A Letter to My Fans

Over the past couple weeks I’ve received more comments, emails, and messages than ever and I wanted to address a few of you guys because I don’t get the chance to do that very often. If you watch The Real you might’ve seen that recently we all got up close and personal about how guilt can hold us back in our lives, making it hard to make our New Years wishes come true. I mentioned my desire to go a little easier on myself, and talked about how I’ve experienced mom guilt from being a working momma away from my little ones so much. At the time, I knew that of course lots of other working moms could relate, but boy did it finally sink in!

Tamera Mowry Dressing Room on The Real

Photos of my family in my dressing room at The Real.

It’s true that on social media there are plenty of people who aren’t into hearing about motherhood, who don’t relate to raising two young children who are my everything, but what I’ve seen lately is that all of you who DO relate, who felt supported by MY feelings and who in turn supported me, outweigh the naysayers.

Tamera Mowry Dressing Room on The Real

I’ve received a ton of inspiring messages and stories but a few really touched my heart and I wanted to share and just say thanks to them and everyone else who has spread positivity already this year – whether it was to me or just by inspiring a mom friend or anyone who needs it. I hope that everyone who reads this can be inspired by your amazing messages too :)

Lauren B said, Today I watched the clips about guilt on The Real’s YouTube channel. I watched them as I sat in the “Mother’s Lounge” pumping at work. Your words resonated deeply with me. As I watched, I knew my husband was waking up our daughter and getting her ready for the day. I long to be there in the mornings. I feel guilt for leaving her day in and day out to provide for our family. I worry that she’ll love her dad more than me. The feelings you expressed and the words of encouragement that Jeannie, Loni, and Adrienne shared were very beneficial to me today. Especially coming back to work from a wonderful vacation. I needed that extra boost to help me carry on. 

Phebby Z said, I remember as a child missing my mother but looking forward to her coming home and sharing with us all her experiences. She has a huge sense of humor and the moment she got home, it was like she never even left. Because, she would just shower us with love and play catch up on whatever was going on in our lives individually. In my eyes my mother is the best mother ever! We’ve all grown up to be strong women and men and nobody has any issues as a result. All of us kids agree that between mother and daddy, we got the best parents ever! …From one woman to another, those little blessings you have are always looking forward to your coming home and telling them all about your day. Don’t think you have to make up for lost time without them! Just be there when the time allows according to your schedule and play and lather them with as much LOVE as you can.

Juliette said, As mothers we always want to do more and be the best we can be and not everyone is going to agree with how we raise our children, but then not everyone will understand the things we give up to make sure our families want and need for nothing. Even if it means missing out on a few things here and there… Be proud of the mom you’ve become because trust me it’s so worth it in the long run when they turn to you and say, thank you mom… Continue to be who you are never let the negativity disrupt that.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who chooses to lift other women up instead of tearing them down. You inspire me.


The Belly Art Project Book

Morning! I’m so excited to share an incredible project I got to be a part of while pregnant with Ariah… You can imagine how long I’ve been waiting to fill you in! The Belly Art Project book has officially launched! On the pages of this book you’ll find over 100 mommas-to-be with painted baby bumps, including an appearance by yours truly. Read all about the project, why so many moms-to-be were involved and scroll through all the behind the scenes photos from my shoot below:

The Belly Art Project Book on Tamera Mowry
Can you tell what she’s painting?

The Belly Art Project Book - Tamera Mowry

Ta da!

The Belly Art Project was created by Spanx founder and mom of four Sara Blakely to celebrate motherhood and support other moms. ALL of the author proceeds for this book go straight to Every Mother Counts, an organization dedicated to making pregnancy + childbirth safe for women across the globe.

The Belly Art Project Book - Tamera Mowry
For this amazing project, Aden and I set up our very own lemonade stand. You know how we love lemonade!

The Belly Art Project - Tamera Mowry

On The Belly Art Project’s website you can see a sneak peek of some of the other mom’s belly artwork. Each momma’s painting was as unique as the babies inside.

