Ask Tamera: What Are Your Hobbies?

Thanks to everyone who tuned into the Facebook chat I did earlier this summer. It was so fun to try out the live chat and actually get to connect with some of you! There were soo many questions I wanted to answer but didn’t get the chance to. Since I can’t do those chats everyday (as great as that would be), I thought it would be fun to start a new series here on called Ask Tamera. That way, I can answer some of the questions that are commented on my site and social media. And of course, I’ll try to do another chat ASAP!


Matching up some styles for our bedroom.

One question I thought was intriguing was from Facebook user Teressa H. She wanted to know what my hobbies are when I’m not busy running around as a mom or spending time with Adam. Great question!


A favorite hobby of mine that those of you who have read my site for a while now will know about is interior design! I love to design and decorate. In my opinion, there are few hobbies more special than this because it’s all about making your house a home. Your home is where you spend your most precious moments – the ones with your family – and I don’t take it lightly! I love dreaming up new ways to make this look as special as it feels.

The design part of a house involves things like gathering a moodboard of photos on Pinterest and choosing a color palette. Then there’s picking out specific colors and types of things like paint, flooring, tile – all that fun stuff. And when it comes to home décor, you can REALLY have fun with it. I love that each of the rooms in our home is different and specific to who will spend time in it.


Aside from home décor, another hobby I’ve recently gotten into is this Fujifilm Polaroid camera. I’m obsessed! You know how I love taking and sharing photos of my kiddos. Now I have a whole new way of collecting them, and I’m creating a keepsake box. If you love taking pictures or printing photos of family and friends, doing a project with the prints is a must.

First of all, just taking photos is a fun hobby. Making something out of it is another way to keep those memories alive. As great as sharing on Instagram is, the process of creating something like a box or a scrapbook is a really therapeutic way to reflect on memories and get crafty. So next time you have an evening to yourself, why not grab a glass of wine, spread out all your photos on the table, and dig in?

Hope you liked this first edition of Ask Tamera! What other questions do you have? And what hobbies fill your precious free moments?


5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

You know those bathrooms you see on Pinterest that look so inviting and tidy? I always find myself pinning them, but I believe you can actually make the most of any space as long as you aren’t afraid to get creative. Little décor fixes and a few spa-like products are all you need to create a bathroom oasis you’ll want to primp and relax in.

Tamera Mowry 5 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa

How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa

1. Swap out the lights. Let’s start with one of the bigger fixes. Simply put, bathroom lighting can be very unflattering – which makes no sense! You obviously want to do your hair and makeup (not to mention step out of the shower) in at least somewhat flattering light. If you can, I’d suggest swapping out the vanity lights or overhead for something a little more luxurious. Wayfair,, and One Kings Lane all have unique lighting options at surprising prices.

2. Purge and replace textiles. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a lot less expensive to replace even ALL of your towels, washcloths, and bathmats than it is to say, install a claw-foot tub or turn a closet into a high end shower. When you weigh your options for improving a room like the bathroom, there are a lot of paths to take. And when you do replace those towels, make sure to keep only the new ones out. Having a nice, full set of soft cloths is what makes it spa status.

3. Next level caddy. Take that shower caddy (or whatever bathroom storage you use) to the next level with some grown-up products so you stop feeling like you’re in a dorm and start feeling like you’ve got a spa service! Even better if you’ve recently been to a hotel or spa and loved the products – treat yourself to a few skin savers you’d find at a fancy spa, like a face mask, hair products, extra luxurious lotions and bath salts.

4. Try a rug. If you have the floor space for it, a small rug instead of a standard bathmat really transforms a room. Sure you want a fabric that can withstand a little water and it might be a bit more high maintenance than a shaggy floor mat, but this simple swap makes it feel like you’re entering a day spa rather than bathroom. Trust me, when you’re looking for a place to snag even an hour of “me time”, you’ll be glad little tweaks like this came together to create that rejuvenating experience.

5. Focus on details. Lastly, it’s all in the details. Tools for relaxation such as some candles or essential oils and a diffuser make getting ready or taking a hot bath so much more enjoyable. Whenever I grab fresh flowers from the farmers market, I also love reserve some for the vase in my bathroom. Cute jewelry trays or makeup displays are nice too!

Tamera Mowry 5 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa

/ Young Living diffuser / Herbivore Botanicals bath salts / Ombre bath mat / Brush organizer / Hydrocotton bath towels / Deep Comfort body butter / French pink clay sponge / Instant detox mask

What’s your ideal bathroom like? Will you be making any of these upgrades to the one you already have?


High & Low Home Décor: Stunning Bedroom Accents

Decorating a room is all about balance. I’m all about saving money on the little things and investing where it counts. But who doesn’t like their home to ooze happiness and warmth? Sometimes it takes a little shopping around, but these high-low lists really help when it comes down to making interior design decisions and sticking to a set budget. Today’s edition… The bedroom! Here are a few pieces I’ve found on both ends of the spectrum, now it’s up to you to decide.


