Real Talk: Staying Inspired

Inspiration is a huge, broad term, but to me it’s also extremely important to think about regularly. It’s a good way to measure how you feel about something. You don’t necessarily have to consider yourself the “creative” type to want to be more inspired in your daily life, but simply being inspired has been known to help people get out of ruts. With any project I take on or in any aspect of my life, it’s always possible to feel like things have lost their luster. Luckily, it usually just means I need a change of perspective or even a break from the norm. Other times, it helps me realize I should make a change.

Staying Inspired |

Quote by Nora Roberts. Too true!

Tips for a More Inspired Life

A Fresh Look
When something feels mundane, try to see this moment in a new light. Sometimes it seems impossible to look at it in any other way than you have been for months or years, but it IS possible and often necessary. Ask yourself what the bigger picture is, and conversely, investigate the details. Take a job you feel uninspired by and think of the aspects that excite you. You might end up ready and willing to take charge of your life and go in a new direction. But other times, you may find that you simply need to take time off to be able to come back and approach the same problem or task with renewed vigor.

Don’t Wait
People in the arts know that it never works to simply wait for inspiration to strike. But this absolutely applies to other aspects of life too – whether you want to strengthen a relationship with someone close to you or learn something new, you must take steps in a new direction, even if it seems unknown at first. That said…

The Source of Inspiration
I find sources of inspiration all over the place, but it wasn’t until I started looking out for it that I noticed that’s what it was. Be conscious of your surroundings and how they affect you. Magazines inspire me to experiment with fashion; Pinterest inspires me to learn new recipes; Moving to a new home inspired me to take on the daunting but exciting task of decorating it myself. My talk show inspires me to speak my mind but also listen to others and hear their stories. Inspiration rarely walks up and knocks on your door (though that can be amazing!), I must be open to the idea.

Now I want to know… What’s inspiring you today?!


  • Guest

  • Great post!

  • Omgosh! I love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I use to read the page everyday to start my morning and one of my favorite type of posts use to be the inspirational posts! Tamera as a fan I admire your radiant and positive outlook on life! Seriously, I don’t know you personally (lol) but your posts really do inspire me! Thank you for this post & EVERY Post!

    • Guest

      I am so glad your doing your blog again! :)

  • abby

    What’s inspiring me today is by reading your blog,i also used to read the every day and was very sad when it stopped.True words Tamera, if you don’t go after what YOU WANT, you’ll never have it.Those words is a wake up call for me, for too long I’ve put everyone before me and everything that I;ve dream’t for had been put on hold for many years, but my children is adults today , they can now take care of themselves and I can make that one dream that I had for so many years become a reality.Thanks Tamera for your inspiration. God Bless.

  • Ina Turner

    What brings me inspiration every day is my assurance of God’s love for me, and my relationship with Him. I am also inspired by family and friends who is really trying to succeed at doing life,even thou sometimes its hard, also inspired by parents who is still raising their children by Godly principles and morals,and not by the world standards and others opinions. Because of all this I love to encourage others to hang in,and look for the blessings.

  • Nikki

    I’m inspired! :)

  • Sweet Bee

    I am thankful that i came across your blogs today. I now can sense a feeling of wanting to change for better. Starting from being positive to finding the inspiration. Thank you.

  • Guerdy Seddoh

    These are some great affirmations! Empowering! Thank you so much!

  • Priscilla Anderson

    I got to find my source of inspiration this Real Talk is so motivating.

  • Ashlyn Dumas

    Thanks for the wonderful inspiring words. I just had a baby recently as well, I had my baby 2 weeks prior to you Tamara. I was watching The Real the other day and I understood completely when you spoke about your baby weight. I am not in the public eye but I feel just as pressured about losing my baby weight because everyone in my family is small so they expect me to return to my pre baby weight. It’s not that easy! I am very pressured everyday about losing my baby weight but I also wanna spend time with my baby. I don’t want to spend hours in the gym, I’d rather be with my baby. But I can’t deny that very time I look in the mirror I am not happy. I have spent the past 4 months working hard and eating healthy to lose this baby weight, I am also breast feeding. So far I have lost some weight but that body I had before my baby will never be the same and I don’t think people without kids understand that. When I heard you speak about losing your baby weight I felt so much better, your words really helped me to calm down my stress level. I really want to say thank you for understanding and thank you for sharing. By the way you look GREAT!! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.