9 Festive Toddler Dresses for Stylish Baby Girls

Can you believe the word toddler is in the title of this post? As you’ve seen in my baby girl fashion posts (these rompers were so cute, and here are some of her fav outfits), I love, love baby girl fashion. There are so many options out there, it’s hard not to get carried away even when she’s growing into new sizes in the blink of an eye. Luckily most of these dresses range from 12 – 24 months, with some other sizes mixed in – hope all you on the hunt will find one you like!


Ralph Lauren sweater dress / Aletta dress  / Pippa & Julie dress / tulle bow dress / embellished tulle hem dress / pink tulle dress / polka dot jumper / TesaBabe baby girl dress / two piece sweater + dress

Who here is bringing a young toddler to a holiday gathering? First thing’s first, consider the vibe of the event. If you want some nice Santa photos or are planning for church on Christmas, you might be looking for something more formal. But if you’re not really the formal or preppy type, you’ll want her to wear something more laidback. Ariah is constantly smiling – seriously, girl loves to laugh – which is why I put her in fun tulle skirt and bows so often. I like to show off her playful attitude! But let’s be real, this isn’t your everyday attire. Actually, if you’ll just be lying low and hanging with the fam this season (something we do as much as possible), it’s a good idea to have some cute, casual dresses ready to go. That first polka dot one is perfect for layering, right?

In all seriousness, time FLIES with little ones. Be sure to cherish the memories you’re making whether or not she’s dressed in glitter and sequins.

What do your little ones wear to holiday events? Share your suggestions below!


10 Unique Finger Food Ideas for Little Ones

It’s no secret that Ariah loves her finger foods. Once we transitioned to them, there was no turning back. Since she’s at that oh-so-fun age of being curious about all types of foods, I’ve had to get creative…

Ariah Eating - Unique Finger Food Ideas - Tamera Mowry

Lunch time!

Unique Finger Food Ideas - Ariah

Grilled cheese, turkey, and lettuce… Always a hit.

Ariah Eating - Unique Finger Food Ideas - Tamera Mowry

Cereal and rice are great, but for those of you with more adventurous little ones, here’s a big list of unique finger food ideas.

10 Finger Food Ideas for Toddlers

1. Grilled cheese with the crusts cut off, cut into small cubes
2. Sweet potatoes, cooked and cut into small chunks
3. Salmon or white fish – you can cut it or flake it, just make sure it’s not one high in mercury
4. Tender spiral pasta, cut into small pieces
5. Scrambled eggs
6. If they’re teething, cucumber strips can help
7. Bits of turkey
8. Homemade chicken nuggets, cut into pieces
9. Bits of pita with small amounts of hummus on it
10. Cooked beans (various kinds) – make sure they’re cooked until tender

Any finger foods I should add to this list?


10 Crafts to Make with Your Toddler

Recently I shared how much fun Aden and I have playing together. We also love to do crafts. With littles of toddler age, it’s important to find crafts that are fun and keep their attention (harder than you’d think!), yet encourage learning and creativity! It sounds complicated, but once you get into the crazy world of crafts, you’ll find that the possibilities are endless. It’s always fun to get our imaginations going as parents too.

10 Crafts to Make with Your Toddler

Have you been on my Pinterest lately? I’m all about finding new crafts to try. Here are some of my faves you might want to give a try!

1. DIY Crown – Parents can create crown templates and lay out all the supplies for kids to paste onto their very own crown. Think colored paper, stickers and crayons. Aden loved this one!

2. Paper Plate Caterpillar – It’s amazing how much you can do with a simple paper plate! Cut out the caterpillar and let them run wild with decorations.

3. Potato Stamping – You create the stamp from a potato, and they create their own work of art with the different shapes.

4. Toddler Mural – Create no-mess workstation for your child to create works of art again and again.

5. Popsicle Stick Frames – This craft is something mommas can easily whip up and attach photos to for personal home décor, but it’s even more special if your kids can help paint or decorate the popsicle sticks.

6. Ocean Themed Crafts – It’s always nice when a craft also offers up a sneaky lesson! Create ocean creatures while teaching toddlers about sea life.

7. Paper Popsicles – These popsicles are so cute for summer! Cut out popsicle shapes from cardstock and create paper embellishments for little ones to add to each one. Once your done, you can display them on the fridge or string them together for a summer garland.

8. Shape Sorting Activity – Create different shapes and colors from paper to make color sorting game to play afterward.

9. Cupcake Factory – Similar to the popsicle idea, you can do the cutting beforehand and sort all the pieces for your child to make paper cupcakes with. Then you can both decorate them together.

10. Nature Paintbrushes – This is a really fun and original idea that can involve the whole fam. Go out in search of sticks and leaves. Then you can create “paintbrushes” from your findings and kids can use them to paint pictures!

What crafty things have you made with your kids lately? Stay tuned for some DIY projects of our own!


Our Mommy Son Time & Toddler Play Activities

Sometimes being a working momma can be so crazy, but when it comes down to just laughing and playing with your babies, it really couldn’t be more simple. Aden and I have such a blast together. He’s been such a good sport about having to share mommy time with his baby sister and I truly cherish the moments we can just hang out! Here’s a recap of a few of our recent mommy-son play dates. If your little ones are at this toddler age, they’ll love it too!

Playtime with Aden | Tamera Mowry

Sometimes it’s the simplest games that are most fulfilling for children. Actually, most of the time that’s the case! Aden loves his legos. Once he gets going, you can’t tear him away from them. They get his creative juices flowing and suddenly he’s building a whole world.

Playtime with Aden | Tamera Mowry

So proud.

Playtime with Aden | Tamera Mowry

When the weather is warm, you can’t go wrong spending the day in the backyard. Blowing bubbles is a simple playtime activity that toddlers go crazy for. (And did you know you can even make your own recipes for bubbles?) Even better if you can add in some fun music while they play. Whenever the music stops, he has to stop and freeze, and gets to get going again when it starts up. It’s a blast and pretty much has us cracking up the whole time.

You guys, it really is the little things. I love seeing my little man smile!

If you have any fave toddler activities, share them below.