Spring Makeup Must Haves

Have any of you started switching up your beauty routine for spring yet? Now that it’s officially here, I’m ready to add a little more color to my wardrobe and makeup. Today I’m sharing a few ways you can update your makeup bag for spring, from adding in subtle, romantic shades to going bold and bright.

Spring Makeup Musts - Tamera Mowry

Blushes & Nudes

Valentine’s Day may be over, but spring is a great time to add a touch of romance. Blushes and nudes make any look soft and feminine, while adding a warm glow that looks stunning with any of these spring dresses. Try something with a slight brown or almost light purple tone like NARS’ velvet gloss lip pencil or Bobbi Brown’s art stick, which comes in 11 romantic shades. The trick here is to choose one that adds a subtle pop, but doesn’t take the attention off the rest of your look. These shades are perfect for pairing with floral dresses and flowy blouses.

Coral & Orange

For the eyes, spring is one of the few times you can’t go wrong punching up the color even for everyday wear – so what not experiment? Depending on what fits best with your skin tone, colors ranging from pinky corals to vibrant oranges can provide the perfect pop for spring. Choose an eyeshadow palette that comes in 2 or 3 shades so you can blend your brighter pick with a more natural hue – you don’t want the shadow coming out of nowhere. If you prefer to have your color on the cheeks instead, a cream blush is the way to go. Bliss has a silky blush stick that blends easily and helps sculpt cheeks too.

Pop of Red

Another hue I love year-round, but especially for spring? A good, sultry red! Red works any time of year depending on the outfit you’re pairing it with. It easily goes from sophisticated in the fall to bold during the holidays to flirty on Valentine’s, and now – fun in spring. MAC’s Ruby Woo is my go-to, but luckily just about every beauty brand under the sun makes a good red. And if red lips are a little too bold, you can always flaunt it on your nails instead.

What are your favorite spring shades? Share with me in the comments below!


4 Bad Beauty Habits to Break This Year

When thinking of new years resolutions, I always like to throw something beauty or fashion related into the mix. Things like health, relationships, and career make for our greatest goals – but I find that a few related to my passions or the things I just find interesting keep life inspiring when times get busy. Along those lines, these beauty habits to break could be affecting not just your makeover – but the health of your skin, too…

Bad Beauty Habits to Break - Tamera Mowry

1. Not washing your makeup brushes. Every time you dab on that powder or cream, you’re leaving makeup behind. Just like the dishes in your sink, makeup brushes need a proper cleaning. Dirty makeup brushes aren’t just homes for bacteria which could be leading to breakouts, they also make application a lot harder, from achieving smooth foundations to covering up dark spots. Make this the year you give them a regular clean!

2. Sticking to the same skincare routine all year. Skin has different needs depending on the weather, so switching up your skincare routine and products at least seasonally can be a huge help. Even more important if you travel to different regions a lot. For example, when the temps cool off, I switch to heavier moisturizers and lighter cleansers (see why here), whereas in summer I simplify my makeup routine and swap heavy creams for mild ones.

3. Wearing the wrong shades. If you haven’t gotten your skin matched for foundation before, you’re missing out! Spend a day at the beauty counter drilling your local beauty experts for opinions, and get specific – which foundation is best for me? which eyeshadow colors complement me best? which mascara is right for MY lashes? There’s no one size fits all approach to makeup. Get opinions from a few experts and invest in only products that you truly love. This will save major $$ in the budget, and you’ll be a lot more confident knowing you’ve got the makeup knowledge you need to flaunt it confidently.

4. Skipping facials. Daily cleansing and a basic skincare routine are musts for anyone’s skin, but not everyone has a professional facial as part of their skincare routine. While it’s a bit of an investment, a facial is so effective at unclogging pores and blackheads, helping acne, and deeply hydrate skin that the benefits often make it worthy. You might even end up spending less on other treatments in the long term!

Do you have any beauty-related resolutions this year?


