How to Find Affordable Postpartum Fashion

Today I wanted to talk about something that I know a lot of women struggle with postpartum. Finding fashion that fits you at different stages of your post-pregnancy body is not only expensive, it’s exhausting! It took 9 months to create this body, which is something I have to remind myself often. It definitely won’t magically reverse overnight! Whether or not you’re trying to slim down or just regain strength, you’ll need to find clothes that fit this transition. Ready for my tips?

How to find affordable postpartum fashion - Tamera Mowry 

black chiffon dress / embroidered midi skirt / marble print leggings / choker v-neck sweater / open knit sweater / pleated wrap dress / black fit ‘n flare dress / ripped boyfriend jeans / kimono jacket / chiffon boho dress

Try a new style. Fashion wise, this is a fab time to have just had baby: the loose, flowy boho style is in and it’s flattering on all shapes. If you haven’t considered this style, now is time to try it out. What’s more, in the summer you can find beachy mini dresses, lightweight materials like chiffon, and gorgeous maxis. These don’t have to scream weekend either – with a bold makeup look, sleek bun and cute wedges, this style transcends occasions and stages of post-pregnancy – you’ll be able to rock these light and airy pieces even after you’ve lost weight or toned up, making the investment well worth it.

Find cozy extras. First and foremost, you should wear what makes YOU feel comfortable, both physically and emotionally. The cozy sweater and jeans combo is an obvious fit as far as comfort goes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be strategic. The right top, such as this v-neck jumper or open knit sweater will give off a relaxed vibe without looking frumpy, and if your chest or tummy size changes over time, it won’t look baggy but instead slouchy. Pair with boyfriend jeans that give you flexibility too.

Branch out with bottoms. What post-pregnancy momma wants to hear that all she can rock are sweatpants? Like I said, boyfriend jeans have that looser fit so they can often continue to be a staple at many stages of weight loss. Denim gets spendy so online retailers like and are places to find deals. But you know what? Athleisure is huge right now, so you can actually find cozy, stretchy pants that won’t stretch your budget (lol) in some pretty chic styles: marble print, high waisted, Harem capris and more.

Don’t be afraid to dress up. When you’re undergoing a mommy makeover AND trying to stick to a strict budget, it’s tough to justify any splurge, let alone a fashion one. Luckily shops like H&M, Old Navy, and Dorothy Perkins have options on the cheap. You can even dress up low-key summery dresses with heels and jewelry you already have.

As far as picking a splurge item or two, I love this girly midi skirt (a great style for accentuating curves) and pleated wrap dress, which is sexy yet flattering in all the right places, especially if worn with the right jacket.

Do what’s right for you. It’s likely that many of your maternity clothes are perfectly fine for postpartum wear. Why not extend their lifetime by re-envisioning them for as long as you need? When it comes time to shop for more permanent pieces, you’ll be glad you didn’t spend so much on things that would only last for two months anyway. 

Have you gone through the post-pregnancy fashion transition before? Share your story and fave places to shop below!


Real Talk: The Reality of Life Postpartum

I hope you guys have been enjoying my Real Talk series here on I personally love getting a chance to talk directly about real life struggles and triumphs, inspiration and truths, and hearing your stories in return. Today’s topic is postpartum life, something that I’ve touched on before. The thing is, life after pregnancy is different in so many ways, and we all have unique experiences. But the digital world often makes it seem like what we go through is all the same, and honestly, that it’s a lot more glamorous than it sometimes is! I think we can all relate.

Tamera Mowry Aden

Throwback! My first time around…

As much as I hope to be an inspiration for all mommies on their journeys to getting that pre-pregnancy body back and knowing that you can achieve all your health and fitness goals, I also want to set a realistic example. The truth is that the length and pace of the journey is different for everyone. Nothing happens overnight. For some women, a major struggle post-pregnancy is dropping the weight. For others, there are mental struggles like depression (there are 3 million US cases of postpartum depression each year – and even more undiagnosed) and feelings of isolation or stress. Usually, there are both the mental and physical ups and downs to navigate.

And while it’s important to focus on keeping physically fit and healthy so that we can better meet the needs of our little ones, let’s face it – there are always going to be a million other things to focus on at the same time. Life can throw things at you that deserve more focus than arbitrary weight goals (don’t get me wrong – health is important, but a number on a scale? Not so much). Don’t be afraid to turn your focus on to something else, and even inward at times.

