My Interior Design Inspiration

I will admit it, I have become a full-blown interior design junkie! One of my favorite things about Instagram (other than connecting with my page fans, obviously!) is getting my daily dose of design from my favorite interiors accounts. I literally get so excited every day to look at what is new on Instagram from my favorite designers. I am constantly blown away, and so inspired, by the gorgeous home design work that I see on social media. Below are three of my favorite design accounts that give me a ton of amazing ideas for designing my own home!


Photos via @amberinteriors

AMBER INTERIORS, @amberinteriors

I whisper to myself “love that!” about a hundred times every time I scroll through @amberinteriors account. A serious interior designer, Amber has mastered the clean, white aesthetic that I love so much. Even more exciting is that she has her own online store now called The Shoppe!


Photos via @beckiowens

BECKI OWENS, @beckiownes

Another amazingly talented interior designer, Becki Owens always has me thinking “I never would have thought to do that!”. Her Instagram feed is beyond stunning, and it usually surprises me a little bit because I find myself loving new colors that I have never gravitated towards before. Becki also has a fantastic website and blog where she has sections like Q+A, How To’s and Get The Look.


Photos via @studiomcgee

STUDIO MCGEE, @studiomcgee

Studio McGee is run by husband and wife design-super-duo Syd and Shea McGee. What I love about scrolling through their account, is that they don’t stick to one specific style of design — They will often showcase various projects they work on that are vastly different! They are also masters of the little details. I love examining their images to notice all the small little touches they include. You can shop their favorite things on their online store, MCGEE & CO!


Hope you guys are as inspired as I am by these interior designers! Let me know what your favorite design accounts on Instagram are!





How to Rediscover Yourself

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk about a topic that I think is on everyone’s mind at some point in their lives. Whether you’re struggling with maintaining a sense of individuality as your family expands or feeling caught in the hustle of a demanding career – it’s easy to look up and wonder if we’ve lost touch with ourselves.

It’s important for me to look inward from time to time for this reason and I’ve talked about how when I take care of myself, I feel better prepared to take care of my family, friends and job. It’s a little tough to know just HOW to rediscover yourself though – it requires a little soul searching. Here’s what has worked for me:

How to Rediscover Yourself - Tamera Mowry

1. Get curious. Think about what really inspires you, or used to. Think of what your biggest passions or hobbies used to be – maybe it’s time to reconnect. It also helps to explore (it’s never too late to find a new hobby!) and become more open to opportunity and adventure.

2. Get reading. Nothing like a good book to help you discover secrets about yourself. Sometimes reading someone else’s story can teach us about ours. Find a few books that sound interesting and dig in – it usually leads to a fresh perspective. Not to mention it can force you to take a little time off when you’re feeling busy. (Stay tuned for an inspiring book post on my site soon!)

3. Get moving. Life involves a lot of sitting and waiting – and not necessarily in a relaxing way. Even truer if you have a sedentary day job. My workout classes have given me life – you never know what you’re capable of until you really push yourself, and this kind of self-care and confidence is important to discovering yourself. Don’t knock it till you try it ;).

4. Get social. I know, it sounds pretty strange that self-discovery would involve other people but here’s the trick – get out of your rut or routine. Have conversations with old friends or even branch out of your circle. I know that for lots of working moms at least, when life gets busy the social life is the first to go. Yet, quality time with other people is essential to channeling the real you. Make sure you carve out a little time for rediscovering the social “you”.

Have you ever felt the need to re-discover yourself?


Real Talk: Dealing with Self-Doubt

Hi everyone! Did you catch my last Real Talk post on setting boundaries? Sometimes you need boundaries with other people to improve your relationships, but other times the one person getting in your way is – you guessed it – you.  How many times a day do you catch yourself saying or thinking, “I can’t”? A lot of us don’t even notice how much we do it.

Real Talk: Dealing with Self-Doubt - Tamera Mowry

Growing up, we have parents and teachers to tell us what we can and can’t do. But who’s telling you that now? While there’s so much more we CAN do, it’s easy to tell ourselves no, especially when the going gets tough. In the past few years – especially since becoming a momma – I’ve found myself capable of doing more than I ever thought possible. Yet, I still catch myself wrapped up in negative self-talk from time to time, who doesn’t?

The funny thing is, we can be so sweet about it. We politely tell ourselves, “oh, I couldn’t do that”. Putting ourselves down in this way can be so subtle we don’t even notice it – yet its effects are enormous. It’s a way of telling ourselves we can’t be trusted, that we can’t handle the things we were put on earth to experience, that we’re silly for evening considering it. While it might a well-meaning voice designed to protect ourselves from harm, when listened to frequently, it keeps us from living life to the fullest.

So, how to combat this negative self-talk? My solution is to come up with a response. Sometimes it helps to determine whether or not these doubts are reasonable. Next time you catch yourself thinking or saying “I can’t” – answer it back. Ask why not. Find out why you think you can’t. Think long and hard about the why; sometimes this is coming from a place of fear or doubt. If there’s no good reason for something, you’ve got one more step – turn that negative into a positive. Tell yourself you can.

Do you struggle with self-doubt? We’re all capable of amazing things, sometimes we just need to hear that voice out – and go for it anyway.


Ask Tamera: How to Rise Above Negativity Together

Have you guys been tuning into my Facebook chats the last couple months? Since there’s never enough time to answer all the questions, I’ve been saving a few for my Ask Tamera series. Last month I told you all about my favorite hobbies, but this time I wanted to address a more serious question: what to do when you experience lack of support from those you love.

we rise by lifting others - calligraphy by psletteringshop -

Tiffany says, My fiancé and I are getting married in October. Our families have been less than fully supportive… Sometimes our family drama takes a toll on us and makes it hard to be happy. How can we rise above the negativity and grow stronger together?

