My Favorite Hairstyles from The Real

Have you guys been tuning into The Real this season? It’s going by so fast I feel like I haven’t been able to gush about all the great (and often hilarious) conversations we’ve had. As you may know, I like to flaunt protective hairstyles a lot of time on the show, but that doesn’t mean I want the same ‘do day in and day out. I’ve been able to try out so many different hairstyles this season, all thanks to my hairstylist Karim Odoms, and it seemed like time to round ‘em all up and share them here on my site.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Lob with waves – The wavy long bob has been my go-to length this season, and the soft curls are perfect to pair with a flirty dress.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Au Naturel – My natural hair has made an appearance a few times… We even had the curl doctor Shai (who I am forever indebted to for rescuing my mane!) for some real curl talk!

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Sleek lob – Here the lob got a sleek makeover for a sleek outfit.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Went a little shorter to switch it up every now and then too…

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

…like with these short waves.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

I even had a new hair color and bangs for a bit – so fun to experiment.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Never a dull moment on The Real! Which look is your fave?


My Classic Fall Beauty Look

Between being on camera and running around with the fam, I’m always going back and forth between the bold looks my team creates for me and a super minimal look at home. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with one that’s the best of both worlds. I love timeless beauty so it has to go well with all occasions, yet contain a bit of a sultry side. Therefore, my go-to look this fall takes the bold eyes and glowing cheeks that I love to pair with chic boots and my curly hair and combines it with natural accents like a soft lip.

There are three things to focus on to create a fall look that’s similar to this makeover by Motoko:

Tamera Mowry Fall beauty & natural hair

Fall Glow. Summer may be over, but I haven’t put away the bronze products just yet. I love how a good glow looks with my natural hair, so it’s my new go-to combo! I’m sure at some point I’ll gain a new appreciation for a wintery blush, but not quite yet. To get this look, prep skin and prime using these steps from my natural beauty look post (how different did my hair look back then!?). Then, a bronzer and/or highlighter like Benefit’s Sunbeam which creates a natural looking glow

Bold Eyes. A smoky eye is a popular look for fall, but this season it’s all about keeping it classic rather than over the top. You can create a subtle gradient between three shades from taupe to dark brown by blending with an eye shadow blush (especially in the crease) and topping with eyeliner. For the liner, a thick, clean line looks amazing with this look. It adds a bit of oomph to the natural shadow shades. And you don’t have to keep your smoky eye exclusive to the lid – a dab of brown shadow along the lower lash line creates more of a moody vibe while keeping the focus on the eye.

Soft Lip. Burgundy and red lips are the usual trends for fall, but with the glowing cheeks and bold eyes, I don’t see any reason to overdo it. Who cares what they say – a soft, romantic lip color is a good idea year round, if you ask me. Make sure to moisturize lips with something like Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment or simply lip conditioner beforehand. Then, using a shade of soft pink – one of the hues from your summer lip color collection totally works – apply a coat and toss it in your bag for touchups!

PS This makeup goes perfectly with browns and blacks for fall and shiny gold accessories! Will have to update you all with more pics later.


Hair-spiration: 5 Hair Wrap Ideas

One thing you may not know about me is, I love a good hair wrap. Depending on what the style is, scarves and headbands can pretty much work on any hair type, from short curls to long straight hair and more. You see ladies pairing them with countless different outfits too – from Solange Knowles’ laidback, bohemian fashion to Eva Mendes sporting basically every color turban headband under the sun. Lately, all these fabulous ways to show off your locks have been inspiring me to try new styles.

Tamera Mowry Natural Hair Wrap

To show you just how versatile they can be, today I’m sharing some of my favorite looks below. Scroll down to be inspired! :)

Scarf Hair Wrap

Piled High – Brush your curls upward and tie a brightly patterned scarf around the front of your head. Tie around the back or tuck in the ends all around the scarf. (Suturno Scarves)

The Shine Project - Hair Wrap

Bun Bow – For those with long hair, first create a twisted low bun. Then, tie a silk scarf around the top of the bun, into a voluminous bow. (The Shine Project)

RumraisinA Hair Wrap

Under Wraps – Instead of tucking the excess pieces of a square scarf underneath, wrap most or all of your hair in the fabric by folding it in two and allowing it to drape loosely over your head. Keeping it loose is great for taming flyaways and protecting hair. There are also headbands like the one above to achieve the same effect.

