Holiday Gift Guide: For the Little Ones

Did you guys get a head start on your holiday shopping over Thanksgiving? Shopping sales can be fun, but there’s plenty of time left to find the perfect gift for everyone in your life this month. Since so many people I know have little ones, I thought it would be fun to put together a gift guide with them in mind. (Plus, toys are just more fun!) Whether you want to wrap something up for your own, have some nieces and nephews to shop for or want to gift the mommas in your life with something special for their babies, this gift guide has you covered.

Gift Guide for Little Ones - Tamera Mowry

Robeez bear hug baby shoes / Aden + Anais silky blanket / Wooden toy elephant / Retro kitchen / Set of 2 storage boxes with wheels / Tegu circuit racer / Pom pom basket

Here you’ll find a mix of toys like this cute retro kitchen and more practical gifts like a quality blanket and storage solutions. Love when something practical can act as décor too, such as those wheeled storage boxes with the fun sayings. Stylish, creative toys and wares like the pieces above are gifts that both mom and child can make use of (though I think we know who would prefer the toys ;)) and they don’t throw off the care you put into decorating your house and making it look welcoming for guests. Win, win.

Are you gifting with any little ones in mind this year? Stay tuned for more gift ideas!


Ask Tamera: Our Kids’ Hair Care Routines

Hi everyone! A recent question I’ve received from Facebook user Meagan from St. Louis was all about Ariah’s hair products. She says, I wanted to know your favorite hair products for your daughter? My daughter has naturally curly hair and I haven’t found anything that nourishes her curls the right way. I know a few others have asked about my little ones’ haircare before, so I thought it was about time share the details.

Tamera + Ariah - Tamera Kids Haircare

My secret? Shea! I’ve used Shea Moisture baby products like baby wash and shampoo that have Shea butter, chamomile and Argan oil in one gentle formula. (This can also be used as a body wash for littles with eczema). If you remember from our bathtime ritual story, we love to wind the kids down with a warm bath at the end of the night. In that case, a soothing bath milk and shampoo with lavender and Manuka honey does the trick!

Tamera + Aden - Tamera Kids Haircare

Throwback to a year ago during Ariah’s People debut.

Here are 5 tips I’ve learned from caring for Aden and Ariah’s hair:

1. Look for haircare products with a balance. You want a product that will provide great results without weighing hair down or looking greasy. Another line that a lot of mommas love for their curly kids is Curly Q’s, because it’s known for being lightweight and nourishing rather than heavy.

2. Curly hair requires major doses of moisture. That’s why shea butter is so helpful. Keeps the curls soft and bouncy! If you discover a great product but find their hair is still drying out more than it should be, try using conditioner-only every other time. Often shampoos can be more drying, so use sparingly.

3. Keep detangler handy. Detangler is key for keeping knots at bay, and if you get the right one they’ll also act as a leave-in conditioner during the day. Even though detangler usually works best on damp hair, you can also keep it around for quick touch ups.

4. When it’s time for a trim, get a trim! Go to someone specializing in curls (you know my go-to) and trust them! Just like your hairstylist tells you that regular trims are necessary for healthy hair, they’re going to say the same for little ones. Don’t worry, those beautiful curls won’t be gone forever; they’ll grow back at their healthiest. Remember when Aden got his first hair cut?

5. Everyone’s hair is different. If you try these tips and products and they aren’t the perfect fit for your children, don’t sweat it – yours may need something different for their hair than mine do.

What products do you use for your little ones? Share with other mommas below!


Mommy Hacks: 4 Ways to Keep Cool on Hot Days

Hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July. We just experienced our first major heat wave of the summer here in Southern California. (Just in time for mine and Ariah’s b-days and 4th of July no less. Whew!) Who can blame their littles for being fussy in this heat? Summer is my favorite time of year, but dehydration and over exposure is NOT why. As moms, it’s something we really don’t want to mess with.

Keeping Cool in the Heat - Tamera mowry

Here are all the ways we’ve been keeping cool (and happy) during this heat wave!

Limiting time in the sun. The hours of 10-3 are when the sun’s at its harshest. When I didn’t have children, this meant hours at the beach. But young children are very sensitive to heat and sun, so now I make sure not to plan any prolonged outdoor activities during this time. Take a dip in the pool or go to the park in the AM or early evening instead as a way to feel more refreshed. And anytime they’re in the sun, sunscreen is imperative. Can’t stress this enough! Go with at least SPF 50 for little ones.

Staying hydrated. This is so important, guys. Whether outside or in, we all need that h2O. When you see those temps rising, mix up an extra batch of yummy infused water for a refreshing drink that you won’t have to force on tired kids. Plus, handing them this instead of juice not only hydrates them but prevents the dreaded sugar crash.

Mist and repeat. This one’s an easy refresher: simply fill a spray bottle with water for a refreshing cool down on the go. Even in the seconds before the AC kicks in or when walking short distances, this bottle will come in handy. The best part is that it’s free and portable… Exactly what a mommy needs.

