My Quick Trick for De-Stressing All Day

If you know me, you know how I swear by my gratitude practice! Expressing thanks is very important to me, not just as a great way to show the people in my life how I care, but it’s an instant mood booster (how could thinking nice thoughts not be??), keeps life in perspective and teaches me how to find immense joy in the little things.

These everyday joys are my ultimate de-stresser. There are so many ways giving can fulfill you and it starts small. Sometimes REALLY small – like microscopic. We’ve all had that bad day where someone tells us to list out the positives and we draw a blank. But just thinking “thanks” is somewhere most of us can start. They really have helped me stay positive in the long run.

Gratitude Jar

One way you’ll find me saying thanks is through a gratitude jar that I received as a gift awhile back. There are so many ways to express gratitude but this one is really easy to incorporate into your daily routine, making it more of a habit. For this jar, the concept is as easy as it gets: Keep the jar out where you can see it – mine’s right by my clothes and jewelry. Each morning, add a note of something you’re grateful for (which is why I like to keep it near my clothes). You do this at night too. Additionally, each time you see a penny throughout your day, simply think of something you’re grateful for. You might think this will only happen once or twice, but it actually adds up! You also acknowledge a person you’re grateful for when you receive a penny, and drop it in… When you do that, you should tell them!

It’s crazy how the littlest things can make the biggest differences. What are you grateful for today?


How to Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is something everyone can practice, regardless of all of our differences as humans. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do, you can practice gratitude, because it’s all about how you choose to see the world. There are days when thinking about what you’re grateful for comes easy – you have that “aha moment” where you count your blessings. But on a bad day this is a much tougher thing to do, and it’s hard to muster up the strength to think positive! It’s probably no surprise that that’s exactly when we need a gratitude practice most.

How to Practice Gratitude via Tamera Mowry

There are so many ways to practice gratitude, and I’ve tried or heard about many. There are gratitude jars, journals and motivational affirmations. In the end, it doesn’t really matter exactly how you practice gratitude – just that you do. That’s because making sure to remember the things you’re thankful for isn’t just a nice sentiment. It’s actually proven to increase joy and transform our lives! Still, if you’re not used to having a gratitude practice, there are a few ways to start injecting it into each and every moment.

A gratitude journal is one way to express thanks for even the littlest moments. You can incorporate this practice by setting aside ten or fifteen minutes each day to write a quick list of gratitude. On days this is difficult and you’re really struggling to find the positive in a negative, it’s helpful to have a number in mind. Don’t let yourself close that book until you’ve got to 10 things, for example. And be detailed. What happened today specifically that you’re grateful for? Don’t be afraid to reflect on your accomplishments too – the things you can control. If you made a difficult phone call or a first step to a life change, it’s SO worthy of giving yourself a pat on the back! And what’s more, this is a great thing to do as a family. Never fails to cheer me up.

Although journals are a great way to practice gratitude, I find that expressing thanks is so important throughout the day. That means reflecting on things as they happen – good or bad. If something makes you smile, take the time to say a little prayer of thanks, and go about your day. It really works wonders when you’re in a not so good mood! Sometimes – and this is toughest of all – you even have be thankful for negative situations. If something bad happens, search deep down for a positive. For example, if you’re stuck in traffic, don’t let it kill your mood. Instead, be grateful you were in the car when your fave song came on. Or when big things happen – like not getting a promotion you wanted – be grateful you have the clarity about something that had been weighing on you.

On the day before Thanksgiving, it’s easier than ever to be inspired to invite gratitude into your life. I mean, friends, family, good food – it’s one amazing holiday. But the real test is keeping this practice up even when the day is done and life returns to normal and the positives aren’t as glaring. A few extra “thank yous” really do go a long way!

Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving. Would love to hear what you’re expressing thanks for this year.