Merry Christmas from the Housleys!

Hi guys! Did you do family Christmas cards this year? It can be a struggle to get the whole fam together to take a pic, but no matter how it turns out, I love having this to look back on! For our family Christmas card this year, we coordinated our outfits… Love seeing the kids all dressed up like this.

Merry Christmas from the Housleys! - Tamera Mowry Family

We hope you have a chance to celebrate the blessings 2016 has brought you and reflect on the meaning of Christmas with the people who have been by your side all year long. This is a time to take a step back from the hectic schedules our busy lives bring and surround ourselves with the people and experiences that are most important to us as we walk into a new year together. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas… from our family to yours.

Tamera, Adam, Aden, and Ariah

Mommy Hacks: Surviving Christmas with Toddlers

Are you ready for Christmas this Sunday? If you don’t know where the term “holiday stress” comes from, you probably haven’t experienced them with little ones yet! It’s no secret that there’s nothing more important to me than spending time with family, and Christmas is one of those occasions that gets us ALL together. It’s a great time for little ones to see family members they aren’t used to hanging out with every day, but it can definitely be exhausting. Here are my tips for making it as painless – and fun – as possible!

Mommy Hacks: Surviving Christmas with Toddlers - Ariah and Tamera Mowry

A gift from a friend that Ariah got to open early (a sneaky distraction from the ornaments…).

Traveling with toddlers. If you’re traveling with toddlers this weekend, be prepared. Have a car activity ready because they will get restless. It’s great if it’s something that can keep them busy on the road, but also comfort them if you’re spending the evening or weekend away from home. And be sure to plan around their normal schedule – whether it’s a nap or when they are their cheerful, energetic selves – you want to make sure your schedule works with theirs as much as possible.

Traditions with toddlers. Family traditions turn into amazing memories, and the earlier you include them the better! Even if you have a young toddler like Ariah, they can always sense when they’re not included… Carry on comforting family traditions or start new ones and make sure the little ones are in on it. It will keep them happy and active.

Decorating with toddlers. When I posted a photo of my tree on Instagram, so many of you asked how we pulled it off with two little ones around. The truth is, we have to never take our eyes off them if they’re going to be in our family room this time of year! Bright lights and shiny ornaments – all with presents underneath? No wonder a toddler can’t resist! Keep any fragile decorations out of reach for little hands, and keep your breakable ornaments toward the top of the tree and anything sturdier below. Ornaments are made of tons of materials these days, so you can opt out of the super fragile bulbs if need be. You can also tie ornaments on with ribbon rather than loose, sharp hooks.

Eating with toddlers. When planning your Christmas menu, make sure there are some toddler approved recipes in the mix. Who wants to negotiate with a picky eater during a busy holiday celebration? There are tons of kid-friendly ways to go about Christmas dinner, but you’ll want to make sure to serve up some comfort foods you already know they love. And if they’re old enough to eat at the kids’ table, be sure to decorate and make it look extra special, so they know what an important day they’re part of. They’ll love the attention!

Mommy Hacks: Surviving Christmas with Toddlers - Ariah Tamera Mowry

The simple toys are the best toys…

Remember, as overwhelming as a big holiday gathering can be for YOU, it’s even more so for babies and kids. Happy holidays!


Transforming Your Home for the Holidays

As you might’ve seen from my post last Friday, I love decorating our home for Christmas. Red, green, and gold are fun to throw around this time of year, but there’s a catch – our home has a coastal, beach chic vibe throughout. Combining these two themes isn’t the easiest, but instead of doing away with our beachy everyday décor, we decided to roll with it and create our very own Christmas design.

My Christmas Decor 2016 - Tamera Mowry

We placed our tree near our nautical built-ins and a big window so that it would stay just as light and bright as the rest of the space. Natural light is a MUST for me, so keeping the tree we’ll gather around on Christmas makes it even more inspiring.

My Christmas Decor 2016 - Tamera Mowry

One tip? Find unexpected places to hang things like bows and garlands from. That way you don’t have to rearrange much at all.

