Real Talk: How I Balance a Busy Schedule

Tamera Mowry

Lately, life just seems to be getting busier and busier! As a working mom, I always have a lot on my plate, but recently my schedule has become more packed than ever. Even though my days are full of things that are blessings, I have to make a very real effort to balance my time and energy so that I can be the most effective, happy and healthy version of myself.

The feeling of struggling to balance a busy schedule is something that I think most people can relate to. While I have not perfected time management, I have noticed amazing improvements in my ability to prioritize my day by using some of these simple strategies:

Make a list: I am a big fan of lists, and honestly, I would be lost without them. I like to hand write out my lists, but keeping one on your phone works great too. Without writing everything down, it is almost impossible not to forget at least something each day. Making a list is also great when you feel totally overwhelmed — The simple act of just writing down what you need to do, and being able to visually prioritize the tasks at hand, makes a big difference.

Put everything on the calendar: I literally mean everything! I will note just about anything on my iPhone calendar. From notes about what my son has going on at school that day (so I remember to ask him about it when he gets home), to a reminder to leave the house a little early because I have to get gas. I love scheduling notes into my calendar because then I can be sure I am not missing anything important.

Schedule your day: As a working mom, I have a lot of responsibilities in both my personal and professional life. I very consciously schedule my day so that I know when I will start and stop focusing on work commitments, and then I stick to that schedule. Having hours specifically allotted to work really helps me balance my family and personal time. Which leads me to my next point …

Make time for you a non-negotiable: Not too long ago I wrote about mindfulness, and the importance of taking time for your mental and physical health. Even when I am balancing a busy schedule, I make my health a priority, and schedule time for me just like I would a meeting. For example, if I have a workout planned, I block time off in my calendar and commit to taking that hour for myself — no excuses!

Don’t be afraid to say no: I have learned that it is okay to say that you are not able to do something! Setting realistic expectations for my time and my commitments is very important. If I am constantly saying ‘yes’ to everyone, I just end up exhausted, overworked and feeling resentful. When I receive an invitation, or I am asked to do something, I really think about whether or not I am able to commit before I say yes. This strategy has really helped me immensely because it ensures that my days are full of tasks that I am totally committed to doing.

Communicate expectations: Especially when it comes to work, I have learned that it is really important to communicate both my own, and other people’s expectations. By talking about what is expected of me (or what I expect), and verbalizing an agreement, I am able to prioritize and manage my workload.

Tackle one thing at a time: Women are often amazing multitaskers — It’s in our nature to be able to juggle a bunch of things at once. But I have learned that I am usually much better when I zero-in on one task at a time, and eliminate other distractions (like my phone). Whether I am doing something for work or something with my family, I try and really be in the moment and engaged with whatever I am doing.

Spend five minutes each night thinking about tomorrow: I take a little time each night to think about what has to be done tomorrow. By thinking ahead and looking at what I have on my plate for the next day, I avoid waking up feeling overwhelmed.

Understand that you can’t control everything: As much as I like to think that I can stay on top of everything each day, the reality is that nobody can. Some days life is just going to throw you a curve ball, and when that happens, it is important to just go with the flow!

How do you guys balance a busy schedule? Comment below and let me know!


  • Virginia Hamer

    I really honestly loved this Tamera , & I love you. ❤️ Me & my lil brother have been fans for years. & I’m a Mom to be and this sure did come in handy. You are a wonderful individual and don’t let no one take you from yourself. -Virginia. 🙏

  • Timikia

    Hi Tamera!
    I pretty much do all of this! LOL. It’s a great topic to cover because once upon a time this was my struggle. I am actually still learning how to “commit” but overall the planner works wonders! What I would suggest to the people out there is purchase FRESH PLANNERS THAT DRAW YOU IN. I love the idea of having fresh planners, papers, and assorted pens :) It’ll make you WANT to jot out your day. Some of my favorite planners come from Target, TJMaxx, & Marshalls just to name a few. Great Read Tamera.

  • Marvina Musser

    I make lists and I use calendars. I love them because I know what I need to do. Since I’m a mom, a wife, I work outside the home and I have a blog, I really try to make lists so that I know what I need to do each day. I also have like 3 calendars, one for my bag for work, one to keep in my office for the house and one on my phone. This way I can make sure that I can jot anything down and the time. I love having 3 calendars and I’m such a visual person so I need extra organizational things. Lol Great post😀

  • Such a great post! I love list and use calendars as well. I have to stay organized and I don’t want to miss something I have to do.

  • Natasha

    This is a great read! Thank you so much

  • Claire

    Great advice, I need to be more consistent with my planner. I can be great for a few weeks then it all unravels. I love the feeling of being organised and on top of things. Your post has inspired me to try harder. Thanks

  • Allison Pope

    Very talented love the show great actress

  • Ina Turner

    As a mom of three, my plate was overflowing already! But last year my hubby and I decided to home school our kiddos.
    As a home schooling mom of three various age kiddos, I depend not only on my calendar and lists for our lesson plans and other activities, but we also have a
    large chalkboard which I use not only for lesson plans, also for notes and reminders for hubby and myself, sticky notes are always a colorful added reminder.
    Something else we have implemented into this season of our lives, momma is
    learning she can’t do/control everything, Sooooo hubby now keeps a calendar of some of the schedules so that we can keep tract of everything .
    While this is such a busy season in my life, I am so enjoying home schooling our kiddos and would not change one thing.

  • lady j

    Life is certainly a balancing act! To keep me balanced I seek God daily in prayer and conversation. Take the day one day at a time. Tomorrow is never promised.

  • I use Google calendar every single day and heavily rely on lists. I go a step further by using the notes section on my phone to stay earth friendly!


  • Yvonne Sherman-Reynolds

    I think I am really working on how to balance my life. I feel like my life sometimes is so crazy and I can’t balance my time the right way. I’m working on it.

  • Asuun