Wear It Again: 8 Winter Coats That Never Go Out of Style

For my latest style guide, I’ve made a special edition Wear It post in honor of the winter coat. Winter coats can be spendy, and like a good pair of boots, they aren’t something you just toss after the season is over. When it comes to investment pieces, I choose timeless styles over trends — that way, you get the most bang for your buck and can wear it for winters to come. These 8 classic styles never go out of fashion, in my opinion…

8 Classic Winter Coats That Never Go Out Of Style - Tamera Mowry

Madewell military jacket / Topshop rain mac / Harrods wool angora coat / dusty pink biker jacket / tall pebble short padded coat / trench coat with pockets / dusty pink fall away jacket / tall chevron padded parka

From the military jacket (or any type of army-green coat) to wool wrap coats and everything in between, these types of jackets keep you warm and toasty without giving you that stale “I wear the same thing everyday” feeling during frigid winter months. That’s why when shopping for a winter coat I like to see how it looks open as well as fully closed. No one wants to feel trapped within those zippers and buttons, and it’s nice to have some versatility.

Need a classic coat you can wear again but still want to make a statement? Think of colors and accents you know you’ll gravitate toward year after year. Even a basic rain coat can be beautified with a cute color or patterned lining. And one last tip: don’t forget to opt for a style you know flatters your figure. If you drown in long coats or conversely don’t like where those chunky wool ties hit you in a wrap coat, chances are you won’t when the next season rolls around either! Don’t invest in something you don’t truly love.

Which coat is your fave? Or, do you already have a staple this winter? Be sure to pin this image to your style board for next time you need inspiration!

Wear It: Fall Fashion Staples

It’s officially October, and now that we’re out of that crazy heat wave, we can finally prepare for fall. As tempting as investing in a whole new wardrobe this time of year can be, there’s actually so many ways you can mix and match outfits for fall—as long as you have a few staples. Be sure to pin my chart below so you have it handy when shopping this season…

Fall Fashion Staples - Tamera Mowry fall must haves

Shirt dress. Tunics and dresses are great for fall layering and a shirt dress is the best of bold worlds. If the right length, you can wear it as a dress with booties or knee-highs on warm early fall days (a must in California) and pair with the leggings or dark jeans above when the temps drop.

Basic sweater. It’s not autumn without a cozy fall sweaters. If it’s chilly where you live, you probably have a variety to choose from, but it’s nice to have a super simple sweater that goes with anything. Sweaters like the above can be worn year-round too, so they’re always a good investment.

Vest. Winter may call for heavy coats but fall is notorious for unpredictability. A nice vest will keep you from going too overboard on chilly mornings and once again – perfect for layering.

Rain coat. Fall weather may not have completely hit yet but it’s always good to be prepared (especially when running around with little ones at your side). Get a rain coat that’s actually comfortable and appropriate for an average day in your city (not too thick or thin etc.).

Poncho or shawl. I love ponchos because they’re the chicest way to wear your comfiest, most casual clothes out on the town! If it doesn’t feel dressy enough for your event, pair yours with heeled boots and chunky jewelry.

Button up. A simple button up shirt or blouse is a must for proper layering. You’ll be able to sport it under a vest, poncho, jacket, or even just tuck it into a cute fall skirt when it’s not too cold. Go for a neutral so it doesn’t compete with your statement pieces and you’re good to go!

Tote bag. I know we’ve covered the best fall bags in my other post, but a versatile tote (in a romantic color like marsala preferably!) isn’t just practical, which I’m all about, it gives any outfit a bit of elegance.

Circle scarves. All you fall fashionistas know you’ve gotta have that circle scarf for easy layering.

Dark denim. Dark denim and skinny jeans are another staple. Fall and winter are when you pay more attention to footwear so get a pair that goes with your fave boots.

Leggings. Anyone else out there put comfort first? With the appropriate top and shoes (the vest and shirt dress above will do the trick), you can get away with leggings this time of year. Just make sure they’re thick and durable – trust me, it’s worth the extra few dollars.

Booties. Need I say more? This might be your best investment for fall, and if you’re walking around in the elements frequently, investing in a pair of booties that will last all season (or hopefully much longer) should be high on the priority list.

Once you have these staples, you only need a couple other pieces – a felt hat, a little bling, and another sweater or two comes to mind – to round out your closet all season long.