My Christmas Decor 2016 - Tamera Mowry

Yup, that would be 3 A’s and a T up on our mantel…

My Christmas Decor 2016 - Tamera Mowry

Because our everyday décor is full of nautical colors like red and blue, it actually mixed in well with the festive accents. (See my tips for mixing prints here!)

My Christmas Decor 2016 - Tamera Mowry

No need to take down current décor if there’s a way you can work in greenery and other winter accents. Love how this turned out!

My Christmas Decor 2016 - Tamera Mowry

Here’s that centerpiece I mentioned before that we shared on Facebook.

My Christmas Decor 2016 - Tamera Mowry

Only in California, hehe.

See more photos from my holiday house tour here.


Merry Christmas!

Like I mentioned in my holiday traditions post, every year we like to take photos as a family to recap the year and leave a memento to look back on. This year was filled with more love than I could’ve imagined, with an incredible girl to spend the rest of my life nurturing and caring for, a family that surprises me every single day and a job that is SO much more than a job to me! Not to mention each and every person who has taken the time to support me in ways large and small. I truly couldn’t have asked for more, and on Christmas I have to take a moment to celebrate these blessings.

Our Christmas Portrait on

We hope your day is brimming with joy and warmth no matter what ups and downs you experienced this year, and that it leaves you ready to take on the beautiful new year ahead!

From our family to yours.

Tamera, Adam, Aden and Ariah.

Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

Hey everyone! How is it possible that December goes by so fast every year? From baking cookies with Aden to dressing up in ugly sweaters on The Real, I’ve definitely had a festive holiday season to say the least, but it still feels like it’s flying by! I wanted to take a moment to share our favorite ways to celebrate the season in the Housley household.

Holiday traditions

Family photos + Santa photos.
Remember Aden’s Santa pictures from last year? We love the tradition of taking Christmas photos each year. It’s so fun to look back on them and see how things have changed and how we all have grown in the past year. It’s amazing to think that last year my pregnancy was a big secret, it was still early on, but now Ariah’s making her first debut in all our photos!

Holiday baking.
I always try to do some baking during the holidays, no matter how busy it gets. Festive treats and drinks are some of the best things about December, besides Christmas itself of course. Last year I baked yummy bread and whipped up the easiest hot cocoa ever (pregnancy cravings brought on that one, but I’m not opposed to making that a tradition), and this year, it’s all about Christmas cookies and warm comfort foods.

Elf on the Shelf.
It didn’t take long for The Elf on the Shelf to become a tradition in our house. If you don’t know what all the hype is about, the elf and book are a story that explain how Santa’s visit the family each morning (in a new surprising place that the littles can discover) and then report back to the North Pole each night before Christmas. Once you break this little guy out, it’s time to get clever with his hiding spots!

Family get-togethers.
Whether it’s a few people stopping by or a full-on family reunion, who doesn’t love an excuse to hang out with their loved ones? Aden loves getting the chance to have other little ones around his age over, and it’s always fun to play hostess for a few hours.

These may not be the craziest activities you could spend the holidays doing, but quality time and quality food – you can’t beat it!

Share your traditions with me below.


Our Christmas Decorations

Tamera Mowry Christmas Tree

We love getting festive around here so the Christmas tree and holiday décor went up as soon as we came out of our turkey day food comas. It may look like summer outside those windows, but inside the Housley house is a winter wonderland. Take a look…

Tamera Mowry Christmas Decor

We’ve officially got four stockings on display now. I must say it fills out our mantel nicely. And yep, that is indeed Elf on that shelf.

Tamera Mowry Christmas Decor

We had to do a little rearranging to fit in our tree, so this spot is looking much cozier. I swapped out some throw pillows for more festive ones and hung our wreath in the window.

Tamera Mowry House

Hints of Christmas all over our home now…

Tamera Mowry Christmas Tree

Now onto the tree. This is a busy household this year so we opted for a fake tree to hopefully make decorating easier and quicker. I’m relieved that there aren’t pine needles everywhere, but perfecting this setup was a labor of love!

Tamera Mowry Christmas Tree

We have all our special ornaments, lights, garlands and this year – a full-on train too. Aden is obsessed so it had to be done.

Tamera Mowry Christmas Decor

Instant entertainment!

Share a pic of your decorations!