Aden’s Bedroom Makeover




I am so excited to show all of you guys Aden’s newly redecorated bedroom! With a little help from Oilo Studio, both Aden and Ariah’s Jack and Jill rooms have recently undergone complete makeovers. I have such a passion for interior design, and so it was especially fun for me to be able to create this special space for my son.

I wanted to design a room that he could really grow up in, and grow in to. The first big decision we made was to put a big boy bed in now (even though it seems like yesterday he was in a crib). We selected a queen size bed because it is going to save us from having to completely rework his bedroom layout in a few years. It seemed to make much more sense to design a space that will work for him now, and as he grows up.

aden room 6

The room was designed in light blue and gray tones for a couple different reasons. First, these are calming colors, and creating a mellow bedroom environment was important to me. I want my son to feel comfortable and relaxed when he is in his room. Second, using a more muted color pallet allowed me to add more playful textures to the room, without the space becoming too busy. We knew that the room had to be able to accommodate books and toys and hours upon hours of play time, and so this light and cool color pallet was the perfect backdrop.

We also filled up every inch of functional space so that the room has more to offer than just a bed. From bookshelves to toy bins, every corner of his room offers something a little different for him to engage with. My personal favorite touch is the teepee! When I was a kid, my siblings and I loved to make forts. My son is going through this same phase right now, and it is so much fun to see him take his toys into his own private place and play.

Above all else, I wanted his room to be a sanctuary for him —  A private space where he can be creative, feel safe and call his own. I think we did a pretty good job, I absolutely love the way Aden’s room turned out!

Let me know what special touches you have added to your children’s room, I would love to see them!




Wallpaper by Serena & Lily | Bedding by Oilo Studio | Queen size bed from wayfair | Book Case in Dark Taupe from wayfair | Pendants (over night stands) from wayfair | Pendant from wayfair | Rug (8×10) from wayfair | Baskets from wayfair | Bench in Gray from wayfair | Nightstands from Candelabra | Teepee from Tnees Tpees | Frames from Framebridge | Window treatments from QDesign | Paint from Sherwin-Williams | Pillows by Oilo Studio | Quilt by Oilo Studio | Artwork by Kellie Holley



8 Tips For An Organized Kitchen

3R1A0621 copy

organized kitchen cupboard

I find that the kitchen always tends to be the focal point in any home. Lots of important moments and conversations happen in my kitchen daily, and it is definitely the busiest place in my house. People are always coming and going – especially when you have children.

To say I like my kitchen to be organized is a bit of an understatement! I have learned to appreciate the fact that it won’t always be perfectly clean —  There will be new messes and activities happening there on a daily basis, and that is okay! However, I do try my best to keep a certain amount organization amongst the chaos. As busy moms know, we have a lot on our plate each day (no pun intended), and being proactive about home organization has made a big difference for me!

Here are my top 8 tips on how to keep the kitchen organized:

  1. Invest in a label maker: I know this may sound a little over-the-top, but it has been a life saver in my house! Labeling where things should go has made cleaning and organizing so much easier. When you have tons of sippy cups and thermoses and lunch containers, you need to have a proper place for each item. Knowing where everything is makes packing lunches in the morning much faster and more efficient!
  2. Use food canisters: When you keep regular snack and food items in your pantry, these BPA free plastic canisters are fantastic because they eliminate all the packaging that food comes in. They are especially useful if you are shopping in bulk because they can hold quite a lot of food. I also love that if one of my children grabs a canister and it drops, nothing spills out and we don’t have a huge mess on the floor.
  3. Dedicate each shelf for one specific type of thing: This makes opening the cupboard and quickly grabbing something a thousand times easier! If you have a dedicated shelf for food or containers, it will make finding what you need much faster.
  4. Put the kid-friendly things on a lower shelf: Kids will be kids, and they will try and just grab whatever they are going for in the cupboard. I always keep the child-friendly items on the lower shelves so that they don’t try and climb up to a higher shelf to get whatever they are after.
  5. Remove non-kitchen items: It is really easy for the kitchen to become ground zero for everyone’s stuff. I added some hooks and storage bins to my entry way to try and encourage everyone (myself included) to put their things there when they get home, and not just dump stuff in the kitchen. It has made a big difference in eliminating the backpack and purse clutter that used to gather on the kitchen counter.
  6. Keep counter-top storage minimal: Since there is so much action always happening in the kitchen, having clear counter tops is key to organization! I try to just keep a few essential items on my counter, and everything else is put away in a cupboard.
  7. Keep disinfecting wipes on hand: I keep several containers of these wipes around at all times because there is always some little mess that needs to be cleaned up! Especially inside the cupboards where things can spill and build up over time. Using green, non-toxic wipes are ideal because then I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals in the kitchen.
  8. Use crates and tubs: Using tubs to keep awkward or bulky items together in a cupboard is an easy way to always ensure that you can find what you are looking for! For example, I love using these tubs under my kitchen sink to store cleaning products and in the cupboard to keep all my spices and seasonings in one place.

Let me know how you guys like to keep your kitchen organized!





My Interior Design Inspiration

I will admit it, I have become a full-blown interior design junkie! One of my favorite things about Instagram (other than connecting with my page fans, obviously!) is getting my daily dose of design from my favorite interiors accounts. I literally get so excited every day to look at what is new on Instagram from my favorite designers. I am constantly blown away, and so inspired, by the gorgeous home design work that I see on social media. Below are three of my favorite design accounts that give me a ton of amazing ideas for designing my own home!


Photos via @amberinteriors

AMBER INTERIORS, @amberinteriors

I whisper to myself “love that!” about a hundred times every time I scroll through @amberinteriors account. A serious interior designer, Amber has mastered the clean, white aesthetic that I love so much. Even more exciting is that she has her own online store now called The Shoppe!


