Signed Twintuition Giveaway

I can’t believe that in exactly one week Tia and my tween book, Twintuition, will be released. It seems like just yesterday we announced the series, but forever ago since we started working to make our dream a reality with HarperCollins. Reading is incredibly important to us both. It’s something we liked doing with our parents as children, continue to enjoy today (cookbooks count too!), and is an activity we love doing with our boys now. I hope that Twintuition will encourage tweens to read, while giving parents a tool to instill the value of reading in their children. And because I’m bursting at the seams to hear what you all think of the series, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the release than with a giveaway. So, follow the instructions below and you could be one of five readers to take home a book signed by those Tia and me!
Tamera Mowry Twintuition
How to Enter
1. Register for my site newsletter.
2. Leave a comment below telling me how you read with your children and what you like to read with them.
3. Wait until April 17th, when I’ll email 5 winners to take home a signed copy of Twintuition.
Good Luck!

Fine Print

Giveaway is valid for US only.
You may only enter once. Multiple entries will not be considered.
Winner will be announced on this page no later than April 23, 2015.
This giveaway begins April 14, 2014, and ending April 17, 2015 at 11:59PM PST.

  • tjr_can

    Is this competition open to people in South Africa?!

  • tjr_can

    Wait silly me, it says only for the US in the terms and conditions :-( weep

  • Mari Thomas

    My daughter and I read everyday, not because she had to for school but because we love it. We have our weekly girls day out on Sunday which includes (but not limited to, lol) a trip to the library or book store (depends on our activity for the day) to read books and also take some home. My daughter loves any book that talk about some type of adventure. She loves going places and it shows with the books that she reads. Her book journey started before she was born. When I was pregnant with her I would read books, play music and even sing to her. I love books because you can escape into a different place every week if you want too. Oh congratulations on the book series, The Real and your baby girl. Your love bringing a mom to a daughter, it’s so much different from a son.

  • Lisa Marie

    Reading is important in my household because I didn’t have someone read to as a child. As a result of not having someone read to me at an early, I didn’t understand how important it is to read and learn how to read until middle school. So I started reading to my son when he was in my belly. Now he picks out the book that he want me to read to him every day.

  • Sharray

    I don’t have children, but I have plenty of nieces and nephew and cousins . I love sitting on the couch shutting off my phone and the tv and just reading. Sometimes they all participate by acting the story out. We get have costumes , sock puppets and brown paper bags.

  • Serilla Gross Bordelon

    I don’t yet have children of my own, but I have many children I read to. I am the oldest of 7 children the youngest being 11, and I teach all grades through 8th. We like to read all sorts of books, but I favor books that allow young minds to learn while having fun. When children are engaged in their favorite books they learn life lessons from their favorite characters. Nothing is wrong with fiction, it’s great, but the ones that teach responsibility, kindness, and over coming life’s troubles are my favorite. Learn from a friend…a book friend.

  • Congrats Tamera! That’s exciting :) Love the cover too!

  • Tasha

    Part of my son’s kindergarten homework is to read to him every day. I have purchased “I can read too” books and we both read a page apiece every night. Great bonding time and it also helps him with his sight words and developing a love of reading.

  • Matthew Vazquez

    I would fall under the category as the “child” in this situation. As a child I remember reading with my mother and how much I cherished, sitting on her lap as she read me books I was too young to read on my own. Now I would love to reverse the roles and read a children’s book to my mother. She adores you ladies and has since before I was a child. It would be a lovely way to bring everything full circle.

  • Jenna Ostrowski

    Reading has always been in my life since I was a little girl. My parents taught me that reading can open your mind to new ideas and opportunities. It can also build vocabulary and teach valuable lessons. Now that I am a mom I have read to my little girl since birth. She is one year old so she enjoys listening and helping me turn pages. I feel my love for reading has been passed down because my daughter will go into her room and take books out of her bookcase and just flip through pictures of her books. One of her favorites is We Belong Together by Joyce Wan. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Super excited about the Twintuition series

  • Candice Gibbs

    I would love love to have your,book to read with my girls and they love to read we are a reading family.. I have a set of identical twin girls and they absolutely love you and your sister..this would be a treat to them.

  • Nicole Meissner-Rex

    I read a lot of childrens books during the day and at bedtime since my children are ages 4 and 1.

  • Hannah Slack

    I don’t read to my children because I’m only 18 but I love to read to my niece. Reading has always been a love of mine and I use it as a tool to escape everyday life. I hope I can share this passion with my niece and any other future children in the hope can read and enjoy it together.

  • Raivene

    I have a 4 year old son. He is getting ready to start Pre-k in August, and we stay at the library getting all different types of books to read. HE loves the library he gets dinosaur books, now he gets books for Pre-k. I read him a book in the morning, and than a book at night before he goes to bed. He loves it so when we are finish reading all the book he goes back to the library and gets more. I love seeing the smile on his face when he gets to go to the library, and when I read them to him. It makes me happy to know he his happy and smiling. I love reading all the books with him because I also learn new things with my son, so it’s like a special bond we have with each other.

  • Carlina Will

    While I am not a parent I am a mentor to several Girl Scouts in my town. I want the girls to grow up and become independent and powerful woman so I read different books to them where the girl is the hero in the story. I know that this book would be an amazing addition to my current books. Not only am I excited to read your book to the girl but I would love to have them meet you and your sister one day! Thank you and I hope to receive a signed copy of your new book! Go Girl Scouts and Twintuition!

  • Faith Peter

    I am not a mother, but I watch children often. I know how important reading is because I am studying to be a teacher. I have learned through my classes that reading one book a day to your child can determine whether they will excel in school or not. Reading to your child does not only benefit them academically it is also great bonding. I have bonded with many children by reading with them

  • Amy

    I’ve alway love reading books and now I read to my kids before bed I read to my kids my son love action hero book he likes me to read them so he can feel safe when he’s sleep at night and he thinks he has and my daughter likes fairytales and princess stories because of course she is my little princess and it makes her feel special so books are very important it makes people and kids feel great..I would love to have your new book I think it’s something they book would enjoy together.

  • Philly Hodges

    My daughter is 11 years old and she loves to read! She has watched all your movies as well and she doesn’t need to be read to anymore but she enjoys to read to me with such enthusiasm that would make you feel like you were in the story. I know she would love a copy of your new book!

  • Manisha Gabriel Dass

    Could you please do a UK giveaway? xoxo

  • Alejandra avila

    First of all I love you both!!! I love reading daily to my kids,specially my 7 yr old daughter, daily she wants me to read to her, I told my kids about You and Tia’s book and they were like buy it mommy! They know the administration I have for you both :) even if I don’t win, I am going to purchase my copy! Love you guys, God bless :)

  • Manescia Roberts

    When I was growing up every week my mom would get us together and go to the library. She would let us pick whatever we wanted and we would always read together. I do the same for my daughter. She has a passion of books. She loves the Ramona books (just as I did as a kid). My baby is a reader. I commend you ladies for writing a book because you don’t see too many celebrities doing special things like that for our youth. Congrats on the upcoming baby and I wish you all the success on your book sales!

  • Kala

    I read with my 2 year old niece all the time. She loves to hear the story “jack and the bean stalk” and the story about the chicken and the seed. After each story we talk about key words and what they mean so I broaden her vocabulary and the next night we make up our own story and she always starts it off as “One upon a time” it’s so adorable. I am proud that I can be the one to get her imagination going and teach her words of life! She’s a joy!

    Congrats on your book! I hope it’s successful as you want it to be and more!

  • Stacie Keauli’i Tovar

    My husband and/or I make a point to read with our daughter (6) and son (3) everyday. We read children’s books (lots of Berenstain Bears and Dr. Seuss), scriptures, and have just gotten into beginners-chapter books! Sometimes we will read right after school; sometimes at bedtime; sometimes during breakfast, but what’s important is that we do it. Reading helps to expand imagination, builds vocabulary, and I can vouch that it has 100% helped our daughter excel this year in kindergarten. We LOVE books in our home!

  • Priscilla Harper

    I am a mother of one. I love books and so does my child.She just turned one on the 10th. She knows how to turn the pages and everything. I read to her as often as i can. I would love to have one of your books to read to her. I loved you and Tia in Twitches. I still love you guys. Yall are my role models. I didn’t have people to read to me as a child, so I’m glad I can share this with my child.

  • Jowin Elaina

    Growing up as an only child, reading was the only thing that kept me feeling like I wasn’t always alone. I loved getting lost in the books, and still even til today. I currently have two little sister, God bless, who I instill the love for reading in. I grew up on all Dr. Suess books and the Junie B. Jones franchise, so yes my sisters got those hands me down. They are both under 10, and i get so much pleasure seeing them on their Kindle looking at new books for me to purchase. I’m super excited for you and your sister books, so yes I will be getting it for myself then onto to my sisters of course.

  • Josefina Godines

    I read to my 10 month old twin boys and they love it! I do it in the mornings and during the day depending how they are acting towards books…usually they will go grab a book when they want me to read to them!! As silly as it sounds they fight to get to me with their book…i always read who gets to me first….lol… Reading for me was a blessing because i learned english reading all types of books…and all i want is to help my babies learn and while at it having quality time!!!☺

  • brittany

    I’m not a parent but my mother read to me even while I was still in the womb. When I was born she only continued to read to me and buy me books. I remember being so happy when she would come home with these cute little storybooks. It was always the highlight of my day. At the age of six I was writing poems and screenplays and I think what she did was a huge part of that. She exposed me to literature early and I’m still in love with it. It’s why I’m a writer now.

  • Lauriel Faulkner

    I don’t have kids yet but I have 8 nieces and nephews that I read to every time they stay the night. I also read to the kids I babysit and they love it. They love any kinds of books from short books to chapter books. They love them all.

  • Kiescha Williams

    I love to read with my 2 kids and the one I have in my belly. My husband and I act the books out to the fullest. It’s fun!

  • Jasmine Raysor

    Hello!! I am mother of a bright, intelligent and spunky 7 yo named Alivia. She is an avid book reader, already indulging in chapter books. She is also a part of her school book club and takes multiple books to school everyday to read. We read alot of Dumb Diary series, Boxcar Children (my favorite) Judy Blume just to name a few. I began reading to her while she was in my tummy and as soon as I could actually hold her. I know she would love this book, as she will get the book either way. We even provide her with incentives for doing good in school and her rewards are ALWAYS books, her choice. Thanks for being such positive role models and she will be getting this book regardless, but it would definitely add to the excitement.

    Peace and Love,

  • Dani Kostella

    I have three children, ages 12, 8 and soon to be 7. Books are a big part of our family. Each child likes a different type so we have a stock pile of everything. I still have all of my booksfrom when I was growing up also. :) it’s the perfect thing to do before they go to bed. It calms them down and let’s them have sweet dreams!!!

  • April Carroll

    I personally don’t have any children. I’m also not married. But what is important is for children to be able to read. As a future educator, reading has always been at the core of what I love to do. That’s why I work at my library on Middle Tennessee State University campus, James E. Walker library. I would not keep the book for myself, or even for my little sister. I’d donate it to our library for hundreds of our local children to read! :) it would also give our Education students to use this book as apart of thier studies. I’d love this opportunity! :)

  • Her’shell Green

    Hello,I’m a parent to my daughter which is 5 years old,I’ve been reading to her while I was pregnant. I even asked for everyone to bring books to my baby shower.My love reading books she reads books according to the day she had.The more she reads the more words she can read to me

  • Esha

    I spend a great deal of time reading with my kids. My son was having difficulty with reading and was feeling discouraged so we made reading part of our family time everyday. Each kid picks a book that they want to read that week and we read with each other…sometimes my daughter reads and sometimes me or her brother. She likes Liberty Porter series and Kingdom Keepers series and he likes the Alex Rider series. He is doing much better with his reading in school now and does not feel embarrassed when he’s called on to read in class.

  • Anntionette Scott

    I am a mother of a 4 month old precious baby boy named Camerom and I believe that reading is fundamental and important in every child’s life no matter what age. I like to read to my baby after bath time. I like to read bible stories and Dr Seuss. I want my son to grow up reading books and not always on an electronic, although they are evolving, there’s nothing like a good book and snuggle time.

  • Vickie Latiimore

    My Girls are Grown buti do have a God son who’s 7. He loves to read!

  • Amalia Gonzalez

    I love to read and love to endure that in children. Reading is important to learn and grow! Gives family opportunity for bonding. Gives the opportunity to grow as storytellers and individuals. Gives the opportunity to embrace many words and unite as a community. We read all types of books. Every genre is important as we encounter many as people. If we win we can read TwinTuition together :)

  • disqus_j74CJJUERa

    My children are now 11 and 14. When my son, Alec was born, I would take him to the library and read the books on the shelves. One day I decided to write my own story for my son. It was called “Aleoop”. When my daughter Faith was born I decided to write a book for her as well and I named hers Faithiana Bumbalina. They enjoyed listening to their own books as well as each others. This is something they will always have and can share with their children. Thank you, God Bless!!

  • iveliz

    Reading in our household is something that is done a daily basis. Having a tween daughter that enjoys reading and a 3 year old who loves when he and I have time together. For my 3 year old we read books with colors, locations and vehicles. He loves cars and anything with that he loves. My daughter loves mostly tween books like the lighting third, the fault in our stars, and main street. Even if I am not able to read with her on certain days, she still takes times to tell me about the chapters she read. Reading is enrichment, it helps expand your imagination. Reading is something we do on our daily lives, books help make it that much better, vocabulary expansion.

  • Lillian Le-Mercado

    I read to my 7 year old when she was in my womb. I still enjoy reading to her, however, now she gets to read to me everyday. We, also, carried the reading fun to my 5 month old. She’d read to him in my womb, and is now reading to him too. He enjoys sissy’s voice as she reads to him. It’s amazing!

  • Agnes Santos

    I love to read to my beautiful little princess. She is the light in my life. And I am truly blessed to be able to read to her every night before bed. She loves “Don’t let the pigeon ride the bus” written by Mo Willems. He is amazing. My daughter has had me read all the pigeon books to her. They take her into a place that only she understands. She lights up and giggles every time with that silly little pigeon. It’s just an amazing time for us- one of many.
    May God bless me with many more story nights with my little one.

  • Karla Sanchez


    Well I just had my first born about 5 months ago and I have read to him since I found out I was pregnant.. I have mainly read to him dr Seuss books but his ultimate favorite has been the cat in the hat he would kick me in the belly and move around every time I read him that book and now that he’s here with me I sit him in is mama roo 4moms and he listens away as he is getting rocked to sleep… My little angel bundle of joy loves me to read to him.. Well hopefully I get picked I will be waiting on the email

  • Christina Asher

    My daughter loves to read. She reads a little of everything. She likes to read to me then interpret her version of what’s goin on. She encouraged me to get back on my reading. Reading is fundamental & important

  • Idalis Weems

    I do not have any kids, but I do love to read and I read all the time. I have loved reading since I was younger which leads me to the goal I plan to have when I finish college. I want to be a book writer because not only do I like to read; I love to write. When I was younger I would read a lot of Dr. Seuss and what kid doesn’t read any of those books? Anyways, I hope I get to read Twintution soon.

  • Christina Terry

    I do not have children but I love reading to my 3 year old nephew. I also enjoy doing volunteer work where I can read and spend time with children too. I have a passion for teaching young children new things and helping them learn.

  • Alejandra Perez

    I’m 30 years old and a mother to 5 kids…their ages are 13, 11, 9, 7 and 7 month old. My kids love to go to the library and pick more than 3 to 5 books of all kind…documantrys, fairytales, books on space about animals and the list goes on.They love it when dad or myself read to them before bedtime even my 13 year old. My daughter would love to get this book signed by both of you because she just started watching old episodes of sister sister and loves them and I told her that was my favorite show when I was her age and is nice to share this moment with her and bond sense she is my only daughter and this is something we don’t have to share with the boys. We love you girls.

  • Carla Frank

    It took some time to encourage my 9 yr old daughter to read books for fun, she enjoys all your tv shows (old and new) and this series of books is just what I needs to keep her on the right track.
    Can’t wait for the release date (she’s a winner either way because I will definitely be purchasing these books)

  • Ebony

    I am not a parent YET. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with a precious baby girl. But I have 4 rambunctious nephews. Who all luckily just like me love to read. They cannot read by themselves yet but everyday I read a Thomas the Train book to them because they absolutely LOVE Thomas and Friends. I love reading and cannot wait to read to my baby girl. I hope she is a bookworm just like mommy!

  • L J Scott

    Hi Tamera! I’ve been reading to my daughter since she was born. She is now 9 years old & her love for reading is amazing!! We read non-fiction & fiction stories. We are huge fans of you & your sister. We have the complete series of Sister Sister, Twitches 1 & 2, Double Wedding, and have watched every episode of the Tia & Tamera Show. We cannot wait to add your book to our collection. Keep up the good work & may God continue to bless you both. Congrats on the new addition to your beautiful family.

  • Moomoo Isme

    I am a mother of 4 beautiful gifts from God!!! I have 3 girls and 1 boy. I have always been a reader since I Could remember . I loved the babysitter club series and now my girls love it too. My girls at now reading to me and I love that they read on their own and to my two youngest. I really appreciate how you and your sister have stayed positive role models for the young girls watching your every move. They have watched all your shows that was for their age group. And my oldest told me about your book coming out. Even if we don’t win it we will purchase it but they would love to have a signed copy. Plus I have to buy a second copy anyway they want to read it together. I thank you again for what you are showing all girls.


  • Elsie

    I go to the library with my six year old daughter every week to bring home books. We love reading different types of books. She’s really into books that are filled with suspense. I read to her before she goes to sleep. We discuss the different things that are going on in the story. It’s fun to hear her interpretation of things. I have her close her eyes while I read sometimes so she can imagine what is going on without looking at the drawings. She reads to me too. This helps her with the pronunciation of words. Words that you don’t know tend to stick out more when you’re reading the book. Reading is important , because it will help you learn many new things

  • Zakiyyah Muhammad

    Well. I’m not a parent. I am however the older sister to twin sisters. The twins are 12 years old and their names are Khadijah and Khalidah. I had planned to get them both copies of you all’s book when you all first announced Twintuition. The twins love reading and they particularly like reading book series where the main characters are twins. However, most of the books starring twins are usually white. Now nothing is wrong with that but it’s nice to be able to read a book and the main character is black and looks like you. Representation is important to me when it comes to our young black children. The twins also loves you all’s show Sister, Sister and the movies Twitches and Twitches Too. Sister, Sister actually was the only thing my mother watched when she was pregant with the twins. Then after they were born, she didn’t watch as often. Lol. Anyway I personally want to say that you two are amazing and incredible women. The work you two are doing is amazing. This book you all are coming out is just icing on the cake. :)

  • Shuwanda Ivery

    I love to read and my children love to read too. I read to my children when they were little, now they read on their own. The two older ones even read to my toddler. She loves books too. We make frequent trips to the library and book stores. My daughter would love this book. She reads to me all the time.

  • Rachel Richard Robinson

    Reading is definitely fundamental. I read to my children while they were still incubating inside and until they were old enough to read to me. My first two children were reading by age 3. I have young grandchildren and have inherited great grandchildren who all receive books as holiday & birthday gifts. My favorite book to read to the kids is If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. I have bought and given away so many copies of that book and have a copy for myself along with the CD for days I may be too tired or under the weather. I enjoy reading as a catharsis and encourage others to do the same. My as well as my firstborn’s birthday is Sunday, April 19th. What a wonderful way to celebrate by reading your book!!

  • Katelyn Schleining

    Although I am not a parent I feel it is super important to read to children. I used to babysit and I would try and read to the kids everyday. I would even let them choose the book. Reading has always been a huge part of my life and when I do have kids in the future I will encourage them to read every chance they get, I will also read to them before they can even read. Reading has been my favorite way to pass time since I could hold a book.
    I’m so excited for your book, I am no longer a tween, but I’m so excited to possibly have a copy that I’ll be able to read to my children one day, but also have my younger cousin read.
    Congratulations on the book!!!

  • Tumi Mathope

    Hi Tamera. My son is 5 years old and to date he has read loads of books by himself. He has undergone assessments that put him in the gifted category. He started reading independently from the age of 3 and he is flying through all the books I have bought for him, which is about 50 to date. I was advised to introduce him to books without pictures so that he can concentrate more on the story line and not be distracted by the pictures so he can develop his reading capabilities even more. We read together at bedtime and that is our winding down time as he settles in for the night. We would really love to read your book together as he used to sit with me when I watched your reality show and he can tell you and your sister apart. I respect and love you

  • Nikki Magglilione

    Reading is a big part of my families life. I started reading to my son when I was pregnant. He loves Dr. Seuss The Cat in the hat, and I enjoy reading to him. I hope I’ll be chosen as a winner of you new book.

  • Maria

    I personally do not have any children but I have two god children that I take care every day while their parents are at work, we also live together. I read to them at least twice a day and even more when the oldest one sees me reading my textbooks for college. I believe that reading helps children a lot more than people know. My father use to read to me when I was younger and I loved the bond we have because of it. I use to love curling up in his arms and feeling so safe that I would fall asleep. I can feel that bond forming with my god children and I love it. Right now I am focusing on reading books that teaches how to count, the ABC’s, and colors because the oldest is going to preschool. Also the ninja turtlesand the clubhouse books because they love those.

  • Kerry McLachlan


    I have two girls born on the same day, but not twins. My girls are Amaya (14) and Alina (5) both born on March 31st. My husband and I love reading to our daughters. We do our best to read as a family at night before bedtime. We find that although nine years apart, being read to is something they both enjoy & brings us together as a family. Honestly, I don’t think the type of story matters as much to the girls. But more so the life we breath into the story through our joy in having that time with them & the animation that is involved as well of course. :) My girls have sat and enjoyed my husband sharing poems he written to me in high school and they smiled from ear to ear. But, if I had to chose just one book my pick would be “I Love My Hair” by Natasha Tarpley. Such phenomenal book to help young girls love and appreciate their uniqueness. My daughters love it!!

  • Tierra Fryar

    I don’t have children but I read myself. I read old classics such as Of Mice And Men and The Beautiful and The Damned. I like to read interesting novels and those that will educate me. For example, I recently brought a book about the foundations of teaching because I am in college and majoring in education.

  • Cheryl Riggs

    As a child I always loved reading. I loved traveling to new places via the books that I would read. I have belonged to several book clubs over the years and started reading to my children when they were very young. I even started a book club at my oldest child’s elementary school some years ago (she is now 18 yrs old) I have been told that the book club still exists at the school today :). My 18 yr old always has a book in her hand to this day. I also a have a 9 yr old daughter that I currently spend a lot of time reading with she loves to read series. We have just about all of the Junie B. Jones books. She loves to read Pinkalicious also. We recently started a new series by Disney called “The Never Girls” we are really enjoying the series thus far. We are super excited about Twintuition and can’t wait to read it.

  • Genesis Santoyo

    I’m not a parent but when my mom was pregnant with my brother three years ago I would always read to him in the womb. Now that he’s older and understands better I read to him all the time. I personally love to read. It would be awesome to win a prize lIle this, especially since I never win anything. I also have a younger sister that 11 so she would be the first person I’d read the book to. My sister and I both love both you and your sister. I’ve seen you and your sister as a role model since I was younger seeing you both on “Sister Sister”. Good luck on the book. (Even though you don’t really need it).

  • Victoria M.

    My girls and I enjoy reading a variety of books, I have an 11 yr old, a 5 yr old and one princess on they way. So we read something for everyone, even baby. We enjoy bedtime reading the most.

  • Tarah Jay King

    Hi girls. I am a mother to 1 beautiful vibrant 10 year old girl. It’s so funny I’m entering this contest for her because I just introduced her to your show Sister Sister, and we both LOVE Twitches. My daughter and I both love to read fun biblical stories and we mix it up with adventurous books like Harry Potter and the The Babysitters Club. We are so excited about Twintuition and we can’t wait to have girls night and binge read. Love you guys ❤

  • Kenisha B

    I’m 20 years old i’m not a parent I am the big sister to a beautiful 7 year old girl who loves to read. We read to each other for an hour after she come home from school and a book before she goes to bed. One of her favorites are the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid book. She loves all type of books though and I think this would be a great book for her. I would be the best big sister if I could get this for her.

