How to Get Photo-Ready Makeup Every Time

Have you ever done your makeup at home, only to walk by a mirror while out and about, and have the surprise of finding it’s either too bold or barely there at all? Whether you constantly find out that you go heavy on the bronzer or aren’t quite as accurate with your eyeliner, great lighting is KEY to knowing how your makeup will look when you leave the house.

Tamera Mowry Makeup

Lighting differs everywhere you go, but throughout the day, you’ll likely be in natural light repeatedly. You’ll want to try to mimic great lighting as well as possible, so that your makeup looks good beyond the bathroom! While many bathrooms no longer have vanity light these days, one of the reasons for those light bulb lined mirrors was to provide lighting without all the shadows and glares. However, you have to have bulbs that provide a soft light that’s also positioned to be eye level instead of simply overhead. If where you do your makeup only has one light fixture on the ceiling, for example, you’re not going to properly achieve the makeup that people will see straight on. Yikes!

The solution? Luckily, there’s a few. For one, if you can bring natural light in, do it! If you can, open the blinds and do your makeup near a window. But if your bathroom lighting is too dim or even too harsh, worry not, you can actually mimic natural lighting indoors with a Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s quite the multitasker. You get a mirror that captures ALL the details of your face (hello, stray eyebrow hairs), allowing you to see makeup and skin tones in a much more accurate light. Plus, it reduces the glare of standard lighting.

Tamera Mowry Makeup

When it comes to showing off your makeup, being camera ready is always a challenge. Indoor photography is notorious for making us question our makeup choices, when it’s once again all about lighting. To combat this, try a DIVA Ring Light and stand, which is a light designed for makeup professionals (but is thankfully available to everyone online) to be able to capture their beauty look on camera accurately every time. Chances are your fave beauty vloggers use a DIVA light – it’s great with video too. And while it’s a bit of an investment (the NOVA version is more affordable for those starting out), if you want great photos or video, you’ll need something to combat the lighting mishaps I talked about above. It creates an intense, shadow-free light that takes away that yellow-y glare you get in your vanity, and helps colors really pop – from your glowing cheeks to your shade of lipstick to those beautiful eyes. No filter needed!

One last tip while we’re on the subject of lighting: when shopping for makeup, be sure to consider how it will look in “real life” lighting before purchasing from the store. You can usually sample it, take a look in a compact mirror while outside, and go back in to purchase if you like what you see. Those mall lights are killer!

Have you heard about these makeup lighting tricks?


3 Makeup Tips for Transitioning into Spring

Whew, spring is officially here! From farmers markets to new activities to enjoy with the fam, I always feel renewed when spring rolls around. With that comes warmer temps and changes in the air, so it’s the perfect time to start trying out fresh, bright looks. You don’t have to full-on swap out your entire beauty collection (for the time being), but there are a few areas I like to focus on to get my makeup prepped for the April showers and May flowers ahead.

Makeup Tips for Spring / Tamera Mowry

All About That Base
You don’t have to lose foundation entirely (that can be a bit scary) but spring is an ideal time for switching from a heavy foundation to a tinted moisturizer that will even complexion without weighing you down. A hydrating product is essential because come on – the days of dry winter air aren’t exactly behind us yet. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue is a brightening cream that offers that dewy spring look and it comes in several shades. You could also try a BB cream for something slightly heavier, and layer your powder foundation if you still find it necessary. Whatever I go with, I always make sure it has SPF.

Roll with the Changes
When your current face makeup colors start to look a bit unnatural, you know it’s time to reach for a different shade. Even though changes in our skin tones can be very subtle in the springtime, opting for a slightly darker shade will look most natural and allow you to keep a minimal everyday look without excessive products. Going one shade darker usually does the trick for me this time of year, but I have to make sure to go with the lighter coverage mentioned above, or else it’s overbearing – there’s a very fine line here! Also, now is the time to consider the weather in your area and whether you’ll need to account for changes in the air. LA is pretty easy to figure out, other cities – not so much.

Amp Up Your Color
This is my absolute favorite part of transitioning to spring: experimenting with colors and bringing the whole look together. Complement your spring wardrobe with your makeup (notice I didn’t say “match”!). If you’ve got vibrant pops of color in your spring wardrobe, some of your winter makeup choices will clash. If your style is neutral in spring, like white, beige and gray, having a few springy makeup products like a flirty pink lipstick or subtly shimmery shadow will punch up the look. Spring is such a good time to play with different lip colors too. A shade like Clinique Matte Lipstick in ‘Peony’ or Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip Duo in Timeless Coral will really spring-ify a low key, on the go outfit.

What are your spring beauty must-haves? Check out my natural beauty routine if you’re looking for a good basis for spring makeup.


How to Cover Up Dark Spots

A flawless face is something we all lust after, especially once we’ve seen less than flattering pictures of ourselves. While the start to obtaining such a look begins with a healthy lifestyle and proper skin care (and don’t forget genetic luck), there are makeup application tips and tricks that can help us achieve an even skin tone and gorgeous base.

Since I’ve received many questions about makeup, I thought this was a good opportunity to address one concern I hear frequently – dark spots. I have natural, barely-there beauty down, but when it comes to great coverage and stunning looks, I turn to the true professional, Motoko Honjo Clayton – my makeup artist for The Real. She is amazing! And was happy to share a few  product recommendations and tips with me on how to properly cover anything from freckles to dark spots without looking like you’re wearing a mask of product.

How to Cover Dark Spots

Motoko, me and Adriana getting me ready for The Real

Motoko offered two methods – one for light coverage and one for heavier coverage. Here’s what she suggested.

Light Coverage

Start off with a BB cream that delivers. There are plenty out with various tint options, like Bobbi Brown BB Cream, so you’re sure to find one that matches your skin tone. Once you’ve applied BB cream all over (only after your moisturizer and primer, of course), select and apply a concealer with heavy pigmentation to the spots you’re looking to hide. Her pick: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, long-lasting coverage. The trick here is to find a concealer with an orange or pink tone, as these colors will cancel out brown, purple or blue hued spots on the skin.

How to Hide Dark Spots

Full Coverage

If you’re getting ready for a picture perfect moment, skip the BB cream and apply a cream foundation with strong color payoff. Try applying Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer with a sponge or brush and mixing with moisturizer to change the thickness and coverage. If you prefer liquid foundation, Motoko says stick with one that is matte, like NARS Sheer Matte Foundation. Once you’ve applied foundation – don’t be afraid to build up the product if you’re concerned about it looking cakey –then apply and blend concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation over each spot. You can create a triangle of concealer under the eyes to illuminate the face and mask dark circles as well. Once finished, set it all with powder and move onto your next feature.

Have any other makeup application questions? Share with me below and I’ll try to post more with either tips from myself or more pros. ;)


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