Mommy Makeover Motivation

While I continued to exercise throughout each trimester of my pregnancy so that I could not only maintain my fitness but remain strong and healthy for all my mommy-of-two duties, I’m now on the journey to getting my pre-pregnancy body back. One of the things that help me be a positive momma for my little ones is being healthy and feeling great. Thus began my mommy makeover journey!

Mommy Makeover Motivation

I’ve started the challenge of getting my body back, as well as decided to get inspired by beauty and fashion. You know how much I love my personal style to reflect ME, and even though I have an overwhelming amount of things to take up time in my family and career, I want to continue to show off my personality through beauty and fashion and inspire others to do the same.

When embarking on a journey like this, it can be so hard to know where to start! That’s why during the last days of my pregnancy, I created a mood board to log all my inspirations. I combed my favorite magazines for inspiration in three categories: beauty, fashion, fitness. From natural hair goals to fit-spiration, this collage has been a place to document everything that makes me smile.

Now as I work out, do my makeup, and put together outfits, I can take all the things that inspire me and put my own personal spin on them. The goal isn’t to look like the models in the photos, but remind myself that I have what it takes to reach my goals in my own way. Having a visual representation is an amazing way to keep yourself accountable to your goals as well – and these images symbolize that. Whenever I’m overwhelmed and catch myself thinking that I can’t or don’t have time to focus on myself, my inspiration board is a reminder of that initial thought – that being happy and true to myself is the best way I can be a good mother, wife and professional.

Do you guys have visual reminders of goals or inspiration boards? If you are on a journey yourself of any kind, let me know! We can all inspire one another.


  • Annique

    Tamera no matter what you are beautiful inside out ?. Continue to be an inspiration to all.

    I too might consider doing a visual representation of my goals. Thanks for the idea ?.

  • Tina Brown

    Congratulations on your new little one! Great post. I am embarking on the same journey as I look forward to my 35th birthday this year. I too, created a visual inspiration board via pinterest. See here:
    Thanks for continuing to be such a positive role model for women of color and a breath of fresh air on television.
    PS. your sis was my hair inspiration when I made the big chop!

  • Priscilla

    Congratulations to you and your family TAMERA you are a wonderful wife and a excellent mother and your daughter and son and husband is Bless to have you in their lives God Bless you

  • Zugeily Baez

    I am as well as you going through that same transition. I am a mommy of 5 with the latest addition just being 2 mths old. I am trying to find my self in mind and body. As well as you i just started to work out slowly to try and get my body back in shape as well trying to eat healthier for myself and to be a better mom and wife. As well to get my career going. Hope that i can do as good as you Tamera.

  • blanca

    interesting that the collage that tamera used is mostly of white women, and t he ones that are black, they have light skin. sad because her mother has dark skin.

    another thing, why hasn’t she shared a picture of her daughter? she says she wants to keep her daughter all to herself for as long as possible? pplease! who does she think she is? not even the royal family did that, lol! wasn’t she sharing pictures of her son sooner than later right after giving birth to him? i am getting the feeling that tamera is ashamed of being a black women.

    • busbus

      On Tamera’s reality show, “Tia and Tamera,” she took us on her journey to become a mother. She let us see and listen to the conversation that she had with Adam on her desire to have a baby earlier than they had originally planned. When she thought that she was pregnant, she shared her pregnancy test with us and her initial pre-natal appointments. She took us into the examination room when she saw her baby for the first time and found out that she was having a boy. We watched as Adam’s den was prepared for the nursery. She let us experience the baby shower with her. We were in the hospital with her when she learned that she had to have a C-Section instead of the natural birth that she had hoped, and prepared, to have. So, when Aden was born, it was natural that she shared him with us. His birth was the culmination of the journey.

      Additionally, Tamera had a doula throughout her pregnancy. This woman was about the same complexion as Tamera’s mother. Likewise, her cousin Jerome, also about the same complexion as her mother, was a key, and visible, figure in her support system throughout her pregnancy. Through watching “Tia and Tamera,” one can see that Tamera embraces her blackness and IS NOT ASHAMED OF BEING A BLACK WOMAN!

      Lastly, unlike with Aden, Tamera did not take us on her journey with Ariah. She shared some events with us through postings and on “The Real.” So, this pregnancy was more private. When she is ready, she will share pictures of her daughter.

      By the way, her inspiration board shows diversity. It may not be the diversity that others might want or include in theirs; however, it is what it is: her board for inspiration, not someone else’s.

    • Elle Lovelace

      First of all it is not a black “women” it is a black “woman”. Second of all, for the love of humanity why are African Americans so racist and prejudice? It’s funny because all we ever hear about it how racist whites are against blacks but no one bothers to cover how racist black people are against… Well pretty much everyone that isn’t black. Tamera is only half black, and guess what she looks more white than she does black, her skin isn’t even dark it is olive toned. I’m sure that’s why some black women hate on her, they’re probably jealous of her curls and her features and that she’s light. But more so that she married a white man. Here’s the thing, it’s her life! How is she denying her race because she has a vision board with light skinned models? She IS light skinned! Seriously people need to build a bridge and get over it.

