Ariah’s Bedroom Makeover




Yesterday I showed you guys Aden’s newly redecorated bedroom, and now I am so excited to show you Ariah’s bedroom makeover! I worked with Oilo Studio to design this very special space for my daughter.

My daughter is a little lady who knows what she likes (watch out world!), and she adores anything pink. We wanted to create a room for her that she would automatically gravitate towards, and enjoy spending time in. This meant using her favorite color, and then offsetting it with lots of light and soft textures to create a calming space. Adding in the faux fur rug and stool were two ways that I could help to make the room feel safe and happy for her — She absolutely loves the plushness of these two pieces, and goes right to them every time she walks in her room.


Designing Ariah’s room was different than Aden’s room because she is younger, and still sleeping in a crib. The big challenge was to create a beautiful space that was inviting for her, was functional for me and my husband and that could be easily updated. The room had to be designed around the idea that it would need to be updated from a nursery to a big kid room. For example, where the crib sits now, we have already measured out exactly where her first big girl bed will fit in a few years. We also know that she will need a book shelf and toy storage, and so we have already designated the space where the changing table currently sits for those items.

This room was all about creating some elements to stay for a long time, and creating other elements that are functional now, but that are temporary. One piece of this room that was designed to last is the wallpaper. I fell in love with the print, and it makes for a beautiful focal point that is bold, but not too busy. As Ariah gets older and her bedroom needs change, we plan on keeping the same look and feel to the room, and just updating a few things. Even the decorative crib pillows we selected are functional accents that can easily be placed on her big girl bed once we are ready for it. Designing her room was all about thinking ahead, and planning for change!

I loved designing this room for my daughter, and I can’t wait to see how she will continue to use it and make it her own as she grows up!

How have you guys transitioned a nursery into a big kid room? I would love to hear your tips!




Wallpaper by Anewalldecor | Crib by Newport Cottages | Sheepskin Rug (4×6) from Homegoods | Dresser from Wisteria | Glider by Oilo | Bedding by Oilo Studio | Light by Oilo Studio | La Mae Rug by Lulu & Georgia | Fur Stool by CB2 | End Table from wayfair | Mirror from Neiman Marcus | Window Treatments & Hardware by Q Design | Paint from Sherwin-Williams | Pillows by Oilo Studio | Blush Blanket by Oilo Studio


She’s On The Move!

Happy Friday guys! Thought it would be fitting to walk into Labor Day weekend with these cute photos of one of Ariah’s milestones – walking! Or should I say running? She started taking her first steps awhile back, so there’s nothing like seeing her grow stronger and more confident in her new abilities.

Ariah Walking - Tamera Mowry

Can’t slow this girl down!

Ariah Walking - Tamera Mowry

How grown up is she?

We’ve been making sure to take more photos so we can preserve these moments and even create scrapbooks and wall art with them too. Can’t wait to share my progress with you all.

By the way, this dress is from Old Navy. It’s no longer on the site, but there are tons more cute dresses to choose from.

What family activities do you have planned this weekend?


Mommy Hacks: 5 Ideas for Helping Baby Sleep

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard more than enough times all of the “foolproof” ways to get your baby to fall (and stay) asleep. Some of them may have worked like magic, while your baby resists others. (Which is when we bring in Talitha, who has helped us define our parenting style, after all ;)) For example, Ariah loves being bundled in her swaddle blanket; it helps her feel cozy and secure. Other cues, like dimmed lights and reciting stories, signal that winding down time. But then there are moments where it seems like nothing on earth will help your little one sleep! It’s time to pull out a few new tricks.

baby sleep tips / photo of Ariah via Tamera Mowry

Try a lullaby app. Rockabyboo is a new lullaby app that utilizes UK artist Beulah’s soothing voice to help baby drift off to dreamland. There’s an enormous selection of music and stories updated constantly and they can even be personalized for some babies’ names. Find more info in this video clip.

Share your fave music with them. Yep, Rockabye Baby! features an entirely different set of lullabies. A company that sells soothing, lullaby versions of popular songs from countless artists and eras, you can put baby to sleep to The Elton John, Taylor Swift, or even Jay-Z. Don’t worry, all songs are baby-friendly, soothing, being the keyword here. The idea behind it is music that’s sweet and soft for babies, but just as entertaining for mom and dad. You might even enjoy having these tunes stuck in your head all night!

