Our Family Trip to Mexico

Hey guys! Remember those gorgeous blue waters that I posted on my Instagram not too long ago? We took a family year-end trip to Cabo, Mexico during my break from filming – can you say relaxing – and I have been wanting to share the pics ever since!

It was our first trip out of the country with Ariah and we decided to head to San Jose Del Cabo and the JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa. We wanted a resort with something to offer for all of us and still feel like Adam and I had some adult time. The beachfront location is where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean and our room had a gorgeous front row view. I got much needed spa time and it was amazing!

Tamera Mowry Mexico Trip

It was so nice to just hang out with Adam, Aden and Ariah. The chaos of our jobs and the busy holiday season just melted away. It’s so important to take time off when it’s needed, and I couldn’t have asked for better company.

Tamera Mowry Mexico Trip

Of course, even the most relaxing family trips still include tons of playtime. This was a big break for Aden after being in school this fall, so he needed the vacay too! He had a great time enjoying the hotel’s children programs and daycare.

Tamera Mowry Mexico Trip

Had to get some blog pics of course. This is a view from the JW’s lobby!

She loves to dance.

Tamera Mowry Mexico Trip

Blessed to experience this journey with my love.

Tamera Mowry Mexico Trip

Vacay style! This girl teaches me so much. She has enriched my life in so many ways.

Tamera Mowry Mexico Trip

Dad and his girl.

Tamera Mowry Mexico Trip

Love this pic Adam snapped… Sums up our trip perfectly. I had a chance to recharge and reflect on what this past year with my growing babies was like. Parenting is always a roller coaster, and getting a little time to unwind lets your brain refresh. In these moments, I couldn’t help but sit back in awe of all that God has blessed me with.

2017, I’m ready for ya!


Merry Christmas from the Housleys!

Hi guys! Did you do family Christmas cards this year? It can be a struggle to get the whole fam together to take a pic, but no matter how it turns out, I love having this to look back on! For our family Christmas card this year, we coordinated our outfits… Love seeing the kids all dressed up like this.

Merry Christmas from the Housleys! - Tamera Mowry Family

We hope you have a chance to celebrate the blessings 2016 has brought you and reflect on the meaning of Christmas with the people who have been by your side all year long. This is a time to take a step back from the hectic schedules our busy lives bring and surround ourselves with the people and experiences that are most important to us as we walk into a new year together. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas… from our family to yours.

Tamera, Adam, Aden, and Ariah

Mommy Hacks: Surviving Christmas with Toddlers

Are you ready for Christmas this Sunday? If you don’t know where the term “holiday stress” comes from, you probably haven’t experienced them with little ones yet! It’s no secret that there’s nothing more important to me than spending time with family, and Christmas is one of those occasions that gets us ALL together. It’s a great time for little ones to see family members they aren’t used to hanging out with every day, but it can definitely be exhausting. Here are my tips for making it as painless – and fun – as possible!

Mommy Hacks: Surviving Christmas with Toddlers - Ariah and Tamera Mowry

A gift from a friend that Ariah got to open early (a sneaky distraction from the ornaments…).

Traveling with toddlers. If you’re traveling with toddlers this weekend, be prepared. Have a car activity ready because they will get restless. It’s great if it’s something that can keep them busy on the road, but also comfort them if you’re spending the evening or weekend away from home. And be sure to plan around their normal schedule – whether it’s a nap or when they are their cheerful, energetic selves – you want to make sure your schedule works with theirs as much as possible.

Traditions with toddlers. Family traditions turn into amazing memories, and the earlier you include them the better! Even if you have a young toddler like Ariah, they can always sense when they’re not included… Carry on comforting family traditions or start new ones and make sure the little ones are in on it. It will keep them happy and active.

Decorating with toddlers. When I posted a photo of my tree on Instagram, so many of you asked how we pulled it off with two little ones around. The truth is, we have to never take our eyes off them if they’re going to be in our family room this time of year! Bright lights and shiny ornaments – all with presents underneath? No wonder a toddler can’t resist! Keep any fragile decorations out of reach for little hands, and keep your breakable ornaments toward the top of the tree and anything sturdier below. Ornaments are made of tons of materials these days, so you can opt out of the super fragile bulbs if need be. You can also tie ornaments on with ribbon rather than loose, sharp hooks.

Eating with toddlers. When planning your Christmas menu, make sure there are some toddler approved recipes in the mix. Who wants to negotiate with a picky eater during a busy holiday celebration? There are tons of kid-friendly ways to go about Christmas dinner, but you’ll want to make sure to serve up some comfort foods you already know they love. And if they’re old enough to eat at the kids’ table, be sure to decorate and make it look extra special, so they know what an important day they’re part of. They’ll love the attention!