  • Ebony Waters

    I am a 23 year old single mother. I have a 1 year old son and I am pregnant with my 2nd son which I am scheduled to deliver on May 8. I am in my last semester of school where I will soon have my bachelor’s in child care. I spend a lot of time reading books to my son as well as my stomach. My baby loves reading books that has lots of pictures. He’s 1 and can do most of the 3 year olds can do. I love being a parent, we read a book before his nap and before bed everyday. You guys are very inspirational and I hope I can be as great a mom to my 2 as you all are to your little ones. Thank you

  • Ebony Copes Matthews

    Even though I am not a parent, I plan to be one day. I can’t say that I have much experience with taking care of children because my brother is older than me and so is majority of my cousins and some cousins are the same age as me. So, I didn’t have many children in my family that was younger than me because we’re all around the same age. However, I do have a nephew and three toddler cousins whom I adore to the moon and I enjoy spending time with them. When we’re together, I love playing with them and making them laugh. My three year old nephew and soon-to-be five year old cousin are the smartest and funniest little people I’ve ever met. When we’re together, even though enjoy playing with them, I also love learning with them at the same time. Most of the time, I let them read to me-I enjoy listening to their little voices and sounds they make when they read. When they’re reading, if they stumble on a word I help them with it and try to explain what it means in a sentence. Most of the books that they have are educational or productive books such as Dr. Seuss’s “ABC An Amazing Alphabet Book” and The Toddler’s Busy Book. I will take my experiences I’ve had with them and apply it to when I have my own children. I’m sure the experience will be just the same and look forward to it growing and learning with my little bundles of joy one day.

  • Latasha Franklin

    I am the mother of the sweetest, smartest, most lovable 4 year old boy. He has lots of books, he loves cartoons. His newest book is Children’s bible stories. I try to get him to understand as much as he can. I hope we can win a signed copy of your book, that would be exciting!

  • Sandra Harrell

    Hi Tia & Tamera I love u two yall rock!
    I have two beautiful girls and I’ve been reading to them since they was cooking in the oven Reading is fundamental , my girls love to read and they’re one of the top readers in their class! I love to read books to my girls that have lots of characteristic and it also ends on a positive message . Im a twin myself so I would love to introduce this book to them and welcome them to the twin world! Hope to win !!! Thanks in advance

  • Amber Lane

    I am not a mother myself, but I am a big sister to children (of different ages boys and girls) that I have known forever to those in my church community. I like to give them books that they can read and enjoy. Reading, to some may be unlikable, but it is very important. We’ve read books such as The Great Gatsby, The Cheetah Girls, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and many others. I also am a fan of yourself (Tamera) and your sister Tia. I sometimes make the girls watch your show Sister, Sister and Tia & Tamera.

  • Carolina Chinea

    Hey!!! I am not a mommy (yet) but I am a nanny, a mentor and an auntie! My husband and I are missionaries so we travel all over we don’t have much earthly possessions but we do have books. Most of our luggage is books. I love to read and ask questions with the Tweens in my life.

  • Angela Rhodes

    I don’t have any children, but I do volunteer at my church every Sunday. These girls love to read and learn new things. I want what’s best for them. I want them to become amazing, powerful women of God when they grow up. Since you and your twin sister are great role models to me when I was young, I want to keep on being the positive role model that the girls can look up to. I am truly excited to read your book.

  • Rosa Perez

    I work at McDonalds I work full time I read to my 5 year old son by the way he is a big fan of you and your sister of the movie Twitches and he really enjoys me reading and he has been learning how to read at school and with me

  • Sandra Coleman

    Reading time is a group effort with my daughters. We each take a page and read aloud theatrically. ♡reading to my girls.

  • Rosa Perez

    He also like to read the Diary of the Wimpy Kid series, also A to Z Mysteries, Walk Two Moons, and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

  • sandy

    Reading .. has to be the most important time with my boys ..I have two boys and due for my third boy in a few weeks . We read together every evening for 30-40 minutes after that we discuss about what we read ,its fun because kids have such an imagination we end up stretching every story with lots of ideas and new ways the story could have ended . My kids like all types of stories specially short ones since they get to read a new one the next day … great way to learn and bond with them

  • Shaneice

    Im Not A Parent And I’m Not Scheduled To Be Anytime Soon. But What I Love To Do Is Read To My 3 Year Old Nephew And My 7 Month Old Niece. They Love Story Time. But It Would Be Such An Honor To Read This Story To Them. not Only As An Auntie But As A Huge Fan Also.

  • Rosemary

    Yes, reading is very important. I love reading to my kids. I have 3 beautiful children. My oldest is 4 boy, than I have 2 girls one just turned 3 and my little one is 15 months. The joy of sitting there reading with my kids and hubby as a family is priceless.. So the kids get there blankets and pillows ready we all sit down and enjoy a good book, or two, sometimes three, Lol. Its nice to have that time to sit and relax, listening to there opinions and thoughts of the books we read is so awesome. There favorite book is, love you forever, brown bear what do you see, very hungry caterpillar, etc. I could have a whole list. I would love to add a new book to the list. You two ladies have beautiful families, God Bless you both and your families.

  • JaTonya Whitaker

    I am a 24 year old new mom to a beautiful baby girl. She is only 6 weeks so I am just now getting into the reading process (even though I know she can only understand but so much). I absolutely LOVE to read and hope she will too, some books I am reading to her include “Pretty Brown Face”, the Children’s Bible, and books with counting and letters. My in-laws also got her a Granddaughter book that is read with their voice so that she can feel like she is sitting right with them (I love it!). You are such an inspiration to me and I have looked up to you since your days on Sister Sister; I can’t wait until your new books series comes out and I would absolutely love to receive a signed copy! God Bless you and your beautiful family!

  • Leia Cazan

    Although I am not a mother just yet, I love children and I volunteer at a local church 2 hrs/week to play, read to and talk with children about their lives at school, home and also about their relationships with friends. I also go regularly on humanitarian trips to Haiti where I do children’s clubs and read to children. I believe that your book would be a great read for them and also a good tool to encourage positive attitudes and relationships. :)

  • kelly

    Hello Tamera I am a fan since forever! I am a 30 year old mom of 2 , a son who’s 5 a daughter who’s 13!! Yea 13!! As a young mom of a teen I have my work cut for me but I think I have it under control! I take different ways into reading with both of them since there is a huge age gap! My son really takes to the bible which for a boy I am so greatful and blessed for, boys are very hyper and sometimes won’t keep still for much of anything! So I take into his interest in reading the bible and also explain the importance of the alphabet! He find’s the life of Jesus quite interesting and I love’s it! My sons dad is currently in prison and I use life experiences to help show that even tho some people as his father have made bad choices in life that does not mean that they are bad people, god accepts you no matter what!! He is very intelligent and understands that quite well! Now with my daughter I have my work cut out for me! Lol she and I have a great relationship, and a understanding that we are friends and a mother daughter team! I love the relationship that we have! We have read things pertaining to the more mature literature for a few different reasons. Some parents may opt to do different than I have but due to my upcoming, and certain events that have occurred with me in my life I have perfect explanations, and choices, along with my daughter being so beyond her time and mature for her age, her father has also been taken away, he got deported when my daughter was 5. She has gotten over it and has adapted to it. As a mother who has not had neither biological parents, I know she still has a hard time dealing with it mentally. We have read books from “The Help”, to “The secret life of Bee’s”, we have had better moments with moves tho such as “Precious” and “For colored girls”. As I said my events in my life are to NEVER happen to my daughter and I will do what it takes to make sure of that, this is why my choice in stories is what it is because I still hurt daily from what happened to me, and I am the protector of my children!! I want to enstill certain ways of life into my children NOW so that I will be able to sleep comfortable at night knowing that when they leave my home that I can trust them in EVERYTHING! And that no matter what, that they are in control with their life whether its in school, college,dating, when they first move out into their own place, and even get married!! I hope the very best for my children and certainly for better than what I had, so I do expose them to things that will empower them for a great life and make them strong mature individuals!! Thanks for listening Tamera!

  • Chrystal Payne

    I am a single mother of two one daughter 12 and
    one son 7. When my daughter was young I would read to her daily she loved to
    read. Reading to her at a young age made her a wonderful story writer and
    always a reading level above her grade level. Now she is a middle school
    student with good grades. My son is similar he has special needs however
    reading seems to calm him down. We take turns reading, he reads one page I read
    one page. He loves the library and the plethora of books it offers. I love to
    introduce my kids to the books I read as a kid, Cat and the Hat, Curious
    George, etc. My daughter was a big fan of the Wimpy kids Diary once she was
    able to read on her own & Junie B Jones.

  • Codie Ieshia Marie Guillory

    Story time is one of our favorite times together. Me reading to him first then him trying to reread it back to me. Us cuddling also makes it very special. With Christian only being three years old, story time can be very interesting. Now I have a new baby girl Chloé also who is only a month old, she mostly sleeps through story time. I can’t wait for her to be able to join us in story time.

  • Erika Young

    I am 29 year old mother of two boys Aiden (2) & Kaleb (4mo). My identical twin sister is due with her first son in June. I enjoy reading to my boys. While Aiden is really able to communicate with what’s going, Kaleb likes to be apart of story time also. Education is very important in our family. I would love to have your book to read to my boys and nephew on the way.

  • jess sanchez

    Though I am not a mother by birth I do consider myself a step mom. I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years. I got with him when his daughter was only 2. She is almost five. The time that we have her (half and half) I like to read with her when it’s time for bed or when we have free time. She is about to start school so I like reading leap frog books with her so she starts to understand the meaning of words in the book and even pictures. (She like to make up her own story to the illustrations in a picture book). And our favorite are Dr. Seuss books. Though she is not my actual child I know she looks up to me and reading with her not only helps her learn it’s also a way we spend time together. I find it especially adorable when she lays on me and falls asleep when it’s bed time, story time.

  • Lisa

    I am the proud mom of a 2 1/2 year old boy. Everyday I make it a point to incorporate reading into our routine. He enjoys story time where he can interact with classic stories like The Wheels on the Bus and Old McDonald. In our learning hour I use books to reinforce his skills of shape, numbers, colors, and common animals and objects. Every night I read him his favorite I Love You Head to Toe. I’ve always been an avid reader. It is one of my strongest hopes that through reading to my son he too will become an avid reader as well.

  • Penn Alum

    GO, Tia and Tamera, GO!!
    Let me first just give both of y’all a HUGE woopwoop for this stellar accomplishment! My big sister and I grew up on Sister, Sister (and are often mistaken for twins haha), so what a blessing it’ll be to have your work available to young people, and especially young females.
    Like many who have posted, I am a mentor and sister to many children. My all-time favorite book to read to my young folks is called ‘Jambo Means Hello’. It’s a fantastic Swahili-English alphabet book. My aunt bestowed this book upon me long ago, and it has become a cultural relic that I continue to pass on. As a young American with Tanzanian immigrant parents, this book taught me about my cultural heritage when we couldn’t afford to travel there as a family. From the foods we eat, to the dances we dance, to the ways we greet one another and the reasons why–this book transported me to a world that was so near and yet so far from me. I went to Tanzania for the first time when I was 19, and I know this book played a role in all of that.
    My sister and I are hoping to start a book series soon (I’ll write and illustrate, she’ll be singing the books on tape lol) and I would love nothing more than to have your work as an example. Books have the ability to teach, encourage, therapize, inspire, and best of all, to remind us all to dream.
    Love love, Cecelela

  • idun

    I read for my 4 year old daughter every night before she goes to sleep. She loves reading about the letters in the alphabet :)

  • Veronica Figueroa

    I am not a mother but an older sister! I have a 9 year old little sister that I love the read with! She absolutely loves to read! There was one day where she brought home a book called “wayside school stories” and I got so excited! That was my favorite book in elementary! It was so fun reading it with her because I remembered almost the whole book and seeing her love the book just as much as I did made me so happy! She now got the second book and is in love with it!
    I read with her as much as I can! We will sit together and read our books until we can’t anymore. I hope she gets a chance to read your book which will be amazing and even if we don’t win we will for sure be getting one!
    Thank you!

  • Nashonna White

    I am a mother of three amazing children ages 6, 4 and 9 months. Story time is the best in my household. I am a big kid at heart and love spending time with my babies.. When I read to them I enjoy bringing the characters to life; with the help of my 6 year old. I like to help build their imagination by changing my voices to match the characters and the events occurring in the story. We read every day and night before bed. I work full time and currently am paying my way thru school so story time gives me a opportunity to have quality time with my babies after very long days…

  • Ramona Turner

    I am not a mother yet, but I am a godmother to a beautiful 10yr old little girl. I use to read to her when she was little I since moved to another state. I always encourage her to read. She has had a pretty difficult life. I would love for her to read this book because you and your sister are inspiring, empowering, and loving ladies. I want my godbaby to know she can do anything and become whatever ahe wanta to be and reading this book will confirm that.

  • Shantrelle LaVigne

    I am the mother of 2 toddler girls

  • JustHappiness

    Hey Tamera

    I’m not a mom nor am I from the U.S. but I love both you and Tia, I remember watching your show Sister Sister and complaining to my mom about how she should have had twin girls so I could have my very own Tia. I watched the show religiously and when I missed an episode would make sure I catch the reruns even if they played late on a school night (not my proudest moments haha) but mom let me do it because she knew how much I loved the show… I turned 23, Feb 28th and have been watching style network to see how life as grown women, loving wives and mothers is treating you both, I mean I’m so proud of you ladies like I’ve known you all my life… Watch The Real religiously aswel and I’m so happy for you and Mr Adam Housely on your highly anticipated daughter, watching both you and Tia as mothers has been so inspiring and certainly heart warming, I cannot wait for my time… Congrats on every blessing God has secured in your life and I’m sure there are plenty more to come, congrats to yourself and Tia on Twintuition, I most certainly hope your South African fans will beable to get their hands on it, be it IBooks or online, I’d love to read it…

    Your most adoring South African fan
    Boitumelo Dikobe

    God bless

  • Shea

    I read all kinds of books to my children. I want them both to grow up to be well rounded adults

  • DeLenna Josh Kouns

    I’m a homeschooling mom of 4. We read daily. They love almost all stories.

  • Patrick Mitchell

    I don’t have kids and will be reading this to my nephew and nieces al teens n tweens. And i honestly just want another Tia and Tamera autograph. Big fan for a long time and the world needs more positive influences like you ladies.

  • Kristy Padilla

    We go to the public library and each child can pick a book of their choice. I have my eight year old read to me and my 10 year old reads on his own.

  • Amanda Kelly

    I read with my little guy before bed. Right now he likes books about animals.

  • Candice Johnson

    Im a parent of two little girls, and they love to read every book out there, from fairy tales to childrens to kids of different cultures and backgrounds. I would love to add your book to our collection!

  • Mallory Owens

    I have read to my children since they were born. My nine year old daughter has developed a great love for reading, as well as my son who is only seven.
    My daughter enjoys all types of books including American Girl books, Junie B Jones, The Magic Tree House, Beverly Clearly books, and books about animals. She would be thrilled to win your new book:)

  • Alivia Fisher

    I am not a parent but I have a twin sister we are best friends and love you guys very much. I recently got hired to nanny for a set of twin girls and I feel that they would love this book and connect to it as well as me and my sister. I want them to always know they are strong beautiful girls inside and out.

  • JKeera Stephens

    Hi there. My oldest daughter is turning 9 next month. I think this would be an awesome book for her to get into. Right now she reads anything she can get her hands on but especially enjoys her Judy Blume books. She helps me read her little 3 years old sister, books by The Bernstein Bears and any Disney Princess book they can find. Thanks to you and Tia for coming out for our young girls. It’s much appreciated.

  • bonita porter

    I read to my grandkids,they love it.

  • Kaleena Langreck

    My kids and I love to read sesame street and fairy tales especially at bedtime. I have a 3 year old daughter and an almost 2 year old son. They are inseparable, they love to do everything together. They are very fun loving and friendly and love to read. I grew up with sister sister and love you and your sister. We watch Tia and Tamara and my daughter loves it.

  • Kimberly Stewart

    Hi Tamera! My children are grown but I am a grandmother of 7. Reading has always been important to me as a mom and it’s now even more important because my grandkids are the next generation. I like to read to the children when I’m with them, we live in different states but they can always count on grandma to send a book as a gift. I hope you choose us. Be blessed!

  • Catina Carter

    My children are older now but I do have god children that I read to when I see them. I kept some old books from when my children were younger. We each take a few lines a piece and read aloud. It is a fun and enjoyable time spent with them.

  • Tonya Portis

    Hello I hope that this message finds you in a very good space ,I watch the real and I love it so much it is my break time but I have to watch when the kids are in bed ………..
    well right now my granddaughter that I have guardianship of we read at night 30 min every night she is reading Helen Keller and she is really loving how this woman was able to go to school and do everything she can do .I think it makes her think about if this woman can do it then so can I . I so love my kids , thank you so much for all that you have done for young girls and woman …Tonya Portis

  • Kendra

    I have two girls and we read to each other every night. I have been reading to and with my girls since I was pregnant. They love reading. We read all kinds of books no preference as of yet they just have the desire to continue reading and I will continue to instill that in them.

  • SanDra Stanley

    Not a mother but I read to my Neice and nephew every chance I get. Reading with them is a joy and wonderful time to spoil them. This book would be a great in our collection, we read the Bible, Dr Seuss, Disney. Twintuition can’t wait to and to our library. They also love watching Sister to Sister.

  • sarah oliver

    Hi mother of two beautiful girls ages 8 & 4 and I have a handsome son that is 10 yrs and we read the bible my kids love to ask ? About Jesus and read about martin Luther King Jr. In love to read about dinosaur that’s my son.My baby girl love Dora and the oldest girl read encyclopedia….

  • Katie

    I read to my 3 year old son every night at time, we also love to have weekend snuggles I’m bed and read first thing before we get up. Our favourite book is ‘Guess how much I love you’ but he loves me to read anything so have started on Harry Potter and even Enid Blyton.

  • aniyahqualls

    Im not a mother’s im a 11year old girl abd I love you guys I idol … abd I love to read might I say ;-):-) I wouldn love to read the book my name is aniyah quills my email is

  • Jolene Skinner-Kemmerer

    I love reading to my son. And he loves books. I would love to be chosen to receive a signed book. I’ve been a huge fan of both you and your sister for suck a long time.

  • Melissa Bennett

    Before bed they take turns picking out a book we all gather together until the book is done. I have 3 children 14, 10, 8.

  • DeJa Swiggett

    Hi tamera I just absolutely adore you and your sister! I have two children a daughter and son. My daughter is four and she looooves books! She reads them to me like I’m reading to her. My son will sit in occasionally if he’s not playing with his army sets. Anywho my daughter and I read at least 3 times a day. Especially if she gets a new book from school she is fired up! I would love to have a signed copy so that when she gets older she can have it to read.
    Thanks a bunch

  • Brooke Diederich

    I don’t currently have kids but I am hoping too ASAP!! :) I do like to read Dr. Seuss and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom when I babysit though! Those are fun books to read.

  • khadijah starr

    I really want one of you guys books because i love yall so much nn i will be so happy to have on of yall books

  • Misty walker

    I am a 24 year old mother of 2 beautiful baby girls and they loooove reading. Each night at bed time they each take turns picking out a book for me to read to them. Their favorites are dr Seuss and anything princess! My youngest daughter (age 4) is getting very good at sounding out small words in the books we read at nigh and my oldest daughter (age 8) helps her read as well!!! It is so beneficial to them to read together at night I love it!!!

  • Christian N Samaria

    Im 19Yrz old n i have two kidz i read to them before they go to bed i lay them down and give them milk and we read the gingerbread man i love to do voicez while i read to them i also point to the wordz so that they can learn how to read they r both 1 and soon my son will be two my daughter is 1 and i alwayz kiss them gudnight and we say “amo” to eachotha after we finish My husband also readz to them sumdayz too when i cnt

  • Renee Booker

    Would love to receive a copy to read with my kids ages 6 and 9. We are always in search for a good book. :-)

  • Sharon Sanders Beers

    These days I’m reading with my granddaughter and she loves anything with animals or babies! !

  • NiTosha Merriweather

    Hello! I have 3 girls, but only read to 2 of them ages 4 and 8. We read anything from Junie B. Jones to The Boxcar Children to Fancy Nancy to If You Give A Mouse A Cookie! We hope to add your book to the collection! Congrats to you and your precious bundle.

  • Tracy Jeffords Martinez

    We like to read in the evening before bed time and in the morning while waiting for the school bus.

  • Ashley Wade

    I am a mother of a four year old. He is my everything and my world. I read what ever book he picks from his collection. He really enjoys any book about bugs, animals his favorite is dinosaurs. I read as much as possible before he wants to just take over and look at the pictures. Every now and again I can catch him acting like he is reading the book himself which I find so amazing. I can’t believe how time flys when you have little ones. I would love to have yours and your sisters book autographed. I absolutely love you guys and I loved watching yalls show when I was younger and I still love you guys a ton.

  • Joanne Danisi Thibodeaux

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your books, Tamera. I read to my grandchildren. They like all kinds of books from animal books to investigation type teen books to bible stories.

  • Amanda

    I ama mother of one. We read every night before bed. I also baby sit an an keep my nephew an nieces they all love to be read to.

  • Chassie Jones

    My girls love Dr. Seuss books. They love them because they rhyme and we read them like they’re songs. There are parts they have memorized that they can hardly wait for the part to come! We agree that reading is important and it’s wonderful seeing them get excited about books being read at night!!!!

  • Amy Perry

    I am a Mom of 2, 1 sweet lil boy who is 18mths and 1 sweet Lil girl that is 4 mths old. Some say I have my hands full but I wldnt have any other way. They are my miracle babies. I wasn’t suppose to have kids and after 9 years, I had my son and then soon after had my daughter. My son was a preemie and we were very scared that something was wrong but he was so healthy. He loves loves to read and learn. I try and set a time everyday to read to not only him but his sister as well. We always try to use dif voices when I read to make the books more fun. It’s cool if I dnt win, I am just a proud Mom who loves to brag on her lil miracles. Bless you and your family!

  • Katie Beronda

    I have two daughters and we love reading fairy tales and books about animals as well as mystery stories. My girls are 9 and 10… and grown-up way too fast. We are you read a page and I read a page it really helps them with understanding the stories. We would love to read your book as well..


  • Kosha Lynn White

    I am a mother of 2 beautiful children. My son is 5 years old and my daughter is 9 months. My son’s favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Some of the other favorites are Goodnight Moon, Green Eggs and Ham and Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type. My favorite to read to my little ones is Here Comes The Crocodile. I love making up different voices for each animals and they seem to enjoy it. My son really likes sharing the stories him and I used to read together when he was younger with his baby sister. We would love to add your book to our collection of stories we share with each other.

  • Patricia Chambers-Blackwood

    I read long distance skype/phone to my grandbaby Avary who live in Indiana, Good night Moon was her fave, now it will be Twintuition :)

  • Niki e

    I would love to win a copy we have been fans of both of you since back in the day I have twins and it is always nice to have books that were put together by twins and ones that are so popular as yourselves makes it even more special

  • Clarise Petty

    I love reading got on reading when first came to the states from the Bahamas got put in the 8grade than back in the 6grade my English teacher help me out and from than I love reading anything I could get

  • Jazzie Priceless

    Im am not a biologic parent. But my nieces and nephews are my kids. When they were younger before I adopted them reading was not a part of their daily routine. Once I got them we went out and bought many books. Once the kids picked out books that they thought they would enjoy reading became a big part of their lives. And to this day I am so grateful that I was able to show them a new routine. Everyday we read at bed time. And alot of the times we read 2 and 3 books. I enjoy reading fairy tales with the kids and other genres. Im just glad that my nieces and nephews appreciate that I introduced reading and books into their lives. They are better readers and listeners because of it.

  • Tiffany Rivera

    My.daughter is 2 years old, I have been reading Disney Princess books to her each night & lots of pop up books. She loves them

  • Myesha Weaver

    I read with my 2 kids about 30mins. at end of evening before bed Once or Twice a week a book of their choice&Bible Before School in Morning

  • Kallie Willits

    My husband, our daughter and myself all sit down each night and read a story. Once in the evening right after dinner and then we pick a new story for bedtime. We have been doing this since the day she came home from the hospital. It is a treat that we all look forward to each day. On the weekends when we are all home my daughter likes to read all day and, as an English major, I love it too. The bond we have though reading is amazing. <3

  • TaMara A. Garrett

    I love to read fairytale books to my 2 year old daughter even though her attention span is not that great to sit and listen to an entire book..I still try :)

  • JB Cross

    I have two beautiful little girls. Brielle Summer who is four years old and Leah Winter who is four months old. We visit our local public library at least twice a month and I read the books we borrow to them during our story times. My four year old is learning how to read so I have her read early reader books to me and help her with the words she doesn’t know. I put those words on little pink butterflies and stick them on our word wall. This is a way I make reading fun for her and so far it seems to be working.

