Hair-spiration: 5 Hair Wrap Ideas

One thing you may not know about me is, I love a good hair wrap. Depending on what the style is, scarves and headbands can pretty much work on any hair type, from short curls to long straight hair and more. You see ladies pairing them with countless different outfits too – from Solange Knowles’ laidback, bohemian fashion to Eva Mendes sporting basically every color turban headband under the sun. Lately, all these fabulous ways to show off your locks have been inspiring me to try new styles.

Tamera Mowry Natural Hair Wrap

To show you just how versatile they can be, today I’m sharing some of my favorite looks below. Scroll down to be inspired! :)

Scarf Hair Wrap

Piled High – Brush your curls upward and tie a brightly patterned scarf around the front of your head. Tie around the back or tuck in the ends all around the scarf. (Suturno Scarves)

The Shine Project - Hair Wrap

Bun Bow – For those with long hair, first create a twisted low bun. Then, tie a silk scarf around the top of the bun, into a voluminous bow. (The Shine Project)

RumraisinA Hair Wrap

Under Wraps – Instead of tucking the excess pieces of a square scarf underneath, wrap most or all of your hair in the fabric by folding it in two and allowing it to drape loosely over your head. Keeping it loose is great for taming flyaways and protecting hair. There are also headbands like the one above to achieve the same effect.

Turban Headband

Turban Style – You can wear a turban hat or one of these simple elastic headbands to smooth hair and tame flyaways. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns – like this teal from RumraisinA on Etsy.

Natural Hair Bow Wrap

The Big Bow – Like the bow bun, this style can be so cute and eye catching! Use an oversized scarf in a feminine print and wrap it around all of your hair (ladies with longer or thicker hair can try this while wearing a bun or leaving the ends out), and top it off with a flouncy bow. Remember for this, loose and voluminous is key to taking you from the big bows of your childhood to style statement appropriate for any age.

Which look is your favorite? Do you wrap your hair?


  • Tiffany Willis

    Yes ma’am, i do love wearing wraps. I need to find new ways of wearing wraps. Does anyone have any suggestions or can u direct me to site for a demo?

    • jacqueline.peete

      I wish you had posted more “natural” styles wraps with ethnic head dresses.

  • Ina Turner

    Yes Tamera, I love wraps also. I wear wrap when I am working around the house,also sometime when I am doing a fast run to the store. I love the last one the big bow have to try that one. BTW Tamera love your dimespeak on the Real today,yesterday tamar was saying you talk about Adam(your husband) all the time,You keep talking about your husband anytime you want,he love you,he is good to you and his son,and you love him keep tutting his horne,dont let anyone,anyone tell you when and how to say someting nice about your husband.we hear enough of the bad husband why not hear about the good one. God,family,work. God and Family will be with you long after work is gone.
    Blessings to you and family.

  • I like the vintage-esque RumraisinA one, very cute. I wonder what material is used? Fabrics other than silk/satin can be drying for afro-curly hair, so I only use silk/satin headbands + scarves from another Etsy line. Hopefully other lines will create more “curl” friendly accessories too.

  • Bridget P

    I loved each of them but probably the first one you showed me. I recently moved to Marquette, MI which is the in the UP and it gets really cold up here and stay cold for a long time so I’m planning to try some of this out for the winter… thanks for the inspiration!

  • I like the way you wrapped your hair in the first pic. Very cute and chill look!

  • Kiya

    Love these and love your site, Tamera!

  • Omgosh I love this post! Besides wrapping my hair for bed… ( lol) I don’t wrap my hair but I have been definitely been looking more into it! So this post was perfect! I love the piled high and the turban style! All of them are so cute!
    Thanks Tamera!

  • Amanda

    Your curly and short crop is fabulous! I’m so into jeweled and vintage looking headbands right now. I haven’t tried wraps but I’m willing to.