Ask Tamera: What Are Your Hobbies?

Thanks to everyone who tuned into the Facebook chat I did earlier this summer. It was so fun to try out the live chat and actually get to connect with some of you! There were soo many questions I wanted to answer but didn’t get the chance to. Since I can’t do those chats everyday (as great as that would be), I thought it would be fun to start a new series here on called Ask Tamera. That way, I can answer some of the questions that are commented on my site and social media. And of course, I’ll try to do another chat ASAP!


Matching up some styles for our bedroom.

One question I thought was intriguing was from Facebook user Teressa H. She wanted to know what my hobbies are when I’m not busy running around as a mom or spending time with Adam. Great question!


A favorite hobby of mine that those of you who have read my site for a while now will know about is interior design! I love to design and decorate. In my opinion, there are few hobbies more special than this because it’s all about making your house a home. Your home is where you spend your most precious moments – the ones with your family – and I don’t take it lightly! I love dreaming up new ways to make this look as special as it feels.

The design part of a house involves things like gathering a moodboard of photos on Pinterest and choosing a color palette. Then there’s picking out specific colors and types of things like paint, flooring, tile – all that fun stuff. And when it comes to home décor, you can REALLY have fun with it. I love that each of the rooms in our home is different and specific to who will spend time in it.


Aside from home décor, another hobby I’ve recently gotten into is this Fujifilm Polaroid camera. I’m obsessed! You know how I love taking and sharing photos of my kiddos. Now I have a whole new way of collecting them, and I’m creating a keepsake box. If you love taking pictures or printing photos of family and friends, doing a project with the prints is a must.

First of all, just taking photos is a fun hobby. Making something out of it is another way to keep those memories alive. As great as sharing on Instagram is, the process of creating something like a box or a scrapbook is a really therapeutic way to reflect on memories and get crafty. So next time you have an evening to yourself, why not grab a glass of wine, spread out all your photos on the table, and dig in?

Hope you liked this first edition of Ask Tamera! What other questions do you have? And what hobbies fill your precious free moments?


Home Look I Love: Aqua Accents

When it comes to making a house a home, it’s often all about the little things – those pieces that provide a much needed pop of color or have special meaning, or just tie your whole theme (in our case – beach chic) together. We love playing up the neutrals in our home’s design by strategically choosing beautiful hues here and there that make the whites and natural tones really stand out.

Home Look I Love: Turquoise

turquoise stemware / toss pillow / kate spade ring holder / tea kettle / spring’s eden candle / abstract painting / passion turquoise rug / sea glass jar in harbor mist / olia lamp /ottoman / the perfectly imperfect home / arm chair 

Right now I’m loving this aqua color. To pull off this beachy tone you can choose shades ranging from deep turquoises to subtle mint and sea foam to sea and sky blues too. Considering that blue is historically known as a calming color, I find it evokes a serene, tranquil vibe that is SO welcome in a busy, energetic home like ours. Blues and greens are also said to reduce stress compared to some of those louder color. If the tones above channel refreshing feelings of calm and happiness when you look at them, they might also be a stress reducer for you too.

Color shy decorators – don’t worry – when you choose an accent color, it’s just that, an accent. You don’t have to go all out with blue furniture and rugs and walls, of course. But one thing to keep in mind is that what sometimes feels overpowering is actually fairly minimal when placed in the grand scheme of your entire home. Don’t be afraid to play up the theme a bit!

Which color are you currently crushing on? What other home looks do you love?


DIY Trivet

Summer is flying by, but there are still some home décor projects and crafts I’ve been trying out when I get a few extra minutes. This trivet DIY is surprisingly simple, and you end up with something cute to set your pots and bowls on when entertaining.

DIY Trivet - Home decor DIY - Tamera Mowry

The marbled blue on white clay goes with my beach chic home décor. Here’s what you do…

All you need are a couple blocks of Sculpey clay. This will vary depending on the size of your trivet, but if you like the marbled look, you’ll want to have an accent color.

DIY Trivet - Home decor DIY - Tamera Mowry

Using the main color, roll the clay like above. Then, take small rounds of the accent color and stick them to the piece.

DIY Trivet - Home decor DIY - Tamera Mowry

Twist to distribute the color.

DIY Trivet - Home decor DIY - Tamera Mowry

Roll out the clay with a rolling pin until it’s the size you want and the rough shape. Before baking, cut it into a circle and smooth out the edges.

DIY Trivet - Home decor DIY - Tamera Mowry

Bake at 275 for 10-15 minutes. Make sure to let it cool completely, which is when it will harden. You can sand down the edges a bit to make it more smooth if needed. Lastly, adhere some felt to the bottom.

That’s it! An easy marbled trivet for cooking and entertaining.


5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

You know those bathrooms you see on Pinterest that look so inviting and tidy? I always find myself pinning them, but I believe you can actually make the most of any space as long as you aren’t afraid to get creative. Little décor fixes and a few spa-like products are all you need to create a bathroom oasis you’ll want to primp and relax in.

Tamera Mowry 5 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa

How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa

1. Swap out the lights. Let’s start with one of the bigger fixes. Simply put, bathroom lighting can be very unflattering – which makes no sense! You obviously want to do your hair and makeup (not to mention step out of the shower) in at least somewhat flattering light. If you can, I’d suggest swapping out the vanity lights or overhead for something a little more luxurious. Wayfair,, and One Kings Lane all have unique lighting options at surprising prices.

2. Purge and replace textiles. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a lot less expensive to replace even ALL of your towels, washcloths, and bathmats than it is to say, install a claw-foot tub or turn a closet into a high end shower. When you weigh your options for improving a room like the bathroom, there are a lot of paths to take. And when you do replace those towels, make sure to keep only the new ones out. Having a nice, full set of soft cloths is what makes it spa status.