Best Bags For Fall 2016

Now that it’s August, it’s time to start transitioning to fall with fashion. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to replace your wardrobe with sweaters and rain boots, but it does give you the chance to try some new accessories that channel the cooler weather ahead! Speaking of, here are the best bags for fall…


abera crossbody tote in pewter, sole society foldover tote in camel, Rebecca Minkoff mini leo tote, cracked print satchelwillow quilted satchel, pink tassel flap bag, olina small satchel, Madewell mini transport crossbody

Totes. Fall is the time to go big with accessories – with layers to wear and unpredictable weather to deal with, you want something that will carry everything you need on those days stopping by the house isn’t possible. Enter, the tote! Use it for lugging your fall beauty essentials, carrying a good book or even stashing baby necessities… It all fits in here. Isn’t that first one stunning?

Satchels. Satchels can be as roomy as totes, but often they’re a bit more robust: with pockets, zips pouches, and a few different handling options, satchels can make more of a bold statement, so it’s really all about the style you prefer.

Crossbody Bags. A good crossbody is essential for on the go (#momlife) use because you can carry JUST what you need and toss it to the side of you. But for those of you that just can’t commit to a small bag, Madewell has a crossbody that’s like a tote but more functional.

Each season brings with it events that require different bags for different occasions, you might want to go with with one larger bag and a smaller size too. In that case, my tip is to invest in the one you’ll use the most, and look for a deal when it comes to the one that will have occasional use – you won’t be as reliant on it and can get away with a cheaper version.

Is there a back-to-school shopping list for grownups? Lol. Let me know which bag is your fave!


Wear It: 4 Ways to Flaunt Fall Textures

Some of my favorite looks so far this month have been when I wear something that screams fall – cozy sweaters, dresses in darker hues, anything that sends off autumn vibes and not the exhausted momma vibe! Lol. But really, fall is full of textures to indulge in, so don’t be afraid to do a little experimenting yourself.

Fall Fashion via Tamera Mowry

There’s no use in snagging all the latest fall fashion must-haves if you’re not sure how to wear them. Here are a few tips for correctly pairing these fall materials:

1. Contrasting fabrics. As much as I like to make a bold statement in my fashion choices, I don’t want to go overboard. Those cozy, fuzzy materials like faux fur can easily get out of hand so I prefer lined jackets and simple accessories. But how to get away with a statement piece? Pair cozy with sleek, and intensely patterned with neutral.

2. Layer wisely. We’ve all been there – check the weather report and run out of the house in way too many layers. By time we get where we’re going we’re SWEATING! If you’ve got a great warm coat like this wool wrap jacket or the faux fur moto jacket, keep it simple underneath. If you need a little more warm try a cowl, but don’t do anything too complicated (getting caught in an infinity scarf while already flustered… Not fun). Knit skirts and light sweaters can offset those heavier fabrics.

3. Prepare for warm fall weather. Some of you may not have this issue, but a lot of us are experiencing days where it’s sunny and 70 and not exactly the kind of weather you want to flaunt 100% wool – just yet, anyway. In this case, instead of loading up on those jackets I mentioned above, try wool blends and lighter knit fabrics, like a cotton sweater. You can also incorporate wool into accessories rather than the clothing if you’re dying to embrace autumn on sunny days!

4. Don’t forget about other textures. Tweed, leather (or faux leather), suede, bouclé – what fall and winter lack in color, they make up with texture, print and pattern. Follow the rules above and you can mix ‘n match any of these to create your ideal ensemble to wear for any occasion this season.

Pair your fall faves with these ankle boots and my classic makeup routine to complete the look!


Fall Fashion Bucket List

We’ve had about two days of fall weather (I know, better break out those sweaters!) here in southern California so far. But recent trips to the east coast with more travel (at the very least, trips to Napa where it will get cooler eventually) just beg for a little indulging in all that fall brings, even if it hasn’t hit the whole country. That means scarves, cozy sweaters and more! I thought it would be fun to create a mini bucket list for all the ways to soak up this stylish time of year.


Fall fashion bucket list | Tamera MowryTribal knit poncho / Topshop floppy hat / Matisse Lonnie boot / Key west tote / NARS nail polish / essie nail polish / Oversized flannel scarf

1. Knit poncho or shawl. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to make any huge clothing investments while working toward my mommy makeover, but I’m LOVING the slouchy, comfy couch-potato-gone-chic look (yes I said it). It’s like a Snuggy you can still look fabulous in. These are a must for fall, and they’re very versatile.

