10 Unique Finger Food Ideas for Little Ones

It’s no secret that Ariah loves her finger foods. Once we transitioned to them, there was no turning back. Since she’s at that oh-so-fun age of being curious about all types of foods, I’ve had to get creative…

Ariah Eating - Unique Finger Food Ideas - Tamera Mowry

Lunch time!

Unique Finger Food Ideas - Ariah

Grilled cheese, turkey, and lettuce… Always a hit.

Ariah Eating - Unique Finger Food Ideas - Tamera Mowry

Cereal and rice are great, but for those of you with more adventurous little ones, here’s a big list of unique finger food ideas.

10 Finger Food Ideas for Toddlers

1. Grilled cheese with the crusts cut off, cut into small cubes
2. Sweet potatoes, cooked and cut into small chunks
3. Salmon or white fish – you can cut it or flake it, just make sure it’s not one high in mercury
4. Tender spiral pasta, cut into small pieces
5. Scrambled eggs
6. If they’re teething, cucumber strips can help
7. Bits of turkey
8. Homemade chicken nuggets, cut into pieces
9. Bits of pita with small amounts of hummus on it
10. Cooked beans (various kinds) – make sure they’re cooked until tender

Any finger foods I should add to this list?


Mommy Hacks: Potty Training Tricks

One thing every parent goes through with their children: potty training. No surprise there – this is something all kids go through. The most important thing is to get your little ones comfortable with this transition. It’s unfamiliar terrain to them, so the biggest hurdle is putting them at ease. My secret?

Potty Training Tips by Tamera Mowry


As you can imagine, making it a game is a great way to make them feel more comfortable and at ease. When I was training Aden, I would tell him it’s time to play a game called Shoot the Cheerios. It’s not necessarily the type of game that matters, but that they feel relaxed and open to learning what you have to teach them.

Beachy Home Decor

Naturally we had to incorporate the Cheerios into our beachy home décor.

Tamera Mowry

Positive reinforcement is also really important. It’s what tells children they’re on the right track, and they’ll feel accomplished with their achievements. That’s why I love little art prints like this throughout our house.

Quick Potty Training Tips

  • Make this a laidback, fun experience – it doesn’t have to be serious!
  • This time in their lives is full of information overload, the simpler, the better
  • Some parents reinforce success by cheering them on, adding stickers or marks on a chart, or giving a special prize/treat – but no matter what, the important thing is that they know when they’re doing it right.
  • Encourage them when they have a setback – accidents happen after all
  • Be prepared for a relapse – this can happen and usually it’s a result of other changes in their life. At first, Aden did that for a little while – he wanted to be like his baby sister! So the fun game came in handy here, and he was back on track.

Have you been through this experience yet?


She’s On The Move!

Happy Friday guys! Thought it would be fitting to walk into Labor Day weekend with these cute photos of one of Ariah’s milestones – walking! Or should I say running? She started taking her first steps awhile back, so there’s nothing like seeing her grow stronger and more confident in her new abilities.

Ariah Walking - Tamera Mowry

Can’t slow this girl down!

Ariah Walking - Tamera Mowry

How grown up is she?

We’ve been making sure to take more photos so we can preserve these moments and even create scrapbooks and wall art with them too. Can’t wait to share my progress with you all.

By the way, this dress is from Old Navy. It’s no longer on the site, but there are tons more cute dresses to choose from.

What family activities do you have planned this weekend?


Ariah’s Favorite Foods

You know that I think the #1 way to know exactly what’s in your baby food is to make it yourself. But that doesn’t make it any easier to figure out what type of foods your baby will love – especially when they’re constantly changing. With both Aden and Ariah I had to pick up on their signals (and believe me there are lots) to discover what would keep them happy and well fed…

Ariah's favorite baby food

The baby food you make at home become more substantial over time.

Babies at 4-6 months begin eating solid foods, such as simple 1-ingredient purees, which I’ve talked about before. For the first six months I had Ariah only eat veggies with the occasional brown rice and cereal. That way, she got all the nutritional benefits, but wouldn’t crave the sweet stuff early on (I learned the hard way with Aden!). Now that she’s older, she loves so many different foods so I lucked out there.

Baby Food- Tamera Mowry

Getting fancy! This one is a creamy chicken and broccoli dish.