Trinket boxes. If you’re style is more high end, this elegant lacquered box by Kathy Kuo Home has a unique snakeskin-inspired pattern for a modern coa​stal vibe. OneKingsLane always has deals and flash sales, so it’s no surprise that they have a stunning lacquered jewelry box for less. Etsy also has similar boxes priced $40 and up.

Cozy rugs. Shag rugs are huge lately – though thankfully not the wall to wall carpeting reminiscent of the 70s. It definitely takes a good eye to pull off, but with these modern options for cream and white colored trellis-patterned nuLOOM rugs, any bedroom or living area can be cozied up. These 8×10 area rugs aren’t all that different looking, but the Nourison Amor version (which also comes in several shades) is $1400+, while you can snag a deal by opting for the Target design.

Nightstands. I love the shade and style of the slender Tommy Bahama night table from Houzz, but this similar single drawer version would probably look just as nice and the $165 price tag will save lots of room in the budget for smaller accents like lamps and pillows too.

Votive holders. Lastly, gotta give that room an ambience! Isn’t cozying up to candlelight after a long day ahh-mazing (on those rare occasions you have the time)?​ Mercury glass votives are perfect for a modern bedroom, and can be reused when setting up a romantic dinner or inviting guests over for celebrations. DwellStudio has a set of four for $60, which is a steal considering they’re normally $140, but you can also go the mix ‘n match route at stores like West Elm, which offers them up for $5 each or about $27 for 6.

Hope you enjoyed the latest high and low list! Check out my outdoor patio version if you’re planning for summer early.


Powerful in Pink: Ariah’s Nursery Reveal

And at last, the reveal of Ariah’s nursery in this feature post from my incredible designer, Shalena Smith. She’s been designing beautiful rooms for little ones for over 20 years and it shows. She’s also the the founder of Gaga Designs and Shalena Smith Interiors. See pics below and hear how final pieces were selected. This room is a little slice of girly heaven! 

All along this fun, creative journey, we’ve referred to this nursery as “Pretty In Pink”. It was the theme of Tamera’s amazing shower and made sense–but as I look at the finished product, I can’t help but think that while yes, it is “pretty”, what we really created for sweet little Ariah was a space that says “Power in Pink”.

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

For months, Tamera and I have been preparing for her baby girl’s arrival and along the way I’ve been able to share with you how-to’s and tips based off of my design process. So today I’d rather share with you the part that doesn’t come with a how-to… the heart and spirit that went into it.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the sweetness of a little girl! We did tap into that, as it is almost impossible not to. However, as I know from experience with my own two beauties, it is so important to not just give our girls the idea that their power and worth is tied to their beauty and sweetness, but more so to their faith, heart and conviction.

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

A room fit for a queen.

When I look at the crown above the crib, I don’t see the crown of a princess, but of a future queen of creation and love. When I look at the angel wings on the wall, I don’t just see that they are there because Ariah herself is a heavenly, little angel (which let’s face it, she is), but that they are a reminder that all the heavenly angels above will be watching over Ariah as she plays, sleeps, and grows. They will protect and guide her spirit.

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

Speaking strictly about the design elements, I would have to say that my most loved aspect of the room is the way the gold crown and the beautiful Bratt Décor crib look against the two-tone striped wall– it adds sophistication. And while the personalized ceiling medallion, pillow and gorgeous chandelier add a perfect hint of glamour, my most favorite touches came from the heart, with anticipation of love-filled moments of the future. Like the tiny stool in the corner that Tamera has had for years. She thought it was the perfect addition to the room, because one day, big brother Aden will sit there and read his baby sister stories. Or the soccer ball artwork hanging on the wall that was Daddy’s special addition to the room, because yes she’ll be Daddy’s little girl, but that only means he’ll be cheering her on that much louder from the sidelines when she scores the winning goal for her team.

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

Adam’s pick!

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

I know Tamera can’t wait to add a picture of Ariah to this frame.

No matter the project, or the client, the final step of my process is to stand in the finished labor of love that is the nursery and say a prayer asking for only the deepest, most profound love and protection be brought to the little soul whose cries and laughter will soon fill the four walls around me. I had that moment with Tamera. That moment, more than the nursery itself, is what keeps me coming back for more.

Little Ariah will surely be pretty in pink in this nursery for many years to come, but she will be powerful in purpose for all the years that follow.

– Shalena

For questions about products or services contact Shalena at or follow her on social media here: Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook Instagram Houzz Youtube

Design Tips for Creating a “Pretty in Pink” Nursery

Today, I’m thrilled to feature a post from Shalena Smith, the creative brain behind Aden’s nursery and my soon-to-be baby girl’s. She’s been designing beautiful rooms for little ones for over 20 years and is the founder of Gaga Designs and Shalena Smith Interiors. As her and I work together to dream up my girl’s room, she’ll be sharing with you the process and tips to help you with your own interior design. Without further adieu… 

Oh how I love working with the Housley’s! It was just about three years ago when I first met Adam and Tamera while she was pregnant with their son Aden. Like most busy parents, they hired me as their baby concierge and interior designer to help them design their nursery, create a registry, get all their essential items, and organize along the way. I loved how attentive and very involved in the process they are. So I can’t tell you how excited I was when they called me to design for baby #2 and they told me they were having a girl!