3. Next level caddy. Take that shower caddy (or whatever bathroom storage you use) to the next level with some grown-up products so you stop feeling like you’re in a dorm and start feeling like you’ve got a spa service! Even better if you’ve recently been to a hotel or spa and loved the products – treat yourself to a few skin savers you’d find at a fancy spa, like a face mask, hair products, extra luxurious lotions and bath salts.

4. Try a rug. If you have the floor space for it, a small rug instead of a standard bathmat really transforms a room. Sure you want a fabric that can withstand a little water and it might be a bit more high maintenance than a shaggy floor mat, but this simple swap makes it feel like you’re entering a day spa rather than bathroom. Trust me, when you’re looking for a place to snag even an hour of “me time”, you’ll be glad little tweaks like this came together to create that rejuvenating experience.

5. Focus on details. Lastly, it’s all in the details. Tools for relaxation such as some candles or essential oils and a diffuser make getting ready or taking a hot bath so much more enjoyable. Whenever I grab fresh flowers from the farmers market, I also love reserve some for the vase in my bathroom. Cute jewelry trays or makeup displays are nice too!

Tamera Mowry 5 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa

/ Young Living diffuser / Herbivore Botanicals bath salts / Ombre bath mat / Brush organizer / Hydrocotton bath towels / Deep Comfort body butter / French pink clay sponge / Instant detox mask

What’s your ideal bathroom like? Will you be making any of these upgrades to the one you already have?


High & Low Home Décor: Stunning Bedroom Accents

Decorating a room is all about balance. I’m all about saving money on the little things and investing where it counts. But who doesn’t like their home to ooze happiness and warmth? Sometimes it takes a little shopping around, but these high-low lists really help when it comes down to making interior design decisions and sticking to a set budget. Today’s edition… The bedroom! Here are a few pieces I’ve found on both ends of the spectrum, now it’s up to you to decide.


Trinket boxes. If you’re style is more high end, this elegant lacquered box by Kathy Kuo Home has a unique snakeskin-inspired pattern for a modern coa​stal vibe. OneKingsLane always has deals and flash sales, so it’s no surprise that they have a stunning lacquered jewelry box for less. Etsy also has similar boxes priced $40 and up.

Cozy rugs. Shag rugs are huge lately – though thankfully not the wall to wall carpeting reminiscent of the 70s. It definitely takes a good eye to pull off, but with these modern options for cream and white colored trellis-patterned nuLOOM rugs, any bedroom or living area can be cozied up. These 8×10 area rugs aren’t all that different looking, but the Nourison Amor version (which also comes in several shades) is $1400+, while you can snag a deal by opting for the Target design.

Nightstands. I love the shade and style of the slender Tommy Bahama night table from Houzz, but this similar single drawer version would probably look just as nice and the $165 price tag will save lots of room in the budget for smaller accents like lamps and pillows too.

Votive holders. Lastly, gotta give that room an ambience! Isn’t cozying up to candlelight after a long day ahh-mazing (on those rare occasions you have the time)?​ Mercury glass votives are perfect for a modern bedroom, and can be reused when setting up a romantic dinner or inviting guests over for celebrations. DwellStudio has a set of four for $60, which is a steal considering they’re normally $140, but you can also go the mix ‘n match route at stores like West Elm, which offers them up for $5 each or about $27 for 6.

Hope you enjoyed the latest high and low list! Check out my outdoor patio version if you’re planning for summer early.


How to Mix Prints in the Home

Just like in fashion, choosing the right color and print pairings with your home décor doesn’t always come easy. While decorating our home I spent a lot of time testing out which prints and patterns go well together and which don’t, especially in my living room. It’s one of those things that looks really simple, but when it comes down to it, there’s a fine line between carefully mismatched and totally throw together… Yikes! Even though a lot of this process is guess and check – sometimes you really DO need to hold two patterns up next to each other to see it in full force – there are a few rules to follow to pull off that mixed prints look.

home decor tips

Same patterns, different sizes. Go with similar versions of the same print – like I did with our ikat throw pillows – but add variety with different sizes. This way it doesn’t look like you’re trying to match up patterns that aren’t actually the same, and they’re like enough not to throw off a room’s theme, like my beach house vibe.

Similar patterns in different colors. You can always add more color! Just because I love these different shades of blue doesn’t mean you have to stick to 1 color. (But if you do go that route make sure you have a contrasting element in the room – with our house, it’s white walls.) There are a ton of genius rooms I’ve saved on Pinterest that pull off bold color and mixed prints.

Completely different prints. One way to balance out a room with several different prints or patterns is to throw in some solid colors for contrast. My dark couch does the trick for us, but you can also add in solid colored throw pillows or choose a solid area rug to balance it out. One tip for choosing various different prints is to make sure they’re different enough – pair some angular patterns with softer shapes, lines with curves, etc. so you’re not overdoing any one thing.

3 ways to mix prints in the home

Throw pillows. Gotta have my throw pillows! I don’t know about you but my sofa is for curling up on with a good book or snuggling with family. Naturally I took every opportunity to cozy up our couch. A simple, cost effective way to inject your personality in a home is to find patterns that go with the room’s theme and go crazy with the pillows and throw blankets.

Rugs. We actually have a few rugs and have even layered them to add more interest. Since rugs take up so much space and are a huge focal point, be selective. The subtle color and large open pattern on the rug in my pic made it easier to find pillows that complement it, and it even went with my nautical striped chair.

Furniture. To really make a statement, carrying the pattern through to furniture is the way to go. You don’t necessarily need custom upholstery either – there are plenty of discount shops that have chic statement armchairs with stripes, flowers and other prints to mix ‘n match.

What are your biggest décor struggles?