Want to see the finished product? You can order your copy here or click the image below:

Belly Art Project


9 Chic & Stylish Diaper Bags

Hey everyone! Loved all the feedback about my fall bags post when I posted on Facebook and Insta last month. I love when your comments inspire me to post about something new here on TameraMowry.com. Way back when, reader Sienna suggested I do a post on diaper bags, so I took a few moments to browse the internet for the best ones out there…

9 Chic & Stylish Diaper Bags - Tamera Mowry

Chelsea diaper bag, Vivienne Satchelin denim herringbone, Bayan Hippo tote, Rosie camel & jade, Charlie bag in sand and cinnamon, Matt & Nat diaper bag, black & white striped diaper tote, Arrows weekender bag, Be Classy messenger diaper bag

No momma wants to throw off her entire look because she has to lug around baby’s necessities. I’ve seen many diaper bags over the years and I can understand why they’re not exactly seen as statement pieces. However, these days, retailers are really stepping it up, offering bags that provide all the functional benefits a new mom has without sacrificing style.

As tempting as it is to use an ordinary tote back to haul diapers, bottles, wipes etc. around in, having no individual compartments or zip pouches makes it really tough to stay organized (and efficient when on the go). Each of the bags above looks chic on the outside, but really delivers on your investment when it comes to how much they can hold. For example, the Charlie bag from timi & leslie (#5) is actually a 7-piece set that’s not only roomy, but contains stroller straps, an insulated bottle tote, and more. The Skip Hop Chelsea bag (#1), also has a changing pad, plus 12 total pockets… Maybe all bags should be more like these diaper bags?

Moms, what’s your #1 on the go accessory for baby? Share it with me in the comments below.


Mommy Hacks: Learning to Share

Did you see my last post on quality time with Aden? I think pretty much everyone knows how much he loves trains at this point. Well, Ariah has been getting into trains herself – which is no surprise since of course she wants to do the things her big bro does. Turns out, this newfound interest is teaching Aden all about sharing.

Ariah - Teaching little ones to share - Tamera Mowry

They love those trains.

Little ones only begin grasping the whole sharing concept at age three or so, so Aden had had a little experience in it by the time we brought his little sis home. Of course – this is no playdate – this is a sibling, so he’s going to be making compromises and taking turns for a long time to come.

When it comes to teaching siblings to take turns with each other, it’s all about teaching kindness and generosity toward the ones you love. This is complicated for a toddler, most especially one that’s recently had to learn how to share mom and dad, but there are lots of little ways to teach these lessons.

Sometimes you have to tell little ones that the reason their little bro or sis wants to play with their toys is that they want to be included. For example, perhaps Ariah wants to play because she sees Aden having so much fun and wants to have fun too.

Just like I mentioned when talking about teaching kids to be gentle, it’s important to acknowledge the feeling behind the action. If a child doesn’t want to share, you can say something like, “I know you really love this toy, but since it’s such a great toy, other kids want to play with it too”. It helps them work through what seems like someone just interrupting their playtime.

Like most hurdles we have to cross in parenting, sharing is one of those things that you can’t really make up one single rule for. Sometimes it makes sense to intervene, and sometimes it doesn’t, so here are a few tips you might find helpful!

  • Introduce the concept of taking turns, rather than taking away, especially if it’s something they’ll get back
  • Use a timer – kids need that concrete timeline
  • We all have certain things we like to keep to ourselves – each child might have extra special items that are theirs alone
  • Model the behavior to reinforce that everyone does this

And a few tips for new moms – As a parent, you’ll find that the way you handle things may differ from another’s method. This can become an issue at the playground or on play dates. Try to keep an open mind, but know that you define how you parent. You might be teaching a lesson in sharing while another mom is teaching a lesson in patience. With little ones, there is so much for them to learn!

Things like sharing and playing together are something we’re balancing with individual quality time, which is another important topic. How do you approach the sharing issue between your children?