Wear It: 10 Cute Cold Weather Sweater Dresses

If you couldn’t tell by my fashion posts on my blog and my outfits on The Real… I love, love wearing dresses. A good fitting dress is hard to come by, but when you find it you feel ready to take on the day—or night. It’s easy to think you have to put away the dresses when fall rolls around because after all, most dresses aren’t exactly warm enough to wear without having to hide it under a jacket. Not to mention how hard it is to find the right shoes!

Sweater dresses are an exception, however. If you get a sweater dress with the right cut and length on you, you won’t be buried in layers any longer. And they’ll go with all your fall boots. Win win!

Tips for Wearing Sweater Dresses:

Long Dresses – Long dresses are hard to pull off, but ones with side slits or ties usually add movement, which gives it a modern look. Many boots can look bulky with a long knit dress, but ankle booties and heeled boots can look refined.

Short Dresses – If it’s too cold to wear a short dress out where you live, get one that’s a length you can wear with leggings, tall socks, or tall boots. That way, you’ll show the right amount of skin without exposing yourself to the elements! Be sure to be on the lookout for short dresses in warm knits like the cable knit and gray patchwork dress above.

Party Dresses – Yup, a sweater dress isn’t just for casual occasions. There are surprisingly many ways to dress up a look as cozy as this! Two of the dresses above have glitter embellishments, and a little metallic sheen instantly ups the chic factor.

How do you wear dresses in the fall?