6 Ways Green Tea is the Solution for Tired Eyes

Most of us don’t exactly get the amount or quality of sleep we really need to, and as much as we ​shouldn’t rely on quick fixes, sometimes ​you need run out the door, well rested or not. Cucumber has been a famed eye savior for many years, but slicing up this veggie for your skin mostly works to calm and cool. Considering that cucumbers are 96% water, it makes sense that they’d make the ultimate eye pad. But what if you need something that not only reduces puffy eyes and wakes you up, but provides a boost of nutrition too? Enter green tea.

Benefits of Green Tea for Tired Eyes | Tamera Mowry

It’s well known that green tea has some major health benefits, but did you know that those little tea bags can also act as a mini-spa treatment too? Here’s why:

It cools. If you place the tea bags in the refrigerator after steeping to allow them to cool, you can reap the same benefits you would from a face mask – a cooling effect that instantly refreshes eyes. Fun fact: even drinking hot tea will have a cooling effect on your body, due to the increased blood flow, which I’ll talk about below.

It soothes. While some people place ice cubes on eyes, it’s actually too cold to soothe and may be damaging. A chilled tea bag has the perfect amount of cooling to soothe those tired eyes. Try it each morning and see how you feel! 

It brightens. Green tea extract is an ingredient in many a facial mist and toner due to its beautifying effects on skin. Not only does it soothe, but brightens the look of skin around the eyes, helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots.

It de-puffs. One of the biggest reasons to give tea a try on your eyes is because it can act as an instant de-puffer… Effectively covering up any clue that you’ve been stressed or had trouble sleeping the night before. Make sure your green tea contains caffeine though – caffeine is the secret ingredient that constricts blood vessels and reduces swelling.

It nourishes. Of course, we all want to look good, but it’s super important that the reason we look good is because we’re healthy! The vitamins (including E – a known skin saver), minerals and antioxidants make it an ideal choice of beverage, but they can also improve skin when applied topically.

It tightens. The tannins in tea can help stimulate better blood circulation, which you may be lacking after many sleepless nights (oh, motherhood). This not only helps you look more awake, but firms up the skin around eyes for younger, healthier looking peepers.

To use green tea on your eyes, try this: Steep two tea bags in hot water as package directions suggest. Wring the bags out as much as possible and allow to cool in the fridge. Once cool, place over eyes and sit back and relax. 15 minutes is all you’ll need, but it won’t hurt to keep them on a little longer!

Make sure to save some tea to drink up, too!  


Foundation Basics Every Woman Should Know

Behind every flawless beauty look is a solid foundation. You need that even skin tone and smooth basis in order to complete even the most natural beauty look. While some lucky women can get away with just concealer every now and then, the majority of skin requires a little boost before that makeup look will go on smoothly. Here are a few foundation tips I’ve learned over the years of getting made up for both the camera and everyday life.

How to Wear Foundation

The type of foundation matters. Be it cream, powder, or liquid, the type of foundation is just as important as the shade, which I’ll talk about below. But here’s the kicker – everyone’s skin is different! Even if you’ve got the same skin type as the next girl, it doesn’t mean the same foundation will work for you.

Often creams are good for getting full coverage that you can build. Powders are great for oily skin but can be drying or cakey on some (look for one infused with Argan oil or other moisturizing ingredients), or not provide enough coverage. And many people find liquids easier to match with their skin tone in order to get the coverage they need. They can also be a huge help for those with dry skin. The bottom line? Shop around. It’s wise in the long run to try a few before deciding on what’s best, because foundation is so important to your overall look.

The shade depends on skin tone and undertone. Which of course, can make it seem impossible to find the right one! Luckily there are more options than ever in terms of foundation shades to choose from, and many take undertones into consideration (such as this and this). Also, when finding the perfect shade, test it along your jawline first – this helps make sure you don’t look like you’re wearing a mask (as close to Halloween as it is!). 

Swap foundations depending on the season. With foundation being a great base for makeup, which tends to change seasonally (see my fave fall look here), it’s easy to think foundation can stay in your bag year-round. But skin changes with the weather, and so do our foundation needs. Keep a lighter foundation for the wintertime (one that matches your skin tone – be wary of going too light or it won’t look natural) and one a few shades darker for when your skin becomes more tanned in the summer months. You can always blend the two to create your own perfect shade in between.

Some foundations come with extras. Foundations these days are often chockfull of SPF and antioxidants, which is great for those of us who simply don’t have the time (or desire!) to layer on the products. Although makeup with these benefits shouldn’t replace your daily sunscreen use or skincare regimen, I personally feel a whole lot more protected when I have a product that does it all.

If it’s your first time trying a new foundation, make yourself up and then head outside – the best way to know if it’s a great fit is if it looks flawless in the light! For more on keeping a fresh face, check out my thoughts on why you should indulge in professional facials every now and then.