After about a year, littles start to transition out of those plain veggie mashes and get curious about “big people food”. Months ago, Ariah decided she would have nothing to do with pureed foods anymore! Finger foods all the way with her.

ariah's Favorite baby food - tamera mowry

Girl is serious about her food. Lol.

You always know when babies are ready to expand their palette – they’re less interested in having the same foods over and over (who is?), and even get distracted at mealtime! When that happens, it means it’s time to introduce a few more flavors. Besides the pics I shared above, another one of her staples is a puree of sweet potatoes, green beans, and chicken. Both of these create a different consistency and flavor than those simple meals from early on, yet they’re still simple and nutrient-dense.

What are your little ones’ fave foods?


The Cutest Baby Girl Rompers You Can Buy Online

Hey guys! So you know how I loooove to dress Ariah in the cutest clothes I can find? (I seriously still love scrolling through all those photos of her in her birthday dress… Can you believe that was already almost two months ago?) Well, after some major Pinterest-ing, I ended up coming up with a TON of beautiful ideas for outfitting your little one in baby rompers. They’re like onesies with a stylish flair… Nothing wrong with that.


floral embroidered romper / denim romper with triangles / chambray moto romper / indigo dyed romper / linen boho romper / vintage style romper set / blue seersucker romper / ballet onesie / lace chambray romper / floral bubble romper / floral romper + headbandteal pom pom romper

The best part is that all of these are available online (a blessing for busy mommas) – many of them affordable pieces from Etsy or Amazon. It’s so fun to discover brands that you can pin and go back to when the occasion comes up – especially if they offer outfits in a range of sizes they can grow with. I’m well aware of how fast babies grow, so I like to be selective with her occasion wear (remember all these sweet baby girl dresses?) but I also think of it as a way to make the most of this special, unique, fleeting, and adorable time in her life. :)

Some babies are fussy with different outfits and accessories, like ruffles and headbands – but Ariah is all smiles. She’s already quite the fashionista.


Got any baby fashion stories to share?

Mommy Hacks: Learning to Share

Did you see my last post on quality time with Aden? I think pretty much everyone knows how much he loves trains at this point. Well, Ariah has been getting into trains herself – which is no surprise since of course she wants to do the things her big bro does. Turns out, this newfound interest is teaching Aden all about sharing.

Ariah - Teaching little ones to share - Tamera Mowry

They love those trains.

Little ones only begin grasping the whole sharing concept at age three or so, so Aden had had a little experience in it by the time we brought his little sis home. Of course – this is no playdate – this is a sibling, so he’s going to be making compromises and taking turns for a long time to come.

When it comes to teaching siblings to take turns with each other, it’s all about teaching kindness and generosity toward the ones you love. This is complicated for a toddler, most especially one that’s recently had to learn how to share mom and dad, but there are lots of little ways to teach these lessons.

Sometimes you have to tell little ones that the reason their little bro or sis wants to play with their toys is that they want to be included. For example, perhaps Ariah wants to play because she sees Aden having so much fun and wants to have fun too.

Just like I mentioned when talking about teaching kids to be gentle, it’s important to acknowledge the feeling behind the action. If a child doesn’t want to share, you can say something like, “I know you really love this toy, but since it’s such a great toy, other kids want to play with it too”. It helps them work through what seems like someone just interrupting their playtime.

Like most hurdles we have to cross in parenting, sharing is one of those things that you can’t really make up one single rule for. Sometimes it makes sense to intervene, and sometimes it doesn’t, so here are a few tips you might find helpful!

  • Introduce the concept of taking turns, rather than taking away, especially if it’s something they’ll get back
  • Use a timer – kids need that concrete timeline
  • We all have certain things we like to keep to ourselves – each child might have extra special items that are theirs alone
  • Model the behavior to reinforce that everyone does this

And a few tips for new moms – As a parent, you’ll find that the way you handle things may differ from another’s method. This can become an issue at the playground or on play dates. Try to keep an open mind, but know that you define how you parent. You might be teaching a lesson in sharing while another mom is teaching a lesson in patience. With little ones, there is so much for them to learn!

Things like sharing and playing together are something we’re balancing with individual quality time, which is another important topic. How do you approach the sharing issue between your children?