Get a vibrating mattress pad. Maybe it’s not the sounds that soothe her, but the motion. This Vibrating Mattress Pad Baby Soother gives off a gentle motion without you having to constantly rock her or take yet another drive around the block. It slides in under the crib’s mattress and can easily be shut off via the accessible power button on the handle.

Try a mix of both sound + motion. Of course, if neither of these are working quite right, maybe it’s that the baby needs to feel the motion as well as hear a soothing sound to feel secure enough to drift to sleep. There are products such as the Summer Soothe & Vibe that does the work of both the motion and the sound machine. And if it can safely soothe your little one to sleep in 20 minutes or less, it could be worth a try!

Get them a read-along buddy. You may remember that I mentioned the book + reading buddy Christopher Can’t Sleep as one of Aden’s fave bedtime stories. This is something to try with children of his age that know how to entertain themselves. Now, don’t get me wrong, Aden loves following along with the story… But it also happens to lull him right to sleep! One moment he’s engulfed in the pages of the book, and the next he’s snuggling up with his buddy.

If you’ve got ideas to add to this list, let me know – I’ll edit the post to feature your tips!


My Breastfeeding Experience

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Today I wanted to share my breastfeeding story. It’s incredible how different one child can be from the next, and how much easier it can be the second time around. Of course, we’ve got a long way to go. But all the experiences I’ve had with Aden as a baby have definitely taught me so much, making things like breastfeeding much more enjoyable with Ariah.

Tamera Mowry | My Breastfeeding Experience |

With Aden, breastfeeding was hard. It didn’t come as naturally as we’re meant to believe. Aden wasn’t latching properly, which meant I experienced soreness, my nipples were callused and I was in pain for about 8 weeks. I was having a hard time keeping up my supply of milk and it was taking a major emotional toll on me. All this in the midst of things I had to learn and research as a new mom – it was important to know, for example that I needed to eat right while breastfeeding to give my baby what he needed. (What we eat can even contribute to whether or not the baby gets colic.) There was just so much to learn, and so much I wanted to be able to do. I wanted so desperately to breastfeed that when it didn’t seem like a viable option, I broke down. But I was determined not to give up.

I know I’m not the only woman to have felt this way. In fact, I didn’t have it as bad as some women do. Breastfeeding can come easy and it can be nearly impossible. There are a ton of reasons for this, but the one that affected me was Aden’s latch. It took some time, but I finally learned how to get the right latch, and then breastfeeding was much easier. Let me tell you you, if breastfeeding is important to you, do not leave the hospital unless you’ve had the right latch with your baby!

When it came time to breastfeed Ariah, I have to admit I was a little worried. I wanted to be sure that I could give her my antibodies, feed her nutrients and give her enough of my milk to help prevent her from getting sick. Thankfully my worries were unwarranted. I took everything I learned from my experience with Aden and Ariah had the perfect latch from day one. The nurses even commented that they wished Ariah could teach the other babies there! Lol.

Where breastfeeding with Aden was challenging, with Ariah it’s been unbelievable. I can’t fully express how it actually feels, but the bond it’s building between us is amazing. I cherish every second I can sit down and feed her. It’s our private time together, and I really find it so relaxing. It makes me feel good to know that I can give her everything that her body needs, and I plan to do so until she’s one year. And women must do what’s right for their baby–which can include bottle feeding of course. In that case, I’ve discovered that Gentle Gerber formula is best!

I’ve learned to trust my baby.

I hope hearing my story will help any new mommas out there! Share your experiences with me in the comments.


Photo: Katee Grace Photography

Lou Lou & Company Giveaway!

Hey guys! I have a giveaway for you today. If you love Ariah’s style and have a little one yourself (or know someone who does), get excited because Lou Lou & Company, the amazing brand behind adorable newborn hair accessories, baby blankets, nursery bedding and mittens, is giving one lucky winner a $250 gift card to shop on their website. With prices starting below $10, you can seriously outfit a little girl or boy all winter long. Ariah wore a Lou Lou & Co headband during both her People photo shoot and her TV debut on The Real, so if you loved her style you’ll love this giveaway! Okay, here’s a look at their products.

Lou Lou and CompanyThere are SO many prints to choose from, and everything is very cozy and soft. Ariah loves it!

The prize: A $250 shop credit to Lou Lou & Company’s online store.

Here’s how to enter:

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