Our Family Easter Photos

Hi guys! Hope you all had a fantastic Easter. Mine couldn’t have been better! We were fortunate to be able to sneak away to Napa for a family weekend away. Time spent bonding with my loves always puts me in a happy mood.

Tamera Mowry Easter Family Photos 2016

Look who came out to join us! These two always have a good time when uncle Tavior is around.

Tamera Mowry Easter Family Photos 2016

He is Risen. Ariah in her Sunday best!

Tamera Mowry Easter Family Photos 2016

When you try to get little ones to look at the camera… Either you end up looking away or they do. Lol.

Tamera Mowry Easter Family Photos 2016

My loves. This girl is ALL smiles.

Tamera Mowry Easter Family Photos 2016

Absolutely loved celebrating Easter with everyone. We went to church and then it was off to an Easter egg hunt. Aden found so many! We’ll have to hide them better next year. ;)

How was your Easter Sunday?


  • Ina Turner

    Tamera,I just can not believe how fast that little lady..Ariah is growing up,seem like she was just born!!! and she seems to have such a personality!! always smiling!! Daddy get ready!! lollollol. Still think she look like Aden and her Dad
    especially when you see pictures of them together same face. And Aden becoming such a young man,growing so fast!!! Always great to see your hubby in pictures with his family..FAMILY IS EVERYTHING…Beautiful pictures.
    My family and I also hit the road to spend Easter with the “In-love” aka “in-laws!!we had a JOYOUS time worshiping in church,and Our 3 kiddos and all the cousins had a great time searching for the Easter eggs their Grand Parents hid!!! it was WILD,but so fun.

  • I saw one of your pics on Facebook. Such a beautiful family :)

  • Sheila Anderson

    It was only ok because my little one wasn’t feeling well, but my big guy had a blast. Glad to see you and the family are doing well. Here are my two guys in their Easter duds

  • Rosann Modica

    Had a great day with my family. My Dad had a heart attack the Tuesday before Easter. With modern medicine being as great as it is he had an angioplasty and they fixed him up. He is 85 and my best friend. We are blessed that he was able to join us on Easter. Just had to share.

  • Chelsea C

    Beautiful family Tamera!

  • Dion

    SOOOOOOO adorable I just LOVE your family!

  • Emily

    Ariah loves her daddy! Beautiful family!

  • Selma N Germaine

    Went to the beach with my family and inlaws… we went ahead to secure a spot on the beach we ended up waiting for almost two hours for them …. we almost lost our spot as other people coming to celebrate their easter sunday??

  • C Robbins

    Love these pics! Just a beautiful!