Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

Hey everyone! How is it possible that December goes by so fast every year? From baking cookies with Aden to dressing up in ugly sweaters on The Real, I’ve definitely had a festive holiday season to say the least, but it still feels like it’s flying by! I wanted to take a moment to share our favorite ways to celebrate the season in the Housley household.

Holiday traditions

Family photos + Santa photos.
Remember Aden’s Santa pictures from last year? We love the tradition of taking Christmas photos each year. It’s so fun to look back on them and see how things have changed and how we all have grown in the past year. It’s amazing to think that last year my pregnancy was a big secret, it was still early on, but now Ariah’s making her first debut in all our photos!

Holiday baking.
I always try to do some baking during the holidays, no matter how busy it gets. Festive treats and drinks are some of the best things about December, besides Christmas itself of course. Last year I baked yummy bread and whipped up the easiest hot cocoa ever (pregnancy cravings brought on that one, but I’m not opposed to making that a tradition), and this year, it’s all about Christmas cookies and warm comfort foods.

Elf on the Shelf.
It didn’t take long for The Elf on the Shelf to become a tradition in our house. If you don’t know what all the hype is about, the elf and book are a story that explain how Santa’s visit the family each morning (in a new surprising place that the littles can discover) and then report back to the North Pole each night before Christmas. Once you break this little guy out, it’s time to get clever with his hiding spots!

Family get-togethers.
Whether it’s a few people stopping by or a full-on family reunion, who doesn’t love an excuse to hang out with their loved ones? Aden loves getting the chance to have other little ones around his age over, and it’s always fun to play hostess for a few hours.

These may not be the craziest activities you could spend the holidays doing, but quality time and quality food – you can’t beat it!

Share your traditions with me below.


  • The Elf on the shelf seems like a fun tradition to start with the family. Awesome traditions. My family would do the naughty and nice gift exchange, play lots of Christmas games, and play a new board game as a family. This year the game is “5 second rule.” Thanks for sharing!

  • lady j

    We really don’t have traditions. Things and life changes. What I would always what to have is family gatherings. Live in the moment and keep the memories in our hearts. That’s everlasting.

  • Ina Turner

    Tamera, Our household is also into the full Spirit of Christmas,nothing like seeing Christmas thru the eyes of our kiddos especially now that they are getting a little older. We do all the Traditions of pictures with Santa,etc. and this year we finally got our Princess who is the baby of the family to take one with Santa,Daddy thinks her 2 brothers convince her,lol,lol. Daddy also read them the Real story of Christmas from the Bible!!! Its ALL about JESUS. He tell them they can give Jesus a Present also!!! Their Hearts!!! Love it.
    This Year we’re heading to “In-Loves” aka” In laws” love them,kiddos are excited to see all the cousins,Daddy and Mommy looking forward to turning them over to Nana and Umpa (grandpa) to get some rest. lol.
    BTW!!! I still think little Miss Ariah looks like her big brother in some of her pictures,and in some of them she looks like her dad. so you might have to share her looks Tamera lol,lol…Blessings to You and Your Family my Dear,and may Your Christmas be filled with much JOY with your family.