Chillin’ in the kiddie pool. Yep, it’s a family activity around here. Look how happy Ariah is! With temps this high, there’s no way around it: the kids need to cool off with some water. Breaking out an inexpensive kiddie pool is the way to go. It’s not a production like heading to the beach and you can put it in the shade or limit time to quick play sessions before the sun gets to be too much. Plus, it’s a great time for play that’s not too exhausting for little ones. Just don’t forget the sunscreen ;)

How do you cool your kids off in a heat wave? It’s tough when you’re hot too!

Get more behind the scenes pics of our family time on my Instagram.


DIY Felt Wall Art

While I love to craft as a family, it’s also nice to have some “just me” time to get creative and make meaningful décor for the home or even gifts… When I have the time that is. If you are a crafter you probably have all the materials on hand, but even if not, you can pick felt, hot glue and cardstock up at any local craft store. Here’s the finished product…

DIY Felt Wall Art for Kids Rooms | Tamera Mowry
Isn’t this saying so cute for a kid’s room?

Here’s what you do…
DIY Felt Wall Art for Kids Rooms | Tamera Mowry

Different colored felt
Hot glue + gun
1 piece of cardstock
Photo frame

DIY Felt Wall Art for Kids Rooms | Tamera Mowry

1. Cut out letters. Test a few to make sure they’ll fit within the frame. Use the first letter as a template for the size of all the others.
2. Arrange the letters on your piece of cardstock to test how they’ll look.
3. Get gluing. Hot glue can easily seep through the felt so keep it as minimal as possible. If it’s going in a frame, you won’t have a problem with letters falling off or anything.

DIY Felt Wall Art for Kids Rooms | Tamera Mowry

Let dry and frame!

Where would you display this print?

10 Crafts to Make with Your Toddler

Recently I shared how much fun Aden and I have playing together. We also love to do crafts. With littles of toddler age, it’s important to find crafts that are fun and keep their attention (harder than you’d think!), yet encourage learning and creativity! It sounds complicated, but once you get into the crazy world of crafts, you’ll find that the possibilities are endless. It’s always fun to get our imaginations going as parents too.

10 Crafts to Make with Your Toddler

Have you been on my Pinterest lately? I’m all about finding new crafts to try. Here are some of my faves you might want to give a try!

1. DIY Crown – Parents can create crown templates and lay out all the supplies for kids to paste onto their very own crown. Think colored paper, stickers and crayons. Aden loved this one!

2. Paper Plate Caterpillar – It’s amazing how much you can do with a simple paper plate! Cut out the caterpillar and let them run wild with decorations.

3. Potato Stamping – You create the stamp from a potato, and they create their own work of art with the different shapes.

4. Toddler Mural – Create no-mess workstation for your child to create works of art again and again.

5. Popsicle Stick Frames – This craft is something mommas can easily whip up and attach photos to for personal home décor, but it’s even more special if your kids can help paint or decorate the popsicle sticks.

6. Ocean Themed Crafts – It’s always nice when a craft also offers up a sneaky lesson! Create ocean creatures while teaching toddlers about sea life.

7. Paper Popsicles – These popsicles are so cute for summer! Cut out popsicle shapes from cardstock and create paper embellishments for little ones to add to each one. Once your done, you can display them on the fridge or string them together for a summer garland.

8. Shape Sorting Activity – Create different shapes and colors from paper to make color sorting game to play afterward.

9. Cupcake Factory – Similar to the popsicle idea, you can do the cutting beforehand and sort all the pieces for your child to make paper cupcakes with. Then you can both decorate them together.

10. Nature Paintbrushes – This is a really fun and original idea that can involve the whole fam. Go out in search of sticks and leaves. Then you can create “paintbrushes” from your findings and kids can use them to paint pictures!

What crafty things have you made with your kids lately? Stay tuned for some DIY projects of our own!


Teaching Little Ones Creativity

Did you guys see my post about Aden’s new hobby? It’s been interesting to say the least! All this talk of my little man growing up has me thinking about children and how they learn to be creative. Countless studies have shown that encouraging creative thinking in children leads them to success – even though that creativity comes in so many forms. Arts and crafts or the infamous battle of left brain vs. right brain might come to mind when I say creativity, but that’s not what I mean.

Teaching Kids Creativity

In adult life, there is rarely one answer to a solution, and often it takes multiple attempts (AKA, multiple failures) to get there. Logical and analytical thinking is very important, but creativity is what gets you to pick up and try again, and think outside the box when you have a really tough dilemma at hand. It’s a pretty important skill to have and so many famous innovators throughout history were so successful due to their ability to exercise it!

If kids have room to explore these concepts at their own level – like dreaming up unconventional ideas (kids will blow you away with that one!) or letting their imagination run free, they’ll realize there are many ways to learn and be better primed to take on “real world” challenges by coming up with more original ideas. Sure, their world is yours now, but one day they’ll be out there making their own decisions and changing the world in their own unique way.

So how can you let your little ones know that something as abstract as creativity is welcome? It’s really all about the small gestures: being patient when they try different solutions to a problem on for size, engaging in their ideas and unique interests and supporting their curiosity. And of course getting enough family time. This is so easy, right? We know how intelligent our babies are and how much potential they have, so of course we’ll support them. But with children – really at any age – needless to say, they can be tough to read. So the best way to nurture their creative brains, might just be to make sure you’re open to the possibilities.

Have any funny stories of your kids being creative and clever? I love hearing your stories!