  • LDuffn

    I read every night to my kids whatever books we get from the library that week. My first grader is currently reading at an almost 4th grade level. Reading is an essential part of our everyday.

  • Lori Stephenson

    I first want to say I adore you and your sister. I think you two have been a very good role models for girls and ladies for years. I have 5 grown children now, but when they were young we would sit and read all the time. Now I have grand babies and I want to have that same special bond with them as I did with my own children.

  • Christina Cochran

    Im a mother of 6. Ever night i read 6 to 8 books a night to them. I let them pick out the books. Thay also read it back to me then ask questions that is one of my favorite thing. We call it mommy cuddle time. I love spending that time with them cuz soon thay will out grow it and we wont have that time together any more. I love all my babys

  • Christina Wood

    Hello , I am a mother of 2children both of them have special needs .Anytime we can sit down after along day of melt downs we love to read . My little girl loves to read and my son loves to be read to . My son has something APD ( Auditory Processing Disorder ) And is just now almost at a 3rd grade reading level and he is in the 5th grade 12 years old . It has been a huge fight to get him the help that he needs to get him caught up . My little girl has ADHD/Social Anxiety / ODD/and GAD . So it’s been along up hill battle to get her the help she needs she is 7 years old and is our joy . We adopted her from birth .And were working on giving her a very well rounded life but instead it’s so full of melt downs that sometimes we are all wore out by bed time . But she has a huge love for books . <3 Our family would love to make your new book apart of our books .

  • Janette Sandoval

    I am mother of 2 wonderful boys. I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. The older one like to read lots he is Kinder and he learn to read really fast and he likes to read Curious George. My 2 year old like me to read him tree little pigs. But I read them a lot the kids bible, cause every sunday we go to church and they ask me a lot of questions about god so that why I read them the bible and they love it. By the way I am a twin sister I feel bless to have one! Thank you and my god bless you and your Beautiful Family!

  • Jameila A. Ward

    Hi, I’m not a mother, I’m 20 soon to be 21 next month and in college but I love to read books, magazines anything that catches my attention. I would love to have you and your sisters book. I used to watch your shows all the time I loved sister sister growing up. It helped me understand my sisters even though we’re not twins the bond was/is there. Anyways I would love to read one of your books.
    PS I love you on The Real and congrats on the baby girl.

  • Shonda Toppin Sims

    Hi my name is Shonda and I’m a mother of 3 I have a 15 year old son Javon and 2 daughters ages 6 Aniyah and 1 Skye-Taylor huge gaps I know! My 6 year old Aniyah LOVES U GUYS as much as I did growing up she was so excited when I told her about the book and of course she wants it! She is an A student who loves to read to her little sister every night before bed and it would make her day all the more special if we won a signed copy especially since April 17th is her Birthday. PLEASE consider her ❤

  • Ashley Bornholdt

    I am not a parent, but I love to read books and I do have little cousins I read to when I see them. I love it, we read all sorts of different books about different life lessons. Its great and I love it. Plus I’m a big fan of you and your sister, I love watching your shows and movies. You two are some of my big role models, I love to read up on you both where you guys are in your lives and so on. Its awesome. I would be honored to have a signed copy of your new book. Thank you for taking the time to read and listen to my comment. Have a great day!! Thanks!!
    Ashley Bornholdt

  • Familia Rodriguez

    I love to read to my kids! I take my kids to the libaray and have them pick out the books they want me to read to them. Or my oldest that is in kinder sometimes brings home books from school. I love to read them books for bedtime. Even thoug there are times my daughter can wait. Lol what can I say she loves books! So I can wait to see if I win one of your books. By the way thanks for this chance and good luck to everyone!

  • Tekear

    I read to both my girls at least one book every two weeks. My oldest daughter is thirteen and usually reads big novels, but my nine year old still LOVES when Mommy reads to her.

  • Rebecca Jeffries

    I am the mother of a nine year old daughter. I loved watching Sister, Sister when I was younger and now my daughter and I watch re-runs. I also watch your reality shows now. My daughter and I LOVE to read. I have always been a voracious reader and apparently that has rubbed off on my little one. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! I love all genres, but am partial to thrillers, suspense and fantasy. She also loves all types of stories. Being 9, she is of course able to read on her own and she reads the Harry Potter books, Little House on the Prairie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and many, many other books. We still read together though. We snuggle up in my bed and make sure we have the blankies pulled up and are cozy. We take turns reading chapters. I usually start and my girl giggles because I do all the crazy voices and faces :). We just finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but have read James and the Giant Peach, Black Beauty, Anne of Green Gables and many more… I would love to get a copy of your book and signed would be A.MAZ.ING. I collect signed first editions. Either way though we will be picking this book up for sure! Blessings to you and your sister and your famlies <3

  • Marcela

    I read to my 2 girls because I want them to love reading books,kids have such an amazing imagination and reading just makes them feel like their in the book which is great.My kids love when I read anything from Dr.Seuss (green eggs and ham is they’re favorite)they really enjoy reading

  • Nstarks

    I love reading to my niece, we read whatever she’s into at the moment (currently that’s ponies). We read everywhere, in bed (that’s my favorite), on the creek bank next to the river by her house, with her chickens and on her back deck.

  • Latoya Kyle Welburn

    Hi Tamera I love you and your sister Tia I encourage my girls to watch you as well. I justtturned 33 April 2nd I’m a wife and mother of 5 I love to read to my children 3 of my kids were born premature my daughter tanyla had a lot of delays and it prevented her from starting school late do she was not in her right grade because I work with my kids and read to them she is being promoted to first grade as of tomorrow.

  • Latosha

    I am a mother of 2 Beautiful girls Latierrah (8 years old) and Saniya (2yrs old) and they both love books we read all kind of books like Disney Princesses,Cat in the Hat books,Brave Book,Ninja Jump and any other books that others give me. I love to read books I own several books like T.D Jakes “Reposition Yourself” and Kirk Franklin’s “Church Boy” to name a few. and so does my oldest Daughter Latierrah who is 8 years old.I also love you Tamera and your twin Tia I have twin sisters and there are a lot of days I wish I was a Twin. I am excited about your book Twintuition and would love a copy to add to my own personal book collection.

  • Ke’Ara Lacy

    Though I am not a parent I work with young girls that I believe would really enjoy your book. And I would love to read this to them because me being a big fan I think that you and your sister is a huge inspiration of a successful woman. And even though I want this book to inspire my girls to strive in life I believe this would be a great way for me to connect with the girls by what their feedback is.

  • Brianna Ferguson

    I want to start of by saying my mom and I have watched you and your sister grow up through television and I’ve watched your movies and watched your reality tv show Tia & Tamera. I just love you both. Now I am a single mom of 3 year old twins that I just adore. We sing songs and we love to read. The daughters love nursery rhythms. I do read other books to them but they love to be silly while we read nursery rhythms. When I found out you came out with this book I was so excited. Now I would love to have a copy. And when my daughters get older I will read it to them or they can read it on their own.

  • Chevonne Platt

    I like to read Winnie the pooh to my son.he loves when his dad reads captain underpants.

  • Stacy Poulin

    Since Jack was born, now 16 months we read a book a night. He loves them. Especially any with balls as he is all boy! We love you & Tia! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Claudia

    Though I am not a mother yet for the past 11 and a half years I have helped my mother raise my little brother, Joshua. He too is bi-racial, our mother is Mexican and his father is black. His father disappeared since he was about 3, I have helped mom raise him since birth. I have been reading to him since birth. I have read anything from the classic Dr. SEUSS, Where the wild things are, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He enjoys reading and his vocabulary has excelled because of it. It has been hard for my mother to help us in school having come from Mexico and spanish being her first language. I had to go through school and figure it out on my own not because my mother didn’t want to help but because she didn’t know how. I worked hard and was able to excel in school with straight A’s from elemtary through high school. I’m not trying to boast in my achievement but I now understand when parents say that they want better for their children. My mother a hard working woman began working in the fields, she studied to become a citizen then finally got a more stable job. I was able to do better than my mother receiving straight A’s through out school and going on to UC Davis to receive my bachelors, now my brother has gone further than I did at that age he has received straight A’s and has scored in the 90th percentile in school standardized testing. I don’t say all this to boast about our family. We are a simple family that come farm workers. But I say it to stress that no matter where you come from or what type of of family you have to what you can to help each other. And I can’t stress enough how important reading and education is. Thank you Tia and Tamera and the Mowry family for being an example not only to me but also to many others. Thank you Tamera for being an inspiration to many including myself.

  • Shequita Flanigan

    Hi I watch you and your sister every chance I get. I follow the both of you because you are truely an inspiration to me and my daughter. I have one daughter and she has two sisters which are twins, and we are always at the library every chance we get. My daughters only three years old but i absolutely adore her and I’ll do anything to see the beautiful smile on her face, which is reading all types of books. Her favorite book is called ” The Monster at the end of the book.” We read it almost every night before she goes to bed. We also watch you on the Real and she always says, “Mommy I like her, she pretty, can I tell her she pretty?” Lol I say ” Tell her through the screen baby girl cause i doubt we a see her in person.” She enjoy watching all of you gorgeous ladies but you’re her favorite. So i hope you choose us, it would really make her day.

  • Vedna Augustin

    I enjoy your show Real it help me with my issues. Everyday life issues. Thank you!

  • Danielle Wade

    My daughter and I read at least one book a night before bed unless its a chapter book then its a chapter a night until we finish the book. My daughter loves you and Tia so much that she can even tell you both apart when watching Twitches. To win this signed book from you and your sister would mean so much to not only her but to me as well. This is a book that I am super excited to purchase to share with not only my daughter but my girl scout troop.

  • Kimberly Bury

    I love to read to my little nieces who are like my kids, we absolutely love to read lama lama red pajamas and all of those books.

  • Donesha Actin Brandnew

    I read with my son everyday after school to progress his reading ability, sometimes he read to me . We enjoy reading more books about colors and different types of animals, he even likes fairy tales. I do this with my son to become closer to Him before he grows up to be a man. We really enjoy the quality time

  • linda mahabir

    I am a mother and grandmother i love reading to my granddaughter and grandsons. I have read to my niece and nephews all different types of books i hope to my granddaughter whois 10 now can read your book she has been telling me i would like tia and tamara book i hope i can give it to her to read

  • Kamogelo Radikonyana

    hi Tamera, I am not a parent but rather your REAL fan who follows everything that i get about you and your sis Tia on youtube just to see your beautiful faces. I love to read so much I even read to my siblings and im also writing my very first book at the moment. I love you so so much that i wanna cry just for typing this comment to u. oh im so emotional, im your number one fan and im so happy that The REAL is now available in South Africa, oh I just love u and hopefully I really will be the first to buy your book if it will be available in South Africa. Only Lord knows how I love you, ur my inspiration, motivator, girl you really are my role model. God bless you and keep you in the entertainment field until i make it to the United States just to see you and your sis in person. I Love you so so so much Tamera #emotional #UrNo1SouthAfricanFan

  • Bernardethe

    Hello Tamera!!! I am very excited about this opportunity to read your book because Me and my sister are your fans number one

  • Sakina Willis

    Im Sakina and my baby isnt here yet but I still read to him. I read him every book I see. It would be great to add yours to our collection.

  • D’andra Worthan

    Hey Tamera! I’ve loved you and Tia since I was a little girl. I now have a little girl of my own and we watch Sister Sister and all of the great movies you’ve made. Anyway, I read to my princess A’niyah every night (after homework, of course) and we read just about everything. Particularly princess stories or anything Disney. I, sometimes, let her read to me or we alternate between pages (she reads a page, I read the next, etc.) It’s like a bonding moment for us… away from Dad ;) we most definitely enjoy every moment. I totally cannot wait to read your book with her soon. I’m sure it will be awesome!

  • adelaida Tejeda

    Hi, sister sister, Iam a mother of four kids, I read to them during the night, three of my kids are black and twin girls Angela and Alliyah. I admired you ladies as a teen and would like for my girls to look up to you ladies. And become strong black women in their future. I love reading princesses books and being that am a working mom education is my first priority for them…

  • Maleka So Real ImBack

    I love to read to my children which I call my Fab 5 nothing special we like everything….its so exciting to see there faces whenbi make expressions….now that’s priceless….

  • Rachelle Parmelee

    I would love to read this book to my niece. I absolutely love reading to her and watching her eyes lighy when ahe learns some thing new.

  • Jessica Berzett Wilder

    I am a very big fan of you and your sister and so is my daughter! I am a mother of 2. I have a 9 yr old daughter and a 7 yr old son. They both love to read. I used to read to them at bedtime every night but they read on their own time now they are a little older and are both reading at a 5th grade level. I know my daughter would love to read your book! I hope we win!

  • Castellon Jessika

    Im not a mom yet but i love reading with my nephews they love reading disney books courious George animal books dinosaur book and any book they find see and get i love buying them books especially in spanish and english so thwy can learn more family time is the best time especially when it comes to reading a book.. love spending a few minutes with my nephews and now more wen i bought them like 6 big books with a lot of stories a storie for each day how awesome!!

    Love u love ur show sister sister and love how u guys grew up to be wonderfull and respected women ur babys are so adorable. Wish u luck on ur book and on your new family member to come congrats oh and i also love watching the real love ur show. You guys are inspiering.

  • emani

    Hi tamera one of my favorite things to do is read i just love it i would love to get a copy of your new book reading is very important and i love reading new books epsically if it’s from tia and tamera and i would you and yours sister one day

  • AskdrVictoria J. Hart

    I am already a part of your email list. I read to my twin great nieces, Jalyne & Jasmyne, Emma & Momma Talk to God by Marianne Williamson on the existence of God’s power within.

  • Guest


  • Lola Ellison

    I am a mother of a beautiful 6 year old and we have enjoyed readying from the beginning of her birth. She enjoys reading wether it’s me reading to her or she reading to me we both enjoy it. Every night we read one book each to each other and once a week we go to the library. Also I am a teacher and my students love reading time it’s their favorite time of the day. The range from ages 1-3 and if I forget to read they all remind me that it’s story time and we must read a book daily. Reading is very relaxing and I am glad I can pass this on to my daughter and my students

  • Antoinette Taylor

    I’m 29 years old and i have 2 lovely kids a girl and a boy we read every night be fore bedtime my daughter is 9 and she likes for me to read chapter books so i read two chapters a night cause i do have a son to read too as well lol and my son is 5 he loves five little monkeys jumping in the bed. we read every night i plus we have to sing the song. sometimes i cant wait until he is grown lol.

  • Nicole Lancaster

    I am a mother of three. I have read to my kids since they were in the womb. They love all kinds of books. I would have to say their absolute favorite would be Mr. Brown Can Moo So Can You by Dr. Seuss. They also absolutely love the Twitches movies so I am positive they will love Twintuition!!!

  • Tia Anderson

    I read to my son and let him spell and say the words that he know so he can get use to spelling and seeing repeated words.i read books like green eggs and ham because my son is 5 but he loves the book Tarzan

  • Marissa McCoy

    I love to read with my niece who is 2. She loves reading Dr. Seuss!

  • Maribel Rodriguez

    I am not a parent but I love you and your sister and would love to have your book! :)

  • Linda moya

    Growing up watching you girls was really cool and I’ve watched your reality tv show too so hilarious . Glad you ladies are doing books now my daughter loved twitches one and two . So it would be awesome to have your book since she loves reading an I love reading to her and her sister as well win or lose I will still be purchasing the book for her.

  • Kei’Undrea Turner- Neal

    Hello!!! I would love to be selected for a signed copy for you guys book, although I am not a parent I do have three beautiful God babies, all girls! And I am a aunt of 9 nieces and nephews. I, myself LOVE to read!!! So far I’ve read over 30 plus books and counting. I would love to share this book with my God babies, nieces, nephews and one day with kids of my own. Congratulations to you and Tia’s success I hope we get to see more from you guys. :)

  • Brigitte Abbs

    I’m a grandmother now and I love my charming grandson to read to me…he is seven and reads on a 4th grade level…I read to him when he much smaller and it’s so funny to hear him say ” No Lala it’s my turn now to read to you”..Your a grandma now…He’s a kid that loves to read everything. I hope we are blessed to get a signed copy but if not you can believe he will get a copy to read to his Lala…
    God bless you and your beautiful family.

  • beatriz escobar

    I read all the nurseries, educational every kind of book there is in English and in Spanish so she understands both language because she’s mix and not a day goes by she gets a book and tries to read on her own she only 3 turning 4 in June 13 because since she was little I always read to her and I always told her reading is very important and now my daughter loves to read every single day we have a very good bond.

  • Alexis Nance

    My daughter is legally blind so I read all of her books with her. she has books that are specially made with the pictures or fur of life the animal we read about with the words in English for me also braille for her. My daughter is 2 and will be 3 next month I would love one of your signed books I have been watching you and Tia since I was able to understand how to talk lol.

  • Brittany Gabourel

    My 6 year old daughter loves to read stories, after homework and during “slow down” time (time before bed). We read in our living room, snuggled on the couch, and of course tv off. She’s in kindergarten so this is the prime time for reading any chance she gets (I.e. signs, billboards, restaurant menus, etc…). We can never have enough BOOKS!

  • Beverly

    I read to my son just about any kind of books. He loves to look at pictures right now. His favorite is very hungry caterpillar. He wants that book read over and over about 10 times a night :)

  • Freckles

    I’ve always enjoyed reading. My mother read to me in the womb and I’m convinced that’s the reason why I love it so. I have a 19 month old daughter named Khyle and she loves playing with her electronic books. I love reading Dr. Seuss books, children bible stories and I even have a bible app for my phone that’s interactive. She seems to love that the most. I’m hoping to instill the same love of reading that I’ve always had.

  • Shannon Creech

    Well I don’t have any children lol. I’m 19 and I love to read. I was a big fan of you guys and would LOVE to have a signed book from y’all

  • Leslie

    I love reading to my daughter, she’s one. She absolutely enjoys being read to over anything else. She will bring books to my husband and I and open them for us to read. She could read with us for hours. Can’t wait to read your new book to her!

  • Marsha Williams-Miller

    I have 2 DD’s who mean the absolute world to me. I taught my oldest (who is now six) to read when she was four. In a couple weeks she will be graduating from kindergarten with a bigger love for books because she can read by herself. Its amazing raising these two kiddos because my youngest (22mths) is coming right behind with the same love for reading. I blessed with not one but two lovely girls who love to read and I imagine one day they’ll be reading to me. #happybelizeanmommy

  • Aimee May

    Hey Tamera! I myself do not have children but my 8 year old neice loves you and your sister. It’s like a whole new generation has fallen in love with Sister Sister. She is almost through all the dvd’s of the show so I know she will love the book too, especially if it was signed by you and Tia…. I love both you guys. God bless you and you beautiful family.
    Much love from NYC.

  • Jessica Smith

    I love to read anything I can to my children, we have a nice collection! I adopted 3 of my four and we used books to teach the younger 2 adopted children how to talk. They were neglected and reading books on shapes, colors, numbers, etc was how I got them to speak so quickly. It would be great to start a new collection, as my oldest daughter is almost 10. Thank you for your consideration and it would be great to be able to have books by the two of you!

  • Jennifer

    Hey! My name is Jennifer I’m 19 years old and a mom to be to a future princess

  • Rachel Yacovissi

    I’m not a parent so I don’t have children to to read to. I and my husband are book lovers and if we have children of out own we would surely read to them to pass down our love of reading to them.

  • I love reading to my kids. I read to my 2 year old everywhere we go but mostly when she wants to cuddle in bed. She grabs about three books and we read each and every single one them. Most of the books we read are Dr. Seuss. She loves them, she loves the Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood potty book as well.

  • Gracy Perez

    Hi My Name is Grace Yrei I am a tween Sister my sister & I alway said we were Tia & Tamara. We Always wanted to be like You Two. We are like you. We share the love too each other.I call my sister sister. When I got marry my sister she maide me cry because that Day we were going to be apart. But when I was pregnet she got my morning sick.My Baby Girl was a Prime Baby She is the most Brave Little Girl She makes my day Be so Sunny Days!! She is now 2 years old now she dances she smiles to every one Now that I am a mom I read the BOOK BRAVE.Thank You Tamara & Tia For Giving me The chances to winThe book Thank You♥♥=>

  • Loren Brincefield

    I read to my grandchildren every day just like I did to their mom when she was little

  • Andrea Twitty

    Hi Tamera. My daughters and I love reading together. One of our favorite books to read is Guess How Much I Love You. I also enjoy it when my daughter read a book out aloud to me and when they ask me to read to them. Another activity I like to do is reading the same book they are reading. I would love to win a copy of your new book because my daughters and I would love to read the book together.

  • Leila

    I have read with my daughter since birth. We used to read more fairytale, and now as she is growing we tend to read more empowering stories for girls/females. She has been both physically and mentally abused in the past by her father she no longer has contact with. She is also getting bullied and we are not only handling that situation in school we try to read stories that help her with feeling strong and happy with herself, with her friends and family.

  • Shermaya

    Hello Tamera
    First I would like to say congratulations on your baby girl. I wish you all the best. I am not a parent but i will be soon. I read to my baby by laying down comfortably in the back yard on the grass or my bed reading books that have a meaning to life. I like to really all types of books with him or her as long as the baby likes it I do to. Thank you for this opportunity to win a sign copy from you and Tia.

  • Melissa Lou Mann

    My son is 5, we read daily. Whether it is books, magazines, street signs or anything else. I want him to get into reading earlier than I did. I really started in college. He loves superheros, so I take pictures from our lives and turn them into stories where he is secret agent bam and always saves the day. I hope he cherishes those stories as much as I do.

  • Lavaughna

    My son jevaughn hepburn love to read and the person who he love to read to is is mother we read together every day and he love to watch u alk on t.v so when he saw you holding a book he ask if i could buy the book for him i saw that u are give away a book and i told him, he said mommy try, u can do it just tell them them how i love to we and love to see them on tv we will get one .

  • mary

    What’s the reading level for the series? I have a 9 year old and daughter who loves to read.. Either way.. I will purchase to support literacy and African American authors. Congratulations to you both

  • Jishanna Smothers-Powell

    I loved reading “Love you Forever” when my now 10 and 7 year olds were smaller. Now they read to me nightly!!:)

  • Mikea Curry

    Hey Tamera ! Well I’m not a parent yet . I’m a 15 year old teenage girl . I love reading fictional books because they have more to talk about , & fictional books help you understand more things about reading , meaning using your imagination , & just expressing it out in pictures & in books . Also reading is a huge part of my household & family we have to read a book every once in a while because we can’t help it we love to read. They call be the book worm in the family . Some of the books I like to read is The Hunger Games , The Fault In Our Stars , As If , and one non fictional book The Outsiders. Hopefully I will receive a signed copy of your new book Twintuition if not I’ll still be buying a copy anyways

  • Terri Kassly

    I read to my girls almost every night, it don’t matter where just as long we are together they love me to read our favorite book goodnight moon.

  • Michelle Munnings-Smart

    I am so happy for you both!!!! Congratulations on all your accomplishments!!

  • Veronica Arbelaez McCloskey

    I have a 3yr old girl and 2yr old boy we read everything together we go to story time at the local library, we even have books that are safe in the bath tub for our bed time story… my kids love books and tho my kids r young we have a 12yr old niece that lives with us over the summer (strange parenting situation) and we take care of EVERYTHING for her she struggles with comprehension but we have been working very hard to help her!

  • Shontay Williams

    I really like to read, unfortunately I don’t have any children yet, but I find reading to be fundamental. There are a lot of knowledge you can gain by reading. You can find out something new everyday by just reading. That is why I like to read.

  • Joanna

    I am mother of two beautiful girls. I didn’t read lot to my oldest daughter that is two but know that I just had my other daughter that is 6 months. I saw reading is important so when I go awesome playground where the have books I read two books…I read baby book,dr. Seuss,dora and etc.This book would good for me to have home and read it to both for bedtime.

