Twintuition: Double Dare Available Today!


Hi Guys! I am SO excited that Twintuition: Double Dare is available today! In this book, Cassie and Caitlyn are on another magical adventure, and this time it is up to them to work together to prevent a friend from getting hurt.

It was so much fun to write this book with Tia, and so special for us to be able to create another story about the strong bond between sisters. I can’t wait for you to read it and hear what you guys think!

Pick up your copy from Harper Collins here



  • Rachael Amos Johnson

    you have no idea how much my 9 year old loves these books!! Thanks for making her so excited to read!!!

  • Trelisa Writes

    How did I not know there was a new book?? I love these! 😂 I got a set of twins hooked on them when I was working at the library. I’m pretty sure I’m their favorite person (ever) now.