My Skincare Secrets: Switching Your Skincare for Fall

Whether temps drop drastically, the air gets more drying, you travel a lot during the holidays or you just can never seem to predict the weather, there are a lot of external changes to prep our skin this time of year for! Since changes in seasons are often gradual rather than abrupt, I wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t even thought about prepping your skin for cold weather woes. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to combat the effects of weather on skin this time of year, and you’ll be glad you did once things get really crazy in a few months.

My Skincare Secrets - Fall Skincare Tips - Tamera Mowry

So, what to do? Treat skin that’s stressed from summer with a moisturizing mask like Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask and continue to use once a week to maintain properly hydrated skin and stave off breakouts. If you feel your skin drying out, an effective moisturizer is a must! To find the perfect products, there are even apps you can use. Cast gives you personalized skin and hair recommendations based on your location, weather and skincare needs.

While you may be using an intense moisturizer when fall rolls around, you want to do the opposite with your cleanser – stick to a gentle product. If you normally exfoliate frequently, you might want to pull back, as this can make dry skin even worse. It’s truly all about the moisturizer when it comes to skincare transitions.

Another tip? Don’t forget the lips! Jouer has a lip treatment that nourishes dry lips while providing the subtlest sheen so that you don’t look like you applied balm, but rather a colorless gloss that gives the appearance of slightly fuller lips too. You also don’t want to overlook the neck area, so remember to apply your night creams and moisturizers there too.

Lastly, give skin a break! We tend to start piling on the makeup as the temperatures drop and we have to work a lot harder to give skin that natural looking glow. All that product can take a toll on skin, so when you don’t have plans or are just running errands – simply apply your skincare and skip the rest. Giving skin regular breaks will restore its vitality and make those made-over days a lot more successful in the end.

Have you experienced any changes in your skin this season yet? Now that you’ve got skincare locked down, see my classic fall beauty look here.


My Natural Pink Beauty Look

As much as I love transitioning with the season, I always like to have a signature beauty look that can work no matter the time of year. A natural beauty vibe with a bolder eye and a bit of a pink glow does the trick – especially when I’ve got the curls out in full force! Here’s how to achieve the look yourself:
 My Natural Pink Beauty Look - Tamera Mowry 

First things first, a blank canvas is a must. Make sure you’ve properly cleansed and moisturized before applying product. If your eyes could use a little pick-me-up, try this green tea trick. Next, apply a primer that will smooth skin and prep it for foundation, like Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation primer. Apply foundation (or to go even lighter with coverage, a tinted moisturizer) as usual. If the changes in weather are already starting to hit you, look for a base that evens skin and doesn’t try you out. For this look, it’s all about keeping it light! Clinique’s Even Better is a light makeup and comes in 30 shades.

Now it’s time to add that romantic glow. For the full effect, Ambient Lighting Edit comes with blush, bronzer, and highlighter, but if you opt for just a highlighting powder like Becca’s you can be more choosy about shades. If applying blush, be sure not to go overboard – a little goes a long way. Try a rose gold hue with a bit of shimmer to get the pink look!

My Natural Pink Beauty Look - Tamera Mowry

Eyes are definitely the focal point, and the shimmer just adds a nice accent. To achieve this, you can start with a shimmery yet natural earth-toned shadow of your choice, or forgo it and go straight for liner. Apply a thick black eyeliner like Tartiest Double Take eyeliner (which has both a pencil and a precision liner for the wing) on both your upper lid and lower lash line. Curl those lashes and apply a couple coats of a jet-black mascara.

Round out the whole look with a flirty almost bubblegum pink lip – think Jouer’s Crème Liquid Lipstick in Buff or even Peche. And voila!

For more beauty inspiration, read my skincare secrets.