  • Vicki Moran

    My daughter is 11 and every night we take turns reading to each other.

  • Renett

    My son is 10 and he often reads to me now. Reading is an important part of our household. He began reading independently at age 3. He loves books with mythology such as Percy Jackson and Zero Degree Zombie Zone. We also study The Bible together.

  • Aida Stovall

    Hello Mrs. Mowry-Housley, I have three daughters two of them are twins also (fraternal). It’s nice to see my role model is an author like my Aunt Suzzane Wayne. I absolutely love the idea that I can read books from my favorite people. Me and my girls read a variety of books. When we read we can be any where. We can be at the libray, on a trip, or at family members homes as well as our own. We like reading from books or listen to audio books. This is a particular time my girls love… since they were little they loved to listen to my voice. They enjoyed when I would make sounds and animate the parts of my reading snuggled under the warm blankets. Hope all is going well with your pregnancy. Wishing well for you and your family as well.


    Aida S.

  • Yblehs Nichele

    I don’t have kids of my own yet, but I am a 22 year old Master’s student taking on the parent role of my younger siblings with the loss of our mom. My little sister is 11 and still likes for me to read her The Berenstain Bears books as well as the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Thank you for your time and consideration Tamera…My sisters and I are a huge fan and miss watching Sister, Sister growing up was our favorite show. I LOVE The Real and would like to see your reality show Tia & Tamara air again! Best wishes to you and your family from mine! <3

    With Love,


  • Maria Calagui

    I have three kids and we enjoy reading books before bedtime. My son loves to read all the time. He especially loves to read Percy Jackson books like Sea of Monsters and Theven Lightning Thief. Once he completes a book we watch the movie to compare the two. He usually likes the book better. I am hoping to inspire my other two kids to love reading books as much as he does. Great job on all your accomplishments and continue to inspire other through all your great work.

  • chrissid

    Hi tamera I have son he’s 18 months he’s not that much in to book but I would love to have a book by ur sister n u .. I grew up watching ur show I love that show even know I still do

  • Maliasofia Ngata Lauaki Tuipea

    I read to my kids every chance I get because I never experienced it growing up nor was it enforced for me and my sister to read, period. Now that I have kids I enforce reading because it is important to me and to my kids futures.

    My kids pick out there own books just because I want them to be excited about what they are reading.

    I grew up watching you and your sister and still watch you and your sister now. Thank you for the oppurtunity. :)

  • Brittany Morrison

    I’m expecting my first child in July! However, I have 8 brothers and sisters whom I’ve read to all of their lives! And my mother used to read to me! We would read Beatrice Potter, Winnie the Pooh, Corduroy, Curious George, Little House on the Prairie, Bible stories and other Disney books! Reading together holds such special memories! I plan on reading all of these same books and more to my baby!!

  • Linda Stone

    My daughters name is jazzmin she is 6, we visit the library once a week and take out books, we read a story every night before bed. Her favorite book is mix it up, its a book about colors. Her second favorite book is dont let the pigeon drive the bus, she finds it hilarious everytime we read it. We would love to win a copy of your book :) thank you, we absolutely adore you, we just watched double wedding last night

  • Katia

    Hi I am a 24 year old mother of 3 children 4, 2, & 1. My fiancè and I absolutely love reading to the kids and they love all different types of stories. Reading in our home is a time to just relax and get a piece of mind. Our day is very busy in the beginning but we try to end it with story time every night. I like to let the kids choose between a few books they would like to hear wether it be a picture book where they love to make it out of their own story using their imagination or a book with words that has its own story. We love to read! read! read! By the way you and Tia are an inspiration to me and I love how you both are all about family and reading and eating healthy keep it up I hope to one day meet you both. Keep up the good work and i hope to receive a copy of your signed book twintuitiion

  • Heather Fry

    First i would like to congrats you on your book. I do not read to my children anymore as they are all grown up i used to sit in my hallway and read to all three of my babies at the same time but i have a grandbaby on the way and will be reading to them. I would love a copy of your book to add to the collection of books i have like love you forever by robert munch

  • Jordann Wilkinson

    My younger cousin is a huge reader! She is getting to that stage in her life where she’s starting to read novels and I think she will love this book! I think giving her a signed copy will be just one way that I can reinforce her amazing reading habits and let her know that she can be and do anything she dreams of!!! I love you and your sister, you are both such wonderful role models.

  • Claire G

    Hi Tamera, I am a mother to three children. A boy (7) and two girls (5 & 2mths). I love to read them stories. Their favorite are stories about the Bible. My son likes to read about animals and of course his super hero books. My daughter is more into books about Jesus and princesses.

  • Angelic Coleman-Fields

    – hey Tamera, my name is Angelic. I am a single parent, ihave a daughter who is now two and I have a son on the way… I read books to my daughter a lot and iwill continue to, I would like Twintuition to be the next book I read to her..

    Thanks !

  • Ciara


    I LOVE Reading with my Child — Even my Nieces. To me it means A Lot because Not Only do we Cuddle Up on the Couch or Porch , We Have Special ‘ Reading Time ‘ .. We Love the Bonding Quality Time Together.

    While I Read the Books We ‘ Adventure ‘ into an Alternative Universe

  • LaShonda Silver

    My daughter and I read together in so many different places. We hang out at Barnes and Noble, we hang out by the pool, in my living room, while my husband drives. We don’t care if it’s an ebook or a real one, we read them all. She likes when I read her Monster High bonds to get. The problem with that is I get into the story and sometimes forget I was reading my own book.

  • Kiara

    I’m not a mother but I want to be so bad! It’s crazy but I’m tooooo young so I will wait! I spend most of my time with children! I work at a daycare and I’m with my cousins practically 24/7. Their my little loves! I wouldn’t trade them for the world! I treat them as if they were my own! They watch the real with me and my cousin Paris just loves you and Tamar! She always tells me keke I like them! Their pretty! Lol I love reading stories to kids! It makes me smile how much they love stories! Now I can read them this book! I think they’d really love it! Love you beautiful ladies! ❤️ Be blessed!

  • Jessica Berry

    I have a 7 year old daughter, and we love to read together. She likes to read Junie B. Jones books, but I am looking into other series for her to read that provide better lessons and values. I recently bought her a few Ramona books by Beverly Clearly that I read as a child, and she also reads The Magic Treehouse books at times. We try to read everyday.

  • ey

    It is so wonderful to have good role models in you and your sister for our young girls to look up to. I want to thank you for that. As a grandmother, I read every day sometimes multiple times to my daughter as a child and now am so very proud to be able to read as often or at the very least every night to my beautiful grand daughter who is 5. We read a variety of many types of books to give her a well balanced appreciation of the art of reading as well as show her exciting adventures are waiting inside the pages all she has to do is open the cover. Stories that teach strength, empathy, determination, compassion as well as have good moral value to them are always welcome. We have read together since she was just a few months old and the wonderful memories she has give n to me by reading to me with such excitement and sometimes a lot of drama,,, will forever be engraved in my heart.
    Miley Smith

  • Jennifer Chan

    I don’t have any children currently but I have many nieces and nephews. One one my nieces I would read to a lot and she ended up being able to read when she was in Kindergarten. Since then loved reading. I believe in read to your child.

  • Clarisse Morgan

    I let my daughters read to me as it is apart of a curriculum at school for them to read. They love to read chapters books like Dear dumb diary, sisters and many others and I know that Twintuition will be their favorite also because they are twins and they admire you and Tia.

  • Robin Ogden

    I am a 55 year old grandmother who is raising a 4 and 6 year old while their mother has decided she is a lesbian now and moved. What I read most to them is the Bible. One thing I am proud of is that my grandchildren already have a relationship with the Lord. It would be nice to have your book for my granddaughter. If I don’t win an autographed copy, I’m still going to buy it for her. Her bday is on the 24th.

  • Taleia Thomas

    My 7 year old daughter and I take turns reading her storybook Bible and The Berenstein Bears series. We also love Harold and The Purple Crayon among other books. She loves books that include her imagination and anything with Girl Power like Eloise and Frozen books. I loved reading as a child and was a pretty advanced reader and have passed that on to my daughter. I think the Twintuition series would be great for us to read together!

  • Elizabeth Tezino

    I am a preschool teacher and a mother of 2 that loves to read to children . I love to see their faces as I read different books to them. I brings me so much joy to see a child with a book in there hands. I can’t wait to share this book with my pretweens.

  • Gillt72

    Books have been a huge part of my life. Growing up poor they were my escape to a different world. When I had children I always wanted to read to them and take them to special worlds. I especially loved to read to them when their dad was deployed in the Army. He deployed 5 times so far and I tried to read to them to fill the void and some stories were aimed towards what they were going through but in words they could understand. I was always grateful that there is writers out there that made books to help military children deal with the life they were a part of. Many can’t understand what they go through but books help

  • Penny Dixon

    I am a grandmother of 3 and when they come to visit they always want me to read to them their ages are 13,10,8 my oldest grand spends more time over here and I would love to start a book collection for her starting with your books and she loves to watch sister sister my grands love Amelia Bedela I read a chapter a night on the weekends
    keep doing what your doing you have so inspired alot of children

  • Cressa Sidney

    Hi Tamera! I have 4 Grandkids. Three boys and 1 girl. I would Love to be able to have your book to read to my grandkids. They all aren’t close to me at this time. Two are and the other two are not. I would Love to be able to start reading a bedtime story to them all everynight (in person& tango). It would be an honor to have your book to start out with. I’ve read to each at different times but never all together. I know your book will have lots of learning experiences for kids of all ages. I hope to add your book in my collection for my Beautiful Grandkids. We Love all books!!

  • Chasty Kay

    I like to read to my children either cuddled up on the bed or couch…we love to read monster books and mermaids. Since my kids are older your book will be perfect for my daughter and me to read together :-) congrats on the book series…can’t wait

  • Chrissy

    I’m Chrissy. I don’t have children but I do have little brothers and sisters that I really love to read to. They love all books and I think that they would find it extremely interesting to have a signed book. I would LOVE to win this book for my little siblings. I really want to read a signed book to them (which we have never done before). I really hope you pick me to win this book. I really want to win!! :)

  • Titania Herron

    I have 3 daughters a 3, 1 and 7 month old I want to teach them that whatever you put your mind to u can do. My budget is extremely tight right now so it’s really hard to get my girls books. I would love to read to them every night until they go to sleep. My 3 year old is very energetic and always wants me to ready to her as well as my 1 year old.

  • Ashley

    My daughter couldn’t read and kids her age made fun of her. I had to stop it so i cut back in work n started teaching her every day until one day she started doing it herself. I was proud she did it. We read chapter books like magic tree house n Jennie B Jones. Now she love to read.

  • Karnitra

    Hi Tamera, I have to start off by saying my 10 year old daughter is a big fan of you guys. She was very thrilled when she learned you all were coming out with a book. My daughter, Aaliyah is a big fan of reading. We have several books together, such as Diary of a Wimpy a Kid, Ivy Bean, Junie B. Jones, Fancy Nancy, and Dork Diaries. The list goes on. I am huge fan of reading, and I truly believe reading is fundamental. I encourage my daughter to take at least 30 minutes out of her day to read. We are truly looking forward to see what you all have in store for us. I am sure your book will be a part of her reading for the summer. I wish you guys much success on your new book.
    God Bless!

  • Rebecca Becky Ortega

    I read to my boys they love reading books before bed.<3<3<3

  • Deidra

    I’m the mother of 5 my youngest is 12 when she has to read books for school that are difficult we read to each other. I will read one page out loud to her and she will read the next page to me. It makes it easier for her to understand and we have a open discussion about it. That method helped me teach all my children to read and comprehend books. Plus when we read we like to snuggle.

  • Angie Evatt Sirmeyer

    My daughter is 9 years old and LOVES to read. She reads two chapter books at a time (one on her own & then we read one together each night before bed). We would enjoy reading your book together.

  • Arelis Aponte

    Hi!! I read with my luvie’s daily. My luvie Alani, is 6 and my Hugglemonster Jayden is 3. We visit our local libraries for 5 or 6 books for the bedtime stories and pick up a few on monthly Scholastic book orders!! I loved reading growing up and am so happy my kiddos love it as well!! And I totally loved watching Sister, Sister LOL!!

  • melinda obilana

    I read to myson every night, it’s our mother and son bonding time.
    We love African American books, because he can identify with the characters. All the little bill books.

  • Audrey Asiedu

    Well, Kobe is only 11 months now, so we are doing alphabet flash cards and numbers. But I plan on purchasing a copy of “The Bible Story” because I enjoyed how the biblical characters came to life as I read, read and read some more. Reading is exciting!

  • Cindy Vaughn

    Well all my sons are grown, but I am a grandma and I read to my grandchildren, but now that they are older, they read to me!! LOL…I can’t wait to see if I get a signed copy of your book Twintuition!! I love watching the old episodes of Sister, Sister, such a good show, the old sitcoms were the best!!

  • English Commander

    Unfortunately I don’t have any children yet, but I do teach high school. We have reading records almost every day to help our students enjoy reading again like when they were children! We read literature to them, we have a library of books for them to check out (in class and in the library), and they can read whatever interests them during reading time. We mostly read classics and literature with a message, but they are open to reading anything.

    If I had children, we would read every night before bed about real world ideas and inspiring characters.

  • Candy Archila

    I try to read different books with my 3 yr old… She loves it… i do it every night before b.edtime

  • Debra Thompson

    I have enjoyed reading throughout my life and instilled that in each of my four children. I loved walking into a room and seeing them all caught up in a book. Three of my babies are adults now but I still have one, plus a grandson that I’m trying to pass the love onto. Our favorites was, “If you give a mouse a cookie”, “Chicks, Chicks Boom-Boom” and “Goodnight Moon”


  • sharron matthews

    Hey twins and everyone

  • Rosado Janette

    Hi my name is Janette Rosado.
    I’m an aunt and not a mother as of yet, but I love reading to my nieces. I read to them because I want them to feel like the character in the book. I also enjoy reading on my own and for that reason every chance I get with them, we read a book of fair tales and more. They love when I read to them because I act out all the characters and make sound effects. I wish that I’m one to get a signed copy of your book, so we can enjoy it. I want them to get to know you girls like I did growing up watching you. Congratulations on your families, careers, and amazing women you have become.
    Thank you…

  • Giselle Rodriguez

    I have always felt like my purpose in life was to be a mom to be entrusted with a child of the lord to love and guide through life and from the time I was pregnant 3 1/2 years ago I began reading to my son before he was even born yet! Ive continued to read to him every night before he goes to bed he love when I read him the lion king and 101 Dalmatians its my favorite time cause it’s our time. I’m currently expecting my second son due June 21, 2015 and I can’t begin to express my excitement! I’m looking forward to having my 2 boys on my lap as I read to them and watch them learn and grow!!

  • Natasha

    I’m not a parent. I am a Clinician that will incorporate books in sessions about grief and self esteem with the kids I interact with. When I read I find myself animated bringing the characters to life. If I’m with a child that can read we do it together. I like to read anything uplifting and that brings about good morals in a child. Congrats on the new book and your baby girl.

  • Pamela Johnson-Sanders

    I’m a grandmother of four ages 3,5,7,9.i read to my babies all the time. I love what you beautiful young ladies stand for.. I’m a true believer of a mind is a terrible thing to waste.. Reading take you on a journey.. God bless

  • Chantale

    I am a single parent of an eleven year old young lady. I love to read and now she does as well. I love her to read positive uplifting books. These book I believe would expose her to bigger and better possibilities. Thank you for being positive sisters. Enjoy!

  • Brittany Gonzales

    Me and my kids love going to the library! I let them pick out any book they want and we go home and have story time!

  • Amanda Winters

    I have a 5 month old baby girl and I try to read anything I can to her. I love to read and I want her to grow up loving books as well! I have always been a fan of you and your sister since sister sister! It would be so awesome to get a signed copy of your book to read to my baby and teach her about two strong women who have done great things! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Taygeta Jensen

    I have a 2 year old little girl that’s extremely bright and we love to read together! Their is nothing like seeing her eyes light up as she learns with me. She loves to read Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings, Baby Animals and anything with Elmo! My husband and I are currently trying for our second child.:) I love/adore you and your sister and have since I was a little girl and I would love to read your book my kids too!

  • Kim Keith Yardley

    My first grand baby was born in December (5 wks early, but he’s fine! Thank you God!). I cannot wait to read to him. He is precious to me! <3

  • Xavier Flores

    Hi Tia I am a fifteen year old kid and I love reading to my little sister. Usually would read her any book I can find but I have not been able to since we just moved but I would really like to read her a story made by the two sister from twitches.
    Xavier flores

  • Nicole Baker

    I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I haven’t been blessed with any children of my own thus far and now I know why. I currently have guardianship of my two girl cousins ages 5 & 7. It has only been one week and it is amazing!!! They are so smart. They love to read and I love reading with them. They’ve been through a lot and I just want to encourage them in all and every way possible. They are always smiling and loving no matter what. This makes my heart melt. I would love to have a signed copy of your book and have it be addressed to both Jalayah and Taraya. They would be over joyed to see their name in a book signed just for them!!!

  • Debbie Adams

    My daughter loves to read so instead of me reading to her at night, she insists on reading to both me and her little sister

  • Vernesa Mincey

    I am a mother of 3. My oldest is 10 and she loves to read. She reads to me, her dad and her younger sister and brother. This is going to be awesome because it is going to give her something different to read. She loves Charlotte’s Web, the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary and the Pinkalicious book sets.

  • Jessica Freeman

    I have one son he is two going on three. He loves books everyday he would come to me and say mommy let’s read a book, he doesn’t really have a favorite book but he loves his animals. Twintuition will be our new favorite book of all time

  • Reyna Camarena

    It seems as though my 2 1/2 yr old Sophia only enjoys story time when we are a church. I’m incharged of the nursery at my church so she stays with me . I take advantage of that time to share different children’s
    bible stories

  • Nicolle

    I am a single mom and my daughter loves to read. The best books for us to read are the ones with the countdown and the animals pooling out. We read almost everyday. When she comes home from school, she wants to read. She reads herself a bedtime story every Night. She also loves you guys so I told her I will try to get a book written by you and your sister for her birthday next month

  • Tyesha Jackson

    Hello Tamera I am also not a parent but I do come from a big family. I have ten siblings, which five are younger than me. I am very family oriented, love spending time with my family including my extended. Which the youngest two siblings are identical twins (boys) too. We all do our best to find something common to talk about and part take in and it happens to be your family from your sister Tia, brothers Tahj and Trevor, to your husband Adam and handsome little man Aden. We follow you guys on instagram and facebook. We feel a connection to your family and know that mutual feeling of family first. I especially have a connection with all six of my sisters and three brothers. We are beyond excited for what’s to come of your book and beautiful growing family. All I can say is besides my family the besties and I will definitely be looking forward to reading your material. Thank you and God bless

  • Stephanie Jacobs

    I am not a parent but I do have younger cousins and nieces and nephews who I adore more than anything. Reading has been a big part of my life and it is a big part of my family. I used to take my cousins to the library all the time and they absolutely loved being able to pick out the same books so that we would always have something to talk about when we were together. As they get older there love for books grow stronger than ever and I love listening to them all talk about their favorite parts in a story. Our favorite one we have all recently read was the hunger games book. They refused to go to the movies to see it because they didn’t want to spoil the way they loved the book. If I win your giveaway it would be amazing to be able to read your book not only for myself but to read it and be able to pass it on to my cousins so we grow tighter as a family and bond over yet another book.

  • jazlyn odom

    Well when I was little my parents read me bed time stories and they struck we me all my life now I am 18 years old and I still love to read books that peak my interest so I would love to read you guys book I bet it will be awesome.

  • Elizabeth Harmon Townsend

    I’m a new mom of a sweet 8 month old baby boy. He loves to sit with me while I read him his books everyday before naps and bedtime. I read him books about Jesus everyday. He loves to hear me read him stories out of his Bible. He is always excited about getting a new book especially one with lots of pictures. I have a twin sister also and so I would love to read yours and Tia’s book. My sister and I both are very big fans.

  • Michelle Burroughs

    I’m the mother of avid 9 year old reader! I’ve read to her since the beginning of her life; her favorite book for many years was Baby Baby Please. I think because the baby in the book remaindered her of herself. Then when she was 3 we got her first library card and I bought her Lola at the Library. We transitioned to I Like Myself being one of the books she would ask me to read often. And now she reads a bed time story to her dad and I before she goes to bed. She just finished the Junie B. Jones series and now she’s reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. My daughter Emyiah, loves you and your sister and we have used you as examples as the type of lady she should aspire to be one day since she wants to be an actress. We are raising her to be kind, considerate and not afraid of her intelligence; so she is confident that she can be whatever she wants to be. Today is her birthday and she would be thrilled to receive an autographed book from the two of you!

  • Helani Kihe

    I love to read to my children, my 8 year old daughter, my 4 year old son and my unborn baby. I read to all of my children since in the womb. I read all sorts of books but my favorites to share with them are the books I enjoyed as a child… The runaway bunny, Goodnight Moon, How much I love you, Harold and the purple crayon, The kissing hand, Stellaluna… just to name a few. Thank you for this opportunity to win a chance at adding another great book to my babies book collection.

  • Azaria

    This is Azaria Harris I am 24 years old with no children but I love you and Tia and I support yall at anything yall do because I am a huge fan. I love all celebrity no matter what color they are because they are making something out they live. I have so many role models and people I will like to meet one day. I would love to read more of yall books.

  • rockysw

    I lost both my daughter and son at 5 months. But I read letters I write to them annually. I read to my nieces and nephews and the older ones read to me when we visit with them or they come to spend a few weeks with me during the summer. The oldest is into tween romance novels. :-)

  • Joy Aldrich- Chapman

    I myself am a huge reader, I mean as fast as I finish one, I have 10 more to choose from. Lol!
    My kids are 9. 7 and 4 and our favorite time to read is just before bed. The two older ones can choose to read on their own, which they do most often or they sit with my 4 year old and listen to me read to her. We really like books about baby animals and their families. She loves baby kitties and bunnies. Our oldest daughter just started reading chapter books and anything goes with her! She is currently reading the box car children and really enjoying them! Our 7 year old is just starting to read on his own and he really likes cars and trucks.
    Thanks for the chance to win!! :)

    • Shimika Brown

      Hi! Tamera im a single parent of a nine year boy. When I was pregnant with him I always read to him while he was in the womb. So now he loves to read lol! I read nursery rhymes and my bible stories

  • Sandra Fortune

    I am a teacher of 18 1st grade students and I love to read to them everyday. After school I come home and then I read to my own children. We love to read books while we’re all sitting on the couch, and each child take turns reading a page or so and then we discuss it.

  • Tyshundra Bassett

    I’m a first time mom, my daughter is 18 months, I read to her almost every night. We read the counting and abc books. I’m struggling and I dont have help forreal. All I want out of life is to make sure she dont have to go through what I went through. Even if I dont win the book can you give me some advice on different things to do with her.

    Thank you,

    Tyshundra Bassett and Symyah Turner

  • Brenda Contreras

    I read to my two boys every night as part of their bedtime routine. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and kind of keeping my fingers crossed for a little girl. Either way I would love a copy of the book to read to my kids.

  • Kathy Thomas

    I love reading this to . My grandson class .love It. Give me inspiration. And courage. To move this young mind’s they are strong and very welling children. I thank God for every opportunity.. To share with them.. and every night .l love reading a good book. Because I have a lots of sister. Of my own. And a daughter who. Always inspired both of us. sharing each other thoughts .by reading to one and other.

  • Sue Vargas

    We read many books, but I also like magazines and the newspaper, so that we can discuss issues and I can see their perspective.

  • Kendra Patterson-Fray

    I’m a mother of two handsome boys Nicholas 7 and Kyle 5. Every night the boys will pick one book each, and either I will read to them or my 7 year old will read aloud. Afterwards, we will discuss the characters or any new words that we came across while reading.

  • Msproudmama TwoboysSoto

    Hi tamera first off I soooo love u guys I could probably quote more than half of sister sister shows. Just needed to get that off my chest. But any who back to why I am commenting here. My name is angie I have a 1 1/2yr old boy his name is aiden. He is a ball of happiness he doesn’t really know what reading is yet but he listens to anything I read. I am in school right now so il read my chapters aloud to him and he has his own library of books that grows monthly an I would love to add you girls book to it. I read a different book everyday I read baby and kid books, cook books, post, blogs,mags,newspapers, reports, poems, all kind of stuff I want him to be well rounded and full of knowledge in all areas. But I just have to get passed the wanting to ripe pages out first =). But hope you and sis pick US it would be awesome.

