Sweater Weather: Looks I Love

Tamera Mowry Sweater 1

Tamera Mowry Sweater 2

Tamera Mowry Sweater 3

I love this time of year! The air is cooling down, and that means that it is officially time to put away the summer wardrobe. It also means that it is now sweater weather! Maybe it is because brining out sweaters makes me feel cozy and excited for the season ahead, but I love the fashion transition from summer to fall.

Now, I live in LA, and so we are usually a little behind everyone else in terms of when sweater weather officially lands. So far this month, I have been pairing a light sweater with shorts and boots, or with jeans and open-toed shoes. However, as the weather continues to cool down, I can easily transition all my favorite sweater looks and wear them with jeans and booties.

When I shop for sweaters to add to my fall wardrobe, I try and stick to more neutral colors so that I get the most wardrobe versatility out of them (and can wear them into the spring). I like to buy sweaters that I know will look good with denim, black, white or even with a print skirt. To me, a good sweater can sit in your closet almost all year around, and can be layered and paired with a number of different pieces.

Below are some of my favorite sweater picks this fall! I love all of these looks because they are versatile, and can look good worn any number of ways!

Let me know if you guys buy any of these looks, or how you like to wear sweaters this season! I’m always looking for new ideas on how to style a sweater!  



TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: 525 America, Shaker Turtleneck Bell Sleeve Sweater | Rebecca Taylor, RUFFLE ONE SHOULDER SWEATER  | Callahan, SHAKER KNIT OFF SHOULDER SWEATER | After Market, Off Shoulder Ruffle Sweater

BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J.O.A., Tie Sleeve Sweater | Finders Keepers, WILDFIRE SWEATER | Free People, OPHELIA PULLOVER SWEATER | Cupcakes and Cashmere, NIKOLAI SWEATER

Fall Fashion Bucket List

We’ve had about two days of fall weather (I know, better break out those sweaters!) here in southern California so far. But recent trips to the east coast with more travel (at the very least, trips to Napa where it will get cooler eventually) just beg for a little indulging in all that fall brings, even if it hasn’t hit the whole country. That means scarves, cozy sweaters and more! I thought it would be fun to create a mini bucket list for all the ways to soak up this stylish time of year.


Fall fashion bucket list | Tamera MowryTribal knit poncho / Topshop floppy hat / Matisse Lonnie boot / Key west tote / NARS nail polish / essie nail polish / Oversized flannel scarf

1. Knit poncho or shawl. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to make any huge clothing investments while working toward my mommy makeover, but I’m LOVING the slouchy, comfy couch-potato-gone-chic look (yes I said it). It’s like a Snuggy you can still look fabulous in. These are a must for fall, and they’re very versatile.

2. Fall hat. They’re mostly just for fun, but I really love stylish hats and think that anyone can rock them this time of year – even if it’s not normally your thing. With the right ensemble, it can give off that timeless, city chic appeal.

3. Boots. I relish the days I can wear a cute pair of tall boots. It isn’t practical all year where I live, but a day they make an appearance is a good one. What’s great about boots, whether ankle booties or knee-highs, is that if you make the investment, you really can get a few years of wear out of a single pair.

4. Big bag. Big bags are still in this time of year, but instead of toting your beach towel (and baby essentials if you’re a mom), a big bag can house all your fall makeup or even a sweater to throw on for transitional days.

5. Dark nails. Fall means new nail colors. I’ve always had a girly style – I’m drawn to the soft feminine look of pinks and pastel hues – but when fall rolls around everything changes. These nail colors look polished and sexy for on the go and more. Right now I’m loving dark blue, forest green, vampy red and metallics.

6. Marsala. Another autumn hue to try out on everything from nails to denim to bags is the Pantone Color of the Year. When it was first announced back in December of last year, I was already looking toward spring, but now that it’s October, I’m ready to embrace this stunning hue. The polish above is a bit more robust than most interpretations of Marsala, but I think anything in varying shades of “wine” or burgundy look gorgeous.

7. Oversized scarf. First it was infinity scarves, then cowls, and now it’s all about the blanket scarves. And boy do these scarves live up to their name. They’re huge, but as cozy as it gets, and I’ve seen so many fashion bloggers pulling them off with moto jackets and skinny jeans. I definitely have this one on my bucket list!

How do YOU do fall? Share your own bucket list in the comments!