10 Date Night Looks I Love (Perfect For Valentine’s Day)

tamera mowry

Who else gets excited to dress up for date night?! It is one of my all-time favorite things to do … There is something so fun about looking good for your partner. For my job, I have to be dressed up all the time, but I have to tell you, it’s so much more exciting to get dressed up for a night out with my husband. Between work and the general craziness of life, I really look forward to when we get some time together, and have a night all to ourselves.

Nothing makes you feel more fabulous and feminine than the perfect date night dress. With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, I have been really inspired to shop for some fabulous date night looks. Whether it’s a soft and airy fabric, a sexy silhouette or flirty ruffle … There are so many great styles out right now!

I have narrowed down my list, and wanted to share with you guys 10 Valentine’s Day inspired that I love!

Let me know what Valentine’s Day date night look you like the best!



MISAFarren Dress, MISA, $347 … This dress is flirty and fun! I love the shoulder detail, and the fact that it isn’t too dressy.


Dennett Lace Off the Shoulder Dress, BB Dakota, $110 … The back of this dress is everything! Very classy, but with that sexy lace detail.


Object of Desire Dress, Bailey44, $198 … This dress is so flirty, I love it! I could also see wearing it to some kind of garden party.

Driggs Dress

Driggs Dress, LIKELY, $124.60 … This dress could be dressed up so easily to be even more formal. Just add some great jewelry and a clutch purse for the evening.


X REVOLVE STRAPLESS DRESS, Norma Kamali, $125 … This dress looks like it would be more expensive than it is. It’s simple, elegant, and I love the color.


Cabrera Gown, LIKELY, $398 … The deep plum color of this dress combined with the off the shoulder ruffle is perfection! I would totally recycle this dress and wear it to a wedding!

Devin Dress

Devin Dress, Rachel Zoe, $525 … Rachel Zoe definitely knows how to make a dress! One of her pieces is a wardrobe investment.


Long Sleeve Dress, JOA, $84 … I love the simplicity of this dress, especially the feminine little ruffle detailing at the shoulders. And you guys, it’s $84!

loveshack fancy

Ruffle Slip Dress, LOVESHACKFANCY, $395 … If you are headed out for a fancy date night, you can’t go wrong with this dress. I love the metallic fabric!


Long Sleeve Mini Dress, Nicolas, $650 … I think this dress would literally look good on everyone! The color is so flattering, and I love the floral print and lace detail at the waist.





The Importance of Date Night

Today I wanted to talk about something that seems simple, but is so important to any relationship – date night! It doesn’t matter if you’re in a new relationship, have been together for years, or are married with little ones – dates are an important part of any romantic relationship. Just like you spend time with your friends, all healthy relationships require quality time spent talking, listening and experiencing life together. It’s easy for dates to become few and far between – you’ll get to it if you have time or money – especially when you and your partner are working demanding jobs or raising a family. But incorporating this into our lives has played a huge part in keeping our relationship strong, and here’s why: 


It breaks up the monotony. You can love your job, family and lifestyle and still get stuck in a rut. That’s totally normal! But a special night spent with your spouse can break things up more than you think. A lot of times we get caught up in our crazy lives and forget that our partners are there to support us through the bigger picture too. Time carved out for a date gives you a chance to talk about things other than your day-to-day.

You get to know each other on a deeper level. If you’re married or in a long term relationship, it’s easy to think that there isn’t more to learn. But having an evening dedicated to good conversation and experiencing something (whether a home cooked meal, weekend trip away, or anything in between!) together allows you to continue growing in your relationship. There’s nothing in life that doesn’t always have something to teach you – and that includes marriage.

Tamera and Adam date nightIt also gives you both a reason to dress up :)

It forces you to relax. If you’re the type of person who’s always on the go, you know what I mean by needing to be forced to relax! By spending time with someone you’re 100% comfortable being yourself around, away from the stressors of daily life if even for an hour or two, you just have a renewed sense of calm. It makes it so much easier to go back and face whatever life throws at you, now that you’ve been reminded about what matters most. If you find that you and your partner are bickering or disagreeing a lot, a date night is probably in order! I guarantee you’ll both unconsciously decide to go easier on each other afterward.

You remember your why. Yep, this statement is true for relationships too. It’s always good to remember why you began this crazy ride together! There’s nothing like those “we’re in this together” moments to remind you and your spouse why you’ve worked so hard on your relationship and why you WANT to continue to do so. Especially if you’ve been having a tough time or are working through something – moments like these will provide clarity in your relationship that you can’t get when just going through the motions.