  • Zalika Mawusi Goulbourne

    Hi Tamera. My name is Zalika and I have two beautiful daughters. One is six and the other is 1. They both will be celebrating their birthdays next month on May 5. Yes! They both have the same birthday. They love to read. After they each pick out a book, whether it’s Monster High or Bad Kitty or any of the many Dr. Seuss books, we would sit together and I would read with them. If my eldest wants to she will read as well. Sometimes my youngeat, will want to take a care and try to read. I love this time with them. For their birthdays, I even bought them a new book each. Your book would be a wonderful collection to our library. I blessed to have my children. And congrats again on your new addition. I know Aden is EXCITED!! You and Tia and the families Stay Blessed!!

  • Sheba Shuler

    I have two daughters whose love reads. They read on the city bus and metro rail while I take them to school. My oldest child will read a chapter in a couple of days. At night read before they go to sleep. She won’t get another book until she finishes the book she start to read.

  • Rachel Ortega

    I’m not a mom , but I read to my little cousins (:
    Everytime I go over to their house Instead of them going on Netflix and watching tv I ask them what book they want me to read to them .
    I always read to them for about 2 hours because they love when I read to them . If they don’t like any of the books they have I let them choose one on my phone to read to them (:
    Two of my cousins are boys , and one of them is a little girl . I bet she will love this book!

  • K. Davis

    Reading is something my whole family likes to do. We spend a lot of time at the library near our home. I encourage my children to read a variety of books. My youngest likes to read chapter books to me anytime she can and I enjoy listening. My girls enjoy watching you and your sister on old episodes of Sister Sister and movies like Twitches. I plan to pick up a copy even if I don’t get the signed copy. You and your sister are great role models for young girls. Keep up the good work ladies. Can’t wait to read Twintuition with my girls!

  • Katie Mefford

    I hope I win! I love you girls!

  • sally

    My daughter is due to have her baby Oct14 her brother b- day she wants new books to ready to her kids

  • Yvonne fernandez

    Hello, my name is Yvonne Fernandez. I am a mother of 3 girls, whom I read fairytale books to before they go to bed. Their favorite book is Bella’s Rules. My daughters love when I read to them because they imagen everything inside the book. When I was younger I used to watch Your show & movies. Hopefully I win this contest to actually have the chance to enjoy your first book which I am really excited about as well. Thank you. :)
    P.s. congratulation on your first book.

  • Gwendolyn Jordan

    Hello Tamera. God is Good. Well i have five Grand Childeren 13, 10, 7, 4 and 2. I read bad times stories to them when i have them in the evenings and also the Childeren;s Bible. We like to read and listen to books that are not evil. I Baby sit them, I take and pick them up from School. I love them. Thanks.

  • Stacy Moody

    My husband and I do not have any children yet. I am a Special Education Teacher and a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters and I would love to have this book to read to my students and Little Sister! I love to read aloud to my students daily and I believe they would really enjoy this book. They love when I read to them from “chapter books”!

  • Beckie Parrish

    I am a mommy to a wonderful, beautiful, and smart 8 year old girl. I love to read,to feel the pages of a book in your hands the way the paper smells getting lost in the book. With two jobs,being a girl scout leader,and a single mom. That’s my escape. Now my daughter, she can’t find books to make her LOVE reading. I can’t wait for your book to come out. I know she will love it. We watched you and Tia reality show( miss it so much) she is excited about the books so fingers crossed .

  • TaQuita

    I started reading while I was pregnant because someone told me that my baby could hear everything so I started reading any children books I could find. Now my daughter is seven and she still brings a book to me but she reads it to me now instead..I absolutely love it. Her favorite is the Junie B. Jones collection.

  • janae

    My mother loves reading bed time stories to my sister because she feels loved and she can learn how to read early when she is 2 years old. My mother is a mentor to me and my sister because she is a someone special to me and she also loves reading books because she can imagine what is going on in the story.

  • Lori Landwehr Walz

    My son is an adult now, so I read to my grandchildren who range in age
    from11 to 2 years old. They are all into animals also I really like
    reading them stories that my parents read to me.

  • Brenda

    Hi Tamera!
    I’m a 31 year old wife and mother of a 10 year old son. I loved watching you gals growing up and I always wished, and pretended I had a twin lol. Reading has always been very important in my life and continues to be in my household. Although, I don’t read to my son anymore and haven’t for a couple years now because he does well on his own. I was hoping this book would serve as a gift to another bookworm in my family… my 12 year old sister who is like a daugther to us and sister to my son. And honestly my little twin! She also loves to read and has a creative inquiring mind that I know will love your book! Thanks and God bless you, and your family always!

  • Mareka Johnson

    Hi Tamera! My name is Mareka andI have 2 sons…ages 3 and 6…We read all sorts of books…Ex..The Gingerbread Man.. alot of.Spiderman Books (old and new)…Lol! Yes, my boys are obsessed with Spiderman..Lol! I personally though Love…Absolutely Love You and Tia…I grew up with you all from Sister-Sister to Twitches to Baggage Claim to watching you on The Real!!! You ladies are so full of joy, excitement, and women empowerment and I personally just want to say “Thank You to the Both of You!” One day I hope to be able to meet you all..If not just know that you all have encouraged me tremendously and I would love to be able to be one of the ones to get your new book…”Early Congrats. on your New Baby Girl!!!”

  • Porsche McAdams

    I am a mother of three and i read to them mostly even day. I like reading picture books to my 1 and 5 year old. I loved to read the cat and the hat, green eggs and ham. I read curious George alphabet book to them and many others. My oldest is 10 now but I read to him all the time and now he likes reading as well. He reads diary of a wimpy kid and other books that interest him. So I would love to receive a sign copy of your book .

  • Jasmine

    First, I would like to say I love what you’re doing! It’s an honor to watch you! I have an almost 1 year old. I started around the time I was 5 months pregnant reading anything aloud I could get my hands on. Still today, I read aloud and point to any words that are in our reach. I believe that children can pick up on a lot of things such as reading, even at an early age.

  • Lindsay Grace

    While I am not a parent, I do cherish the moments I get to read with my twin brothers who are autistic. They enjoy reading with me i think because of all the pictures they get to look at. But I think that just makes the experience a little more fun. I try to take advantage of the luxuries that not many people have and try to give the best to my brothers because they deserve the best. It’s bad enough they can’t express themselves or have their voices heard. I do the best I can as an older sister to help them grow as much as they can mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Joy Kibe

    I will read this book to my little sister who is inspired by Tamera and Tia to love her natural curls.And to work hard.

  • Shea

    Now for me,it is grandchildren.I love really any childrens books to them but everytime they are with me i always read.

  • Sonia C Rivera

    Hi Tamera, My children are all grown, but I have 7 grandchildren. Two are very close to me (3 & 4) and I facetime with them everyday and they stay over a lot. One day a few months ago the 3 yr old Kirra tells me “Ama you me twins!” & ever since she tells me that everyday! Which I love to hear, because she says it with so much excitement. When they come by, they bring all types of books, and we just sit and I read to them, I love to see them be so interested in the story we are reading. I also love seeing how they react to different situations by the look on their face or with questions. Kirra & I are so alike and for her to come up with us being twins on her own, just blew me away that first time. Well, I miss watching your show with your sister & you have a beautiful family. Blessings to you and your family and can’t wait to see your new baby girl!

  • Tina Mirchell-Nero

    My name is Tina and I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. 1girl and 2 boys. I loved reading and writing growing up. It became my way of escaping reality around me. My children now share the same love. My daughter is 9 and has ADHD. She does not let anything stop her from reaching her goals including reading at and above her 3 rd grade level. We have a book called My Book of Bible stories that I have read to her from infancy. Now she and my 7 yr old read the same book to their baby brother. Wherever we go, they both have a book stashed away to read on the trip or just because. I love how determined they are too. I am very positive that they will both love reading your books as well as the many others they have dove into.

  • Tanya Blanco

    Hello Tamera I’m a teen mom of to beautiful baby boys my 1st child(anthony)is 2&& my 2nd child(aiden )is 1 .I always read to my kids they love it.. I read to them after breakfast && before bed.. I read them all kinds of one of my kids favorite books are the farmers kind with lost of animal!! I used to watch ur show sister sister all the time nd all ur movies

  • Donna Olivares

    Hello Tamara
    I have a 2 year daughter and she loves reading books with pop ups and action. She loves when we act out scenarios that have drama, it makes it much more fun. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. :-)

  • Pagina21

    I don’t have any kids of my own, but I do have 63 sixth graders that I teach reading to. Even in sixth grade, it is important to model reading aloud to my students. I love reading and I hope to pass this love on to all the students that I teach throughout the years.

  • Tiphanie Jay’Kyla Smith

    I know you get a lot of post like this but I feel like I could share this. I read to my children every night before they go to sleep. I read them the book that I use to read when I was a little girl. I have to little girls and a little boy. My daughters are 4 years old. No they are not twin one is my biological daughter and the other is my step daughter but they feel like since they are the same age, they like the same things, and do the same thing the same way they feel like twins. They will take a book and da “Come on TeeJay I’m going to read this to you.” They’ll sit down and tell him stories according to what the pictures look like. Lol. The stories are very imaginative and hilarious, he sits there and laughs with them. Even if I don’t win a signed copy of you guys book I will still buy it so that my daughters will see that since they feel like ” twins” even though they are not I want them to grow up and understand that the Twintuition. Have a blessed day.

  • Sarah Carpenter

    I love to read the classics that my mom read to me, to my own children. I’ve read Love You Forever SO many times! My 7 year old loves the Magic Treehouse series and my 4 year old will bring me book after book from their bookshelf asking me to read them to him. I am happy to do so & we always have a wonderful time bonding during those times.

  • Nashonte Hackman

    I love reading adventures books with my 4year old son and 3year old daughter and I like to act things out to make them laugh so I try to make it Kool

  • Debra Bell-Campbell

    Hi, my name is Debra and Xavier, my 8 yr. old have been reading together since he was in my tummy. We have read over thousands of books from fiction to nonficyion. He loves to read up about animals and sports. In the last two years, he has enjoyed reading about my childhood heros like Superman, batman, etc. I believe we have truly introduced a lifelong love for reading and exploration.

  • Tracey Gilmore

    Me and my girls like poem books, cook books, and American Girl books!! Our favorite books are by Shel Silverstein. They are, A Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends. My 9 year old likes a book called Wonder!!

  • Margaret Ndawonde

    I’ve always been a an ardent reader from an early age. It ended up being my career when I ended having a flourishing career that I’m still so thankful for. I passed on the love of reading to my two girls and still enjoy reading to my last born who is four years old. I especially love reading out loud, making all the animal sounds just to hear her laugh out loud and urging me to read the same passage again. Of all the things you can give your children, instilling the love of books and reading is just as important as good health, good manners and good nutrition. Everything that you do in this competitive world requires you to read something, understand it, follow instructions and finally see good or excellent results, depending on how you fared. Big up Tamera and Tia, you guys are such a good example of working hard at your passions, grounded life, good morals and family values. You are an inspiration to many.

  • andrea

    I am a mother of 3 my oldest is 11 yeah old and if been reading with him since I found I was pregnant we read books magazines and even cereal boxes and now. With a 6 year old and a 3yr old they make up stories and we write them down and illustrated them we have lots a fun

  • Julie Cain

    I like to read to my child while it’s quiet and we are laying down either before nap or bedtime or just to spend time together reading

  • Cristina Romero

    I am a parent of two boys, my seven year old has had some issues learning how to read, so we have gone through all kinds of books!! We read every night together and enjoy sharing new books!! I am really excited to read your book to him, I have always been a fan and have kept up with your lives since your show Sister Siter, where I dreamed of secretly having a twin, but I wasn’t graced with my own best friend. But I think of the relationship I have with my boys has made up for it. I think being a mother is the greatest gift that I have!!

  • Kira Tlusty

    Hey Tamera, I’m big fan of you and Tia. I watched Sister Sister all the time. I look up to you two. Anyways I have two little ones of my own and I read to them every morning to get the day started as I’m not home due to work for bed time. Absolutely enjoy that time that I get with then and it lets ny kiddos imagine whatever they want to. Love it so much. I love how big there imaginations are from the reading, it’s just amazing. I look forward to bearing from you real soon.

  • Katrin Rüth

    Janeevia (my daughter) and I like to be cuddled up on the couch when reading to her. And definitely for bedtime reading! She will ask questions because she loves to know the details. She likes good stories, especially funny ones. Reading with your kids is awesome! Excellent bonding time!
    Congratulations on your book! Can’t wait to finally read it!

  • Christy D. Payne

    First I want say congratulations to you and your family on you all new addition. When my son was younger his favorite book was Llama Llama Red Pajama and we read the Bible together once a week.

  • Lynda Matthews

    OOPS valid for USA only

  • Serena Barnett

    I always take turns with children reading together a paragraph or sentence alternating and helping them pronounce words correctly, letting them imitate me as I emphasize words and actions. It becomes a game of fun seeing who will laugh first. My own girls are in college now but they got so confident they would read a whole page before I got a turn!

  • Virginia Hunt

    Hi Tamera im a mother of my 2year old son jaylin he will be 3 next month. Im your Bigger Fan!!!! I love to read to my son he loves music. I would love to read your book please pick me :) Love ya your Biggest Fan Virginia

  • Patrice Thompson

    Tamara! I love you and Tia. I grew up watching you and love that my 9 year old can share the love for you guys with me. She loves Sister Sister and Twitches and all that. She would be so excited to get a signed copy of your book (as will I, but I’m blaming her lol). Even though she’s getting older we still read together daily. It’s went from me reading to her, to her reading to me, and now us taking turns reading chapters. I belive it’s really healthy for our “mommy daughter time”, which I’m thrilled about!

  • Ashley

    I am a mom of 3 boys ans we love to read! We normally read kid bible stories at bed time…. (or Ninjago… the 4 year old is obssessed) I really want to read twintuition for myself. I am an aspiring author of tween books for boys

  • shanna mack

    Hi tamera i want to say i luv you n your sister i always say i wanna b a twin lol yall got that bond wont b breakable i wish i had that wit my sister’s but i dont tears…im geting teary eye…because i love yall two yall show the world nothing cant stop yall…yall go for yall dreams n i wish i can do that but every time i do something always stop me and i cant go forward…im getting teary eye again but i just love yall..but i have five kids 13, 10, 8, 7, n 5 n he artism…my two oldest love to read they read to the youngest brothers n i love to read too…reading is the #1 thing our house because you hve to know how to read to know anything in life and i love to read different things too..

  • Nancy Ramirez

    I’m a grandmother of 2 girls there mother left them they been with me for 3 years now. Gabriela and Madyson 9 and 5. Gabriela loves to read Madyson tells me every night if i can read her a story like mommies do it brakes my heart. Gabrielas’ teacher lets her borrow story books so we read story every night before bed. Looking forward to reading your book to my girls. By the way Congrats on your book u guys are Awesome.

  • Kelli Scott

    Hi im Kelli and I love you twins so much and I loved your show i wish yall would come back with another season but the book is even better so proud of yall

  • Gayliemae

    I am pursuing my degree in Early Education so I volunteer in a kindergarten classroom near my home. I enjoy working with kids as i have 5 of my own. This book is interesting because I’m looking to introduce these novels to my daughter.

    • James


  • amber

    Hi Tamera. I am the proud parent of a beautiful little one year old girl named Persephone. When I was pregnant I would read to my daughter all the time. I would read her anything from “The Berenstain Bears” to “The Adventures of Frog and Toad”. On my days off from work, I cuddle up with my daughter for a story. Her favorite book right now is “The Eleventh Hour”. I would love to read your book to her.

  • Jessica Vanoni

    Hey Tamera , I’m a mom of 5 beautiful and loving kids and that includes a set of twins (boy n girl) from NYC . My first born son is 20 years old in college he’s into reading science books and my 18 year old twin daughter loves reading all kinds of books and her twin brother likes reading novels . Our reading time for my little ones is around bed time when they are relaxed and getting ready to sleep , my 7 year old son is into books about animals so I let him pick out the book he wants me to read to him or he reads with me . My 5 year old daughter is really into princesses so she also gets to pick any of her princess books . I’m really a big fan of yours and Tia since sister sister . My older kids also grew up watching the show . When I get a chance I watch you on The Real when I’m not volunteering at my kids school during the day . Can’t wait to read your book .
    Sincerely , Jessica

  • Sarah Shoemaker

    My children are autistic, along with one of them having ADHD as well. So I try to at least read a couple books to them a day even if their attention span is only long enough to point out pictures or colors. Something is better then nothing…and they are now finally starting to grab books on their own. So I know I’m heading in the right direction :)

  • Danielle Freeman

    I am single mother of 4 children, I used to read to my daughter’s all the time before bed and naps. And now they love to read, now we all read to my son’s. My one daughter loves to read charter books and then I have her tell me about it. We have been doing this for about 4 or 5 years now. And my son’s are 2 and 3, they will pick up a book to try to read it. But I will take over and read it for them. My girls have dork dairies and monster high. And my boys have books for days arranging from picture books to books on dinosaurs.

  • Rosa woods

    Hi Tamera, just wanted to say I love you ladies your such and inspiration to me. I’m a mother of two beautiful kids and 6 year old boy and a 3 year old daughter, my husband and I love to read to our kids, we always reads them bible stories every night, and my 3year old is always so curious to know why and what happened and my 6 year old always explains it to her and then says right mommy I’m like your right, their such smart kids and my baby girl has such and wide open imagination, and reading your book to them will be and honor just like how they love to hear about God and his people I know she will enjoy hear about the adventures of your book, I would be honor to receive a copy of your book to add to my kids favorite bedtime stories, thank you for the opportunity, love you and I pray God continue to bless you and tia always.

  • Shaniqua Morgan Hillard

    I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls (ages 2 & 5). When i read to them I’ll read Dr. Seuss book “the foot book”. My kids have me or want me to read it like 5 to 10 times a day. I have the kids bible app and I read that to them. My oldest she asks “Mommy can I play the animals on your phone?” And I explained this is the kids bible its about god and what we as his children should follow. If I am not able to tell a story another way to sooth them, I just have them pray “thank you jesus , I love you. Amen!”
    Thank you for the opportunity God bless!!!

  • Tiffany

    Hi….I am not a parent…I just like to read and it would be very nice to have a chance to have a signed copy of your book. Have a blessed day!

  • Jeanice Garrison

    Hi, Tamera i have been following you and your sister on tv. I just love yall. I have twin girls 24 yrs old. and they both love yall too. Now one of my daughters has a daughter so we read all the time to her. She loves her books. I would love to have one of your books signed for her. But i will buying one no matter what.

  • Kim Mitchell

    Hi! Well I’m not a mom yet as I just got married last summer. But Lord willing this year will bring great news! I’ve already been looking for books to put in my child’s room! My husband says I’m thinking too far in advance but I just can’t help it :) I want them to be smart and cultured and strong! The most important book we’ll provide them will be the Word (Proverbs 1:8-9) and then from there anything to grow their imagination, teach them lessons, and expose them to other cultures and history. Thank you for your example. I can’t wait for these dreams to come true!

  • Jessica Moore

    I don’t yet have children of my own. . And yet I have a children’s book collection that is every growing. My grandmother taught ask if us grandchildren to love books by reading worth us all the time. It always brought lots of laughter. My goal is to carry that on, I love reading with my nieces and nephew abd letting them read took me, even when they are to young to know how ;) that’s when you get to hear them make their Own story. I would love to add this to the collection especially a signed copy as my family has grown up watching you guys, and still do. I think this would be a wonderful thing to have from such role models as yourself.

  • Atiya B.

    My daughter loves to read and we tend to have her read the words 1st then we re read the sentence for her to make more sense of it. She is 5. Sometimes she likes to re read on her own. Our 1 year old son just loves when she reads her learners books to him! He sits really good for his big sister! So cute to watch them!

  • Cynthia Romero

    Hello Tamera
    Well I have two beautiful princesses, my youngest is 2 and oldest is 6. My oldest is in kinder about to go to the first grade and she is starting to read and loves it, we always read at bedtime they pretty much get whatever book they can get their hands on they love to read about faries and super heroes. I think they would love twin-tuition. I love that you and your sister are regular people unlike all the other celebrity’s that I grew up watching on tv we watch the sister sister re-runs and my oldest said I want my hair like hers mommy so I can be beautiful, but I told her that no matter what she is beautiful.

  • Jasmine B.

    Hi Tamera! My little Angel is 4 years old and she is like my best friend. My son is almost 7 and they are both just perfect! Our style of reading is quite funny and different. Lol We all (including daddy) like to act out the characters in the books…we give each of our children the chance every night to choice their own title and we act out the characters in such funny ways. I have never seen children so into reading and so inquisitive as to what exclamation and questions marks mean. My son is always a heroic,strong,unbreakable super hero and my daughter is always the dazzling, fearless, natural haired princess. I would love a copy of Twintuition because I know it is something both my son and daughter could enjoy.Their bond is something like twins we are so lucky to have been blessed with these two. Boy! I wonder what their characters would be like in your story.

  • latarsha rhodan

    I read to my daughter books that teach about morals and good behavior. i also read a lot of ethnic books to promote our African American history. Her favorite book right now is “Please,baby, please” by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee.

  • Victoria Pierrie

    I have not yet had the pleasure of being a parent. However, I have had the pleasure of teaching kindergarten for the last 4 years. I have witnessed my students making great gains over the years. They start out not knowing all of their letters and sounds and leave me reading on a second grade reading level. I am so proud to have over half of my students knowing all 220 sight words. I do guided reading and read alouds with my students on a daily basis. They are my pride and joy and I am so blessed to be able to teach numerous students to read.

  • stephanie lacy

    i am a amom to twins girl and a boy i have 4 hkids i read book every nihg to my kids special the twins they love my reading sotry to then toll they fall a slep

  • Royaltiee

    I read yo my baby every night the doc mcstuffins

  • Marianne Mattson

    Hi Tamera my name is Marianne I love to read. I read every night before bed it’s my time to relax and live vicariously through the book. I am a single mother going to school so I pretty much have the same routine everyday which I love but reading for me is a must and I look forward to it all day. My son Carson is two and he loves going through books and telling me what all of the pictures are. He loves looking at trucks and airplanes and trains in his books and he also loves Mickey Mouse! He is really starting to live books too! I’m super excited about your new book it looks awesome.

  • Royaltiee

    i read to my baby every night but she don’t really understand she take the book and turn the page’s while I read and she like the hand movements and sound effects.

  • Kimberly A Cabral

    Well I’m not a parent, but i have 5 god children. I currently live with my friends that have one of my god babies. He’s such a cutie. I read him Dr. Seuss book. I like to buy him those books, because I grew up reading them.

  • Gloria Benjamin

    Hi Tamara, I believe that reading is very important. I like to read educational and fiction books with my two little boys. I want to show them that reading is fun and valuable,and enjoy is for their whole lives. I and my husband are those whom really enjoy reading.

  • Stephanie Harrison

    I have 3 girls, 8yrs.and my twins are 5yrs. We love to read at night and my 8yr.has began to read to her twin sisters which melts my heart. I am excited about this book, I feel my twins will love it. I’m a big fan and love you and your sisters reality show. Please consider me for a copy of you book.

  • Jewel Gould

    I love to read educational books, prayers, creative, and just refreshing books with my kids. Btw I’ve been following you girls like forever! My brand partnered with your Need brand to do work as well. I’ve been following the process of your book (my kids too) and it would be an honor to receive a signed copy. Keep shining:) xo

  • S. Gaiter

    Hi Tamera,
    I have a 6 year old god daughter who loves to read about princesses. We read every time she comes over, which is twice a week mostly. Every since she was a baby, I have read to her. This is our bonding time. She has to bring a new book weekly to read to me now that she’s a little older. I love teaching her new words that she’s not familiar with on paper, but knows what they are verbally. And when she’s not familiar with a certain word, we look it up in her children dictionary to find out the meaning. Reading to our children is very important and helps out the teachers also.