My Mother’s Day Treat Yourself Gift Guide

This year is flying by guys! Do you have a gift for your own momma lined up? Because gifts for your own mother are deeply personal (or should be!), I thought it would be fun to talk about ways you can treat yourself on this special day. So much of the time, even on this special day, moms don’t get to hear how amazing they are! I know that for many moms, motherhood is a thankless job – because she is expected to be all these things to her family, her efforts can go unnoticed. I’m so thankful for the support I have, and I hope that all the moms reading this know I’m thankful for them too! We have to support each other :)Mothers Day Gifts


Turkish towel / balance necklace / bath soak / my quotable kid journal / Dior lip balm with SPF / tassel cuff bracelet / leap of faith candle / dipped personalized journal

This Mother’s Day I’m thinking of my own mother, and all my momma friends too – those that are by my side offering up tips and advice, a shoulder to cry on, countless laughs and endless support. They all deserve a little something extra on this day.

Moms, don’t forget to treat yourself this year! It’s never too late to get yourself a little gift of appreciation – not only for all that you do, but for all that you are. These gifts can serve as a reminder of your hard work throughout the year and how much you love what you do – like a ‘balance’ necklace to inspire happiness, relaxing bath soak, and pampering lip balm you hadn’t allowed yourself to splurge on – and more. Isn’t My Quotable Kid journal such a nice way to record the joys of motherhood too? It be a fun pick-me-up on a stressful day.

Do you have any Mother’s Day plans? If you don’t, I hope you’ll celebrate all that YOU do! 


How to Find Your Signature Red Lipstick

I’ve always admired women who can do their own thing with 100% confidence. If they want to dress up just to run errands, they do it. If they want to rock a bold lip – no one can stop them. A signature red lipstick is a makeup must have and it’s a total confidence booster, even if it does mean exiting your comfort zone at first. A dab of lipstick is a great place to start for so many occasions – date nights, work outings, you name it. So just in time for V-Day, here are my tips for finding that perfect one.

How to Find the Best Red Lipstick by Tamera Mowry

Choosing a Shade

Choosing a lipstick shade will depend mostly on your skin’s color and undertones, but you can also take hair color and personal style into account. What’s most important is that you feel comfortable in that shade.

With that said, brighter tones of red look good on fair skin, or a red that has a slight orange hue – it’s just the right pop without going overboard in contrast. Medium skin often pairs well with red that has a pinkish hue. And this can work for medium light to medium dark as well, not to mention cherry or orange tones too. If your skin has more of an olive or caramel undertone, berry and wine shades look gorgeous. Although it’s often tough to find any sound advice for dark skinned beauties – you often hear that orange is the only way to go – true reds are sultry and sexy on a whole range of tones and undertones. Reds with both orange and berry hues are worth trying too!

Glossy vs. Matte

I’m all about a glossy red lip – it’s so classic and romantic – especially for a date night or a black tie event. (In this case, look for one with “shine” or “gloss” in the name.) But you can’t deny that some shades just look amazing when mattified. Just make sure to find a matte lipstick that isn’t over drying. My trick? Create your own matte lipstick out of a fave shade by dabbing translucent powder over your freshly applied color. This also helps to make it last (see below!).

Full Coverage vs. Sheer

Another lipstick consideration is whether you want a fuller coverage or a sheer formula. They both have their pros, but one is much more subtle – more like a gloss with a hint of color, and the other is far bolder. If you’re not usually big on red lipstick, you might want to opt for a sheer one first, so as not to totally freak yourself out when you look in the mirror! Lol. Personally, a good red lip is a major confidence booster. If that’s you too, skip over the sheer stuff and go straight for long lasting.

Long Wearing & Moisturizing

Whether a lipstick is long lasting or moisturizing are two important things to consider. Who wants to pay $25 for a lipstick that’s invisible after an hour or a sip of coffee? In my experience, the most moisturizing types haven’t always been the longest lasting, but those that specifically say “all day” or “long lasting” tend to live up to their name. If you hate that feeling of parched lips that comes with some long wear formulas, here’s what I suggest: opt for a hydrating color and spritz a setting spray or powder on top to lock it in place.

Got any lipstick secrets up your sleeve?? I’d love to test them out.