Turban Headband

Turban Style – You can wear a turban hat or one of these simple elastic headbands to smooth hair and tame flyaways. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns – like this teal from RumraisinA on Etsy.

Natural Hair Bow Wrap

The Big Bow – Like the bow bun, this style can be so cute and eye catching! Use an oversized scarf in a feminine print and wrap it around all of your hair (ladies with longer or thicker hair can try this while wearing a bun or leaving the ends out), and top it off with a flouncy bow. Remember for this, loose and voluminous is key to taking you from the big bows of your childhood to style statement appropriate for any age.

Which look is your favorite? Do you wrap your hair?


The Natural Girl’s Beauty Routine

On most days, I like to keep a natural makeup routine. There’s a time and a place to get all glammed up – like when I’m rocking one of my favorite evening dresses – but we all know that’s not every day! Skin needs a break every now and then, and besides – natural is a beautiful thing. Of course, it does take a little prep work…

Tamera Mowry Natural Hair & Makeup

Here’s a routine for the days you’re just not feeling that whole face of makeup, but still want to look as polished and perfected as possible. It’s a barely-there routine that’s actually barely there – no heavy makeup required. Instead, you’ll nourish and refresh your skin, and finish off the look with a little pop of color, if you like! It’s super easy to switch up too!

1. Do a proper cleansing by using a gentle but effective face wash like Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser, which eliminates impurities with vitamin C and antioxidants. Then, use a toner to freshen skin, tighten pores, and retain that healthy glow all day long. Thayer Witch Hazel Toner uses natural, organic ingredients like aloe vera to moisturize skin and give it that healthy look throughout the day.

2. Even out skin tone by applying a primer that nourishes skin. Water-based Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation primer contains vitamin C, and peptides to promote collagen and smooth imperfections. Even if you aren’t planning to wear foundation over it, you’ll gain a more polished and refreshed visage.

3. For instantly updated eyes, always curl your lashes. Though it’s an investment, a tool like Shu Uemura’s Eyelash Curler can work wonders on a barely-there look. Finish with a coat of your favorite mascara, but leave the shadows, liquid liners and dramatic colors behind for the day.

4. Add a pop of color with a tinted lip moisturizer. Something as simple as Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm will do the trick, but when I’m feeling daring, a swipe of red lipstick makes for a chic, yet natural daytime look that isn’t too glam, but just right!

What is your makeup routine? 


5 Natural Hair Products to Maximize Your Curls

I’ve been wearing my hair natural for almost six months. Before taking this leap and embracing my natural curls, I did my research. There is so much to know before going natural, and I wanted to make sure I was prepared for everything from transitional styles to the big chop. I’ve absolutely loved the journey, but one of my top concerns for preserving my locks has been care.

When you haven’t worn your hair natural in years, the structure and thickness of your strands can change a great deal. That’s why it was important for me to find products to effectively nourish and strengthen my hair. It has taken some time, but I’ve finally found a routine and product selection that works for me. I know this has been one of the hardest parts for many of you as well thanks to the incredible engagement I’ve seen on this site and my Facebook page.

That’s why I wanted to share some of the products I use and others I’ve heard rave reviews about for moisturizing your curls and preventing distressed strands – no more frayed cuticles or hair loss, just bouncy natural hair ahead!

