Our Disneyland Weekend

Ariah at Disneyland - Tamera Mowry

Any other California mommas out there? You’re probably used to hearing those Disneyland requests come in whenever the weekend rolls around. It’s Aden and Ariah’s favorite place (did not take this girl long to become a Disney fan!) so a family weekend trip was in order. Gotta love Disney family traditions!

Ariah at Disneyland Tamera Mowry

This time around we didn’t have to travel so far, like when we visited Disney World last year. Still, Disney is a whole weekend affair.

 Aden and Cree at Disneyland - Tamera Mowry

Aden was thrilled to be reunited with his cousin for our family outing. These two love getting together.

Ariah at Disneyland - Tamera Mowry

The Mickey moments were nice…

Aden and Ariah at Disneyland - Tamera Mowry

But the sibling moments were better!

Aden and Ariah at Disneyland - Tamera Mowry

Did you guys ever do the penny machine? They were fascinated.

Ariah at Disneyland - Tamera Mowry

She loves making new friends.

Ariah at Disneyland - Tamera Mowry

We had so much fun with Cree!

Ariah at Disneyland - Tamera Mowry

Ariah at Disneyland - Tamera Mowry

Let me tell you. Chasing kids throughout an enormous theme park is the best workout there is.

Family Disneyland Trip - Tamera Mowry

Ariah did not want to spend her Disney weekend taking photos, but we had to get a family selfie in.
Ariah at Disneyland - Tamera Mowry

The trick is to catch her in the moment. Lol so fun.

Aden at Disneyland - Tamera Mowry

He refused to leave the park! So you can imagine how the ride home went…

Tamera and Adam at Disneyland

We survived! Family outings are always a blast… But don’t forget to plan a day for recovery mode. So wiped out!

Do you have traditions for family trips or vacays? Share your stories below!


  • Adita Perez

    Been a fan since you were little and I follow you on IG first time here and I love your site!
    What great family memory Tamera, enjoy and have many, many more.
    I was not fortunate enough to do this while I brought up my 4 kids back in the day lol
    So please continue to make memories wherever you go xoxo

  • SaCh’e Jacks


  • Gaby Lopez

    Yes we are starting are first tradition by going to Disney world this year with my wife and our son

  • Annette Sutherland

    nice pictures

  • C Robbins

    Just joined this today! Always been a Fan of you & your sister! Loved Sister Sister still catch replays! You have a beautiful family!

  • Sophia

    You have such a lovely family! Your children are absolutely gorgeous! Much love from Australia! :)

  • Tasha

    Yes, Yes….AP Cali mom born & raised. My two are adults now. 28 & 22. They still like going with us. (mom & dad) They’ve been going since they were 2 months old. Its been a family tradition from the beginning. It was where my hubs and I went on our first date. And the penny machine….our fave. Been collecting for years.

  • Carolyn DeRushe Spellman

    I saw you there while I was on a girls trip with my sisters and daughter. You guys looked like you were having a blast. It’s always a fun place to be. And I’m with Aden, I didn’t want to leave either.

  • Erica

    I haven’t been able to go in a vacation for a while, we are one income family but we try our best to do what we can and take kids to places around PA I’ll love to go to PR again or Florida one day…

  • lady j

    Enjoy and take pics for the memories. We enjoyed taking our now grown daughter’s to amusement parks. This mommy /Grammy am hoping for a spa getaway for upcoming MOTHER’S DAY! I sure could use one with tickets to see legendary Diana Ross concert and toast my new apartment. May my prayers be answered.

  • Ashleigh

    these were all beautiful pics Tam, thank you for sharing them with us, your fans. We go on holiday ever end of the year, its our family tradition. its been 2 years since we went on one simply because we have been saving up to go on a family vacation with everyone. I cant wait for this adventure, it will def be a great one. Xo.

  • Missy Shea

    We are a huge Disney Fam. We are counting down 25 days and counting until our nxt week long stay!!