Immediately I knew that my job was going to be to create a space that was completely opposite from the sporty nursery I designed for Aden. This nursery would be something softer and more feminine–and I was right, Tamera wants PINK!!! I set out to create a room she will love by following the below steps that you can apply to your decorating process as well.

Consider Your Entire House

The first step of the design process is accessing the design style of the rest of the house so that everything flows together. Along with this, I conduct a fun interview with the couple to learn more about their vision, their needs, likes and dislikes, colors and themes for the nursery.

Designing Tamera Mowry Baby Girl Nursery

Repurpose Decor

If you have other children who have grown or are on a limited budget, it can make a lot of sense to repurpose items you already have. So, the second step when working with Tamera was to decide what we were going to use from Aden’s existing nursery. Above is a “before” picture of the room, which is in need of a girly makeover. We decided to incorporate the changing table (with a chocolate brown changing tray, not shown), the armoire, and the glider from Aden’s room in the new design.

Quick tip: With baby products, you always want to make sure that the items are still in good condition and have not been recalled.

Luckily for Adam and Tamera, all the furniture from Aden’s nursery was custom-made by Newport Cottages and is still in excellent condition. The design challenge will be how to make the existing pieces that are all white with a chocolate stain—which were specifically chosen to give the room a more masculine look—suddenly transform into something soft and girly. More on this in the next blog!

Designing Tamera Mowry Baby Girl Nursery

We are going with a new white crib that has become my design inspiration for the nursery. The Bratt Decor Chelsea Lifetime crib is not only beautiful, but also has the feminine balance the room needs. It’s breathtaking, yet practical because of its features. I always try to select pieces that grow up with the baby, and this crib conveniently converts into a toddler and full size bed.

Designing Tamera Mowry Baby Girl Nursery

Select a Color Scheme

The next step before getting started on the room is picking a color scheme. Tamera is very creative, which makes this process even more fun and exciting–we discussed with the option of a custom mural and sorted through fabrics. Once these important elements are decided upon, I create a design board and present it to Tamera and Adam. After their approval, I immediately create my must-have checklist.

Next, it’s time to get everything organized and cleared out of the room to start the prep for their dream nursery! From this point on, it’s all about going gaga and turning our vision into reality. I can’t wait for you to see this “Pretty in Pink” dream nursery for sweet baby girl Housley!

– Shalena


See more from Shalena on her social media here: Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook Instagram Houzz Youtube

4 Fall Porch Ideas

Are you guys getting in the fall spirit yet? The whole season is so festive, what’s not to love?! Besides style, decorating is one of my favorite ways to share my love of this time of year. I like to have family over whenever possible, even if it’s just a small get together when people are in town – and I can’t think of a better way to welcome loved ones into my home than dressing up my entryway! So I took to Pinterest for some ideas, and discovered all the bloggers that have different ways of updating their curb appeal for fall. Though not everyone’s porch looks like a quintessential New England home surrounded by fall foliage (as beautiful as that is, it doesn’t fit everywhere!), these porch ideas will easily make for the most fabulous façade on the block– so get creative!

Setting for Four - Fall Decorating Ideas

Hang a Wreath
Totally stumped on how to decorate your outdoor space this month? Start with a classic wreath. Personally, I absolutely love how this porch can swing right into winter with minimal change. Add some holiday lights or a Christmas motif and you’re ready come December!

Liz Marie Blog | Fall Decorating Ideas

Decorate a Bench
If you live in a region where you’ll spend a lot of time enjoying the season on your porch, a bench is the way to go! You can go all out like the design above with pumpkins, pillows, blankets and flowers or scale back and choose just a couple elements to decorate a cozy gathering space.

At The Picket Fence | Fall Decor Ideas

Add Some Greenery
This porch celebrates fall without all the bells and whistles. You don’t need to commit yourself to an exclusively brown or orange color palette.  And if your doorstep is more contemporary, going with fresh plants totally fits. Décor like this would even work on small porches or front steps.

Design Dining and Diapers | Fall Decor Ideas

Go with a Garland
Rustic designs are everything this time of year, but it can easily come off as overdone. For a sleeker take on rustic, choose a muted color palette. Try a burlap bunting across your door (perfect for those without a large porch or deck). Burlap always goes well with fall décor and woodgrain, so you can’t go wrong there. And those white pumpkins? Love.

Have you dressed up your outdoor space for fall yet? Leave a comment or photo to show it off! 


Photos: Setting for Four, Liz Marie Blog, At The Picket Fence, Design, Dining, & Diapers