Mommy Makeover: The Best Ways to Stay Motivated

All throughout my mommy makeover journey, I’ve had to stay on top of my motivation. It’s so easy to get discouraged when you’re not up to a certain challenge or not feeling so fabulous at the gym, but I find that if I can keep up the motivation, I can power through these doubtful moments. And once you complete that workout or get to the next checkpoint, all doubts fade away. It really is worth it in the end to reach the health and fitness goals you set, so here’s how I’m keeping my mind in check along the way.

Workout Motivation

Don’t just weigh yourself.
Well, let’s back up. Don’t weigh yourself before you’re ready. This goes for any weight loss regimen, sometimes you really need to get going before even looking in the scale’s direction. But when you’re ready to track results, don’t just step on the scale. I’ll be the first to tell you! When you make big changes to your health and fitness, you’ll see your body change in lots of ways. You’ll often see those results reflected in measurements, not weight. Right now it’s about increasing endurance and regaining strength. I’m seeing results each time I measure my arms, legs, waist, etc. – with a new fitness plan, you’ll even see it in your neck. If I were only looking on the scale, I would easily lose motivation.

Build a foundation.
This is tough to learn – and re-learn – time and time again. You have to realize that once you have a foundation, everything will be easier. If you’ve recently had a baby, you can’t go straight into what you did before the past 9 months! So build that foundation just by showing up everyday and powering through whatever level you’re on at the moment, and know that once you do, you’ll be able to conquer anything.

Switch it up.
When I wrote about my best workout methods I talked about how insanely important it has been for me to switch up my workouts. There is nothing worse than feeling chained to the treadmill! Especially when you are working yourself up to levels you’ve been at before or really hope to be. Getting stuck in the same routine is not only how you get bored, but you start to get in your head about what you should be doing how fast you should be doing it. When you’re distracted by learning new workouts, it goes by faster and the results come with it.

Treat yourself to new gear.
I can’t explain what a HUGE difference this TINY change makes. Going through this process, I’ve caught myself filling up with doubts and just feeling less than confident every now and then. I don’t need the added pressure of not feeling good in my own clothes! Simply by investing in a new pair of shoes – which makes you more comfortable when working out anyway – an awesome new sports bra or some killer yoga pants, you’ll feel ready to take on these challenges. Plus, if going to the gym or walking in your neighborhood intimidates you, this will make all the difference. It’s almost like a mind trick – once you feel better in the clothes, it’s easier to work out, and easier to make real change beyond those clothes.

What do you do when you feel unmotivated to work out? I’ll add your tips to my list!


Mommy Makeover: The Workout Method That Works Best For Me

These past few months I’ve been stepping up my workouts for my mommy makeover journey. I went through this with Aden and I know it was going to be tough – but it’s another a new experience. Today I’m sharing some secrets and tips I’ve learned from the Helene Guzman of LA Rox Fitness (who I worked with during my pregnancy). I wanted to be able to pass these tips on to anyone working from the gym or home!

The #1 thing that has been working for me during this journey is varied workouts. Yes, it’s that simple. If you’re struggling to get in shape or lose the weight, let me tell you why switching up your workouts frequently is SO important. Working out post pregnancy is simply not like any other fitness regimen – we’re already juggling so much as moms. Even just making the commitment to focus on YOUR health seems tough when there’s a whole family vying for your attention. Mundane workouts just don’t work for me. There’s no easier way to lose motivation than to get bored with your workout.

Yes, at times working out feels like a major chore. That’s a given – but if you put in the time to learn new exercises – even doing several different ones in the same workout sesh – you’ll find a renewed love of taking care of your body. Where to start? Thankfully Helene has a ton of workouts up her sleeves, so I wanted to share a couple faves from a recent session. Here goes…

Best Post Pregnancy Workouts |

Bosu ball.
You’d never guess the kind of burn that comes from this unsuspecting piece of equipment! Bosu Balls are pretty simple, yet open the doors for tons of different workouts, and can be used on both ends. They’re great for strength training, especially your core, and of course balance.

Best Post Pregnancy Workouts |

With these balls you can do variations of tons of traditional workouts like the mountain climbers I’m doing above. Traditional mountain climbers are done without equipment, but Helene added the Bosu Ball and Gliding Discs under my feet to take things up a notch. Since there’s less stability, it’s a lot tougher. If you try this and things are shaky at first, don’t worry! You CAN regain the strength you had pre-pregnancy!

Best Post Pregnancy Workouts |

I’ve also used Indo boards, which open another door for workout possibilities.

Best Post Pregnancy Workouts |

Stretching throughout.
You’ve probably heard about stretching before or after your workout, but doing so throughout will keep you loose through the session. It’s also a far more productive break than just waiting to catch your breath before the next activity. Even the stretches you do can be switched up from time to time to keep things exciting.

Best Post Pregnancy Workouts |

Treadmill switch up.
Have you ever seen anyone do this impressive move at the gym? Not gonna lie, side hops on the treadmill aren’t easy! They work your muscles in a new way. You will fill the burn throughout your calves and thighs. But just a minute on each side (make sure not to go too fast and use the arms for support) will refresh a mundane cardio sesh, and the interval training helps keep your heart rate up and encourages quicker results too.

Best Post Pregnancy Workouts |

Wall sits.
Ah wall sits! Remember these from gym class? You don’t always need equipment to increase strength – though hand weights can in help you do two workouts in one – just a little patience. To stay motivated, time yourself and take note of how you improve. Keeping your eyes closed is even harder and helps you be aware of what’s happening in your muscles. This is a great exercise that can be done from anywhere.

If you’re looking to try a few new workouts, it’s best to do so with a professional. Many gyms offer free first sessions or trial periods so you can get the hang of the exercises and decide whether to continue with routine sessions or try them at home. YouTube is also a great place for workout videos!

Thanks to LA Rox for helping me step up my post-pregnancy workouts!