DIY Coconut Body Wash

Today I have a super easy recipe for those of you choosing to go au naturel with your bath and body products. I love to try out the latest big thing as much as anyone else, but it’s nice to have a stripped-down alternative whenever my skin could use a break. Plus, when you make your own body wash, you can experiment with scents and ingredients, which is especially helpful if you have any skin concerns or sensitivities.

This body wash can be an inexpensive alternative if you’re someone who already uses natural products. If not, fair warning, there is a bit of initial investment to get liquid castile soap, coconut oil and essential oils. Just know all this lasts forever and can work wonders for your skin.

DIY coconut body wash - natural homemade body wash

Recipe adapted from one good thing by Jillee + hello natural.

DIY coconut body wash

¼ cup liquid castile soap (pictured is Dr. Bronner’s unscented)
½ cup liquid coconut oil (you can liquefy yours by heating in microwave for a few seconds)
1 scoop of raw honey (the nutrients in raw honey promote healthy, youthful skin, but it must be raw!)
a few drops of essential oil depending on preference.

Slowly stir all ingredients, stirring in the soap last, and pour into container. Shake to mix up ingredients before each use.

Tip: If you like to shower in the morning, a citrus essential oil can freshen and wake you right up, but if you’ll be using this at the end of a long day, try lavender for its soothing effects! Add vitamin e oil to make this an extra nourishing wash.

Let me know if you give it a try!


  • lady j

    Thanks for sharing. I would love to try this. I’m ready to try using more simple and natural ingredients for my overall health inside and outside. Ready to go and get my blessings God has stored and prepared for me in 2016! I’m down to nothing Tamera,So I believe God’s up to something! Blessings in the New year to YOU and all of your family.

  • Whitney

    Hey:) what are the measurements for one scoop? Also, does the coconut oils change of form (solid/liquid) affect the soap at all?

  • Jay of Sunshine

    Definitely gonna try this! Thanks, Tam. Keep em coming.

  • The Randomone

    This sounds so good! Giving it a whirl

  • This recipe is great. I will definitely try it especially for my kids who have eczema. We usually use coconut oil for our hair and to moisturize our skin anyway so it will go along great. Head to toe in coconut oil. Lol! Just a tip I learned when melting the coconut oil it’s better to melt it in hot water rather than the microwave. It helps to keep all the nutrients. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sashel

    I am very excited to try this recipe! Thank you Tamera!!