My Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

Finding energy in the morning is hard (for some of us more than others!). One of the ways I try to wake up and start the day off right is with a smoothie. Sometimes you want to go grab a sugary mocha for both the caffeine and sugar, but you know what? A little fruit goes a long way! When I have a day of filming or even a full day planned for mommy activities – this breakfast smoothie is a lifesaver, and is especially refreshing in the summer.


Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

Milk or Yogurt – Your choice

I left the serving sizes up to you – but generally ½ banana per serving works well. Play with the ratios until you find what’s tastiest to you. Make sure you peel and freeze the banana ahead of time. Then, when you’re ready to make your smoothie, blend all fruit and your base (regular milk, almond milk, or yogurt will do) in a blender. Blend in ice if desired. In less than a minute you’ll have a yummy breakfast with vitamins, antioxidants and protein (especially with Greek yogurt) to prepare you for the day. This is also an easy recipe to sneak a handful of spinach into – the taste of the berries overpowers the “green” taste, yet you get all the benefits.

Share you smoothie recipes with me below!


  • Ina Turner

    Tamera,O yum I love smoothies,if I have a sweet craving I can make a smoothie with any of these combinations!!!Blueberry,Banana,Mango,Kiwi,or
    Blueberry,Banana,pineapple,strawberry,all with 2% organic milk or yogurt.
    And if I am feeling guilty about how good it is I will put in a handful of kale or,lol,my family also love smoothies,without the kale or spinach,but I sneak some in sometimes anyway.

  • Linda Williams


  • marci mcdade

    Delicious thanks

  • Chantal

    I actually added oatmeal to my smoothie for a more thicker taste. Its so good with the fruit and milk. A must try!!!!!

  • Choree Davis-Headd

    I put 3-6 bananas in mine with coconut sugar, water or coconut water and 5-6 dates and whatever other fruit I decide to add. I drink about a quart each morning and give my 1 year old a big cup. It keeps me full and powered for hours and is a great natural laxative especially if I add fresh pineapple! It’s been a game changer. I used to make your smoothie but not anymore!

  • Anna

    Wondering is this something you can give to small children? Thank you

  • Azaria

    Thank you for sharing the blue berry breakfast smoothie with me. I would love to gave it a try.

  • Kirsta Fort

    I sometimes make smoothies like this, really good!! Thanks

  • Sheri Brown

    I make mine with organic baby spinach and almond milk and of course blueberries, strawberries and bananas.

  • Erica

    This recipe sounds yummy, can’t wait to try it. thanks for all of your healthy habit tips, I enjoy reading them and trying new things. I have learned a lot and because of you I started exercising in the swimming pool at my gym.

  • Amber

    Try adding an avocado! It works wonders for your skin!

  • Yummy! I love smoothies! This recipe is definitely simply but sounds delicious and amazing! My favorite is frozen strawberries, mango juice, one tablespoon of vanilla yogurt and ice blended is my version of strawberry mango smoothies. Thanks for sharing Tamera! Xx :)

  • Pam Cooper

    A breakfast smoothie made with 1tsp.o f sugar and 1tblsp.of honey milk o r yo gurt and 1small container raspberriesm

    • Julie007

      Why would you add sugar to a smoothie, never heard of that. Just say no to that.

  • Nataly Oge

    For breakfast I take 2% milk the I add blue barriers half of banana and activa greek yogurt and blend it it helps me stay energized all day.