How to Simplify Your Life

With the New Year coming, lots of us have resolutions on the mind. But lately I’ve been thinking of something totally opposite: the idea of simplifying. Think about it, could narrowing your focus to what’s really important, rather than adding more to the equation, make you happier or more fulfilled? Life gets SO busy, and when there’s a ton going on, you might not even notice all the things pulling you in different directions. At the end of the year, I like to check on whether I truly need each “thing” in my life. Anything that isn’t contributing to the wellbeing of my family and I, needs to be reconsidered.

Here are a few things you might try to simplify in order to start the year off right:

How to Simplify Your Life - Tamera Mowry

How to Simplify Your Life

Clear the physical clutter. Physical clutter is a great way to start because it’s easy to see and the results are instant. Once your house, your office, your purse even are free of things you don’t need, believe me, you will let out a long sigh of relief! Physical clutter may be weighing you down and you don’t even know it.

Clear the mental clutter. List-making to the rescue! Write a list of everything weighing on your mind in this moment. You’ll be surprised at how far you can get without even looking up. Each day, cross off a few of the small things on your mind (whether that means actual tasks or working through bigger picture struggles), and work your way down.

Check expectations. Whose expectations are taking up the most room in your life right now? It doesn’t matter if you’ve put them on yourself or someone has piled them on you. Try to find ways you can keep those expectations in check – whether asking for help or forcing yourself to create more manageable goals. Cutting out unrealistic expectations will simplify your life and help de-stress.

Check your down time. How do you spend your down time? Is it actually relaxing or fulfilling? Every momma knows how important a little me-time is, but it’s not helpful if those moments aren’t spent in ways that actually put you at ease. Next time you have downtime, do something you truly want to do, rather than just vegging out or scrolling through social media.

Now that you’ve organized some of the moving parts, you’ll probably want to move onto the big picture. Is there something major that needs to take less of your attention in the new year? Now’s a great time to think of how to go about that – tough as it is. It can be done!

Now tell me, what’s one part of your life you want to simplify in the New Year? For more tips, read my post on how to save time in your day.

  • Ina Turner

    It is that time again..We call it in our household to” REASSESS” what we are
    doing/or have done to keep our family grounded. It is so hard sometime with
    expectations..from others/or ourselves to really accomplish the things that we know we need to do to bring contentment,peace and joy in our home.
    So!! my hubby and I are doing just that, especially now that our kiddos are
    getting older>>He calls it cleaning out the trash..whether physical/mental
    or otherwise lets remove anything or anyone from our lives that does not
    add to the joy of raising our kiddos!! I so love what you said above..
    “Anything that is not contributing to the wellbeing of our families”!! You were nice to say need to be reconsidered!!So for our family I will change that and say will have to go…lollol.
    Raising a God fearing family these days can be a challenge with everything
    that’s going on in this world around us, but I do believe as you stated simplifying our lives/and as my hubby say cleaning out the trash, we can still
    raise moral/physical sound kiddos.

  • Diam

    Happy New Year, Tam! Thanks for the valuable reminder and tips.

  • Priscilla

    How about picking up the pieces of you? With being a mom and a wife where do you find the “me” in all of this. The “me” before the Mrs and mom? I would really love to see a blog about clearing the clutter of everyone else and keeping yourself or find her again?!

  • T.D.C.

    I like this. It goes right along with what I’m doing now. Or… trying to do. Lol. I’m horrible about making the most of my downtime. That is to say, I can be extremely lazy. ?

  • Margaret Cottonreader

    Happy New Year, you are such an example and an inspiration for our daughters and grand daughters. We Thank your parent for raising you well.My resolution is to continue trusting and praising God for his Blessings and to continue towork closely with our future generation. Thank you for all you do

  • Tatanya Dailey

    Really enjoyed your blog very helpful! I agree especially with getting rid of the physical clutter first. And I loved your thoughts about the mental clutter. I can’t wait to share these points with my team!😀😁