Five Last-Minute Gifts Under $50

tamera mowry christmas

tamera mowry holiday

We are just days away from Christmas, and if you guys are anything like me, you keep thinking of gifts you still have to buy … For me, it is the little gifts for friends that I always tend to leave until the last minute. With all the holiday craziness, these gifts tend to get pushed to the back burner (we can’t do it all). I know that I can always go the traditional route of a card and a nice bottle of wine, but during the holidays, I like to take the opportunity to come with something a little extra special.

This year, I have found five great friend gifts that are either easy to go pickup, or can still be ordered online in time for Christmas! I hope these gift ideas help some of you guys out with your last-minute holiday shopping!

What are some of your go-to gifts this time of year? I’m always looking for new ideas!


Echo Dot1. Amazon Echo Dot … Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! With fast delivery and endless options, Amazon is always a good place to start shopping for your last-minute gifts. The Echo dot is a great little devise that is a hands-free, and voice-controlled with a small built-in speaker, perfect for listing to music — It can also connect to your speakers or headphones over Bluetooth. At $29.99 it’s a great gift idea!

Cards Against Humanity2. Cards Against Humanity … The title of this game says it all! It’s wildly inappropriate, and a fun gift for the adults. It makes for a playful holiday party gift, and often gets opened up right then and there. This game is sold at many places, including Target for $25.00

Pineapple Candle3. Sunny Life Pineapple Candle … You can’t ever really go wrong with giving someone a beautiful candle. What I love about this one is that instead of a pretty jar, the actual candle is what is so pretty! It’s a nice gift, that also makes for lovely décor. Also, did you know that pineapples were the colonial symbol of hospitality to welcome someone in your home? Available at Nordstrom for $30.00.

4. Bubbles & Godiva Gift Set … Sometimes you don’t get to see everyone that you want to over the holidays. When that happens, I like to send a special little something anyways! has some wonderful gift options like this bottle of Brut and Godiva chocolates. $49.99

Nordstrom Throw5. Nordstrom Chevron Plush Faux Fur Throw … Everyone loves a cozy throw, you can never have enough of them! This one from Nordstrom is beautiful, ships in time for Christmas and is even on sale for $39.00!


My Guide To Online Shopping

online shopping

I am a big fan of shopping online … I love that I can curl up with my computer, and in one sitting get a whole bunch of things bought for myself, my friends and my family. With my busy schedule as a working mom, I can actually order everything I need in a fraction of the time it would take me to go out and buy from an actual store. It has gotten to the point that I feel like I have become somewhat of an expert at picking out pretty much anything and everything for my family and myself online.

I know that sometimes it is nicer to actually go to a store and shop around and experience the fun of a market or mall — But, I find that it is just so much more convenient to do most things online.  Especially when it comes to gifts. Often times I want to send someone a gift, and to be able to pick it out online, and ship it right to the recipient. It’s so simple! With most stores offering free shipping, free returns and even gift wrapping, it’s hard not to make online shopping my go-to method for most purchases.

Since I feel like I have become somewhat of a self-proclaimed online shopping pro, I wanted to share with you guys all my favorite online stores that I shop online at the most!



Zara Kids — Definitely a brand for the most trendsetting kiddo. They offer unique and fashionable styles that are affordable.

Gap Kids — Durable, long lasting, timeless kid’s pieces.

Old Navy — Fun and trendy kids clothing that make great seasonal staples.

Cotton On & Co — A trendy Australian-based store that has a strong focus on ethics, sustainability and giving back to their communities.

Target — We all know that Target has everything at incredible prices. They are perfect for buying every day clothing plus toys, home décor, etc.

Etsy — Perfect place to find fun and unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. My husband turned me on to Etsy, and now I am totally addicted!



Zara — A variety of on-trend pieces that look like they came straight off the runway, but at an extremely reasonable prices.

Revolve Clothing — They carry a wide range of top designers, and are known for their trendy pieces.

ASOS — This U.K. based store carries pieces that are very fashion-forward and well-priced. They have a U.S. site with domestic shipping!

Wildfox — Known for their fun, vintage inspired pieces with fun sayings and a retro vibe. Also, all of their fabrics are insanely soft!

Shopbop — They have a huge selection of designer pieces with a variety of price points. They are owned by Amazon, so they also offer shipping through your Amazon Prime account.

Madewell —  They make the best denim (my favorite jeans are by them). Their styles are classic and timeless.

Nordstrom – The classic ‘has-it-all’ department store, and their clothing is no exception. They offer a variety of designers and price points.



Pottery Barn — Furniture, decor and housewares at a great value. They offer exceptionally crafted and fashionable pieces with a warm and homey feel.

Restoration Hardware — Modern and industrial-style luxury furniture and decor. Getting something from them is a worthwhile investment!

The Land of Nod — They offer adorable, Pinterest-worthy children’s bedding, décor and furniture. All with a very cozy and dreamy feel.

Zara Home —Just like their clothing, they offer gorgeous and unique pieces without the higher price tags.



Zulily —  They offer exclusive deals on variety of rotating products and brands.

Gilt – Find top designers and emerging brands at up to 70% off. They are known to have some great deals on handbags, shoes and their housewares are often at an amazing discount! They also offer ‘Gilt City’ deals which I love.