Hair Care Products for Natural African American Hair

  1. DevaCurl Products – I just love the DevaCurl line. It works great and it is sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free, which can actually dry your curls out over time. I use their No-Poo product for a hydrating, cleansing wash and Heaven in Hair for deep conditionings. Heaven in Hair only takes 15-30 minutes under a cap to work its repairing magic. In between wash days you can always prevent frizz by spritzing on DevaCurl Mist-er Right.
  2. Curly Tee Towel – How we dry our hair is just as important as what we put on it. Using towels can cause frizz and breakage. A gentler way to absorb extra moisture from your strands after washing is to try the t-shirt towel drying trick. If ruining old shirts isn’t for you, then invest in a product like Curly Tee Towel. It’s received excellent reviews and similar to a t-shirt, it won’t cause unnecessary friction. Just one more step towards perfectly soft curls.
  3. MorrocanOil Defining Cream – This product brings your curls back to life, enhancing bounce and natural kink after washing. Plus it’s loaded with argan oil, a natural beauty multitasker, that prevents frizz and hydrates curls. MorrocanOil Defining Cream is also free of phosphates and the harsh ingredients listed above.
  4. Terax Crema Conditioner – This daily conditioner detangles, revitalizes and improves elasticity so curls have bounce and shine. The Crema Conditioner can be used on treated hair or natural, which is fabulous for when you’re transitioning and don’t want to spend a lot of money on new products. The conditioners fragrant smell isn’t bad either…it’s divine!
  5. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk – This leave-in conditioner is inexpensive and contains shea butter, coconut oil and a combination of essential oils. Shea Moisture has a range of products for curly hair that can make the entire styling process easy and affordable. You only need a dime-sized amount of this Shea Moisture styling milk to get the job done. What’s better than minimal product and maximum results?

If you have suggestions on products to try, please share below. Would love to hear what’s working for you, and I’m sure others would as well. 


5 Things to Know Before Going Natural

At times, short, natural African-American hair has been frowned upon in the entertainment industry, but luckily many fierce women are stepping up and embracing what momma gave them. And it’s not just celebs–women are ditching weaves and relaxers and going au natural

I have been absolutely in LOVE with my natural hair since I cut it short. When I took the plunge it felt liberating…and necessary if I wanted to get rid of all the damaged, chemically-treated hair on my head. And like many others, I’m happy to say goodbye to burnt straight hair and hello to thick healthy curls! It’s the perfect way to embrace the real me. 

5 Things To Know Before Going Natural

But before you get your hair did all naturalista fro, there are a few things to consider. Care, cost, and your hair type can all put a kink in your style if you’re not prepared before the big chop. If you’re looking to go natural, but are on the fence, below are five things to know before giving your stylist the green light.

  1. Natural hair does’t necessarily mean easy hair – A misconception is that shorter hair means low maintenance, but when you go from relaxed hair to tight curls, it can actually require more care and time. The longer your curls get, the more care they will need. Think washing, detangling, then styling–for your ideal look we’re talking patience and commitment.
  2. Washing can be done 2-3 times a week – While many stylists say you shouldn’t wash your hair frequently, with coarser hair, you’ll want to shampoo, condition and let the natural hydrating powers of water work their magic. Washing twice a week when you have really short hair will lock in the moisture and help with the styling process–we all want good hair days, right? Lol. But don’t wash too much…overdrying looks good on no one!
  3. Your drying routine may change – The days of wrapping your hair in a towel and then rubbing out water are over. To keep your curls intact and your texture perfect, you’ll want to dry your locks by dabbing them gently with a towel, or even better, using the t-shirt trick. Then use your fingers to comb through any tangles and separate curls for quicker drying.
  4. Your hair may change over time – If you’re going natural for the first time in years, then you may be surprised how the texture of your hair has changed. Your once magic product and styling routine can deliver less than thrilling results, especially as your curls get longer. Your hair may need more moisture through weekly deep conditionings and more detangling and trims because products quit working. Just don’t be surprised if your hair doesn’t possess the same texture as it did in your childhood.
  5. You’re not limited – If you’re fearful of going natural because you think you’ll be stuck with one hair style, forget that! One of the best parts about embracing my natural hair is the prospect of mastering some incredibly gorgeous looks. I’ve been swooning over mohawk braids and am dying to give them a try! It also means testing out new clothing styles and accessories–The earrings you once loved that peeked out of your hair can be replaced with those droplets you’ve been dying to buy.

Do you have tips or questions about going natural? Share them below in the comments! 


Photo: Shutterstock