Real Talk: Answering Your Questions About Blogging


I fell in love with being a blogger years ago when my sister and I were working together on our former website. Ever since then, blogging has become a passion of mine, and I have really dedicated myself to creating and growing I get asked a lot of questions about my blog, and so I wanted to do a Q&A post for you guys and try my best to answer as many of your questions as I can!

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO BLOG? First and foremost, it is my fans that motivate me to keep writing and creating original content. It can be overwhelming to think about running an entire blog and always posting new content, but I have always had the attitude that I will just take it one post at a time, and see where it goes. Over the years the site has built more and more momentum, and I have been so encouraged by all the amazing feedback I have gotten. Every time I put up a new post, I’m so excited to read the comments.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART ABOUT HAVING A BLOG? I love that my blog allows me a direct channel to speak to my fans. I am able to create original content that is meaningful to me, pen open letters and speak very openly. I’m naturally an encourager, and I love to share my experiences — If I find an amazing new hair routine, I want to tell the world! My blog allows me total creative freedom to do this, and it’s so much fun!

WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO BLOG BUT DOESN’T KNOW WHERE TO START? I really love encouraging other women to blog and to be as creative and entrepreneurial as they can. As women, we are so strong and amazing multitaskers by design. There are so many different facets of who we are as women — We are wives, girlfriends, co-workers, sisters, mothers … Don’t be afraid to tap into each of your roles and gifts. If you have a dream, just because you are a mom doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve it. Dare to dream big! Do your research, and don’t be afraid to ask for help to achieve your goals. Like I said, it’s one post at a time!

IS IT HARD TO BALANCE YOUR CAREER, PARENTING AND BLOGGING? Definitely! But I really believe that life is all about balance. To me, being a good parent means being true to myself and still following my dreams too. You want to let your little ones know that if their momma can achieve her goals, so can they. When your children see your drive, passion and success, that is a good thing! They will thank you for it in the end … Just remember to have balance in it all. Don’t become so driven that you ever totally neglect any area of your life.

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT? My blog is totally and authentically me. I write about the things that I am passionate about, the lessons I have learned, the clothing I think is beautiful and anything and everything else that is inspiring to me. I have a lot of fun doing my monthly blog planning and get I get inspired and excited about what I can share with my audience. We hold monthly photo-shoots for the blog, and they are always my favorite days! I think that the best content, and what resonates with people, is anything that comes from a place of truth. I always hope that my genuine passion for connecting with my fans comes through in everything I do.

IS YOUR BLOG REALLY YOU? It’s definitely me! I do have a support team that helps me with blog photo-shoots, marketing and uploading content, but I am 100% hands-on, and not a single thing is ever published on my blog or my social media without me. I’m so thankful for my fans and audience who have stayed so loyal to me over the years, and they are who motivates me to continue to create content on my website and my social media.

IF MY FANS COULD TAKE AWAY ONE THING FROM MY BLOG …. I would really hope that my readers realize that more than ever, women are becoming CEO’s. People are listening, and the internet has become this incredible platform for voices to be heard. We are living in an amazing time where women can absolutely make their dreams come true. Together, as women we can uplift each other and make this world a better place. I believe each person was put on this earth with a mission. A purpose. It’s up to you to hone in on it. Perfect it. Then share it. If I can inspire anyone to use their voice with purpose, I will feel like I have succeeded.

I am truly so appreciative for your support of! Please continue to send me your questions, I love reading them! 


  • Tiffany Dotson

    Hello there! I am a new mom of tw o! My brother passed away last year and last November my husband and I adopted my 4 year old niece and then 14 days later I gave birth to our first biological baby girl. Before getting pregnant and having children I was in the middle of getting my cookie business @RedDoorCookieShoppe off the ground. Do you have any tips for someone like me looking for a way to market/Brand their company to get it back off the ground? Cooking Really is my passion, its my love language!! ❤ I will even send you some cookies if it helps. Our soft chocolate chip is amazing! Heck, id even fly out to you and bake them for you!🤣🤣 Blessings to you!!,
    Tiffany Dotson

  • Nicole E. Thompson

    Thank you so much for the Jeremiah 29:11 encouragement. It was just the confirmation and reassurance I needed. Continued blessings to you and yours.

