Tune into the Premiere of The Real!

Hey guys! Are you getting excited for the new season of The Real yet? We’ve been gearing up for the premiere all last month and I’m so happy to say that it’s finally here… This coming Monday, that is!

The Real Season 3 - Tamera & Ariah

Ariah is just as excited as we are.

Season 3 brings with it even more fun games and giveaways, candid conversations, hilarious moments, and intriguing discussions. The girls and I pour our hearts into every segment and can’t wait to connect with you on topics big and small.


Things are getting real…

Tune into the season 3 PREMIERE of The Real this Monday, September 12th on Fox. To see exactly what time, check out your local listings on TheReal.com, or catch the re-broadcast on BET.

Can’t wait!


How to Advance Your Career At Any Stage

Lately I’ve been receiving some comments here on TameraMowry.com from some of you in need of career advice. It’s pretty obvious that I started working from an early age, but things have changed so much over the years. Now I host, produce, act, and write too. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re going nowhere at a place you spend 40+ hours of your time and energy each week! Whatever your path may be – there are a few things you can do to pave the way for success.

How to Advance Your Career via Tamera Mowry

1. Ask questions. This is key to career success early on but it’s also important to keep asking questions. Asking questions is how you learn. Think of it this way: in school, you had books that taught you specific things. A lot of the time at work, you learn by experience. There’s not always a handbook (and many times those handbooks don’t even scratch the surface!), so you need to speak up. Once you feel comfortable asking questions, you’ll start to feel comfortable sharing ideas and eventually going after what you want. It’s a great way to gain confidence, knowledge and carve out a place in any position.

2. Find a mentor (or two). You’ll know it when you meet them – those amazing people who aren’t just about advancing themselves (or maybe they already have), but who will hang back and spill their secrets, pass on their skills and lend a hand. These are the people who, it doesn’t matter if they’re your direct manager, a kind co-worker or an industry contact, will take the time to not only give you advice when you struggle but to cheer you on let you know when you’re doing something right. There’s no better feeling than someone who’s got your back, and when you find them don’t let them get away! You don’t need to work with this person forever to remain close.

3. Ignore the naysayers – They might be in the cubicle next to yours, they might be a concerned member of your family, or they might be people who comment your Instagram… But there’s always someone there to tell you no. If you’re set on pursuing a passion, it’s going to show! People are going to hear you talk about goals and dreams – you won’t want to keep it a secret. Don’t let these negative people define you… Remember, some people don’t know how to deal with their own insecurities, but luckily YOU know what you want.

4. Weigh your options. With that said, sometimes it’s your higher ups that are constantly bringing you down. If there are people or systems in place that make it difficult for you to do your best work, you have to weigh your options. Don’t be afraid of professional confrontation – sometimes all you need to do is express your feelings to solve a problem. Other times, you may not have any pull in a situation. If the work environment itself is making it impossible to advance – or even bear the situation – consider moving on. A lot of times when we feel stuck, it’s because we haven’t weighed all the options. Sit down with someone close and work out all the possibilities.

5. Know your why. This is something that a lot of people keep in mind when starting a business…You have to know why you do it. Well, whether or not you’re a business owner this is so important. For some people, their job is their life’s work, their calling. For others, it’s something that affords them the opportunity to provide for their family and come home at the end of the day and relax with loved ones. No matter what your why is, make sure you remind yourself of it from time to time. If you lose sight of this, you may get stuck in a rut and find you’re not advancing. Having this “why” at the back of your mind will fuel your hard work and push you to new heights professionally.

Keep in mind that success is dependent on you – you define it and you achieve it! What’s your idea of career success?


Win a Signed Copy of the New Twintuition!

Happy Monday guys! If you haven’t heard, the latest in our book series with HarperCollins Children’s Books, Twintuition, is officially out! The second in the tween series is called Twintuition: Double Trouble and Tia and I are so excited to hear what you all think. We recently did a book tour so today I wanted to share the behind the scenes pics along with your chance to win a signed copy of your own!

Twintuition Book Launch | Tamera Mowry

The book officially launched last week on the 10th, and that morning we got up bright and early to do a satellite media tour to chat about the book.

Twintuition Book tour - Tamera Mowry

We got to interview with Krista Smith, Executive Editor of Vanity Fair. She is an absolute joy to talk to! We did a live book chat with her (where we also chatted about shoes… What else? Lol.) that you can see on Facebook here.

Twintuition Book Tour - Tamera Mowry

Seriously so much fun together!

