Fall Fashion: Transitional Style

There may still be a heat wave in Los Angeles, but I’m gearing up for fall anyway. I know it’s coming (not to mention the fall travel I have planned) so it’s best to be prepared. Because fall isn’t as predictable as summer and winter, I like to keep a few transitional staples in my closet all the time. It may seem a little strange to tote a Pumpkin Spice Latte while wearing your sunglasses, but it is necessary at times. Here are my top transitional style staples to carry with me into fall:

Transitional Style


A thick, slouchy cardigan – This way, you can curl up inside it on cool mornings or leave it open and pair with a t-shirt on unseasonably warm days.

Tip: Opt for one you’ll want to have by your side over the next month or so, whether tucked into your bag or in your car. Make sure you love the print and color! 

Ankle boots – Despite how loudly those riding boots in the back of my closet are calling, I save them for colder weather. Ankle boots are chic, casual and the most appropriate for this in-between seasons time of year.

Tip: Keep your fave pair of jeans in mind when choosing a pair of boots, it’s likely that they’ll be worn together more than anything else in your closet! 

Skinny denim – Speaking of your favorite pair of jeans, make your go-tos this season a pair of skinnies in a dark hue like black, burgundy, or forest green, and you’ll be able to give any outfit in your closet a fall vibe.

Tip: If you love color, this is the perfect time to try a bold colored pant. But if you want to keep an outfit classic, a well-fitting pair of blue jeans would look fabulous here too.

A few bold jewels – Rather than going all-out with jackets and scarves, layer up with jewelry in rustic fall colors, berry hues and jewel tones.

Tip: Use jewelry and accessories to add contrast to your look – either by going lighter or darker, depending on your clothing.

A big bag – Carrying a tote or shopper bag for days you’re on the go will allow you to keep an array of summer-to-fall accessories like your sweater, sunnies, and beauty products. Again, I’d go with a light color that contrasts the dark pants and top. 

What other fashion posts would you like to see on the site? Comment with your ideas! 


Necklace photo: Belk
  • Natasha

    Wow this is so nice Tamera i dig the outfit!! xo

  • Princess Carla Merlo

    Those clothes are awesome!

  • Princess Carla Merlo

    I really love fashion.

  • abby

    Great ideas Tamera love your style, we just came out of winter now and my winter clothes is packed very far away, for now I enjoy summer but will keep all your ideas in mind, though I can’t do without my sunglasses it goes everywhere with me.

  • TT Talk (Fan Crew)

    I love her style a lot as well. Great outfits, Tamera! These are perfect for the Fall.

  • Janina Wiggins

    Love this style

  • keerah

    great tips! im already on the hunt for fall colored skinnies and cardigans. but any ideas for fall jackets for the more chillier days?

  • Tiara

    This is my everyday Autumn oufit besides sweats lol. I love it

  • Lasyhbar_b

    Love your site and all the great info. Love ya!!!

  • Angela Steele

    Your sense of style is great Tamera! I am style-challenged, and your recommendations are helpful.

  • Tee

    Nice, I love your style Tamera

  • gardenia7

    Would you wear heeled boots if it makes you taller than your man?

  • katondra price

    First off, I was looking at pictures of ADEN when I stumbled across this site! Tamera, I think ADEN is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen! I remember tears running down my face when you were telling Tia about the hateful things people were saying to you via social media when you were pregnant. Never could I have imagined people could be so cruel. Secondly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style! All the times I said to the television screen ‘her makeup looks so natural and glowing never piled on. I wonder what foundation she wears?’ now I can ask! !! You are my favorite, always classy, graceful, stylish, and GODLY! You remind me of B Smith! Keep sharing with your fans. We love you Tamera!

  • Emily

    Happy birthday to Aden!! Also I would like to see some more winter clothes. I live in oregon and need some Fashion ideas. I would like some teen cloth ideas for my twin girls who are 13 they love to go shopping but they always pick out the most expensive clothes. I hope I can hear back from you sometime soon. Have a great day and tell Aden happy birthday!!!!

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  • felecia ward

    Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! What a blessing. I saw today’s show with your curly locks and you look fierce! I had a fashion blog, entitled Styleropa on blogspot for a year with 10,000+ viewers, so I know how much effort it takes to balance life and work.
    You are a beautiful person, inside and out at ANY weight. Your gentile soul and sweet personality makes you the heart of the show. May the light of Jesus Christ continue to shine through you and bless your family. P.S. This season’s makeup artist is on point: natural and glowing.

    Felecia Ward