TJ MAXX — A mix of everything for your family / home. From home décor to kitchen and clothing, you will find amazing deals on name brand items

Amazon — Let’s be honest, Amazon is life. You can find everything at incredible prices, plus speedy shipping. I literally use Amazon for everything!



iGourmet – A huge, comprehensive specialty-foods store with gourmet and hard-to-find products

Instacart – Instacart will literally go to the store for you, and deliver your groceries right to your door! They have low delivery fees too which makes them so convenient!

Amazon Fresh — No surprise that Amazon makes it easy to order food online too! I order all of our staple kitchen items off Amazon, and have them on reoccurring shipping settings so we never run out!


Where do you guys like to shop online? If you have a good store suggestion for me, please let me know in the comments below!


Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Hope you enjoyed my holiday gift guide for little ones (check it out here if you still need gift ideas). This last gift guide is for her, whether she’s a momma or not. I went the girly, romantic pink and gold route with this one, as you can probably tell…

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Portable diffuser / Knit snood / Welcome guest towel / Beaded bracelet set / Felicia collar / ‘Enchanted Garden’ watch / Classic rose pen / ‘Laurel’ scented jar candle / Herbivore Botanicals lip conditioner / Fig + Yarrow pink love salts / Set of 4 pink martini glasses

You don’t have to come up with the trendiest item or spend a ton of money to achieve a thoughtful gift for a girlfriend, sister, co-worker or any other important woman in your life. When shopping, it’s easy to over think it, so I wanted to share some classic gift ideas – like this scarf, candle, and jewelry – that have been updated in a chic, modern way. And if you’re trying to come up with a gift package that has that “wow factor” you can combine several of these into a themed box – entertaining, pampering, fashion etc.

If this gift guide brought any of your girlfriends to mind, she probably deserves it. Our girls are so important!

Who do you still have to shop for? Hopefully these guides have helped!


Best Bags For Fall 2016

Now that it’s August, it’s time to start transitioning to fall with fashion. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to replace your wardrobe with sweaters and rain boots, but it does give you the chance to try some new accessories that channel the cooler weather ahead! Speaking of, here are the best bags for fall…


abera crossbody tote in pewter, sole society foldover tote in camel, Rebecca Minkoff mini leo tote, cracked print satchelwillow quilted satchel, pink tassel flap bag, olina small satchel, Madewell mini transport crossbody

Totes. Fall is the time to go big with accessories – with layers to wear and unpredictable weather to deal with, you want something that will carry everything you need on those days stopping by the house isn’t possible. Enter, the tote! Use it for lugging your fall beauty essentials, carrying a good book or even stashing baby necessities… It all fits in here. Isn’t that first one stunning?

Satchels. Satchels can be as roomy as totes, but often they’re a bit more robust: with pockets, zips pouches, and a few different handling options, satchels can make more of a bold statement, so it’s really all about the style you prefer.

Crossbody Bags. A good crossbody is essential for on the go (#momlife) use because you can carry JUST what you need and toss it to the side of you. But for those of you that just can’t commit to a small bag, Madewell has a crossbody that’s like a tote but more functional.

Each season brings with it events that require different bags for different occasions, you might want to go with with one larger bag and a smaller size too. In that case, my tip is to invest in the one you’ll use the most, and look for a deal when it comes to the one that will have occasional use – you won’t be as reliant on it and can get away with a cheaper version.

Is there a back-to-school shopping list for grownups? Lol. Let me know which bag is your fave!


Chic Ways to Cover Up at the Beach

Chic Summer Cover Ups

Who doesn’t love to get a little sun when it’s warm outside? Taking Aden to the pool is one of our favorite summer activities—he’d probably be in the water every day if he could! I always protect him from the elements with lots of sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and protective clothes. But this momma needs protection, too. Being out in the sun all day can be draining and damaging, whether you’re relaxing with a good book or splashing around with your little ones, so it’s important to have the appropriate clothes + accessories for the weather. Grab some iced water and look through the slideshow below to see if you’re missing any of these sneaky, chic ways to cover up at the beach—without looking like you’re afraid of the sun!

Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress

There are almost too many options for maxi dresses these days. Choose one that picks up the breeze for a romantic look.

Floppy Hat

Floppy Hat

You can take on anything this summer in a good sunhat. It’s the ultimate marriage between practical and stylish.



I wasn’t sure about the caftan trend at first, but these loose-fitting dresses can be surprisingly feminine and sexy. Throw a flowing caftan on over your swimsuit to lounge in the sun.

Slouchy Pant

Slouchy Pant

A light, breathable slouchy pant is perfect for basking in the sun’s rays without being susceptible to sun damage and the burn.



Eyes need just as much protection as skin, so always keep a pair of sunnies in your purse.



If you don't like the idea of wearing too many layers on a hot day, a tunic will cover your back, shoulders, and stomach without sacrificing your beachy summer look.



A sarong, or even an oversized scarf, is perfect for strolling the beach in after a swim. It gives you more protection and comfort than a bikini, yet you can still show off your suit.



Lastly, none of these cover-ups block the sun’s harmful rays like sunscreen. No matter what you wear, it’s still important to apply sunblock (and reapply often) for the entire time you’re in the sun.

What do you pair with your swimsuit in the summer? Share your picks in the comments.

Photo: Beyoncé for H&M 2013