  • Ysamar Cervantes

    I am a parent of two boys, one is six and the other is two. I read about anything and everything to them we go to the library every week and I let them choose there books. I have read from books that talk about air planes to animals to fairy tale books. I have a bunch of Disney books that I personally own and I would love to read this book to them. My kids love for me to read to them,one of my sons favorite book is by Dr Sues.

  • Aisha Allen

    I am a parent of three of my own and in the process of adopting my Goddaughter’s baby. I love reading to them, we read everything from Good Night Moon, to cookbooks and tutorials on trying new snacks to make for them for family night. My oldest is 12 and she still climbs in bed and lets me read to her while we study or take turns in entertaining the youngest 2 which are three… I never liked reading growing up but since I’ve been a mom I just can’t stop

  • Felicia Rodgers

    Hi, I love to read all types of books to my 7 and 2 year old daughters Chrislyn and Abigail. They love Bernstein Bears, Pinkalious, Goodnight moon, Where’s my mommy?, I love you all the day long, The Shinning Star, and many more. I incorporate reading as a daily routine. This has truly helped them to succeed in school. I would love the opportunity to read your new book to them.

  • Tarmara S Edmunds

    Hi Tamera,
    My name is Tarmara and I have 3 children. I have a set of twins, Aleesha and Aleeyah, who just turned 7 and a little boy, Sylvester III, that’s 4. I just want to say I love you and your sister. I grew up watching both of you on television wishing that I was a twin. Now I have children and I realized how I have a lil Tia, Tamera, & Tahj because they all is a character. Anyway my children loves to read and they love when I read to them. Every night while putting them to bed we each pick a book off their bookshelf in their room and take turn reading to each other. My daughters are above their reading in school and I inspire them to read to stimulate their minds. Having a signed book by you and Tia would be awesome and an honor!!

  • Amanda Ramirez

    First I’d like to say I would watch every show of sister sister, love y’all..
    I’m a mother of 6 children, 4 which live with me. They are special needs so I do try more to help them learn to read, and thrive in life.
    They are 9,5,2 1/2 & 2weeks old.
    I read to them every night before bed and they enjoy it so much they always ask me to read another story.we end up reading from 3-5 a night. :-) I would love to have your book weather it’s signed or not but be nice signed.:-) my daughter that’s 9yrs old would love your book, she loved yalls movies twitches and twitches 2, well back to mommy duty . Thanks hope we get to enjoy your new book.

  • Melanee May

    My hubby and I have 3 boys and we read to them while I was pregnant and have enjoyed reading to them when they were babies and now at 5, 6 and 10 they read to us :) (well our 10 year old reads to himself…but our younger 2 love reading to us :)) We read at least 20-30 minutes each day and I love taking them to different local libraries on the weekends. The St. Louis public library is our favorite…the children’s library is AMAZING!!!! We read everything, Dr. Seuss, Bernstein Bears, all the Nick Jr shows that are books (Dora, Diego, Blues Clues…) Good Night Moon, Click Clack Moooo, Abeka Reader books…oh my gosh…the list goes on forever. Even if I don’t win the giveaway we will have your book in our house :) So excited for you and Tia!!!!!! May God continue to bless you all!!

  • Allison Farrens

    Hi Tamara. I’m a single mother of a 8 year old daughter. We love to read many kids of different books and I have always been a fan of you and your sister so my daughter and I watch reruns of sister sister and I love to watch your New tv show as well. I want my daughter growing up knowing she can do whatever she sets her mind to and to never second guess herself

  • Kee-kee Ahmad

    I don’t have children of my own yet but I always read to my nieces and nephews they like the cat in the hat and green eggs and ham which is my favorite as well

  • Donna Mitchell

    I currently only have one daughter who’s just turned one but I love reading to her and she loves sitting on my knee and cuddling up for a story..We read something everyday..would love to read her this in the future as I am a huge fan and I read Tia’s pregnancy book when I was pregnant which was great! xxx

  • Latara Young

    I love to read! I belong to a book club and I am a 40 year old mom to a 2 year old who I read to every night. I would love to have a copy of your book.

  • Amanda Cottle

    My son brings me one of his books when he’s ready for a nap in the afternoon and I read it to him. Usually it’s his nursery rhyme book or Mickey Mouse book. Also, when it comes time for bed, we either read one of his books or we will sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to his little sister. :)

  • Irene Sibblis

    Hi Tamera! I love how you are kicking it off with a giveaway. Awesomeness! As a child my best memory was with my Dad taking me once every other week to pick out two books to read. One book that I was interested in reading & one that was of history or culture. Sharing that memory with my husband we agreed to do the same with our children. Our 15 year old son has be in love with books/reading since he was a toddler. At this time he enjoys the book series The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He made sure I kept his childhood books for his siblings he bugged to have, lol. For christmas one gift he requested was the kindle, which we thought was great. My 11 year old daughter struggled with reading from three to fourth grade but once we notice there was a issue we assured her that it doesn’t come easy to everyone & there is no rush when reading. We also had to assure her that sounding out words shouldn’t make anyone feel incompetent. It’s a learning skill we are taught the first year of school. We started having her read everyday for 30 minutes and an hour on the weekends. With in a year she is now doing outstanding. Now she loves reading & we even hear her laughing while reading. At this time she enjoys books like the tween-series Goddess Girls. My 5 year old soon to be 6 in a month loves learning & being read to. We pick up seven random books for him from our local library every week or every other week. He loves having big brother or sister read to him before bedtime. At first I felt left out but I find it to be a great sibling bonding time for them. We believe reading is also a great way to have some alone time & relax while stimulating the brain. I know my tween daughter would be ecstatic to win a book written by you & Tia. Best of wishes & blessing to you both on this journey.

  • Liz Lethbridge

    I love reading to my two month old daughter Peyson. Though she may not understand all the words it makes me smile when she smiles at pictures or something in the books. We like to read Dr. Suess and anything children related.

  • Danine

    I’m married to a wonderful man and we only have two children between the two of us. Together we have 17 nieces and nephews and 19 grand nieces and nephews. To save you the trouble of counting that makes 36 nieces and nephews all together with one more niece on the way in June. There is always someone to read to, lol!!!

  • Tracy Conte-Hill

    I love to read to my children and my of reading has now past down to my 15 year who loves to read to her two younger brothers and she would live to have a signed copy of Twintuition

  • Lakeisha Walker

    Hello Tamara, I am a big fan of both you and Tia. I love the way you both carry yourselves as graceful women. You both are perfect examples of mom, wife, sisters, etc. But as far as story time with my littles ones (1 yr and 3 yrs) we read twice a day, after lunch and before bedtime. We have read so many books such as all the Dr. Seuss books, the very hungry caterpillar (their favorite), and so many more children’s books. I make it fun with them by making sock puppets (with help from my 13 yr old), have them dress up as the characters, or turning it into a song and they sing along with me, it is so cute to see them interact with us. Although I would really like to receive a signed copy by both of you I will definitely be getting your book either way. Thank you for the opportunity to enter may you have a healthy and safe delivery and continued blessings to you and Tia. #Twintuition

  • Tyrice Tryon

    I read to my twin daughters at least 3 nights a week. They are 8 years old and sometimes we partner read and I let them read to me. They also have a booklet to write poems that they love to read to me.

  • Lauren Holt

    Hi Tamera and Tia I have one daughter named Legaci who will be 3 im may and I would love to read Twintuition to her. To be honest I don’t read to her like I should and I would like to start with your new book. Specially since she is getting older. So congrats on your new book and tamera on your growing family. And thankyou for inspiring me to read to my daughter more. Fingers crossed.

  • Gloria Wilson Hawley

    Hi Tamera, I have the pleasure of reading to my little niece who is 4, she loves to hear us read to her when we come to visit. I miss those days with my daugther. She is such a girly girl, we read books about princesses I’m excited to introduce Twintution to her. Thanks and I’m very proud of the women you and Tia have become

  • Brittany Wessels

    I have 4 children ranging 4-11. As a family we have one of children choose a book they want to read or if unable to read we will read it together as a family. We read only once a night as family and the rest I read a bed time story to the kids. . Like the family reading the best because the we support the children that have a hard time reading. It also helps us as parents to see what help they need with reading and what type of books they like to read over other books.

  • Jenny

    Good afternoon , my name is Genevieve and I have two boys. One boy that is 11 yrs old and another little boy who will turn 2 in June. Since my first son was infant age I would read to him in the nursery and as he was able to sit up I would hand him his own book to pretend to read along while I was. As he reached preschool age I kept reading to him through out the day when I could and also used the baby can read entire package and that I got close to at 4 and half for him and I can tell u , that son now 11 yrs old has one of the highest reading in his class. He loves to read everywhere we go he has a book in hand. Now my little 2 yr old is continuing the tradition and is taking a love to pretend read on his own and loves to sit in my lap in our rocker while I read to him. Most readings are classics little the turtle and the hair or jungle book or the good night moon book, as older my son reads all sorts of chapter books ! Reading is important foundation and the best gift to ever give !!!

  • elizabeth

    Hello i had 5 kids now they are adults ..I have a 5 year old grandson and when he comes over to spend the night he loves when i read any book we check out at our local library ..Thank You

  • Tahia Rutledge

    I read to my daughter everyday. My oldest will be 18 next month. She to this day gets so excited to walk into a bookstore. My baby girl is 5and she loves the bookstore as much as the toy store. Reading was and still is a vital part of my life. I want my children to experience the same thing. Reading expands the imagination. Its been my way of excaping reality for as long as I can remember. I’m so happy to have installed the same feelings towards reading to my girls

  • Jennifer Wiater

    My son is just learning to read and more particular about what he reads. so now it is pretty much what he likes; mainly about sports.

  • Heather Mccoy

    Hey! I read to my 8 your old daughter every night before bed. She’s not quite ready for chapter books so we take turns reading. I read a page and then she reads a page with me helping her along the way when she comes to words that are a bit challenging. Reading this way does wonders for her self esteem as a emerging reader. She has struggled with reading in the past and I just know your books will help further her passionfor being a lifelong reader! I just want to say thank you to you and your sister for being a great role model for young girls and mothers alike. You all are a living testimony to the faithfulness of the Lord. God bless you both.
    H. McCoy

  • migdalia

    My son is 5 years old n my daughter is 10 months…right now we read picture books, my son reads to us ..he already at level c …my girl loves to stare at the colorful pictures. ..I also tend to read certain parts of the bible so their subconscious can absorb it lol .well anyways hope I win a copy…I’m so excited for u girls…bet u get this alot but u girls were like my childhood best friends lol. ..God bless

  • Joni Hamilton

    My partner and I have 9 month old fraternal twin girls and absolutely love reading to them before bed at night. There is nothing more precious then their faces lighting up at the inflection in our voices as we read to them. Now that they are crawling (trying to run) they will pick up a book in the middle of the day and bring it to us to read. I want them to know that their imaginations are beautiful and should never be lost. Reading is very important in our household.

  • Jazzmine Collins

    Hello Tamera! First I would like to say that I am a huge fan of you and your sister, and also that I am a FTM and I’m due in July( as well as you)!! Although my child isn’t here yet, I read books with my 7 year old niece and 5 year old nephew who loves to read. We can sit for a good while and read a lot of books while I still have their attention. So I would love to have a signed copy of you guys book it’d mean the world to mean to have a book by the people I grew up watching, and even if I’m not one of the “chosen ones” I’ll still support you as I do now!
    -Jazzmine C.

  • Tasha Newman

    Hi Tamera! Congrats on your new bundled blessing coming soon. Sending love your way! Being a Pre- K teacher and a mother, I realize the importance of children being immersed in a rich literary environment, that ultimately ignites their imagination and vocabulary. I have a 10 year old daughter, Taniah is currently a 4th grader, that has been diagnosed with ADD. I find that she loves to surround herself with books, but often is too distracted to read independently without me redirecting her. Thats why for her, its so important to read books that interest her. Some of her favorite collections are Junie B. Jones, Magic Treehouse Collections, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I strive to let her read independently, or we partner read together 30 mins a night. I know she would love to add you and Tia’s book to her collection and it would just that much more motivate her! We love you guys!

  • Kristi Travis

    I have 3 children under 5 (2 of which are twin girls) and we LOVE reading books about shapes, colors, animals, numbers, anything to help then learn. We love anything Disney, especially Mickey Mouse. All of my kids love carrying books around with them all the time. Unfortunately, for me, as a kid, I hated reading so I am doing everything I can so that my kids will enjoy it! I love you and your sister so much and would absolutely love it if I could get a copy of your book! It will be wonderful for my kids to enjoy it as they get older.

  • yvette

    Hi Ms. Tamara i want you know that my for children are grown and i has two grandson’s. i would love to read the Tweens (twins) book to myself and to my grandkids just to see what the book is all about.. I have a seven yrs old and a week and four days old grandson . I’m hoping to win a copy of this book just to have and to hold on to it and make a collection of all the books that you and Tia have.. Thanks to Tia and tamera for all that they do ..

  • Patricia Stringer

    I am the proud single mother of 5 children (4 girls and 1 boy). We’re all avid readers. I read to all my children while they were in the womb, and they’re all advanced. My 11 year old daughter is in the 6th grade, and reads at an 11th grade level. One thing that we love to do is read different books, and then discuss what we read and what we liked about the book. Another thing that we do is we pick a book, and read a chapter a night before bed. We like sci fi, dramas, comedy, fiction, and non fiction books.

  • Monique Binder

    Hi Tamera, I have two children and we have story time every night before bed. They love for me to read Green Eggs and Ham to them I usually have to read it 3 times before they go to bed because they love to join in and help me. They are both learning to read so story time is great for me and my babies. P.s. I watch you everyday on The Real

  • Niccie Brocks

    I love to read to my daughter Mariah. She likes GiGi books, Cinderella books, or anything princessy. She is seven and she loves to read to me as well. We read books every night before bed. It is our time together. As a single mom I know my time is precious so I tend to spend quality time with my daughter at night before bed.

  • Pamela Bailey

    This going to a amazing book to read to my daughter who has austium she loves books.I will be a proud parent to able to read it to her.

  • Kristney Vaulx

    I’m pregnant and I have a girl and a boy already. I read to all of my kids since they were babies.
    Our favorite book is titled “Who Will Tuck Me in Tonight. ” We all know it by heart, and we read it to the baby, so I’m pretty sure she will recognize the book when she is born!

  • Latocha

    I have 3 kids (12 yr old twins and an 8 yr old). I used to read to them before bed. They enjoyed stories about animals when they were younger now they enjoy anything from bible stories, not letting the duck drive the bus, and chapter books (i.e. Capt Underpants and Dork Diaries)! I even let them read to me, it shows me they are learning how to correctly pronovunce their words and helps them enjoy reading later in life!

  • Mashunda Farrow

    I read to my soon to be two year old (July 4th) every night before bed and sometimes during bath time. We read mostly Disney and Dr Seuss books, but we also read early learning educational books. We would love to add your book to our book collection. You can never have to many books : )

  • Juna Temali

    Hello Tamera,

    I am so excited to read this book! My name is Juna and I am a 20 year old college student. I am not a mother but I am a babysitter to two of the most precious girls! One is 8 years old and the other is 4 years old. They go to school during the day and I pick them up from school and take care of them until around 7pm. So, we spend a lot of time together and we are such big parts of each other’s lives.
    The older one used to hate reading, and would only read because she had to as homework or because I would force her. I came up with a new plan. I started reading to her for 30 minutes everyday, any book of her choosing. Little by little I picked up on what genres she liked and would read her books from her favorite genres. I would catch her reading outside of our 30 minutes because she started to appriciate reading so much! I watched Twitches with her a couple of weekends ago and told her you and Tia are releasing a book and she was so excited! I told her I will get a copy once it comes out so we could read it together.
    I also read for one hour a day to the 4 year old so she could start appriciate reading from a young age.
    It would be a privilege to receive a signed copy of your book but nonetheless, I am excited to read your book with my Adele!

    Good luck with your book!


  • Janell Miller

    I am the parent to lovely one-year-old son, Dominic and currently expecting my second child, due in October. With my son I tend to read Dr. Seuss; he likes “Hop on Pop.” I am currently a first year English teacher and I teach 11th grade English. Your book Twintuition would be a great gift for my 13-year-old sister, Jaya. This is the first year she has been consistently on honor roll and confident in her abilities. She loves to read! The last book she read was “The Fault in our Stars.” I am a first generation college student and she will be too; your book would be a lovely reward for her hard work this year as well as a reminder to stay focused and keep reading!

  • Kim Dickerson

    Hi Tamara,

    I am a mother to two handsome boys, Eric and Joshua and a wonderful daughter, Ashley, who has three children of her own.
    I am hoping to win a copy of your book so that I can give it to my granddaughter, Mikala. I am an advocate for reading to My children and now my boys read every day.
    Mikala is excited about reading and being she’s the only girl this would be something special just for her.

    Much love,

    Kimberly Dickerson

  • Mekhi Turner

    Well, I’m not a parent. My name is Mekhi, I am the brother of twins sisters! My twins sisters, my dad + mom, my family, and I LOVE you, Tia, and your family!! We watch Twitches, Sister Sister, Seventeen Again, The Real, Instant Mom, etc… All the time! Anything with you guys on it or in something, We all LOVE and buy to support you guys. It would mean so much to me to win this book because I love to read and will be reading this one + my sisters would love it because they get read to every night by my mother and they would be more than excited to add this book to their collection. It sounds so good!! ( Picture of my twin sisters below, their names are Paris & London)

  • Kadiellen Gill

    Kadiellen Gill

  • Seven Seven Seven

    I’ve watched Sister Sister & other stuff with you ladies=) I love that your strong women. I want to share the books with my nieces. I’m looking forward to the book coming out!!! Very excited!

  • Whitney Thomas

    Hey girl! I feel I can say that because my twin sister and I grew up watching you and Tia’s shows and movies…I feel like we know you. Anyway, I use to read alot of educational books to my now almost 9 year old daughter Zaniah but since she’s a 3rd grade straight A student she now reads to me! So most nights she’s reading to me and it’s still so amazing someone I help create can actually speak and even teach her mommy things through her reading (mind blown)! So happy for your success, can’t wait to read this book and the next to follow. God Bless you gals! #TwinPower

  • Miriam

    Hi Tamera First off i want to tell you how much i love you and your sister ever since sister sister i have been blessed with an amazing beautiful 2yr old daughter her name is jasemine i read to her every night her favorite book is doctor sesuess she loves the pictures god bless you and your family and of course tia as well.

  • Stephanie J

    Congratulations on your new project and your new bun in the oven! My 22 month old daughter is currently hooked on The Maisy series, My Heart: A Book of Feelings, Nights Out Lights Out, and Sunny, Sunny Happy Day…yes, a Care Bear Book! We read in her bed, outside, in the bathtub, in my rocking chair, during meal time because she will not eat without reading. Considering my daughter loves books more than toys and she’s yet to watch TV books are her outlet. My daughter loves when I’m animated so I try my best to bring each story to life. Even if we do not win the signed copy we will be purchasing Twintuition. I’m sure Twintuition will become a apart of our classics in our book collection.

  • Yvette

    Hello! I am a mother of two wonderful girls who are growing up in a world of technology. They can operate an iPad, iPhone, tablet and lap top better than they can locate a book in the library. I want to foster a love for reading and writing within my girls. There is so much power in words.. Words can inspire, encourage, change and create opinions.. Words can evoke emotion. I believe libraries and bookstores are important places to foster that love.. And although we use technology, I find we tend to focus more on the books when we are at these locations. My daughters and I read books curled up in bed at night, or sometimes in a comfy corner at the library or at the bookstore. We read books that teach us about life, through the eyes of fiction and non fiction characters..When my daughter was having difficulty in school with her classmates, I found the perfect book that taught her about manners, ” My Manners Matter” by Pat Thomas. We read this book often, as well as many others…


    Hi Tamera,

    My daughter is 9 and in 4th grade so I rarely read to her anymore but we love the American Girl Doll books from manner, making friends and keep them, to the keeping and caring of you. So while she not a twin she enjoys a good read. It’s truly fundamental. I’ve always been a huge fan of both you and Tia so she has also become a fan and I’m hoping there will be more books to come (from you and Tia) to add to her book collection…and I’m hoping to start with a signed copy of Twintuition!!!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity Tamera!!


  • Jasmine Severe

    Hello Tamera,

    I read to my 6 year old and 1 1/2 year old every night. My 1 1/2 year old Brooklynn loves books she is always sitting on the floor or on the couch with a book. My 6 year old likes to sit in front of me and have me read to him like they do at circle time ay school and he also likes when my husband reads to him before bed. We read Dr. Seuss, Pete the Cat, Elmo, Blue’s Clues, Cat in the Hat, and these books called Dear God which are like little poem to God. Hopefully we get picked in the contest. Love ♡♡♡♡ you

    Jasmine Severe

  • Tammy Moore

    I read to my children everyday after school and before bedtime. Now that my daughter reads she even reads to me. I enjoy the alone time with them and the bond we share because of these little moments that are precious and dear to my heart. I would love to freeze some of these moments and jeep them forever. Those times when their faces light up during a book or the interesting questions they ask. These are memories that can’t be replaced or taken from me.

  • Fay Williams

    Hi Tia. God just blessed me with my first granddaughter, Carlie. I am so thankful for my first grandchild. I retired from working at the library and I remember when the children books would come in to be processed, it was so much fun reading them. All during my daughter’s pregnancy, I bought books so we will always be able to read to her. I really would love to be able to add your book to her collection. We will take good care of it and read it many, many times. Thank you for allowing me to enter. This is my baby below.

  • Jennifer Flowers-Parks

    We love to read in this family of 6! Right the twins are reading the Ever After High series. My four year old is reading Pete the Cat. I am currently reading Goodnight Moon to my 7 month old. We read the bible to the girls, recipes, and the classics (ex. Stuart Little).

  • Rhonda Robinson

    Hi Tamera I absolutely love you and Tia. I love how you both carry yourselves. Y’all are such great role models. I love to read to my grandchildren who are 2 & 1. I like to read.things like Dr. Suss to them and they seem to.enjoy it. I would love to have a signed copy of your book.

  • Rachel T.

    I am not a mother, but I’ve been babysitting as long as I can remember. Reading is something that is very dear to me. When I am with my nieces and nephews I love when they ask me to read to them. I love acting out the books as I read them just because I love their reactions. I hope one day when I have kids of my own that they will learn the enjoyment and love of reading!

  • Caitlynne Larsen

    I’m not a parent, but I love to read to my brothers and to my boyfriends niece and nephew. My brothers love super hero books and my boyfriends niece and nephew love Disney story’s their favorite is toy story. I would love to have this book so that I can see how being a parent is so when I do become one I know what to do. Plus I love you guys and love watching your show. Never have a missed a show.

  • Lakyra R. Jones

    Hi Tamera!
    Every night since my son Aydan was a baby I would read to him my favorite book Love You Forever…now Aydan is 8 and we read the book together now. He loves that book almost as much as I do!! Now that he’s older he’s gravitating into chapter books. He loves getting books from the library and he reads them to me after he does his homework. The time we spend reading gives us time to spend quality time together and to wind down from our day. Reading is our favorite hobby!!

    Love Always!!!

  • Alyssa Brown

    I don’t have any children but I am a twin also, fraternal to be exact, and my sister and I grew up watching you and Tia on TV. We were so happy that you guys came back to television with your movie Double Wedding and then your series Tia and Tamera and now you guys both are on your respective shows. Although I’m not a tween, I love you guys and I wish you both good luck in your careers and family lives. I would love to read this book because it is from both of you, Tia and Tamera, otherwise I don’t read unless it’s a book for school. Lol congrats!!

  • Darlene Sullivan

    I am grandma to three grandson’s and to one very special granddaughter. We enjoy all the Dr. Seuss books. They loved Goodnight Moon and I purchased books from a preschool teacher who was retiring and my grandson Brennyn wasn’t even three but we read everyday and I was so surprised when he started preschool he was reading and doing some math. I now have a beautiful granddaughter Ariya Spring she will be two in June and I read those same preschool books to her. I would love to add your books as something special between her and I. I miss your show I watched Sister Sister so I loved seeing you lady’s growing up and you sharing your family with us. I started watching Sister Sister with my grandkids. You look so beautiful and very happy. God bless you and your families.

