Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate the woman who brought you into this world, and in many cases, praise those who raised us in a loving, but tough, family. My mom did a wonderful job with us kids. She believed in us, she kept us in check and she made me realized that anything is possible.

Tamera Aden Mothers Day

Not until having Aden did I truly understand that level of shared love. She would say that you won’t understand until you’re a parent–there is no love like that between a mother and her child. And how right she was. There isn’t a heart big enough to contain all of that love. As mothers, we would walk to the end of the earth for our children. We want to protect them, nourish them and guide them into greatness. And I know for me, it changed my life–I love being a mom for these reasons:

1. Seeing the world through my son’s eyes. I don’t take the simple things in life for granted. 

2. Learning the vast amount of LOVE the human heart can give. 

3. My son’s hugs and kisses can change my day for the better EVERY time. 

4.  I’m a completely different person. I’ve changed for the better.  

5. Having children has given me a new perspective on life.  

Aden has reached the age where he is starting to verbalize his wants and needs and while it can be trying, there is no better joy than seeing my little man love and learn. Soon I’ll be able to share that same passion and support with my daughter.  

Happy Mother’s Day to my Momma Darlene, my Sis Tia and to all the mommies out there. Enjoy your well deserved day. 


  • Such a sweet post Tamera! Wishing you the MOST WONDERFUL MOTHERS DAY! I know your a phenomenal mom!

    • kym

      Happy Mother’s Day to you Tamera. You are such a lady, and you eloquently conveyed your thoughts and feelings of mothering. You have given superb insight to first time mom’s or anyone that feels as you, and couldn’t. quite put it in words .. God Bless …

  • Azaria

    Happy Mother’s Day. Most children don’t have a mom because she died or left. My mom died when I was 11 years old and she was 31 from Cancer and I really don’t know my mom. My Grandmother died when I was 17 years old and I missed them both very much but I know they are in Heaven.

  • NAF

    Happy Mother’s Day Tamera. You always give the best advice on The Real whether it be about motherhood, relationships, and life in general. May God always bless your family.

  • kayla vasser

    Happy mothers day to you and i just wanted to say i dont know you but you are an amazing person. I can tell by the way u act and just talk and im only 13 years old and since i was born i heard about you and your sister and i have been following yall since and i love you to death i would love to get a couple of words from you on my carrer and how to take the steps to my dream i would love to meet you and even be on the real daytime to meet you. But anyway i love you and happy mothers day.

  • Lashawn Thompson Melton

    That was so heart warming. Your children can make you see what is really important. I have two kids and they are my world and everything I do I do for them. I have grown into the woman I am because of them

  • Christina Hinshaw

    This is my granddaughter I was talking about on Facebook

  • Christina Hinshaw

    Happy Mother’s Day

  • tomara

    Happy Mother Day!

  • Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Danielle Davidson

    Thanks,❤! Happy Mother’s Day to u too & that was VERY touching!

  • Debbie Chappell

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  • Julianne Seymour

    Happy Mother’s Day

  • catherine

    Such a heart warming massage Tamera, such an inspiration from Momma to Mommas. Thank you very much, may God Bless you abundantly. The is a special Momma that you forget to mention Mother-in-law, the woman that brought up the man in your life.

  • Jacqueline Clemons

    Happy Mother’s Day

  • Chandelle Page

    That’s beautiful

  • Melira La-La Hutchings

    Happy Mother’s Day Tamera, You’re absolutely right, I feel the same way about my baby boy. God bless your family!

  • Eileen Limon

    Such an Aspiring and Uplifting picture of you and your Precious Son.You couldn’t have captured such a better pose of a Mother and her Son and the LOVE you see between the both of you on a sunny bright day.

  • Aden has grown up to be adoreable. I see he is doing all the work for social media.