Photos via @beckiowens

BECKI OWENS, @beckiownes

Another amazingly talented interior designer, Becki Owens always has me thinking “I never would have thought to do that!”. Her Instagram feed is beyond stunning, and it usually surprises me a little bit because I find myself loving new colors that I have never gravitated towards before. Becki also has a fantastic website and blog where she has sections like Q+A, How To’s and Get The Look.


Photos via @studiomcgee

STUDIO MCGEE, @studiomcgee

Studio McGee is run by husband and wife design-super-duo Syd and Shea McGee. What I love about scrolling through their account, is that they don’t stick to one specific style of design — They will often showcase various projects they work on that are vastly different! They are also masters of the little details. I love examining their images to notice all the small little touches they include. You can shop their favorite things on their online store, MCGEE & CO!


Hope you guys are as inspired as I am by these interior designers! Let me know what your favorite design accounts on Instagram are!





Cute Home Accents for Kids’ Rooms

You all know by now just how much I love to decorate our home, but one thing we haven’t talked about much are two very important spaces in the house: the kids’ rooms! Just like in most homes, Aden and Ariahs’ rooms are very different from the rest of the rooms in our house. I love that they each get their own space – it’s something I think you can do no matter how big or small each of your little ones’ rooms are, or even if they’re sharing.

Kids Home Accents - Tamera Mowry

Airplane hooks / Twins building blocks / Animal friends growth chart / Diamond bins / Wire table lamp / Decorative cloud shelf / Hip hip hooray magnet board / California book / Whale tail bookends / You are my sunshine banner

I’ll be posting more about kids decorating ideas in the future but I thought it was about time to share some easy, cute accents that would make any little’s room more cozy, playful and polished. When decorating for kids, don’t feel like you have to follow the same theme as your common areas. Find ways to play off of themes they love, like animals, sports, princess, etc., and use the rooms’ accents to give it that well designed, finished look. You’d be surprised just how great something as simple as storage bins, wall hooks or shelving can be for making toys and books look more presentable. Even something as simple as putting the kids’ artwork in frames that follow your style and color scheme can really transform a room. The kids may not care about those details so much as long as all their belongings are there to comfort them, but you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the room is just as cozy and stylish as the rest of your home. It’s all about compromise ;)

Do your little ones rooms’ have a theme or style? Which kids interior design topics do you want to see on Comment here or tweet them to me @tameramowrytwo. Maybe I’ll have some tips for you!


Get The Look: My Dressing Room at The Real

My dressing room at The Real

Hey guys! You might’ve seen some peeks of my dressing room at The Real over on Instagram, but I made sure to save a ton of exclusive photos to share here on the blog. As you can probably already tell, my dressing room is very different from how I decorate our family’s home

Tamera Mowry's Dressing Room
Dressing Room flowers
Tamera Mowry's Dressing Room

Why? The time I spend in this space is unique because it’s all throughout my work day. We have long hours filming at The Real, so this isn’t just for changing but primping, preparing for the day, transitioning and more. And of course, visits from my little ones whenever possible! Because of this, I wanted it to be cozy, clean and relaxing. Shout out to my designer Alexis Fields for knowing exactly what I mean by this!

Dressing room at The Real
Tamera Mowry's Dressing Room
Dressing Room Accents

And since I spend all my time here when I’m not at home with my family, I made sure everything in it has sentimental meaning. Since I don’t need a typical office space, I carved out a little nook for my Bible and journal… Two things there is always time for.

Dressing Room Accents
Dressing Room Candles

Instead of pops of color, my entire dressing room is very subdued and romantic. Silvers, creams, and pale pinks are my accent colors. However, what the space lacks in color is made up by textures, from these gilded candle holders to a cozy knitted throw and faux fur stool. It’s all about being cozy and warm… No matter what room I’m decorating, my goal is always WARM.

Dressing room accents.

Got a room in need of a warm, cozy makeover? Here’s a handy guide…
Dressing room accents.

Chevron bone picture frame / White square tray / Light gray/ivory throw / Gemma vase, frost / Nettie carved trays / Wood vintage lanterns, set of two / Victor stool / A frame ladder shelf / Grateful pillow / Small flower candlestick holder

So, what’s YOUR ideal space? Cozy, warm, modern, rustic? Share with me in the comments below!


Home Look I Love: Colorful Accent Chairs under $300

As you probably know, I’m all about rustic neutrals and beachy vibes in my home. But I’m also a huge fan of color and using it strategically to create interest in a room. One way to do this? The accent chair…

Accent Chairs under $300

Hayneedle teal armless chair / Joss & Main Gerwin arm chair / Aspiin contemporary arm chair / Joss & Main Nikole club chair / Nate Berkus classic tufted chair / Yuma green accent chair / Wayfair Madison Park arm chair / Wayfair curved arm chair / Threshold upholstered chair

Accent chairs don’t command as much attention as sofas or shelving, yet they add a fun pop of color that can really lighten the mood of a living room. When it comes to choosing an accent chair, you still want to stick with the style you’ve been decorating with – like traditional, mid-century, modern etc – and consider the wood textures and metals when pairing with other furniture. Besides that, it’s all about choosing something that elevates the room, and lately I’ve been loving the idea of adding something like the pink Nate Berkus for Target chair to a bright white space or putting a sunny yellow like this patterned chair in a more traditional sitting room. So many ideas!

The best part is you get the most bang for your buck as far as furniture goes with an accent chair – all of these are under $300! So, if you’re on a major budget but want to transform a room, this is a great place to start. Be sure to click through to your fave styles because some of them come in even more colors ;)

Which one are you eyeing?