4 Reasons to Love Spinning Classes

Spinning has been one of the trendier workouts for awhile now, and I personally love it. There are so many benefits of taking a spin class that I think it’s a routine that will be around for years to come. It being less-than-ideal workout weather in much of the country right now, it seems a great time to share how a spin class can really change up your exercise game!

YAS-Venice-Spin-Room-580x320For those who haven’t tried it, “spinning” is a specific type of instructor-led cycling workout. While you may ride the stationary bike at your gym, doing it with others in a group setting can mean a more intense and fulfilling work out. What really makes the class is the people around you, all working their hardest, ultimately keeping your momentum up. The fact that you burn calories at a higher rate than many workouts (roughly 500 or 600 per class) and that it can be very motivating are just two reasons I love spin, but it’s much more than that:

Perfect for winter workouts

Like I said, this is a great way for those of us who enjoy exercising outside to still get a workout in when that’s not an option. Winter is also a notoriously ‘bad’ workout season, as the cold weather and holidays can mean a huge detour from our healthier springs and summers. Just signing up for the class signifies a commitment, and it’s much harder to justify skipping it when you know it’s going to take an hour or less of your time – just perfect for squeezing in among other tasks during the holiday season!

Gets you out of your workout rut

Even if you do push yourself your hardest during every workout sesh, you may eventually get board of your fave machines or find your routine isn’t challenging anymore. Enter: spin! With music to get you pumped up and an instructor who pushes you, just a few classes are sure to shift how you feel about working out. Maybe you’ll find that this is definitely you’re ‘thing’ or maybe you’ll have a new appreciation for the elliptical… Either way, it’s a win.

A great intro to fitness classes

If you’ve peeked in on fitness classes at your gym but never really felt comfortable enough to actually join your peers in attempting coordinated dance routines, this is the perfect foray into fitness classes. You get the group setting – and all the support and encouragement that come with it – without as many potential disasters. It’s a mostly solo effort that just so happens to take place in a group. Some spin classes even take place in the dark! Lol.

It’s a workout for all levels

One of the reasons spin has become so popular is because it really is a workout for everyone. Both the athlete and the person who has never taken a class before will benefit. A single class often operates in intervals, so you aren’t likely to find one person who thinks it’s a total breeze and another who can’t push the pedal. Plus, you are ultimately in control of the bike’s settings, so if something becomes too much, you won’t need to quit, just adjust accordingly.

Still aren’t sure if spin is your thing? Read this post to find out which fitness routine is right for you!


Photo: YAS fitness centers in Venice, CA