents for it. I’ve seen it 100s of times.

    • Denise Cora-Bryant

      Not a big deal.

      • Nancy Drew

        yeah it is.

    • Angie

      Pretending Drew, you just hate that these beautiful kids parents are black/ white. Why not try it yourself.

      • Nancy Drew

        I don’t hate their parents. They just chose stupid names.

        • Angie

          You need to watch the million man march!

          • Nancy Drew

            Why? so 10 years ago.

    • Edith Wise

      Nancy you have a serious problem? Are you jealous? Ignorance is a terrible thing. Make yourself happy, it goes so much further.
      Be Happy!

      • Nancy Drew

        I am happy. That poor child won’t though. Godawful name.

  • Jeanette Olive

    well congratulations on your baby girl I’m so happy you had a little girl

  • Jeanette Olive

    as you know what’s going on and we all know is going on and your blood type and my blood type of you meet my mother and I just want to be able to get to know you guys are and hopefully me and Tyrese Gibson give you have a baby in a bus but anyways I should be coming in shortly

  • Ariah Hernandez

    Hi Tamera,
    My name is Ariah and I’ve never encountered another person with it. I find it absolutely amazing that you named your daughter the same. I grew up watching you and it makes me feel extra special that I will share the same name as your darling baby girl. May she always be blessed.

  • Bonnie Wong

    I’m really excited that your beautiful baby girl has finally arrived! While it is great to have little boys ( i have 2) it is something special to have a little girl (1 little girl). The things that you will enjoy with her is something to admire! Congratulations to you, Adam, Aden and now baby Ariah!!! Enjoy these moments!

  • Marie oris

    I think that it is a beautiful name for a girl like her it means alot.courage lifestyle anything it just means something that we don’t know because she will be outstanding.

  • Denise Cora-Bryant

    Lovely family. May God bless you well.

  • guest

    gorgeous parents with great attitudes towards life and what lucky baby girl and son you both have,

  • Luisa Zap

    Beautiful name and beautiful family, congratulations to you both, enjoy because as you know time flies when you’re having fun, and before you know it they are off to college.

  • LaTanya

    She’s so beautiful! Congratulations??

  • Kyra Ling

    My baby girls name is Aria too……we also went back and forth between arianna and aliyanna but there is something so special and unique about the name that i just couldnt name my liytle angel anything else ?

  • Talea

    I am so excited to see this because I needed a refresher on the meaning of my name and ran across this post! Congrats to the both of you guys! And yes, Talea is such a beautiful name!