Our Christmas Decorations

Tamera Mowry Christmas Tree

We love getting festive around here so the Christmas tree and holiday décor went up as soon as we came out of our turkey day food comas. It may look like summer outside those windows, but inside the Housley house is a winter wonderland. Take a look…

Tamera Mowry Christmas Decor

We’ve officially got four stockings on display now. I must say it fills out our mantel nicely. And yep, that is indeed Elf on that shelf.

Tamera Mowry Christmas Decor

We had to do a little rearranging to fit in our tree, so this spot is looking much cozier. I swapped out some throw pillows for more festive ones and hung our wreath in the window.

Tamera Mowry House

Hints of Christmas all over our home now…

Tamera Mowry Christmas Tree

Now onto the tree. This is a busy household this year so we opted for a fake tree to hopefully make decorating easier and quicker. I’m relieved that there aren’t pine needles everywhere, but perfecting this setup was a labor of love!

Tamera Mowry Christmas Tree

We have all our special ornaments, lights, garlands and this year – a full-on train too. Aden is obsessed so it had to be done.

Tamera Mowry Christmas Decor

Instant entertainment!

Share a pic of your decorations!


  • Tina Brown

    Beautiful, Tamera! Love the accented approach without going overboard! Here’s some of mine…

    • Beautiful Tina. Thanks for sharing! xx

      • Tina Brown

        Thank you, Tamera! I would like to share my lifestyle blog with you as well. http://www.lifestylewithtinab.com. If you ever need a guest blogger for organizing, style, design or daily inspiration, let me know. Cheers!

  • lady j

    As always, It so warms my soul that you and your family decorated your tree as a family with your personal decoration. Most celebrities usually hire a decorator. I guess most don’t have the time,or prefer an expert decorator. Overall, this the season to give of the spirit and not only things. Give thanks to the Saviour that was born and sacrificed his life for humankind. Continued blessings to you and your loved ones.

  • Tamar Abiah Russ

    I love your tree tamera very beautiful

  • Monique

    Very Beautiful :) & ? love the train around the tree!
    ~ Monique ~

  • Connie Sharpe


  • Alicia Varakis Prendable

    Everything looks gorgeous! Love watching you on The Real and hearing about your family and babies. Mine are the same age, so your stories are always quite familiar to me, LOL! We also added a stocking to make a family of four! Pure joy!

  • Alicia Varakis Prendable

    Photo didn’t go through the fist time, I don’t think…..Happy Holidays!!!

    • Love it!!

    • Samantha

      Beautiful decorations!

  • Cute Christmas decor! I especially love the stockings and the ‘Noel’ ornament.

  • Love it Tamera! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

  • A.B.

    Where can i find a similar train set?

  • Trinh Do

    Beautiful decorations! Love the train set at the bottom. Here is our little Christmas corner this year…I will definitely add a train set next year :)