It took time to learn and accept that my journey is and will always be different from the next woman’s. Reading blogs, following those you don’t personally know on social media- these can all be points of inspiration, but they can also be points of comparison. It’s so important to know that what you see is only a carefully thought out version of the story. That’s why it’s become more and more important to me to be authentic – so that people get a genuine look at how I experience motherhood, my work, my home and LIFE! Life is beautiful as is, and if we’re too caught up in the physical parts of it, we can lose sight of the real focus – our loving relationships, our mental health and our happiness and fulfillment as mothers.

No matter what stage of pregnancy or motherhood you are at, I challenge you to give yourself a few words of encouragement each and every day!

What are your feelings on this postpartum journey? Do you have any words of encouragement for other readers?


What to Expect: The Third Trimester

It’s no surprise that every pregnancy is different. While morning sickness to weight gain can fluctuate from baby to baby, there are some conditions that every woman will experience throughout her pregnancies. Now that I’m in the homestretch with my little girl, the more pesky inconveniences are cropping up. Unlike the second trimester where you have a stunning glow and often more energy, the third trimester can have you aching to have the baby out (both in pain and excitement). I have just a few more weeks (seriously can’t wait!!) and these are some of the third trimester staples you’ll likely experience as well.


Baby Movement

During your third trimester a baby becomes very active. My baby girl has been moving and shaking a ton, reminding me she’s ready to enter the world. I’m thrilled, but those movements can sometimes cause discomfort. Unfortunately this is one of the things you just have to work through and embrace that you can feel your healthy babe wiggling around. When you can alleviate the aches and pains you are experiencing (which I talk more about below) it will make these pokes and prods less distracting. 

Shortness of Breath

Throughout your pregnancy your uterus continues to expand. As you reach the end, it has expanded quite a bit and begins to push on your diaphragm causing less air to get into your lungs. Taking it slow and actively thinking about your breathing can help. This is a great opportunity to get into mindfulness and meditation. Bedtime becomes the real struggle though. You may have never thought that you can sleep comfortably sitting propped up, but trust me, it will make a world of difference. You can lay on your side, but sitting slightly up removes pressure from your diaphragm and supports your stomach.

Frequent Backaches

Similar to your first trimester your baby grows the most during your last trimester. Carrying this new weight can cause back pains, so it’s important to take care of yourself from your head to your toes to minimize the occurrences and feeling of these pains. Supportive shoes are key. If I still want to dress up, at this stage I opt for a cute pair of oxfords–they’re stylish, come in unique designs and colors and the right pair have a wonderfully supportive sole. Don’t forget to pamper yourself too. Using a diluted essential oil like geranium or lavender on the achy spot will ease pain and is a great segue into a gentle massage, which you so deserve. 

Labor Signs

By week 39 you can start experiencing a range of labor signs. You can have feelings of nausea or experience Braxton Hicks contractions (mild contractions that are warming your uterus up for delivery). Nausea can also be a sign of heartburn so don’t get too panicked if you’re experiencing that and no other symptom, but combined with contractions or less attractive signs like more discharge or fluid from the nipples can also mean baby is ready. The best thing to do is pay attention to everything you’re experiencing and if symptoms seem extreme, contact your doctor. 

I know this can all sound not so glamorous, but don’t forget you’re creating life and being pregnant is a beautiful thing. Pregnancy really attunes you to your body. For me, being a mother and going through pregnancy has forced me to be more present and conscious of what I put into my body and how I treat it–something that will continue long after baby is born. 


Behind the Scenes with American Baby

With baby #2 on the way (yay!), I was so honored when American Baby magazine asked me to be on their July cover. The magazine is a terrific asset for expectant and new moms. They cover everything from health advice to how to get through trying times and enjoy all of the exciting moments that take place on this journey of motherhood.

I couldn’t have been happier with the shoot day. I got to get all dolled up (I feel so sexy and powerful during pregnancy), loved working with their team (they made me so comfortable), and shared about what being a parent is really all about. I touched on some of what having Aden has taught me in my Mother’s Day post, but dove a little deeper in the magazine’s piece.

The July issue will be out this Friday–you can get a copy online once released–but until then I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes photos.