Mommy Hacks: Surviving Christmas with Toddlers - Ariah Tamera Mowry

The simple toys are the best toys…

Remember, as overwhelming as a big holiday gathering can be for YOU, it’s even more so for babies and kids. Happy holidays!


5 Ideas for a Cozy Date Night In on the Cheap

The temps have finally dropped here in California, making for chilly evenings and nights spent inside. But no matter where you are, I’m sure many of you could use a date night ASAP – I know Adam and I could! The holiday season is just a perfect time to rekindle the romance. And since wallets are stretched with gift costs and entertaining expenses, I made sure that these 5 ideas for a cozy date night in were as cheap as could be:

5 Ideas for a Cozy Date Night In - Tamera Mowry

 1. Game night for two. Game nights usually come to mind when you have a group of friends to entertain, but it’s surprisingly fun as a party of two too! Board games and card games are perfect for nights you seriously need to unplug as a couple. Cook up a meal, pour a glass of wine and break out a classic game.

2. Gourmet movie night. If you and your partner have been together for many moons, you’re probably used to the those “veg on the couch” evenings. Spice them up with a craft cocktail or homemade cocoa, and whip up a few different flavored popcorns before settling in. (Try sprinkling popcorn with rosemary + parmesan, or another recipe from this article.)

3. Double date dinner. If you’re used to meeting your couple friends out for dinners and drinks, why not bring the party inside? Decide on a dinner and cook together while catching up. This is especially good for busy couples that haven’t been able to make much time for a social life this season. Much needed!

4. Make gingerbread houses. The holidays are full of family-friendly activities, but it’s just as important for you and your hubby to create memories as a couple too, not just mom and dad. Try something lighthearted like making a gingerbread house or decorating homemade cookies for a festive, low-key night you’ll remember.

5. Start a marriage bucket list. Have you and your spouse done this before? If you’ve never written a list of things you’d like to experience as a couple, save this one for when the weather has you stuck inside with no plans. Writing down all the things you want to do together will inspire you to plan fun activities for the new year. Gotta love getting inspired :)

What’s your ideal date night in?


Holiday Gift Guide: For the Little Ones

Did you guys get a head start on your holiday shopping over Thanksgiving? Shopping sales can be fun, but there’s plenty of time left to find the perfect gift for everyone in your life this month. Since so many people I know have little ones, I thought it would be fun to put together a gift guide with them in mind. (Plus, toys are just more fun!) Whether you want to wrap something up for your own, have some nieces and nephews to shop for or want to gift the mommas in your life with something special for their babies, this gift guide has you covered.

Gift Guide for Little Ones - Tamera Mowry

Robeez bear hug baby shoes / Aden + Anais silky blanket / Wooden toy elephant / Retro kitchen / Set of 2 storage boxes with wheels / Tegu circuit racer / Pom pom basket

Here you’ll find a mix of toys like this cute retro kitchen and more practical gifts like a quality blanket and storage solutions. Love when something practical can act as décor too, such as those wheeled storage boxes with the fun sayings. Stylish, creative toys and wares like the pieces above are gifts that both mom and child can make use of (though I think we know who would prefer the toys ;)) and they don’t throw off the care you put into decorating your house and making it look welcoming for guests. Win, win.

Are you gifting with any little ones in mind this year? Stay tuned for more gift ideas!


9 Festive Toddler Dresses for Stylish Baby Girls

Can you believe the word toddler is in the title of this post? As you’ve seen in my baby girl fashion posts (these rompers were so cute, and here are some of her fav outfits), I love, love baby girl fashion. There are so many options out there, it’s hard not to get carried away even when she’s growing into new sizes in the blink of an eye. Luckily most of these dresses range from 12 – 24 months, with some other sizes mixed in – hope all you on the hunt will find one you like!


Ralph Lauren sweater dress / Aletta dress  / Pippa & Julie dress / tulle bow dress / embellished tulle hem dress / pink tulle dress / polka dot jumper / TesaBabe baby girl dress / two piece sweater + dress

Who here is bringing a young toddler to a holiday gathering? First thing’s first, consider the vibe of the event. If you want some nice Santa photos or are planning for church on Christmas, you might be looking for something more formal. But if you’re not really the formal or preppy type, you’ll want her to wear something more laidback. Ariah is constantly smiling – seriously, girl loves to laugh – which is why I put her in fun tulle skirt and bows so often. I like to show off her playful attitude! But let’s be real, this isn’t your everyday attire. Actually, if you’ll just be lying low and hanging with the fam this season (something we do as much as possible), it’s a good idea to have some cute, casual dresses ready to go. That first polka dot one is perfect for layering, right?

In all seriousness, time FLIES with little ones. Be sure to cherish the memories you’re making whether or not she’s dressed in glitter and sequins.

What do your little ones wear to holiday events? Share your suggestions below!