Real Talk: How I Deal With Stress

Tamera Mowry

We all feel stress in our lives from time to time. Unfortunately, stress is part of life and we all need to learn how to deal with it!  For me, it’s a daily exercise to manage my stress. Some days I’m great at it, other days, I’m a mess. But hey, that’s life!

Work stress is definitely what gets to me the most. Mainly because there are the normal stresses and demands of working long hours, but on top of that, I find myself constantly thinking and worrying about my children. I worry how their day is going, whether they are feeling okay, how school is, whether they ate their lunch, and so on and so on. Basically, as a mom, I am constantly worrying, and that equals a lot more stress for me at work!

As soon as my stress levels rise just a little too much, my natural reaction is to panic. I freak out, I get anxious and if it’s a really stressful day, I cry. I can also feel all the stress and tension start to physically manifest throughout my body.

Now obviously some stress is normal, but feeling like you have been pushed to your breaking point, is NOT ideal! Over the years, I have gotten better at managing my stress levels and have developed different tips and tricks to cope.

The first thing I do is I allow myself to feel every emotion fully — I let it all out, and then after two or three days, I make the decision to let it go. I think that it is really important to feel those emotions, and then release them. If you hold on to your feelings, they will come up in other ways and you will find yourself displacing those emotions on the ones you love. Next, I write down everything that I think will help me deal with whatever is bothering me. It’s amazing how the simple act of writing things down can be a huge emotional release, and give you a sense of peace! I always try and think long-term, and ask myself if what is bothering me will really matter in 5-10 years. By allowing myself to feel, react and then make an action plan, I find that I have clarity.

Exercise is another BIG part of how I deal with managing my stress. Releasing endorphins during a good workout always makes me feel so much better equipped to deal with what is bothering me. I also make the decision to take a break from all things digital when my stress levels rise. By logging off social media and turning off the TV for a while, I get much more focused, and can live in the moment with my family and friends (which is what matters most!).

Lastly, I try and remember that some things just happen for a reason, and sometimes we need to just trust that everything is going to be okay!

Let me know how you guys manage your stress!