That’s not to say that all the little moments you and your partner share together aren’t just as important – but a little time to focus on your relationship will only strengthen those experiences.

What’s your favorite date night activity? Would love to get inspired!


5 Ideas for a Cozy Date Night In on the Cheap

The temps have finally dropped here in California, making for chilly evenings and nights spent inside. But no matter where you are, I’m sure many of you could use a date night ASAP – I know Adam and I could! The holiday season is just a perfect time to rekindle the romance. And since wallets are stretched with gift costs and entertaining expenses, I made sure that these 5 ideas for a cozy date night in were as cheap as could be:

5 Ideas for a Cozy Date Night In - Tamera Mowry

 1. Game night for two. Game nights usually come to mind when you have a group of friends to entertain, but it’s surprisingly fun as a party of two too! Board games and card games are perfect for nights you seriously need to unplug as a couple. Cook up a meal, pour a glass of wine and break out a classic game.

2. Gourmet movie night. If you and your partner have been together for many moons, you’re probably used to the those “veg on the couch” evenings. Spice them up with a craft cocktail or homemade cocoa, and whip up a few different flavored popcorns before settling in. (Try sprinkling popcorn with rosemary + parmesan, or another recipe from this article.)

3. Double date dinner. If you’re used to meeting your couple friends out for dinners and drinks, why not bring the party inside? Decide on a dinner and cook together while catching up. This is especially good for busy couples that haven’t been able to make much time for a social life this season. Much needed!

4. Make gingerbread houses. The holidays are full of family-friendly activities, but it’s just as important for you and your hubby to create memories as a couple too, not just mom and dad. Try something lighthearted like making a gingerbread house or decorating homemade cookies for a festive, low-key night you’ll remember.

5. Start a marriage bucket list. Have you and your spouse done this before? If you’ve never written a list of things you’d like to experience as a couple, save this one for when the weather has you stuck inside with no plans. Writing down all the things you want to do together will inspire you to plan fun activities for the new year. Gotta love getting inspired :)

What’s your ideal date night in?


Wear It: Date Night Looks for Valentine’s Day

Ever since our perfect night out (ah, Napa), I’ve been dreaming of another peaceful night on the town. When you’re working 12 hour days and coming home to two active little ones, those few hours away are not taken for granted… Believe me! Most of the time I like to keep things cozy and natural when I’m not working, but I love to get all dolled up on date nights… Who doesn’t? That was the inspiration for combing through all these styles and coming across a few romantic must-have dresses.

Styles I’m loving… 

Flirty. Valentine’s Day is really just about love, friendship and fun. It’s really just about celebrating those you love to spend time with – there shouldn’t be so much pressure. A flirty dress can work for anyone regardless of whether they’re going on a first date, a date with the hubby or a group outing with friends. Isn’t the cape look such an unexpected style for a little red dress?

Girly. Ladies who love floral, rejoice. Spring styles are on their way. A floral print is always a classic choice for something like Valentine’s Day, and my favorite thing about them is the romantic colors. But ultra feminine styles aren’t ALL flowers – a casual tulle maxi skirt paired with a slight crop top is romantic without being over the top. Perfect for brunch with girl friends too!

Modern. And for those with a sultrier side? I say keep it simple with a solid color like black, white or red and focus on fabulous details like sheath overlays and unique necklines. Had to throw an all white jumpsuit in there too if you really want a head turner. Love.

When it comes to accessorizing, I love my mommy necklace (I now have one that includes both Aden and Ariah and I never take it off!) and a cute pair of heels. Many of these would look flawless belted too.

Nothing wrong with getting a little springy before the warm weather hits, right? You can always throw on one of these chic winter coats that are finally on sale.


Our Perfect Date Night

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Today I wanted to share a few pics from our recent date night in Napa. Adam and I were lucky to be able to have a night out, which is always a blessing after busy weeks! Any couple that juggles crazy schedules and the needs of little ones will know how cherished these moments are!

Our Napa Dinner Date - Tamera Mowry

We had a romantic dinner at Bistro Don Giovanni… One of my absolute faves for Italian.


My other half.


It doesn’t matter what we do, dinner out or not, we always have a blast together.

What’s your perfect date night?