  • blanca

    @busbus, lol! tamera does not promote diversity. it seems like now that she is a “talk show host” she thinks she is some high end celebrity and whatnot. first child, sharing and caring. second child, anal as hell. i can only imagine what she will do if she has another child, lol! she will show off her 3rd child when the child is 5+ yrs old, lol!
    like i said before, not even the royal family is hiding posting a hand and foot (or whatever she posted) of their children. and when celebrities like tamera do things like this, it is dumb (to put it in a nice word). i highly doubt that her sister tia would do such thing, for some reason or another it seems like tia is more laid back and not anal like tamera. tamera is riding a high horse now that she is a mother. who does that? tamera, lol!

    • mayrich

      Beef! Rotflol! Get your own life!

      • blanca

        Pork! Rotflo! You too, get a life!

    • Pj

      Honey it’s called RATINGS. She will put the baby’s picture out when The Real comes back. Celebrities don’t care about yall seeing their babies pictures. They will sell them to a magazine or put them on TV for ratings.

      • blanca

        @Pj, lol! Yup, you were right!

    • Nikki Cauley

      Wow. Devil I rebuke thee in the name of Jesus!

      • blanca

        Shut up with your jesus line. You people are the first to judge everyone and their momma and you call yourself a christian/catholic? Please.

        • Nikki Cauley

          It’s okay, your just upset that your horrible remarks don’t bother us and you hate to be called out on your evil. Why even be here if your so lost and negative? You need to deal with your inner problems and hatred on YOUR time. You people huh lol! Your funny!

  • catherine

    Hi Tamera, people are talking and they will always have their views, do what you think is best for you and your family. It is actually up to you to show us the picture of your baby or not. I dont think that we should also compare you to your sister, yes you guys are twins but at the end of the day every one has her individual life, im also a twin i dont like if people are comparing us. Big up girl i respect and honour your desicion. Haters will always hate. xx

  • Joanne Jesthiva Tristina

    Not creepy but I have a whole album one my phone and laptop of your pictures playing on a slideshow. Not to be like you but I admire your personality the way you respect God enough to wait. The way you love loving your husband and babies.
    Also pintrest has helped me.

  • Rana Zahira

    Some of these comments are absolutely appalling and just so negative. I think Tamera is one of the sweetest people in show biz. And I can’t believe you woman actually went out of your way to sign up for her blog to be so freaking negative. Tamera knows exactly who she is and what she is doing. I congratulate her on her baby girl and her beautiful family. You ladies need to get some business and class about yourself. Perhaps taking notes from this woman will help boost you all’s self esteem, cause it’s obvious that you are dealing with your own issues so you want to try and magnify every little thing about her. But care on tisk tisk, you can’t dim her light cause clearly you are trying hard to.

    I love you Tamera you are an inspiration and your spirit makes my spirit smile.

  • April Mathis

    People are so damn mean. If you have such negative views of her, why are you on her page? Her life… She can do whatever she wants…it’s HER life we, as females, should always cheer each other on, why do we turn catty and bitchy? I do not understand this hatefulness. Enjoy your daughter…after all she is yours. Your inspiration board is amazing and I hope it gives you the push you need. You are an amazing person and I love reading your views. I am just pale skin white girl but I feel like we could so enjoy cocktails together.

  • Love your vision board! I do have one of my own with pictures portraying my goals of: maintaining healthy hair, getting my body back (after baby), eating healthier, growing with my husband, being the best mom, and being financially stable. I keep this above my vanity to see everyday and to strive for my goals daily.

  • Be

    Hello to you! I am on a journey as well. I am fighting to get my health back after being in the hospital since April. I was diagnosed with a rare blood clotting disorder that is only found in people of European descent. However, I am African American, as you are aware African American are mixed with many different nationalities my mom is Creole and my father is Indian I have 9 brothers and sisters and we all look like a rainbow. I have 4 sisters and none of us look alike. It is very sad to see all the hate that is being directed towards you ,but just remember how they hated Christ and all he was doing was healing the sick and helping people. So, surely we will be persecuted as well . I had to tell myself what I’m telling you as I fight to get my life back . I am already improving, most of the blood clots in my body has dissolved. I have been released to work on building up my body strength. I lost all my muscle tone and you have gained weight, but I know I will reach my goals. I’m starting by walking my living room every hour and soon I will be back to walking 5 miles a day again. I had to give up my career as the university administrator and professor and now I am on disability . So as I work hard to get back to being BE, I am looking forward to seeing you on TV again this fall. You do not know how much encouragement you have given me by watching you on the real and you letting your light shine despite what haters might say. Watching you and seeing how positive you are really help me when I wanted to be depressed .Your collage is a wonderful idea and I will be making one for myself and I will be adding pictures of myself before my illness as well as magazine images. Thank you for all that you do and you be blessed. Be

  • Looking forward to seeing your sweet new little girl!

  • Rochely Elias

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  • Amanda Anderson

    I have never thought of creating a makeover poster for myself. Because of the fear. Being insecure of my weight discourages me from shopping for myself and the reality of life in all its crazy makes me not look to myself as of value. So I lack in taking care of my needs but I am always taking care of my family’s needs first. Encouragement is hard when you don’t get it when you need it most but it will take time for me to be okay with myself and encourage my self that I too can do it! Y’all just keep praying for me ?