Powerful in Pink: Ariah’s Nursery Reveal

And at last, the reveal of Ariah’s nursery in this feature post from my incredible designer, Shalena Smith. She’s been designing beautiful rooms for little ones for over 20 years and it shows. She’s also the the founder of Gaga Designs and Shalena Smith Interiors. See pics below and hear how final pieces were selected. This room is a little slice of girly heaven! 

All along this fun, creative journey, we’ve referred to this nursery as “Pretty In Pink”. It was the theme of Tamera’s amazing shower and made sense–but as I look at the finished product, I can’t help but think that while yes, it is “pretty”, what we really created for sweet little Ariah was a space that says “Power in Pink”.

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

For months, Tamera and I have been preparing for her baby girl’s arrival and along the way I’ve been able to share with you how-to’s and tips based off of my design process. So today I’d rather share with you the part that doesn’t come with a how-to… the heart and spirit that went into it.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the sweetness of a little girl! We did tap into that, as it is almost impossible not to. However, as I know from experience with my own two beauties, it is so important to not just give our girls the idea that their power and worth is tied to their beauty and sweetness, but more so to their faith, heart and conviction.

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

A room fit for a queen.

When I look at the crown above the crib, I don’t see the crown of a princess, but of a future queen of creation and love. When I look at the angel wings on the wall, I don’t just see that they are there because Ariah herself is a heavenly, little angel (which let’s face it, she is), but that they are a reminder that all the heavenly angels above will be watching over Ariah as she plays, sleeps, and grows. They will protect and guide her spirit.

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

Speaking strictly about the design elements, I would have to say that my most loved aspect of the room is the way the gold crown and the beautiful Bratt Décor crib look against the two-tone striped wall– it adds sophistication. And while the personalized ceiling medallion, pillow and gorgeous chandelier add a perfect hint of glamour, my most favorite touches came from the heart, with anticipation of love-filled moments of the future. Like the tiny stool in the corner that Tamera has had for years. She thought it was the perfect addition to the room, because one day, big brother Aden will sit there and read his baby sister stories. Or the soccer ball artwork hanging on the wall that was Daddy’s special addition to the room, because yes she’ll be Daddy’s little girl, but that only means he’ll be cheering her on that much louder from the sidelines when she scores the winning goal for her team.

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

Adam’s pick!

Ariah Talea Housley Nursery

I know Tamera can’t wait to add a picture of Ariah to this frame.

No matter the project, or the client, the final step of my process is to stand in the finished labor of love that is the nursery and say a prayer asking for only the deepest, most profound love and protection be brought to the little soul whose cries and laughter will soon fill the four walls around me. I had that moment with Tamera. That moment, more than the nursery itself, is what keeps me coming back for more.

Little Ariah will surely be pretty in pink in this nursery for many years to come, but she will be powerful in purpose for all the years that follow.

– Shalena

For questions about products or services contact Shalena at info@shalenasmith.com or follow her on social media here: Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook Instagram Houzz Youtube

  • Taja Fox

    This is absolutely beautiful Tamera. I know your baby girl is going to love this nursery. It seems so pleasant and peaceful just by the view of the photos. Congratulations once again on your new joy! :)

  • Dana M

    So beautiful. as I’m sure Ariah Talea is…God Bless!

  • Manaesha castin

    Tamera I’ve been looking up to you for a long time I’m a big fan of you and your sister and I hope I can meet you in person I love how you do everything and I hope your family is blessed and healthy with all the greatness you need I want to be just like ❤️

  • Dallas__Diva

    Love the color sceme. I went with Lavender for our little one.

  • lady j

    Pink,simple and classy! It’s nice to see you didn’t go overboard like some individuals do. It’s a baby’s room not a showcase like many do forget. Be blessed.. Tamera

  • Candice Harvey

    So cute cant wait to meet her

  • Becky Rambin

    I love the fact that everything was so lovingly thought out. With God and Love there is nothing we can not accomplish.

  • Ah-dorable!! Really nice cute.

  • Beth Galloway-bell

    So when are you going to present us with the pleasure of see you know bundle of joy? Please don’t keep us waiting any longer

  • christine sullivan

    I love Rh baby and child!

  • KEYS36

    Do you have suggetions for decor, storage & functionality for a mom with limited living space, say newborn sharing a room with parents or a another small sibling? thanks and congrats!

  • Patsy Hudson Pemberton

    Congratulations to the both of you. I love the room very pretty. ☺?????

  • Menette Johnson

    Congratulations to your family. She is surrounded by love. The room is beautiful also

  • Cynthia Arrindell

    Congratulations to your family. Beautiful

  • Star

    congrats. God bless your family. I totally love your family values and the red bracelet tradition. May God continue to bless you all. P.S. You and Adam are such a loving cute couple ?!

  • Sou Bel

    Absolutely gorgeous Mr. And Mrs. Housley!!!! God Bless!!!! ????

  • JaeAkins

    Congratulations on the latest arrival and her room is absolutely adorable! May God continue to bless your family:-)

  • Joyce Ellis

    Totally GINORMOUS CONGRATS to your beautiful family. You are such a sweet and warm spirited classy lady, and you’re son is growing up to be a manly-man like his dad. So adorable. I know the best of God’s blessing are upon your family. ????? to the whole family.

  • Beautiful, I love the coloring on the grown and angel wings. They really make things pop.

  • Summer6

    the crown, wings, and brown bows are a bit much & are too dark! Otherwise- pink and white very nice.

  • Rhonda Mcknight

    It is gorgeous. I love the pink soccer ball.

  • Dallas__Diva

    Now we need to see a pic of that sweet girl.

  • KezDispenser

    It’s a beautiful room, but looks like it was created for Tamera, rather than Ariah. It doesn’t look very child friendly. All the furniture and decorations appear to have been bought solely because they look nice. I don’t know. Cold and pretentious springs to mind more than a fun room for the early years of a young girl.

  • Ina Turner

    Tamera, Ariah nursery is sooo pretty,such a girly room. I love it.
    And I so love the Affirmation where Shalena share her hear and spirit, in affirming not only the sweetness and beauty of our little girls, but the need for them to grow up with affirmation of FAITH,MORAL,CONVICTIONS. And that the Angelic Host of Heaven will be watching over little Ariah to bring all blessings in her life to pass. So love this.
    Kuddos to Shalena , continue to speak blessings over all the little ones nurseries.

  • Tamera, I’m so happy for you! I usually don’t do this, but I had to love all your blogs and you inspire me, so I wrote a little something about you out on my blog at mrschand.blogspot.com. If you have the time, check it out, but anyone else who sees this, check it out also under the Inspirations tab. I admire Tamera not only as a wife and mom, but literally a spiritual guidance for women seeking godliness. Isn’t that awesome?

    • Duana, thank you so much for listing me as one of your inspirations! I’m honored. xx

  • Trauma F Newell

    Tamera, what a beautiful and adorable nursery fit for a beautiful baby girl. Many blessings to you and your family. Ariah, she’s so adorable! ????

  • LaTanya

    I love how you decorated the nursery, pink is also my favorite color, fit for a little princess.????