Tamera Mowry for American Baby

Tamera Mowry for American Baby

Tamera Mowry for American Baby

Tamera Mowry for American Baby

Tamera Mowry for American Baby


Clothing Ideas for Baby Girl

As time goes by I get more and more excited for my baby’s arrival. I already feel so close to her and the anticipation is building! I’m trying to enjoy the journey as much as possible but there’s also times when I really can’t wait. Luckily, all the prep work takes so much time in addition to giving Aden love and attention, so that 9 months does go by pretty fast. Of course, part of that prep is dreaming up cute little outfits!

baby girl clothes /

J.Crew one piece, Carter’s cardiganOrien Newborn wrap blanket, Little Giraffe socks, Etsy leggings

Onesies – Every mother knows how necessary bodysuits are for an infant – her closet will be overflowing with them soon enough – but I think every once in awhile it’s nice to step away from the basic design and opt for something a little more unique. How cute is the little skirt?

Sweater – Even though I’m due in July, you never want to be caught on a chilly evening without something to warm baby. There are a ton of options for toddlers, but what about the 0-6 month range? This pale yellow cardigan is so sweet and could easily work for a boy or girl.

Wrap Blanket – A wrap or receiving blanket is just as important and there are plenty of options in this category. I’d say the material is the biggest factor in choosing a baby blanket (this one is cotton), but an adorable color to accent your baby’s outfit doesn’t hurt!

Sock Set – Little Giraffe always has the cutest accessories. I love the print and the lavender color scheme (especially with the aqua bottoms).  Socks and booties are necessities so it’s a good excuse to start thinking of fashionable little pieces without going too crazy with “mini fashion”. ;)

Leggings – You may know I love leggings for Aden. They are essentially stretchy pants you’d want to dress your baby in anyway, but these tend to come in quality cotton fabrics and the cutest prints. This Etsy shop is full of patterns that work for infants and toddlers alike. Those clouds!

What were your baby’s first clothing items? Would love to hear your memories!


Mommy Monday: How to Manage Morning Sickness

If you ask any pregnant woman what the least fun part of the first few months was you’ll likely hear morning sickness. While adjusting to the fact you’ll be putting on a little weight isn’t terribly exciting, it’s the uninvited bouts of nausea that affect you most. When you have to work, tend to other family members, or be on set like myself, it can make these moments miserable. Heck, feeling sick isn’t cool even when you have nothing to do!

Morning Sickness

During my first pregnancy with Aden it was all new to me. I read and asked friends and family about their own experiences. Now that Adam and I are adding a little girl to the mix, I feel more prepared. While everyone’s experiences are different, I thought I’d touch more on morning sickness because so many brought up their struggles in my first trimester post. So, if you’re thinking about getting pregnant or just received the great news (congrats!), here are a few things to keep in mind to help get you through potentially nauseating days.

Drink lots of water. I touched on this before, but it really is a lifesaver. When you get dehydrated, you become more nauseated, so it’s important to get fluids down any way you can. Try sipping water, sucking ice cubes or adding more vegetables and fruits into your diet to pick up the slack when that eight glass of water just seems too much. If you do throw up, you’ll want to have fluids within to make the experience less painful.

Keep fresh scents near by. Sometimes my stomach turned when I smelled something less than pleasant. During pregnancy your smell is heightened so the likelihood of this happening increases a great deal. You can battle it by keeping your house fragrant with candles, and if you’re out and about, carry an essential oil dropper or roller with you for a quick blast of lemon, peppermint or lavender.

Find the right snacks. This may take some trial and error to begin with but finding those foods that calm your stomach can be a game changer. Crackers, some fruits or foods with a fairly bland tastes are your best bet to start. It’s the fatty foods that can lead to even bigger bouts of sickness. I know that’s easier said than done, but little morsels of food frequently are better than nothing at all.

Eat or drink a little ginger. This worked wonderfully for me this time around. I combatted a good deal of my morning sickness with ginger tea. If tea isn’t your thing, there are other ways to try ginger for anti-nausea such as ginger candies, cutting off a small piece from raw ginger and adding it to your water, ginger bread or as one reader had recommended you can try ginger ale.

Carry a survival kit. If you do have to be out all day and are worried that you won’t make it through without getting sick in public, carry a little pack of essentials. Keep a toothbrush, crackers, an extra top, some mouthwash, maybe a little ginger tea, a little baggy or anything else that you know you might need. If you’re destined to be sick in public, better to be prepared than not at all. Gag Bagz makes a cute on-the-go kit.

And remember, if you’re feeling sick, no one says you need to push through and act as though nothing is wrong. You don’t need to tell coworkers you’re pregnant prematurely or stress your body out as you have a beautiful life growing within. And you shouldn’t feel bad that you can’t work or tend to the house. Instead, relax. Take a sick day when needed or plan one a week out to avoid any at work mishaps.

Have any other tips? Share them with other expecting mommies below.