First of all, congrats! This is a tough one. No one wants to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s natural to seek the support of your family on matters like relationships and career choices, etc., but the truth is you can’t always see eye to eye with everyone. As much as approval from the people we care about validates our choices and gives us confidence, we have to realize that we’re capable of being strong with or without it!

When it comes to differing opinions, only listen to those you truly respect. If a family member has concerns, try to hear them out. Maybe they want the best for you and have trouble articulating it. But if it’s someone you always butt heads with, you’ll likely disagree again. If it becomes a situation that’s not constructive and just leads to a cycle of hurtful words and emotional experiences – then instead of focusing on that, control what you can, like your relationship.

Not having support often makes your relationship stronger because you have to lean on one another more than the average person. Once you’ve agreed to move on, you and your spouse can work on building a lasting partnership – one based on unconditional support! Experiences like these often tell us what we don’t want in a relationship, and it will be refreshing to nurture the connection you have with someone who hears your story and considers your feelings.

It’s wonderful to have strong relationships with those closest to you, but people – even family – have disagreements, sometimes on important issues. The best way to deal with it is to hear them and respect their opinion, but don’t lose sight of your own values. ALL relationships are give and take, only put your time into the ones that give as much as you do.

Hope this helps anyone going through something similar right now. Stay strong, and don’t forget to lean on your other friends for support too!


quote illustration: psletteringshop

How to Set a Daily Intention

Do any of you set daily intentions? It’s really important to set your intent for the day if you want to get the most out of it. To some, setting an intention may seem like just an inspirational thought to begin the day with and forget about, but if you make this an important part of your morning routine, you’ll find that it sets the tone for how your entire day will go – which is very powerful!

How to set a daily intention via Tamera Mowry

Intentions are practiced in many cultures as a way to live a fulfilling life of purpose. It’s easy to go through the motions in a society as busy as ours; living with intent keeps the big picture in mind while giving you tangible ways to live that purpose. Intention is very powerful, so I have a few tips for making them stick:

1. Use it as a way to set goals. Make little goals to plan out your day, week, month, year – both long and short term. Having a vision is very important.

2. Set your intention while you’re relaxed and have peace of mind. I like to do this while practicing yoga – I feel centered and able to envision how I want the day to go. It’s SO nice to take this time to yourself and not be thrown into a busy day unprepared! We all know how that goes.

3. Make it positive. Even if your intention is something like ‘stop being so hard on myself’, you’re going at it in a negative way. You don’t want to be hard on yourself for being hard on yourself! Instead – just like when repeating affirmations – you want to say ‘today I intend to be kind to myself’.

4. Pick something that applies throughout the day. Having something you can apply to different scenarios that also represents a larger goal or feeling is important. So if you intend to be kind to yourself, you can carry that throughout, with the larger goal of taking more time to relax and de-stress. Now with each decision you make throughout your day, you can think – will doing so mean being kind to myself?

5. You can set tangible intentions too. Sometimes we have very concrete goals – these are perfect for intentions too. Taking the intention of spending more time with loved ones. Whenever you’re faced with a decision throughout your day, you can think back to the intention and decide whether doing something or going somewhere will allow you to reach your goal.

These small intentions aren’t just ways to have a great day, despite whatever curveballs or surprises are thrown your way. They’re each little steps towards the life you want to live. Down the road you’ll find that you’re cutting negativity out and making space for more meaningful experiences.

Have you ever set a daily intention before? Why not set one for the day now? Let me know what it is!

Click here to read more about how to take control of your happiness.


Real Talk: The Reality of Life Postpartum

I hope you guys have been enjoying my Real Talk series here on I personally love getting a chance to talk directly about real life struggles and triumphs, inspiration and truths, and hearing your stories in return. Today’s topic is postpartum life, something that I’ve touched on before. The thing is, life after pregnancy is different in so many ways, and we all have unique experiences. But the digital world often makes it seem like what we go through is all the same, and honestly, that it’s a lot more glamorous than it sometimes is! I think we can all relate.

Tamera Mowry Aden

Throwback! My first time around…

As much as I hope to be an inspiration for all mommies on their journeys to getting that pre-pregnancy body back and knowing that you can achieve all your health and fitness goals, I also want to set a realistic example. The truth is that the length and pace of the journey is different for everyone. Nothing happens overnight. For some women, a major struggle post-pregnancy is dropping the weight. For others, there are mental struggles like depression (there are 3 million US cases of postpartum depression each year – and even more undiagnosed) and feelings of isolation or stress. Usually, there are both the mental and physical ups and downs to navigate.

And while it’s important to focus on keeping physically fit and healthy so that we can better meet the needs of our little ones, let’s face it – there are always going to be a million other things to focus on at the same time. Life can throw things at you that deserve more focus than arbitrary weight goals (don’t get me wrong – health is important, but a number on a scale? Not so much). Don’t be afraid to turn your focus on to something else, and even inward at times.

It took time to learn and accept that my journey is and will always be different from the next woman’s. Reading blogs, following those you don’t personally know on social media- these can all be points of inspiration, but they can also be points of comparison. It’s so important to know that what you see is only a carefully thought out version of the story. That’s why it’s become more and more important to me to be authentic – so that people get a genuine look at how I experience motherhood, my work, my home and LIFE! Life is beautiful as is, and if we’re too caught up in the physical parts of it, we can lose sight of the real focus – our loving relationships, our mental health and our happiness and fulfillment as mothers.

No matter what stage of pregnancy or motherhood you are at, I challenge you to give yourself a few words of encouragement each and every day!

What are your feelings on this postpartum journey? Do you have any words of encouragement for other readers?