  • Mayeli Bustos

    My daughter loves to see a lot of bright colors and is super curious as to what the pictures and drawings in the book are that sometimes I’ll make up stories from the pics themselves. Lately I’ve been reading Winnie the pooh stories and likes it so much sometimes I’ll have to read it to her twice before bedtime.

  • Shemeeka Lewis

    I am the proud mother of 3 boys and 1 girl. I love to read and read to them from the time I was carrying them until they can read on there own. I would read the bible and all sorts of children’s books to them like Dr Seuss! I know my daughter would love to have this book she is 4 years old!


    Hi Tamera,

    My daughter is 9 and in 4th grade so I rarely read to her anymore but we love the American Girl Doll books from manner, making friends and keep them, to the keeping and caring of you. So while she not a twin she enjoys a good read. It’s truly fundamental. I’ve always been a huge fan of both you and Tia so she has also become a fan and I’m hoping there will be more books to come (from you and Tia) to add to her book collection…and I’m hoping to start with a signed copy of Twintuition!!!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity Tamera!!

    xoxoxo (oh sorry if o posted twice this is my first time posting

  • Randi Fountain

    Hi Tamera!!! Congratulations! I first have to say I thoroughly enjoyed your dancing and backup rapping on the Real today!! You’re so beautiful!!! I am a mother of 5 (3 boys and 2 girls who are 1 year apart) my girls and I are very interested in fashion and sewing so we tend to read everything together but my girls also enjoy reading anything (lots of chapter books) and they LOVE reading to my autistic 5 year old and my 1 year old son! My oldest son loves to read comics, sports, history and minecraft lol and he always is excited to share them with me! I love reading whatever makes them happy!!

  • Lydia

    Hello, let me begin to tell you both I am 55 yrs old. And my partner 40 yrs old and I have been together now for 15 yrs. We have 2 rescued dog’s. It was Sept 14, 2014 there was a knock at the door it was my niece and her boyfriend and New baby son they had 6 weeks at the time. They came in she was crying told us she could not care for her New son and neither could the father as they both are addicted to drugs. She asked us to please take him for 2 days until she could figure things out and cps was after them baby had clothes in pillow case etc. We took the baby boy. My partner and I have never had kids but today we now have legal guardianship of Leonard he is now 8 months old. We wanted him with family he deserved a chance .With hammy downs and the love we have, Leonard is with us. We are now in parenting suppot group classes. What we do know is reading to Leonard is a must! We are doing wonderful, we return back to court this Dec 2016. We would appreciate your book and keep up the reading and communicating to Leonard. God said I have plans for you both the day the knock came. Its challenging and very rewarding. Tamara and Tia we would love to read to Leonard your book and save for him in his hope chest. Thank you Lydia and Rener

  • Michelle

    I have no kids but I love reading to my nieces and nephews I read “Love you Forever ” and “The giving tree” and “Where the sidewalk ends” and more when i read to them I like to act it out sometime

  • Ashley

    I just had my first baby about 3 months ago. So I’m new to bein a parent but I love to read to my little one. I have a nice book collection and I would love to add ur book to my collection.

  • Kayla

    I love reading but education books and books that I feel have a good moral or lesson that I should learn also I love u and your sister and i really think this is going to be a good book that I would want to read and I hope to meet u someday

  • Katherine A M Marinelli

    I am the mother to 4 girls! 2 of which are my step children but we have had full custody since 2007. I became a instant mother of three in a 6 month period. When we got our girls from their mother they were 4 and 6 and neither liked books or school. This broke my heart, I love to read and have for as long as I can remember. They wanted nothing to do with reading and everything to do with tv. I worked hard and read to them everyday even the 6 year old. Took them to the library for the first time to get their own cards. Took them to Barnes and Noble once a week to just be in another place to find more stories to read. I would read to them every night. Eventually they didn’t ask to watch TV as soon as they got in the house, they were asking for more books to read. Now that was many years ago and our oldest is a freshman in high school and other in middle school. They both read to our younger two girls everyday. I walk into the 5 year old to tuck her in a night and her sisters take turns reading to her before I read to them at night. Our 8 year old has started reading to her sisters at night. They all ask for books for Christmas and birthdays from all their family. I would love to be able to give them a signed copy of your book to add to our reading collections. It would be a treasured possession!

  • Poetry is my favorite art form. So, I love sharing my poetry with my niece through reading Dr. Seuss books with her and even books by Shel Silverstein. I hope she will grow to appreciate poetry and begin to write some of her own when she’s older. Happy Friday :)

  • I don’t have a child but I’m a special education teacher at a K-8 school title one school. I would love to implement this book in my classroom. I’m always trying to engage with books that they can relate to! You and your sister are such amazing role models! I look up to you too! I actually got to meet you Tamera at the real for a brief moment during the real taking on the couch before the Luke James performance that last week of taping. I can’t wait for this book to come out but would love to win one for my classroom!

  • Deborah Mitchell

    Hello Tamera, I am a grandma of two granddaughters (12 & 3) and my girls now live in Hawaii and I live in Newton, KS where, I attended college some 44 years ago and was also married to a local boy and lived there for 12 years. One marriage, one child, one divorce, I moved back home to NYC and became a single career mother, who definitely was going to make sure that my son (he is your age), would get a good education. He started reading at two (I brought books and love ones gave him books) because he loved playing with his Fisher Price desk (which was spelling words and making sentences) and watching Romper Room. Because of the this early foundation, he loved school and went on to be a honor roll student n HS and college. His reading now are computer books (majored in computer science). In the late , 90’s my job took me from NY to Houston and I got very sick and had to retire, so my son talked me into moving back to Newton because he was going to move back with his wife and daughter from CA. I got the opportunities to be able to have sleepovers and read books with Lana, my 12 year old grandbaby. She loves to read now and is reading at a tenth grade level. You’re book would be a wonderful GIFT for me to give to Lana because my daughter-in-law and granddaughters are coming to visit me on May 16th and I get to met my youngest grandbaby Malia, in person for the first time. Her and I talk all time and she is a piece of work but I have not had the opportunity to play with her or read with her, looking forward to it. I picked up a book for her called, Berry Buns (A Story About a Magic Garden) and a matching Berry Buns plush animal that goes with the story.
    I still love to read a lot and also collect books. My family has always been very important to me and I miss them very much now that they live in Hawaii. I have watched you and your sister through my TV from your early beginnings and am so proud of the women you turned out to be and the mothers you now are. Keep on doing what you are doing. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your daughter., God Bless.

  • shoedooo

    I want one!!! I read my peek-aboo book that allows my baby to see and feel textures

  • Linda Jackson

    I am a mother of one beautiful little girl, who is the love of my life. We lost my husband in 2012 , so it’s just us now. Allisaya loves to read every since she was two. I have read to her from the time I found out I was pregnant with her up until she was four years old, because she started reading and now she’s so bossy she feels that she has to read to me and I’m required to listen. I love our time together and would not change it for all the Monet in the world.

  • Darlene

    Since my child is 17 now
    most of our reading is done individually. But when she was younger I read different kinds of books to her. I am curious and have a child like spirit so I would love to read your book series. Warm regards.

  • Darlene Nance

    My kids are 13 and 9 and they still love to ready the books ameila bedelia.. My mom used to read them to me when I was a kid and I started reading them with my kids. My kids crack up because I laugh at all the stuff ameila does that they start laughing at me :) I love these times with my kids even though they are older they still love to sit with me and read!!

  • Yesenia Galvan-Perry

    To be honest , I Dont have any kids. But I do read to my nephews. In my family’s generation it easy to have twins. And just being able to show my nephews you can look the same no matter color or age and still love doing everything everything everyone does. My sisters and I always watched you all on Disney channel we all litterly grew up watching you all loved the way you all were happy and its amazing about the book

  • Latoya Lambright

    Well my daughter has a tough time reading. She’ll read letters and words backwards. Well we read three times a day in morning, during homework and before bed. She is getting better at reading to me. #ProudMomma

  • Cheonica Hunt

    My girls absolutely love you and Tia. I grew up watching sister sister. We read nightly and this would be a great addition to our collection.

  • Kia V. Johnson

    I became a teacher because of my love of being a mother. I am now the mother to an (almost) 7 year old daughter and 4 month old identical twin girls. We make my oldest daughter’s night homework reading assignment a family afraid. Sometimes she reads the story to her baby sisters, other times my husband or I read the story to all 3 of them, and then sometimes we read ebooks from her classroom’s reading program and do the comprehension quizzes for quick lessons. I feel it’s my duty to educate my children from conception if they’re going to be positive, productive altruistic citizens in their community, just like their mommy. ☺

  • Ashley Lynn Gilbert

    I am not yet a parent but a devoted teacher of the urban youth. I plan to share your book with my students to uplift them. Thank you and I hope to win!

  • Kara Washington

    My name is Kara Washington and I am currently a graduating senior at Spelman College! (graduation day is officially a month away!) Growing up, you and your sister Tia have been role models for my twin sister, Kayla and I. I do not have any children however I do mentor in the community and I think this would be a great resource/tool to continue installing fundamental values that are important. I definitely will support the book and series and I will continue to support you and Tia. You guys are pushing me to do what makes me happy and to not settle for less! Hopefully I will get an email to receive a book!


  • Jazzmen

    Hey tia and tamera …
    I am such a hug fan and I am not a parent yet but I can’t wait for that day and I would love to read them your book the first book to my kids in the future :) so glad y’all made a book y’all are such a inspiration to me.. Young strong women …

  • Kathy Marie Galli

    When I watch my 10 month old niece I read her “Pete the cat” because her fathers name is peter so I thought it was a cute book to read her.

  • Roxanne Mangosing

    My daughter will be 4 next month and we read one book at night and my dad reads her a book or two every day before her nap. Its something she looks forward to and she will definitely tell you if you miss a word.

  • Keisha harmon

    Hi Tia and Tamera..
    I think that its amazing that you decided to wright a book.. It’s so important that we read to our children, because it does affect how we talk and do other thing in our everyday life. My son is six years old and he reads 20 min per day, and I also read to him at bed time. I do hope that I can win one of your book, in the event I don’t I will still make the purchase to get one..
    Would love to add to my son’s collection:)

  • Diana Castillo

    While I don’t have babies of my own, I have two 3 yr old nieces and they love when I read to them. One of my favorite books when I was young was “A light in the Attic” by Shel Silverstein and it’s one of their favorites too! I like to read to them in both Spanish and English to let them know the importance of knowing more than one language. “Manuela color canela” by Elena Dreser is another favorite. Anyway, I believe that your book will be a great asset to my collection and a great addition to our list of favorite books!

  • yulonda cheeks

    I am on the second leg of reading children’s stories as I was blessed with a grand daughter on December 23, 2014. Lana at a mere three months is attentive and aware as I read to her. It’s amazing to me that I am not too much older than you and watched you grow to now use your story as a positive influence on my sons daughter. I can’t wait to read the book.

  • Carlnella Sylvan


  • Candace Crumpler

    I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls!! They are soon to be 9 year old twins Chloè and Cahlè and almost 2 year old Caycè. The older girls often read to me and their younger sister. They read books like American Girl, “You wouldn’t want to Be”, Judy Moody and Magic Treehouse just to name a few. They also read to. Any sister books for her age level, like Dr. Sues and Baby Einstein. All of the girls enjoy reading. At holidays and birthdays they ask for books as gifts. The twin girls are currently in the 3rd grade and are reading at a 5th grade level and steady climbing. There love for reading is being passed down to little sister!!! We love it!!!

  • TaJada Hampton

    I’m not a parent, I’m only 15 but I have been a fan of you and Tia for years and yall are my idols! Words really can’t express how I feel about the both of you! So inspirational and beautiful minded. You and Tia make me a better person by how y’all act and take care of yourselves! Keep doing what you do! Yall are the best. I love you and Tia to the moon and back. Hope baby girl is doing okay! Have a good day!

  • Carmen Michelle Rybacki

    Hello good evening I’ve always been a big fan of you and your sister since sister sister and even twitches. I don’t have a child but I do have an 8 year old niece who I share an amazing bond with. We love to read all kinds of books of course the ones she chooses. Especially all the princess fairy tale books. She has a big imagination like her auntie of course so when we read we take our imaginations to a whole other level. So thank you for this wonderful opportunity for you and your sister to share your wonderful book and it’ll be an honor and a privilege for me and her to read. Again thank you.

  • MKS

    My name is Ming Kylee and I am not able to have children, but I love to read to my nieces and the children in the community. The little ones enjoy hearing me read Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny and I know that they will enjoy “Twintutition.” Thank you so much for writing your book. You have always inspired me frowning up and still inspire young girls today. Being stationed overseas, it is really hard getting good books. I really hope that your book is available at all US Military bases overseas.

  • Laws4

    Congrats on the book.

  • Tamesha SoBlessed Robinson

    Hello Tamera, my name is Tamesha and I am a huge fan of yours and Tia. I especially look up to you as a role model because of you positive attitude. I am mother of one but a mentor to many. I love to read to the children in my life because reading is knowledge. My child is only two but he loves book time! No matter if we are reading the bible or a children’s book, he really enjoys it. Book time is the only time he sits down for more than five minutes. I also love to read books so I can recommend them to the kids I mentor. I would love to add this book to the collection for my kids. Thank you for your time have a blessed day!

  • Amanda Kate McEachirn

    I’m beyond stoked about this new book coming out. I have been excited since I knew you guys had a new book coming out. My husband and I are trying to have a baby and I told him that when it happens I want to read Tia’s book Oh Baby!!! I’m excited for you and your family on your newest bundle of joy on the way. I love to have a signed copy of you and your sister’s book. I can’t wait to meet you both someday. You’re very inspirational and what you have to offer to young woman about following their dreams and being themselves is amazing!! Even if I don’t get a signed copy I’m still going to get the book. May God continue to bless you and your family and thank you for showing the world that dreams do come true.

  • Childs Play

    My lifetime passion for books didn’t catch up with my daughter until she was in the 6th grade. When she blatantly disclosed how much she hated reading, I went out and bought books that she could identify with. “The Skin I’m In” was our turning point and you won’t catch her without her Nook or a book in her hand. We read tons of YA-young adult-books. The Bluford High series was our last read. We mostly swipe the books from each other but sometimes sit close enough so we can fight over who’s reading too slow before turning the pages!

  • Aaliyah Green

    I am no parent but I do have two nieces ages 1 and 5 years old. I am 19 years old and I spend a lot of my spare time babysitting them. My niece Layla who is 5 years old is very bright and loves to read. When I babysit her on week nights I help her with and homework and sometimes she will read books to me that she brought home from school. I would love to win one of your books to read a long with her and I am a huge fan of yours and Tia from sister sister to Tia’s earlier role in the game as Melanie to your reality tv show Tia and Tamera and I follow both of you on Instagram ! I’m even told that I look a lot like you. Which is one of the greatest compliments I get. You are such a great role model.It would mean so much to me, an honor to be a winner.

  • Living Glamarous Everyday

    I’m a Mother of a beautiful 8 year old bookworm name Jermaneè. She loves reading,one of her favorite trips is going to the library weather it’s her school or the public library. I love when Jermaneè reads to me hearing progression and her vocabulary expand is awesome especially coming from a place of difficulty in reading. We love reading everything from fiction to non-fiction. I enjoy reading books about children characters that Jermaneè can relate too. Her favorite kind of books to read are Chapter books.

  • Barbara

    I don’t have any children but I do have my god daughter and god son who are with me everyday before bed time and I love reading to them before bed. We always read from 2 to 4 books before bed time. We read a lot of educational books, since they are 2 and 4 we read books about manners and sharing, they love to read about the planets, soccer and basically everything. You give him a book he will try and read it and when he doesn’t understand a word or know the meaning he looks it up in a dictionary. they’re huge fans or you guys and loves you show sister sisteR. :)

  • Jennifer edwards

    Hello I’m Jennifer Edwards and I’m the mom of 10 and 14 year old girls. Bedtime reading has been a wonderful bonding experience for us from day one. Good Night Moon was always a favorite! My 10 yr old in particular shows such a joy for reading and gets as excited to go into the book store as she does a toy store. She even writes her very own books! Her favorites right now are the Dork Diaries books! It would be an honor to get a signed copy of Twintuition! Peace and love

  • Jennifer

    I have a 9 year old daughter who loves to read!!!!!! I am always searching for the latest and greatest book that will keep her interested as well as teach her valuable lessons. I know she would love these books and we would get some great mommy-daughter reading time at night enjoying these books together. I also teach special education Autism K-5 and I would love to add this into our library when my daughter Arianna and I are done reading them.

  • Chantal ramsingh

    Hi Tamera, i don’t have a child, but I do missionary trips around the world. It’s very interesting to go to different places, and see how others live. I went to countries like Africa, Haiti, And I’m going to India during the summer. I work with kids who are orphans and do not have any family members. Seeing these kids make me very disappointed. I want to give this book to a special girl India, she has a sister! She’s the most nicest person you’ll ever meet. Her story is so spectacular. Her parents got pregnant at age 16 and ever since then, they never visited her or her sister. The staff doesn’t known where her sister is located, they think she’s in another orphan. They were from a small village in India and was very poor. Chandini loves to read, whenever you see her she’s always holding a book in her hand! I would love for her to read your book! She always ask if she has any sibilings, but the staff doesn’t say anything. She’s learning English. So the book would be perfect for her.Her parents gave her up when she was only 2 months old, and ever since she hasn’t seen her parents, and doesn’t even know about her family members .The staff members doesn’t want to tell her anything because it might upset her mind. However, giving her this book might be the best thing to do. I went to India twice this year and going again in June. I believe giving her this book will be fantastic! She’s 12 years old, and loves to read! I hope she’ll be able to receive a book from a twin, like you guys! I love to teach kids all around the world. I always love to try to make a difference in the world.

  • Sohoyaa

    I just want to start off by saying that I am a HUGE fan of both you and Tia. I’m 24 years old and my daughter just turned 2 on April 4th. I grew up having you and your sister as my role models and now my daughter will have both of you to look up to you as well! I try to read to my daughter every night before bed and I am so excited for Twintuition! I can’t wait to add it our Story Time collection and share it with my other mommy friends! Thank you so much for being such a great role model and inspiration not only for me but my daughter as well! I love you! Can’t wait to read!

  • Griselda

    Firstly, thanks for the opportunity to win a signed copy of your book. I love to encourage my daughter’s passion for reading by going to our local bookstore and reading there . They are a cute, small store that hosts author readings. We actually met one of her favorite authors there, Erin Hunter. Her current favorite read is Warrior Cats. I’d very much appreciate adding your book to her extensive library.

  • Donna Russell

    Donna R.
    Hi Tamera..I hope all is well.
    It is so exciting to know that I have a chance of winning a signed copy of Twintuition!!!
    My children are ages 18, 17 and 10 and since the day they were born, I would read to them every night before bedtime. Because of this, my children were able to read books to me at the age of 2. This was so amazing to me and I was and still am a proud mommy ;-). I still continue to read with my 10 year old son Elijah and have discussions about the book. It is so important for his reading comprehension. He enjoys reading mystery and Harry Potter books and loves purchasing books from the Scholastic Book Club order forms distributed by his teacher every month. We enjoyed watching Sister Sister and would love to sit down and read Twintuition together!! :-)
    Peace and blessings always!

  • Phyllis Wong

    Being a single parent and taking care of my niece, reading time in my family is important. It brings us closer together and I really like the bonding time we have together and the girls are 5 and 8

  • Stephany Hennings

    We read at night and during the day while we do school at home. We go to the library and they pick out at least one fiction and one non fiction book. Right now with my big kids, we are reading a book about sex and Gods design for it. I’m so excited about your book!!

  • Tamara

    Hi Tamera, My Name is Tamara, I’m a mother of 2, my son is 2 and my daughter is 11 months. I love reading to my kids and also acting out a story with them. But the books I read are number books , shapes, colors, and Disney books they love them all so its hard to choose just 1 favorite book. As I read to them I point out each letter and word so that my son can learn to read words himself and so my daughter can get a head start on that as well even though she’s only 11 months lol. But we take our time reading and I’ll act out each scene(page). So if I’m reading a Mickey Mouse clubhouse book I’m Mickey Mouse Minnie, daisy, Donald, goofy, lol even though I do horrible voices my kids love them. I make reading time learning and fun time. We do this everyday and every night. But that’s how I read to my children oh and the one that’s growing inside of me now. :)

  • Antwoinnett L. Wiley

    I’m a 33 year old mother of three. 1,2 and 11yr old. All of my children enjoy reading. I stress the importance of education in my home. This book would be for my 11yr old daughter. She is intrigued by books where the characters look like her. She was very excited when she saw the cover. I’m looking forward to adding this book to her collection. Thank You Tia and Tamera

  • Cortney J.

    I don’t have a child, but I’ve been raising my youngest brother. Because he’s an individual with a physical and learning disability, and he can be quite difficult, we’ve never forced him to learn to read for himself. Instead, I try reading to him every so often. He mostly enjoys books like the Harry Potter and Twilight series (or any series that’s eventually turned into a movie. If I tell him there’s a book, he’ll ask about it later) & anything that I guess sparks his interest and/or imagination, anything involving magic and different worlds. Occasionally, I can get away with reading something that I find interesting (including my own poetry and short stories). Because we both grew up watching you and your siblings, I do believe he would enjoy listening to me read Twintuition. And even if I don’t receive a signed copy, I’ll still be purchasing and adding to my little home library. Congrats and much success to both you and Tia.

  • Andrea Hale

    I have a very sweet two year old little boy named James, and I have read him at least one book/story/chapter every night since I found out I was pregnant with him. That comes out to around 1,065 books total, granted I think the majority of those have been Thomas The Train in just the last year alone. James is absolutely our little miracle, I struggled with infertility and we found out the day before I was supposed to have my fourth surgery in four years for my endometriosis, I had already had my left ovary removed at 20 years old so we were beyond surprised and thrilled to see that lovely (+) sign! I have always had a love and slight obsession with the written word and I was determined to pass that along to our possibly only child, thankfully I think I got him hooked, he always has a stash of books and cars in both of our cars and in my purse, and you can always count on him to try and take a book with him into the bathtub. lol Our favorite books in his collection would be the ones we received at our baby shower, our family and friends each brought one of their favorite childhood books and wrote a special message on the inside of the cover for him, it’s a sweet tradition that we continue on with his birthday and Christmas each year, these are books that will remained treasured throughout his life and that is something no toy can ever compete with. This is also something we pass on to our friend’s children, with my husband being in the Air Force we have frequently had to tell some very sweet friends good bye, so they receive a signed book from James so they’ll always remember him, our favorite to give is Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss, it is an absolute classic that will never get old. Thank you so much for what you’re doing, it is so important to encourage children to read, and to encourage parents to read to them, those bed time stories are moments that I will forever cherish and I pray that James will too.

  • Lauren Santa-Bishop

    Hello Tamera. I can’t have children of my own, however I am a huge advocate of childhood reading and reading aloud and strongly live to encourage children and teens/ tweens to read wholesome and exciting stories. I have my own site and we work so hard to encourage reading at all ages. If I win, I will hold on to the book and pray for God to show me exactly which person to gift this to. He is faithful to provide. May God bless you in your final days before your new one arrives.

  • Nikia Price

    Hi I’m a proud single mother of 8 year old identical twin girls Madisyn & Mikayla. We read together every night. The girls are into chapter books now so they would love Twintuition! They wake up reading books. And just the thought of receiving an autographed book would be awesome, I watched Sister Sister as a teen, & I am a huge fan! We talk about you and your sister quite often in this household & I’d just love to see the looks on there faces if we so happen to be the lucky winners to receive an autographed copy.

  • Shamar Smiley

    I love reading and used early literacy strategies for my 6 year old daughter when she was in preschool. I’m an old school parent (80’s baby) so we take trips to our local libraries and check out books to read. My daughter likes for me & my husband to read to her before bedtime, and now she joins in reads to us!

  • LaTasha M.

    I read to my 2 and 3 year old when they go down for bed at night. They always ask for me to read their Children’s Bible Storybook to them. Also, I am a stay-at-home mother so they will ask me to read whatever books they pull from their bookshelf. I know my 3 year old will love Twintuition because she loves you, Tamera. We watch The Real all the time and if you are not on the show then she does not want to watch it and she says she does not like whomever is sitting in for you, lol.
    Thank you for this opportunity and many blessings to you and your sister!