  • Devanie Johnson

    So how do you get the support of investors when you have a proposed business plan and product? Is the focus on your brand as an entrepreneur?

  • Dreamer

    Thanks so much such a great blog and I love your honesty on the real as well, you make me feel empowered constantly.

    I’ve recently started blogging and at first I tried to blog everyday but it got a lot so I ended up taking a break from blogging until I couldn’t stay away any longer as I missed it too much. Now I try twice a week. My question is do you think there should be certain days or amounts you need to be blogging, can it sometimes be a pressure you put on yourself in a negative way? Thanks

  • Crystal Gibson

    Thank You! This is awesome advice – I’ve been working on my blog and have received positive feedback. Do you have a mentor or coach? How do you find a person to trust and will help your blog evolve? I feel like having a mentor might help me understand how to grow this blog like a successful business.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


    • Anjola

      Hello crystal. Your Questions are same as mine. Pls have you gotten answers. Kindly share with me. Thanks so much.

  • Shaylanda Smith

    You are a true inspiration to me. I am a huge fan of all of your work. I aspire to be as graceful and elogant as you one day. When i think of what the characterics of the perfect woman should be i envision you. And though you may not be pefect you are truly a blessing on this world. I too have started my own blog. I just want a place where i can share any and everything i could think of. I dont know if my blog will ever become something huge but it will be mine and i am so proud of it already.

  • Nastasja

    Thank you for sharing Tam! I love you and all that you are doing to help connect with your fans! Thank you for inspiration, attitude, smile, authenticity. I have been wanting to start a blog for about five years now. I started one on my own and failed. Didn’t have a support team, photographer and I am definitely not a good writer. Not to mention I did not and still do not have the funds that would allow me to do such. So a question I would ask you is: How could someone start a potential blog without money to fund a blog? I have read and conducted research on blogging and I know that good pictures are a huge part of blogging. I started a blog last fall and it did not do so well. I understand success doesn’t come over night, but I felt that my content was not good enough. I will not give up! I am currently trying to plan everything out before I start back up. Thank you!

  • Tamera, I enjoy your blog and your team does an awesome job with the photos! Keep up the great work!! I have a vlog and it’s really nice to connect with others :)

  • Clara

    Hey! This post really inspired me but I have a few questions that would mean the world to me if you could take the time to answer them. Is there an e-mail where I can send my questions?

    Love you Tam Tam


    Thank you so much, now i have an idea how my blog should be. i love u and you have inspired me a lot. My blog will simply be about me, am not a celebrity like you but i love writing and i think blogging will improve my writing skills.

  • Briana Pena

    I just love everything about this blog! Your authenticity truly transcends in everything you do! Your fans can feel your energy and appreciation. <3 You have literally inspired me to start blogging. I have a lot to share and hopefully inspire others with my experiences and passion. Now that I am finished with school, I hope to start my blog and make it this years project. Love ya, Tam.

  • MatureNatural

    Thanks Tamera, for the information and the inspiration. Hopefully either by Christmas or just after the first of the year, I will have mine blog started. I made things too complicated in my head. Your right, I will be my authentic self. That’s what makes your blog so good.

  • Anjola

    Hi tamera. Thanks for honest post. Am just starting a personal blog and
    How often should one take pictures to post. Cause I will not be having photographer following me everywhre.
    How does one get started generally?

  • Tamera, your blog inspired me to start my own all those years ago. I was following so many blogs but yours has the authenticity that just makes you want to click on and read through the day. Your real talk posts have inspired me a great deal.

  • Rechelle Allen

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  • Onyinye Mbata

    Hi Tamera love you so much. I am addicted to The Real on youtube and i just love your personality. You remind me of me in every way. I hope to be a great wife and mother like you. I just started a blog, its a bit difficult cause i do inspirational and motivational write ups but people aren’t into that. They love fashion and other stuff but i believe we also need to feed out minds with other contents. I would really love it if you could check out my blog and let me know what you think. It’s keep being an inspiration. Xoxo😉