Tamera Mowry Twintuition Giveaway!

In the latest installment of Twintuition, sisters Cassie and Caitlyn learn a bit about their family history while preparing for their 12th birthday. Follow along with their adventures as they prepare for their birthday while discover more about their visions and the mysterious box that arrives on their doorstep.

Tamera Mowry Twintuition Book Giveaway!

Ready for the giveaway?

Twintuition Giveaway

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  2. Leave a comment below telling me who you’d read this book with or gift it to!
  3. Wait until May 23rd, when I’ll email 8 winners to take home a signed copy of Twintuition.

Note: Please make sure the email you sign up to comment on and register for my site with is current! This is how I will get in touch with the winner. Sorry, US only please.

Good luck :)


PS: If you haven’t read our first book, Twintuition: Double Vision, it’s available here.

Congratulations to Jasmin B, Mesha P, Sade C, Alyssa Y, Katelyn I, Suane S, LeShawndra S, and Shamyra W.

Please note that all winners have all been notified and all mailing addresses have been collected. The books will be mailed out shortly. Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

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You may only enter once. Multiple entries will not be considered.
Winner will be announced on this page no later than May 30, 2016
This giveaway begins May 16, 2016,, and ends May 22, 2016 at 11:59PM PST.

Guess Who’s on Cupcake Wars!

Hey guys! So excited I can finally announce that I’m on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars! If you haven’t seen the show before, it really is every bit as exciting as it sounds. This whole experience was a blast and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to compete. The episode airs at 9pm tonight, but while you wait, check out these behind the scenes pics…

Tamera Mowry on Cupcake Wars

Host Jonathan Bennett with contestants AJ Michalka, yours truly, Greer Grammer, and Maria Menounos

Tamera Mowry on Cupcake Wars

So intense.

Tamera Mowry on Cupcake Wars

The theme is space and the stakes are high as the winner gets their cupcakes featured at a galactic blowout celebrating the end of astronaut Scott Kelly’s one-year mission in orbit. Not to mention bragging rights and a donation to the charity of their choice!


Sneak peek! The judges are Florian Bellanger and Waylynn Lucas along with NASA’s Bobak Ferdowski.

Tamera Mowry on Cupcake Wars

Adam was there too. He’s so great in the kitchen!


Tune into Food Network at 9pm to watch! Can’t wait to see what you think.


Milk+Bookies Story Time Celebration

Over the weekend the whole fam and I got to take part in the Milk+Bookies Story Time Celebration and I thought it would be fun to share with you all! Milk+Bookies is an organization dedicated to spreading the love of reading to those who don’t have access to books of their own. Not only that, but they teach little ones the value of giving and foster literacy and a love of learning. It was really great to have my own children there to see firsthand the importance of reading, learning, sharing and just taking part in story time.
Tamera & Ariah via tameramowry.com

You can read more about Milk+Bookies on their website, but here’s how it works – they provide all the resources for people to host their own book-raising events, where children can participate and by choosing and donating books on their own.

Tamera & Ariah via tameramowry.com

Had to bring out the oxfords!

Tamera & Ariah via tameramowry.com

Anyone can host their own event, but the biggest fundraiser takes place during Story Time Celebration each year in Los Angeles. It was so fun being able to read to the crowd.

Tamera Mowry at Milk+Bookies

Like I said, children are invited to do the giving. This is so important and an amazing way to get your kids involved early on. Of course when it was my turn to read, I chose one of Aden’s favorite books, Goodnight Moon. I scanned the crowd for him as I started to read his fave story, but didn’t see my little man until he ran up on stage to read along with mommy! Hehe.

Tamera Mowry at Milk+Bookies

Lots of familiar faces were there, like Amy Davidson,Lena Headey, Henry Winkler, Busy Phillips, BJ Novak and more. It was great to see everyone come out in support of literacy and learning.

Tamera Mowry family

I think we know who would rather be reading than taking pics…

Tamera & Ariah via tameramowry.com

But Ariah had to make her red carpet debut! Loved my Zara dress.

Thanks to Milk+Bookies for having me!


Find Me on MomMe!

Tamera & Ariah at Disney

Do any of you mommas read Mom.Me? They’re a fabulous resource for all things pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle. All this month I’m a guest editor on their site! I’ll be sharing a few articles on the topics of happiness, motivation and the biggest reason moms should support other moms, no matter what. This first post is a letter to my younger self with everything I wish I’d known when I was first pregnant with Aden. Click here to read.

Hope you’ll check it out… Stay tuned each week in April for more!