My Favorite Hairstyles from The Real

Have you guys been tuning into The Real this season? It’s going by so fast I feel like I haven’t been able to gush about all the great (and often hilarious) conversations we’ve had. As you may know, I like to flaunt protective hairstyles a lot of time on the show, but that doesn’t mean I want the same ‘do day in and day out. I’ve been able to try out so many different hairstyles this season, all thanks to my hairstylist Karim Odoms, and it seemed like time to round ‘em all up and share them here on my site.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Lob with waves – The wavy long bob has been my go-to length this season, and the soft curls are perfect to pair with a flirty dress.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Au Naturel – My natural hair has made an appearance a few times… We even had the curl doctor Shai (who I am forever indebted to for rescuing my mane!) for some real curl talk!

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Sleek lob – Here the lob got a sleek makeover for a sleek outfit.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Went a little shorter to switch it up every now and then too…

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

…like with these short waves.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

I even had a new hair color and bangs for a bit – so fun to experiment.

Tamera Mowry hair on The Real

Never a dull moment on The Real! Which look is your fave?


  • Joyce_nk

    I LOVE when you wear your natural hair. You are just gorgeous with those curls !!

  • JayJay Brathwaite

    Au naturel! Your curls give me so much life!

  • Roxann

    I love the sleek Lob and the shorter version.

  • Tomyco Morris

    Au Natural! Gives you your individual look and Sleek lob 2nd! Gives you your twin look

  • Stephy Gravy

    curlyness of course ive always been in love with curly hair! It looks good on you tammy!

  • Sherry A Deal

    Au Natural is tre belle on you! It frames your face quite nicely and enhances your complexion. ☺

  • Felecia Smith

    Au Naturel… loved it on Sister Sister & love it now. Seeing you wear your naturally curly hair is empowering to black women and youth. It sends a message that we are good enough just the way we are. Thanks Tamera.

  • Natalie

    Love the lob with waves and Au Naturel! The blue outfit in Au Naturel really makes your eyes pop!

  • Lisa BJ

    Au naturel because you’re such a natural beauty! I always love your fashion style but I’d love to see you wear your own hair more often.

  • Kelli Graham

    Tamera, you look absolutely fantastic with all of your looks! However, there is something “extra” special about those bouncy curls. The color and bangs are fierce as well!! Keep wowing us, I love it!!

  • Kathy Flemmings

    Yes I also agree those curls are the most beautiful style of them all. Most of us that don’t have them want them.

  • ReddzGurl

    Natural beauty that you. I figure this would be the easiest choice. You and your sister are truly beautiful I’ve enjoyed watching the growth of women of color (no shade to pops) your natural locks enhance everything about you. Never doubt

  • Christy D. Payne

    Your curls are the best

  • shavone mahoney

    au naturel looks beautiful

  • Kelley

    Sharp short bob

  • TrayMarie Love

    I love th Au natural look :)

  • Donna Marie Paradowski

    There is nothing like those curls!!

  • Belladhanna

    Curls look great on you

  • Julie Milazi-Nyirenda

    The curls are to die for! Really suit you!

  • Sana

    Those curls look stunning! You’re a naturally beautiful women!!

    I hear you say now and then to Adrienne that she has a sexiness to her, which I agree..but you my dear are so gorgeous and those curls look so defined and natural its really a beautiful thing to see. Seriously.



    P.s I watch you everyday through The Real’s YouTube channel so please keep sharing! You ladies are great to watch :)

  • Thank you ladies!!! :) Xx

  • lady j

    The curls,color and the lob with and without waves. Overall,they are all good on you.

  • Love the natural look!

  • Kiterria

    Absolutely love you. You’re gorgeous & so are your curls! I’m a curly gal myself and would love to know your natural hair routine/tips.

  • Lakita Nachelle

    I ٳơ۷ɛ ŧɧɛ Aų Nąŧųřąٳ ٳơơҠ ??

  • Samantha

    love each look on you Tam tam

  • Alfredo Ciano

    Tamera is Fabolous !!!

  • Rivqah Zondi

    Tamera I like your natural hair! You look amazing! Love you