Get The Look: My Dressing Room at The Real

My dressing room at The Real

Hey guys! You might’ve seen some peeks of my dressing room at The Real over on Instagram, but I made sure to save a ton of exclusive photos to share here on the blog. As you can probably already tell, my dressing room is very different from how I decorate our family’s home

Tamera Mowry's Dressing Room
Dressing Room flowers
Tamera Mowry's Dressing Room

Why? The time I spend in this space is unique because it’s all throughout my work day. We have long hours filming at The Real, so this isn’t just for changing but primping, preparing for the day, transitioning and more. And of course, visits from my little ones whenever possible! Because of this, I wanted it to be cozy, clean and relaxing. Shout out to my designer Alexis Fields for knowing exactly what I mean by this!

Dressing room at The Real
Tamera Mowry's Dressing Room
Dressing Room Accents

And since I spend all my time here when I’m not at home with my family, I made sure everything in it has sentimental meaning. Since I don’t need a typical office space, I carved out a little nook for my Bible and journal… Two things there is always time for.

Dressing Room Accents
Dressing Room Candles

Instead of pops of color, my entire dressing room is very subdued and romantic. Silvers, creams, and pale pinks are my accent colors. However, what the space lacks in color is made up by textures, from these gilded candle holders to a cozy knitted throw and faux fur stool. It’s all about being cozy and warm… No matter what room I’m decorating, my goal is always WARM.

Dressing room accents.

Got a room in need of a warm, cozy makeover? Here’s a handy guide…
Dressing room accents.

Chevron bone picture frame / White square tray / Light gray/ivory throw / Gemma vase, frost / Nettie carved trays / Wood vintage lanterns, set of two / Victor stool / A frame ladder shelf / Grateful pillow / Small flower candlestick holder

So, what’s YOUR ideal space? Cozy, warm, modern, rustic? Share with me in the comments below!


  • I LOVE it! You are so blessed.

  • Nikki

    This is wonderful tamera! You have really nice style.

  • Geraldine Johnson

    This is beautiful Tamera, but Please put a picture of Aria doing her chores. The one Adam took and you showed on the show. That was the cutest video I’ve seen in years I laugh every time I think of it. Love you guys.

  • Yesenia Molina

    Absolutely love the serenity and beauty of the room. I really am interested in the wall art you have of the beautiful white flower in the bathroom. Please share the info, would love to add the art to update my bedroom.

  • Samantha

    your dressing room is stunning <3

  • lady j

    I love cozy,with abit of modern and chic classic style. I hope to incorporate this look as I will be moving to a new apt God has for me and my daughter asap! Ready for new beginnings!

  • Mimi Closel

    I love everything. Im getting my first apartment soon and this is the exact theme I was going for. Bright, clean, minimal, with a pop of color.

  • Briana Pena

    This is so beautiful Tamera. I hope to be getting my own place soon. This is such a beautiful inspiration of what I would for a room to look like. So peaceful. Looks like a perfect room to talk to God in.