The Housleys Go To Walt Disney World

Whew, what an exciting last few days! My family and I flew to Walt Disney World in Orlando for Disney Dreamers Academy with Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine, which is an awesome four days of inspiration to guide and fuel the dreams of 100 high school students. The students attend workshops, hear from a panel of speakers and get to network their hearts out. You may have heard me mention Disney Dreamers before, and you know from my trip to the White House, I am all for supporting students and encouraging them to follow their dreams! It was only natural that Adam and I bring our future leaders, Aden and Ariah, along for the ride…

Tamera Mowry at Walt Disney World

This girl is a Disney girl!

Tamera Mowry at Walt Disney World

Stopping for photo opps every chance we got…

Tamera Mowry at Walt Disney World

Ariah was so happy to meet Princess Tiana.

Tamera Mowry at Walt Disney World

Winnie the Pooh is one of our very faves.

Tamera Mowry at Walt Disney World

Our thrill seeking little man.

Tamera Mowry at Walt Disney World

…And my Minnie me!

Tamera Mowry at Walt Disney World

Rockin’ the dots…

Tamera Mowry at Walt Disney World

Guess who? Loni was also there, hosting a panel to inspire a great class of Dreamers… Can’t think of a better fit for the job! Of course we had to wrap up #disneydreamersacademy in style! So inspired by you everyday Loni.

Be sure to keep Disney Dreamers Academy on your radar – each year, US students aged 13-19 can apply! It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain invaluable insight for the future that I’m thrilled to support.

PS: See the rest of the pics from our trip on my Instagram!


  • Lauren Camper

    I love Disney and I love seeing
    Photos from your family trip. Our family goes usually once a year. I love
    Creating memories for my

  • Shannon

    Can you do a post about tips for taking young children to Disney? My daughter is only a few weeks younger than Ariah and we live in the Orlando area so I’d love to take her sometime in the next year, but I’m not sure if she’s too young. (Only child, so we don’t have an older child like Aden who would really get into it). It’d sure make for some sweet photos though! Would love to hear your thoughts!

    Good work with the Disney Dreamers Academy BTW, as a former teacher it’s always awesome to see people besides other teachers investing time and energy into the next generation’s future!

  • Patrena

    Thanks for sharing your great pics. I know you probably hear it a lot, but I feel like I am a part of your family or a friend. My mom is a twin and I guess I just automatically connect with twins. I love seeing pictures of you and your family. I adore your gorgeous kids. I have been to Disney World 3 times in my life. Once as a child and twice as an adult. It really is magical and I can never get enough. I guess it’s that feeling of excitement and getting to be a kid again. I’m not a fan of roller coasters, but I was peer pressured by my little nieces to ride Space Mountain and another roller coaster. I screamed all the way and laughed hysterically at the pictures that were taken of us on the ride. They laughed at me, but in the end it made them so happy that I got on with them. I guess that’s what it is truly all about making beautiful memories with your family.

  • Elizabeth RolleKimble

    Love this ? so beautiful.

  • Gayle Starr Newkirk

    Priceless Moments! Cherish Them All! ❤️

  • Ina Turner

    Tamera, Its so amazing how fast kiddos grow up these days,can not believe how old Aden look, like such a big boy, and what can I say about that little Housley young lady, such a personality already.
    I always love seeing pictures of your family!!!But I must say its always special
    when I see your Hubby in the pictures with his family!!!But Tamera that picture with Him and Ariah is so special, I have seen him in pictures with Aden before
    alone. Daddy is going to be her first love,he is going to show her what a good man is like!!!and what to look for in a young man Years from now!!!! and off course family pictures and ones with Mommy is always special!!! they are beautiful.
    We have never taken our 3 kiddos to Disney yet,we will add that to our Bucket list,looks like much fun.
    Family is EVERYTHING, and we must do our best to love and protect them…

  • I love this! Disney World is so fun :)

  • Ruta Nay Faamausili

    Wow Ariah so-oo gorgeous and Aden handsome lil-man…I’m a polynesian gal from Auckland New Zealand and I have so enjoyed watching you and your sister transitioning from child to adulthood to wife and to motherhood. Absolutely love you and your sisters on The Real can’t wait to see what the future holds for you…you are truly blessed and may godbless you and your family with many many more. xox

  • Christine St.Vil

    It was such an absolute pleasure meeting you and getting to speak with you at the event. These pics are absolutely adorable! Thank you for demonstrating that it’s possible to be a great mom and go after your goals and dreams ;)

  • just_stopping_by

    That little girl is just as cute as she can be! OMG! She is adorable with her little hat with the mouse ears! :-)
    LOVE IT!!!!! So Blessed!

  • charley Mccaw

    I love your outfit its so cute