2. Fall hat. They’re mostly just for fun, but I really love stylish hats and think that anyone can rock them this time of year – even if it’s not normally your thing. With the right ensemble, it can give off that timeless, city chic appeal.

3. Boots. I relish the days I can wear a cute pair of tall boots. It isn’t practical all year where I live, but a day they make an appearance is a good one. What’s great about boots, whether ankle booties or knee-highs, is that if you make the investment, you really can get a few years of wear out of a single pair.

4. Big bag. Big bags are still in this time of year, but instead of toting your beach towel (and baby essentials if you’re a mom), a big bag can house all your fall makeup or even a sweater to throw on for transitional days.

5. Dark nails. Fall means new nail colors. I’ve always had a girly style – I’m drawn to the soft feminine look of pinks and pastel hues – but when fall rolls around everything changes. These nail colors look polished and sexy for on the go and more. Right now I’m loving dark blue, forest green, vampy red and metallics.

6. Marsala. Another autumn hue to try out on everything from nails to denim to bags is the Pantone Color of the Year. When it was first announced back in December of last year, I was already looking toward spring, but now that it’s October, I’m ready to embrace this stunning hue. The polish above is a bit more robust than most interpretations of Marsala, but I think anything in varying shades of “wine” or burgundy look gorgeous.

7. Oversized scarf. First it was infinity scarves, then cowls, and now it’s all about the blanket scarves. And boy do these scarves live up to their name. They’re huge, but as cozy as it gets, and I’ve seen so many fashion bloggers pulling them off with moto jackets and skinny jeans. I definitely have this one on my bucket list!

How do YOU do fall? Share your own bucket list in the comments!


Wear It: Ankle Boots for Fall

It may not feel like fall is coming in Los Angeles (it’s been so hot!), but on the rare occasion we get a cold, gloomy day, I’m thrilled by the opportunity to wear cozy clothes. I hate waiting forever to start dressing in fall fashion so I find easy ways to inject heavier textures and darker hues into my wardrobe. While summer oxfords were all about cut outs and pastels (I’ll wear this trend long into the next season), it’s booties in rich colors and fabrics that steal my heart.

The ankle boot is the perfect transitional piece–you can rock them with a dress or shorts on hot days, and zip them up with denim when the air gets crisp. A stunning pair of shoes can be the focal point of your outfit, but practically matters as well (especially for a momma who is on her feet all day). And because like most of you, I’m a sucker for cute shoes, here’s some of my fave picks for the season.

Ankle boots

Sam Edelman Paige Fringe Boot / Lucky Brand Basel Zip Up Bootie / Jeffery Campbell Taggart Ankle Boot / BP Trolley Ankle Bootie / Women’s Plume Jordy Ankle BootsH&M Ankle Boots / Bar III Festa Bootie / Black Zip Heeled Ankle Boot / BCBG Cornelius Sandal

This is the shoe for every woman who spends hours on her feet. Having a flat heel (one that’s 1 inch or less) means moms and boss ladies alike can run around all day without hurting their feet. I’m a big fan of a flat heel on boots of almost any length. The lack of heel doesn’t mean less style either. It’s actually the opposite. When there is no heel to be the accent, you can be more playful with fringe, cut outs and patterns without going overboard.

This is your everyday ankle boot for versatility – it will take you from day to night with only a swap of your lip color. A classic chunky mid heel (2-3 inches) with a nice finish is a go-to. I mean, how cute are these with dark denim or an a-line dress? Any embellishment on this style can add a boho, edgy or sophisticated finish to your look. Best part, when you get a really comfy pair like the BP Trolley’s above, you’re able to walk all over town while elongating those stems of yours. And you know us ladies love our legs to look long! Lol.

Chic is probably the least comfortable of the three, but if you determine a heel height that works best for you, you don’t have to sacrifice practicality. I wear these on The Reel when a strappy sandal or stiletto just won’t do. Some ladies can rock chic thin heeled ankle boots as their all day shoes–I’m not one of them. Lol.  But a night out with the girls or an event that needs to leave a lasting impression, I’m in! A solid black leather boot always looks stunning and glamorous, but if you want a more playful feel, try injecting seasonal colors into your wardrobe.