  • Kim

    I am a full time working single mom. Ever since I learned to read, it has been my favorite pass time. My dad was a avid reader and loved books and I believe he passed it down to me. My son is now 2 and I started reading to him when I was pregnant. I would read my baby books and all my favorite childhood books. After he was born I continued to read to him hoping that he would learn to love books as much as I do. I am so happy to say he does and he is always bringing me his favorites to read and says Mommy read book. It is one our favorite things to do together. Our week days are so hectic because we are on a schedule, so I feel like when I read to him, it is our way of keeping out close bond as Mother and Son. Amd I hope that as he gets older he continues his love of books and continues to pass it down to his children. My Dad passed away almost 2 years ago and I feel that reading was our bond and now it is mine and my sons. :)

  • kristyn carlson

    I read to my children every night.. They love books.. My kids are 5,4,2

  • Shamar Smiley

    I love reading and used early literacy strategies for my 6 year old daughter when she was in preschool. I’m an old school parent (80’s baby) so we take trips to our local libraries and check out books to read. My daughter likes for me & my husband to read to her before bedtime, and now she joins in and reads to us!

  • kerian Alexander

    Hi my name is kerian and yes i am a teenager and i love to read and i also have younger sisters that love when i read to them i think this will be a book that my sister’s and will enjoy i hope i win a copy.

  • Toya

    I pretty much read with my 2 girls everywhere! The thing is you never know when they’ll pull out a book.Especially one of their faves!We lay down, ill read while cooking,read while they are in the bath,our most favorite is the park.We lay out a blanket and I read in the characters voices and act out what im reading.Their favorite books to hear me read are the Series of Unfortunate Events book series by Lemony Snicket.

  • kyeshia palmer

    My daughter and I take turns reading one night she will pick out a book and read it to me and the next night i will pick out a book and read to her

  • mrsperbert

    My nine year old and I write each other letters in a little notebook and read them to each other. I also read to my five year old nightly or she reads me a story she wrote about her day. She’s five so it’s really short.

  • Janelle Karatsikis

    I have two girls, 3.5 and 1.5 years old! It’s part of our nightly bedtime routine and I hope they become bookworms like their Auntie( I wasn’t, but am getting better now that I am a mother). I loved watching you two on Sister, sister and Tia and Tamera and am sad I don’t get to watch the real because where I live in Canada it’s not aired:(. Miss following you girls! Your both such a inspiration!

  • Jessica Ruiz

    Hi tamera, I’m a mother to a 2 year old boy who is very smart. I read to my son everyday so he can be someone in life in the future. I have alot of faith in my son and I hope that reading to him will help his brain grow better. And i would like your book to help with that and I also love you and your sister lol.

  • jessica

    Im not a mom yet but I love reading with my niece . I love to read to her in spanish so that she is able to learn she loves reading to me and play school and me playing with her she is my niece on my husband side and now that my only brother had a baby girl last year and made me the happiest first time auntie and now that he is expecting another baby im blessed i would love to win your book so that i can read it to my niece and teach her everything that a auntie has to do

  • Dana

    Me and my girls take turns reading a page. I will read a page, then my daughters take turns and we discuss the book in between unless the book is so good we can’t stop. My girls are identical twins and they love watch Double Wedding on Netflix. I just saw your ig post about the contest and told them about it and they asked me to try and win the giveaway. They would love a signed copy of you and Tia’s book.

  • Stacy McCary

    Hi Tamara, my name is Stacy and I have a beautiful little four year girl named Leah. She loooves to read any and everything. When we read together she gets so excited and retains the information like a sponge. Even if we don’t win the giveaway, we will still be purchasing the book. We received this book (Bedtime Blessings) when she was a baby and this is one of her favs. I have been a fan of you and Tia since day one. You all have been a great example to me and will be to my little girl. I am so proud of all your and Tia’s accomplishments. I am thirty years old and STILL inspired by you both. Many continuous blessings to you and your family.

    -Stacy & Leah :-)

  • Merari Martinez

    The way I read to my kids is before bed time when they are laying down in bed. We love book that have different characters because I can make different voices,sometimes pretend that we are them.. So happy you come out with a book so going to get the book for my girls

  • Tammeaka

    I have two smart, beautiful, loving daughters. My eldest daughter, DeAnna, is a Tween and finding reading materials that are age appropriate and interesting has been difficult. I find that society seems to want to push our children toward adulthood far to quickly. We do enjoy the Dork Diaries and The Magic Treehouse Series as well as The Babysitters Club. We have a nightly reading circle where we, both my daughters and myself, get into our Jammie’s, snuggle up with soft fuzzy blankets and read together. DeAnna reads a chapter from whatever book she is reading to her little sister Chloe and me and then I read a story age appropriate for Chloe to both of them. It’s our bonding and learning time. The perfect way to end our day.

  • Denice Roberts

    Reading to my son is a shared moment between my husband and me. We usually read to him at night after his evening bath. We have a book that has about 20 stories/poems we read. He’s 6 months so he talks, points and laughs at the pictures! I cherish these times with my Handsome and some.

  • jennifer austin

    I read to my 17 month old daughter every night. We cuddle together and she loves it. It’s amazing how every night she looks forward to reading a book. Her favorite book is amazingly my favorite kid books The Hungry Caterpillar. After we read I try to give her an explanation on what we just read and give her some words to repeat. It’s an amazing journey for my daughter Kezia and I.

  • diane

    Hi Tamera, thank you (and your sister) for sharing your beautiful life journey. I’m a Mom to an almost 26 year old daughter. Our reading together has also been for almost 26 years. From the day she was born we read nursery rhymes, to chapter books like the Babysitter’s a Club and the Olsen Twins. Then it was high school and the classics and discussions about the latest in Seventeen magazine. Now it’s sharing books we read and yes, the occasional Cosmo article. She’s a social media editor now so we share that journey as well. She has kept all of her favorite books to someday read to her children. What a wonderful legacy you are passing on to your children in these books. Can’t wait to see what you do next! ❤️

  • Halida

    I am actually pregnant right now, baby is coming in August. I love to read and I hope I can share that with my child, especially with this interesting book. I love reading to my niece, she loves it!

  • Kris

    With 4 children aging from 14 to 18 months, reading time differs from child to child. My 1 and 2 year olds love to bring me a book to read but would prefer to turn the pages at their own pace which is usually before I’m finished with a sentenced and then turning the pages backwards instead of forward. Cheerios read, play, and eat along is the current favorite.

  • Sonia S

    Hi Tamera I love you and your sister!!! I love your shows.. I even got my husband hooked on it now… I read to my little girl. She gets super excited when she sees me opening up a book, she tries to turn the pages. I like to read everything to her. I would love to win your book signed by you.

  • Charles-etta Ford

    Hello, I am tho proud parent of a very busy 2 year old girl who loves music and books. Even witha busy schedule of work,shool, and parenting I find the time to read toy little one each day. She loves minnie mouse books as well as elmo.

  • LaTronda Williams

    I read to my granddaughter when at dinner and when it’s time for sleep. I think this will be an awesome addition to our readings, she likes stories.

  • Lauren Spitler

    I don’t have any children of my own, but I nanny 4 kids that feel like family! With four different personalities no books are off-topic! We read before nap-times and bedtime, or whenever a book strikes our fancy (which can be any point in the day, and I love it!) There are three boys and one girl, so she and I have to stick together in a house of boys :) I would love to have a book to read with her that is about two girls (just like us!) I can’t wait to read your and Tia’s book! Thanks for the chance to win a copy, Tamera! xx

  • Crystal Mendez

    I read to my baby every night. He loves elmo so I find an educational elmo books. He loves when we start to read and start asking questions about the pages were in. He even reads with me. Repeats what I read to him.

  • Jasmine

    First let me say that I adore you and your sister…great inspirations for young black females.

    I have a four year old little girl who is fascinated with reading. She’s learning her sight words and gets so excited when we are reading and she recognizes a word. I also help with a local foundation that mentors young girls. I know both my baby girl and the girls I help can benefit from not only reading but seeing that people that look like us (especially women) can achieve so much. Thanks for all that you do and the doors that you’ve opened!

  • Mrs. Talley

    I read books that me and my husband grew up on to my 6 month old baby Chloe, as well as baby books like 3 Little Pigs and Teapot. I have been reading to her since she was in my womb. My mother encouraged me to read, sing, and talk to her. I would love a copy of this book to read to her.

  • Melanie Snead

    Hi Tamera! I am not a parent, but an aunt. I live with her, so I get to read to her on Tuesday and Thursday nights before bed. Since she has my heart, the silliest person comes out of me while reading. I do as many voices, facial exressions, and sometimes sound effects to make it the best experience as possible. Seeing her smile, giggle, and say “uh-oh” when something bad happens makes me happy! I would love to get this book and read it to her before bed! Good luck to everyone & God Bless!

  • Rachel

    Wow thank you for this giveaway, first off I’m not a parent, but I’m a Sunday school teacher and I have lots of younger cousins who are 5 and below! I love children so much and every time I get an opportunity one on one with them I love reading too them. They are so full of joy and excitement when it comes to that time. I read children bible stories, Dr.Seuss, Disney books and more. I also love scholastics books, they enjoy them! The way I read to them is with lots of expression and enthusiasm! I like to make them feel like they are apart of the book and to have a good visual of it. Thank you for this opportunity, From: Rachel

    • Lydia


      • Rachel

        I’m not sure if I won Lydia, but if so that would be super amazing! Good luck to u too!

  • Kendra G

    Hi Tamera! I am a 25 year old mom of two little girls. I grew up on Sister Sister, hawked over your reality show Tia & Tamera, and now totally obsessed with The Real!!! I have cried through all the emotional girl chats and find a piece of myself in each of you, although I have always related to you the most. My daughters are ages 8 & 4. We value reading in our household and books are plenty. I read with my 4 yr old during the day and I allow my 8 yr old to read to me in the evenings. She is a terrific reader who loves chapter books but we have been working on her comprehension skills as of lately. She loves watching reruns of your show and I know if given the chance she would love to read the new book from you and Tia! May God continue to bless both of your families!

  • Ieshea Bain

    Hello my name is ieshea am from the Bahamas and I love you two firstly Hugh fan and secondly am 21 yrs old and currently in college, I love help little kids learn, but most importantly learn how to read. I am currently an auntie of three ages 4, 1 and 1 and my little nephew who is 4 has a speech problem so he don’t really speak well so when I have free time I read with him hoping that one day we will read most times people don’t understand what he is saying an that makes me sad

  • Jessie

    I have 3 daughters ages 11,7 and 3. We love to read chapter books together! It’s so fun to hear their own interpretations of the story. I also like to focus on stories/books that fit their interests. Dance, girl stuff, animals, places they would like to visit, TV shows they like and many other topics. They were so excited to hear you two are writing a book! Every year we have to watch Twitches!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Stefanee lee

    Hi Tia and Tamera, I would like to say I’m one of many very top fan of you two I grew up watching sister sister and 17 again and now I watch Tia and Tamara show you both inspire me in a lot of ways your ambition your heart and you are both very beautiful in your two different ways I can always tell yall two apart also, always have. I’m 21 will be 22 in August I am pregnant with my first and I’m due May 11th to a beautiful baby girl going to name her Kameron. I love her so much and I read to her all the time I heard its good when you talk and read to them and I’m 36 almost 37 weeks and the baby’s brain grows rapidly these last few weeks and I would love to have your twin tuition book for my daughter and to be signed by you two will be marvelous. I probably will never get to meet you two but Tamara reminds me a lot of myself as well. I wish you two the best and keep doing what yall do best! By the way I’m from Texas just FYI . Stay Blessed
    -sincerely Stefanee Lee

  • renise toweh

    Hey Tamera, I have two young boys. The eldest is Joshua age 2 and Ezekiel the youngest age 10 months. My son Joshua loves books in general but he especially loves books on superheroes, biblical stories and animals. Ezekiel loves to listen to me read sesame street books. For each story I act out the voices to make the books come alive. Thank you for the consideration

  • Tisha Doakes

    I Love reading with my niece Jordyn, she’s only two but loves to be read! She’ll ask for the same book to be read 10 times! She gets it from her brother, he’s five and also wants me to read to him 10 times in a row!! They both want the pics shown to them n everything! But it’s Great! She would really like ur book! We watch The Real together and Instant Mom! She’s great! Follow her on instagram Beautiful_Jordyn, fb Carmen Doakes.. Follow her Journey to Walk!

  • Colethia Watkins

    I don’t have any children; however I’m the proud Aunt who would love to get a signed copy for my one and only neice. Thanks and be Blessed.

  • nlramos

    Don’t have any children myself, but I have a cousin who I adore very much. She is nine and has the enthusiasm of well, a kid of course! I’ve read books from a young age, even now in college, I read for fun, which not many people my age do I must admit (I am 21). I would very much like to get my cousin to get in the habit of reading, so why not start with twintuition? As a twin myself, my twin and I can’t think of a better way!

    P.S. my twin and I, grew up watching you and Tia on Sister, Sister. Thanks for the childhood memories! Let me tell you, YOU were spared being named differently because my twin and I have the same name! Believe me! Thankfully she and I do not the same birthday lol

  • Azaria

    Hey I don’t have any children of my own but I support you at anything that you and your sister do. I would love a copy of the book but I am in Marlin Texas. I love California and I have family up that way.

  • Danaidae Arevalo

    I read to my son 17 months and my daughter 7 months old everyday. On most days its their children’s bible and once or twice a week its anything I can find for them. They love story time I try to read to them before bed but if during the day I see they get bored I’ll just switch it up and read to them at that time. My daughter loves to babble along as I read as if she were reading herself and my son loves to listen. My children and I would love to read your book it is one I will definitely purchase for my babies!!

  • Jamaicanandproud

    I would love to win this for my Joie. She was adopted from China 2 years ago and had open heart surgery and is a living miracle. She loves to read all sorts of books. She especially loves bible stories. Thanks for being such awesome role models.

  • Samantha

    I like to read whatever books my daughter picks up that she would like to read. I don’t pick favorites I like to switch it up to get a variety.

  • Alona Triplett

    I read to my girls when they were in the womb and now till this day my oldest being 9 and twins 7 they all love to read and do very well in school. They all read above grade level and I believe that me reading to them before they could understand had something to do with that. I want to them to be successful in life and reading and understanding what you are reading is very important. I hope to receive a signed copy but if not I will still be purchasing. Thank you!!

  • alethea miller

    Hi, Tamera although I don’t have small children, I have three beautiful niceses who I often buy books for. I get them the books that spun my own curiosity as a kid, Curious George, and Dr. Seuss Books.I love reading to them. They love it when I change my voice based on the character in the storyline. It would be nice to receive a copy from you, but if not I will be buying it any way! Love you both! Can’t wait to read it to them

  • Estefania

    Hi Tamera I have twin girls of the age of 4 and I love to read them books before they sleep and they like to pretend to read the books to me and they sit with me and discribe what they see on the pictures and they come up with there version it’s so cute to see and hear there imagination but now that they are growing and are starting to understand more I really want to show them how cool it is that they are twins I always see yours and your sister show to help me help them build a bond that no one will brake and I really would like to read your book to them that way they can see there’s more twins and the cool things twin girls can do together.

  • Delite Sye

    You beautiful ladies are amazing. My baby is only 4 1/2 months but he still shows interest in many things, I read everything I possible can to him from bibles to alphabet books, even some stories from the news. He loves it.

  • Aminatta M

    I am not a parent, but I have a tutoring program that I started when I was 11 years old. I beleive that younger minds should be mentored by someone who went through their experiences around the same time. Till this day i continue to tutor young children, motivate them, and help them become the best person they can be. I also voluteer almost every weekend at barnes and nobles reading books to children. I always choose books that brings more self-confidence. Its not about how others see you, its how you see yourself. I am only 16 years old, and I get inspired by adults like you, and your sister, who motivate everyone to be themselves no matter what they say about you. Your brand is about self-hapiness, empowerment, and I think any type of book that represents you and your sister is something all children should read. I hope I win your book so that I can share it with the world, and hopefully to my baby suster so that she will see powerful women, who embody something so amazing.

  • Hayley White

    I’m not a parent and may never be be due to medical problems, but I do love to read it’s what keeps me going sometimes imagining the characters in a story go through life and waiting for that moment when everything comes together it always make me rethink how I approach things. So I may not win but if your book comes out in the UK I can’t wait to read it.

  • Natasha

    Good morning! My name is Natasha and I have a 3 year old and another blessing on the way. Every night I read to my 3 year old before bed. We read tons of books that have to do with transportation and construction vehicles. Every night before bed I bring 3 books in the room from our bookshelf. My son then picks which one he would like to read. Lately he has been interested in a book called “Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site” written by’ Sherri Duskey Rinker’ and ‘Tom Lichtenheld’. This book has taught my son names of certain construction vehicles and what each one does on the job. I love to engage my child while we read, so as the pages turn I constantly point to various pictures from the book so he can learn to identify these things in reality. For example he has learned what a moon looks like as well as the sun and many of his shapes. Reading is a beautiful thing and teaches you soo much, I am glad that I get to share reading with my child.

  • Jherlynn Tims

    Hello Tamera,
    I am not a parent, I am a 19 year old college student who in the summer works with under privileged youth. The orginization I work with is called Freedom School through the Child Defense Fund. We worn to teach our scholars to teach them the importance of reading and to love it. This book would be perfect to read to my class and also to give to a set of twins I had last year and I know who are planning to come back. I hope you provide me with this opportunity to share your book with them.


  • AJ True

    My nieces live in Africa and I would really like to send them a copy. They love reading and it would be pleasure to share with them this book. I am a huge fan of you and your sister. I love your values and the enriching ways you entertain us. I would love to pass this on to my nieces. You guys are a great role model. They live in Ethiopia and I would love to give them a signed copy. God bless. Wishing you and your family success and happiness.

  • kimrc11

    I am the mother of three beautiful children and our lives get very busy. Reading to them is a way I make sure we can connect every night. They decide what they want to read. My son usually chooses a book with animals and my daughter something to donwith a princess and atleast for a little while we are together in this busy world. ❤️

  • Mariah Riddley

    Hi Tamera ❤️ I’m just going to start off with that I love you & your sister so much

  • Geeta bishop

    Just registered – Thank you for the opportunity! I had a baby 8 months ago and have been reading to him since week 1. We read and recently he has said his first word in advance of most 8 month old kids! Said DADA. .he waves and says hello! All because I have been reading to him!!

    I watch your show daily and created a show similar The Better Half 4 years ago. I hope I am able to receive one of these awesome books because I would read it to him daily hoping to have twins one day sending him some twin sibling vibes!!

    Thank you!

  • pamyt

    Hi Tamara. My name is Pam I just recently moved from California to New Jersey but I’m originally from Belize. I’m so happy you had a wonderful time I’m in my beautiful homeland. I have 2 amazing girls a 2yr old and a 9 yr old . I take them to the library a few times a week. And and I read to my 2 yr old mostly at the park since she loves being outdoors and is still not in school. My 9 yr old is super excited to get a new book for her collection. I know the giveaway is over but I hope one day we can meet you and get our copy signed . Thank you.

    Sending you love from the Tzul family.

  • Kate Elise Turner

    I am not parent, but I am a reading geek (11 years old)!! I love to read! I did a report a few years ago (for school) about twins and multiples and I started loving them!! I started studying Mary Kate and Ashley and there shows and you and Tia and you and Sister, Sister recordings ( Just Finished season 6)!! I have read over 300 twin books and love learning about them!! As I learned more and more, I started wanting one of my own! I have a little brother, but no sisters (which is weird, cause I have two beds in my room), I have close friends, that are like sisters, but not the same. So, (I know that this is crazy) I have been wishing for a twin and going onto these lookalike websites, but I haven’t found any thing! I have these crazy twin dreams every night! I just want a twin! I have been trying to get all of you movies and shows on youtube, but I have had no luck! So I would like one of these books! Thanks for reading my crazy story! Kate Elise Turner!!!

  • Kate Elise Turner

    Sorry! I just saw that the contest has ended!!! So sorry
    (I always do that!!)

  • Carmen Perdue-Cooperwood

    Hi Tamara
    I have a 10 year old daughter and a 1 year old son. I always advise my daughter on how important it is to read. I explain to her that if you cant read, then you wont be able to understand what the signs are on the road, how to follow instructions and directions, write letters and emails, take tests, sign your name on documents etc… Reading is very important. If you dont know how to read, you will find yourself always depending on someone else to tell you what is going on. I also advise my daughter when she is reading a book to read to her little brother. Since she is the big sister, he picks up on everything she do quick and if he sees her reading, it will motivate him to read and enjoy reading when he starts school.
    I just wanna say I love you and your sister and I grew up with you guys watching yall on tv and I think you and your sister are great remodels for young girls and women. You’re a big inspiration for the simple fact, you are a someone I look up to and strive to be. :)

  • feven

    I’m a mom of 17 month old twin girls this book will be perfect for our book reading time … I can’t wait to get it

  • Lydia

    Will the winners of signed book be posted?

  • Cassandra

    Hi Tamera!!! I’m not a mom, I’m just a student at USC who has been a fan of yours for years! I used to watch Sister Sister with my sister, and I’ve always loved you!!!! We were obsessed with Twitches, and I didn’t love you because of your roles, but because of the way you carry yourself.

    Since I don’t have a child I’m not going to enter the giveaway, but I’m definitely going to be purchasing your book!

    You inspire me in so many ways and I love watching The Real to hear your comments and views on important situations. Sometimes being in college and a place like downtown LA, it is hard on the soul and on trying to grow up to be who I am and continuing to be a good person, but you make me laugh every day and remind me of sticking to my morals and values, even in a place like this!!

    I wait and hope to find someone who completes me like Adam does you, and you’ve inspired me to be who I am and be the best person and version of myself I can be, and the right person will come along in time.

    In short (because I could say so much more) I wish you the best on everything, I will continue to support you, and if you read this I want to meet you some day or come to The Real or something!!! Love you girl, keep doing you!

    (My instagram is cassandrogers in case you want to make a girls dream come true and reply!! hehe)

  • Teeice

    Hey I am a big fan of you I have no kids of my own but I do have two nieces and two nefews I love to read to them and I like to read books myself

  • Hameedah Adetokunbo

    hi tia and tamera i am your biggest fan i wish i can see you i love both of you guys i have a pic of you every where in my room i add you on google plus but didnt add me back plese add me back say hi to tia i keep on waching your show over and over again in you tube which is sister sister i have a secreat my middle name is tamera i was named after you but myt two years old sister is named after tia. my real name is hameedah if you want to add me please add me.i love you so much when i go to bed i hug a pic of you and tia every night. you biggest fan i really want to call you on phone or see each other. love hameedah or tamera.

  • Rhonda

    Hey honey, I’m a grandma of 3+ 9 step but they’re mine in my heart. With the 3 I have here in ga there’s been one book that all these babies have loved. Its Bedtime for Babybop, who would have thot a little book like that would be soo special as all their bedtime book, nap time then anytime. Proud to say the oldest boy” Chance” has been saving his $ & buying books since he was 7! So proud of all of em& thrilled they share my love of reading! Giving em yours & tia’s book this weeknd Ikno they’ll love it bc I do. Thank you for being you. XO

  • Stephanie Looney

    I am a social worker and work with a lot of different ages, stages not to mention a very diverse group of children. I would read this with my own sister, but I would hope to incorporate some of the reading into my sessions with some of my kids to help empower them. My clients come from all walks of life and I myself am a single mom of a child on the autism spectrum and he’s amazing. Thank you for your work ?

  • Nydia E Lopez

    My little sister and I are so close that I’ve always told her that we were twins in another life. We grew up watching sister sister. I had a son and she had a daughter. My son is just like my sister and Everyone says my niece and I are twins. She is so much like me it’s crazy! I would read this book with her and then gift it to her.

  • Chania Livingston

    I’m entering this contest for myself because I’ve loved Tamera and Tia since I was little and I’ve watched sister, sister and I was born in 2000. You guys have taught me to grow up gracefully and depend on God to always have my back. I feel as though this book would help me and I’d be greatly appreciative of it.

  • Jessica

    I would LOVE to read the book with my sister! She’s my best friend and some of the best bonding times that we have had is when we read together. My sister and I have been fans of you and your sister for most of our lives and we love you both! Your book is the inspiration for my sister and I wanting to write our own book and we are thankful for the example you both have set and your beautiful spirit!